Chapter 104 Strengthens Space aggressiveness! This situation lets present all people are a ignorant, they have not seen such attack style, Green their don’t know. However they have also been used to it, now their routine fresh these is favorable for them oneself around, explained that the understand matter does not sum up to the body of Zhao Hai, therefore they were only surprised. However Stone Lingshuang this actually wanted their life, Zhao Qian already ambushed in side, and other opportunity, look at them to stare, Zhao Qian immediately moved, appears in stone spirit double outstanding, in hand Rapier punctures toward a person of body. His sword not slight sound of the wind/rumor, silent, but Might actually very big, this sword, one punctured in Stone Lingshuang person of protective shield, in that person of panic-stricken vision, jabbed into his body. Another person looked at own brothers by person attack, two eyes one red, said loudly: Big Brother! The evildoers, I have killed you.” Said that said one finger, no matter Stone Giant also these Undead Creature, a turn around fist has looked like Zhao Qian to hit. At this moment, that by the person who Zhao Qian stabbed already pouring of pain in underground, Stone Giant that he summoned, shook the body gently, saw with own eyes that must dissipate. In this time, that Stone Giant under foot suddenly appears a spatial crack, that Stone Giant one had been falling down, but at the same time, Alien spiritual Magic shoots finally, his stopping sign only then, in that not injured stone spirit pair. Spiritual Attack reaches regarding a Magician wound is very big, if in normally, like Stone Lingshuang type Magician, has the means to keep off lowly, but he lost the reason now, wholeheartedly is thinking revenging, is naturally impossible to block, one move. He called out pitifully, both eyes and noses simultaneously spout the blood, that Stone Giant also lost control, immediately that sways must vanish, at this time Space rift in time appears , received that Stone Giant, but that by Spiritual Attack Younger Brother in stone spirit pair , was also assassinated by a Zhao Qian sword, a night of fight, stops. Green looked at the fight to finish, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Battlefield cleanup, Drunk, you work.” Drunk they complied with one, immediately started to work, actually their living very simple, turns into Undead Creature the person who these died, but chose one in that three Advanced level Warrior, carried on the transformation of Advanced level Undead Creature, but this required the time, now they start from others first, so long as in any case these people turned into ordinary Undead Creature on the line.

But at this time Zhao Hai also in reorganizing own harvest, just that two Stone Giant was being received in the castle by him, in he takes in Stone Giant the castle at that moment, hears the Space prompt sound to transmit said : stone Elf to enter Space, Space increases the attack ability, summon stone Elf, each Angel/Emperor's Emissary uses the number of times, ten times, the stone Elf use time limit, 24 hours.” This to was makes Zhao Hai have a pleasant surprise, he has not thought that received in that Stone Giant Space, will really have such good deed. Just happy, heard the Space prompt sound in one time to transmit said : strong fossil Elf toxin, withdrew stone Elf to throw the ability, will throw ability join to the kind Cyborg-type category of things.” This is really one has not ended pleasantly surprised, comes a pleasant surprise, increased in Space the Undead Creature throwing ability, in other words these did Undead Creature have the long-distance attack method? What thing with used long-distance attack weapon as for these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai almost knew, should be on them grow out these sharp thorns, can't you make them throw your claw? When second Stone Giant was received in Space time, Space did not have what response, Zhao Hai also to this time present, originally Stone Giant one was received in Space, immediately changed into yellow radiance, submerged in the Space surrounding mist, vanish from sight. Zhao Hai has not cared, shows a faint smile, receives to read moves, Stone Giant on appears in Zhao Hai, this Stone Giant has very big difference with Stone Giant that stone spirit double summoned, the body of this Stone Giant was the dark green, moreover there is one type of glittering and translucent carving feeling look at looks like the emerald of bulk composes, moreover approached in human-shape, head there was actually made into big Skull, but did not have alike Undead Creature, was flashing Soul Fire, Stone Giant this was only ordinary Skull. One about eight meters high big skeleton stands before you, what did you are feel? Zhao Hai to has not felt anything, in any case this thing now is own, had anything to be fearful. Zhao Hai has not received this Stone Giant, but made this Stone Giant stand one side, these slave actually somewhat panic-stricken look at this big guy, but they also know that this thing was Zhao Hai summons certainly, besides panic-stricken, more was actually curious. Was actually smelling a thick peach fragrance in this time Zhao Hai, he turns the head to look that this fragrance transmits from demon peach tree there, now that resembles on the Crystal same demon peach tree, has borne big demon peach, this demon peach has the basketball to be so big fully, the pink color peel, above has radiance to be the same in flowing probably, fresh-faced tender, probably will bump to break. In the root of peach, the hand that four leaves are similar to four opening same is holding this big peach, lets this peach probably is similar to Xiantao in heavenly palace is the same. Zhao Hai looks at this situation cannot help but one happily, he just also heard in Space to transmit the prompt sound, but he at that time attention outside battlefield, therefore has not heard prompt sound to say anything, now looked that prompt sound said was this.

The Zhao Hai intention moves, immediately/on horseback these two peach were received in Space, the peach tree probably instantaneously changed small, but was still very attractive. Zhao Hai moves, great in the peach on appears in in his hand, this peach were very big, moreover is very heavy, what most important is, this peach are very soft, soft, supple, touches very comfortably, that flavor is very fragrant, does not need to eat, was only hearing has a fragrant sweet taste. Zhao Hai has pinched this big peach gently, actually presently skin although of this peach looks like very thin, but has tenacious very much, he has pinched several next within however not broken. Zhao Hai could not see that any positive result comes, simply in looking, has turned the hand has thrown into Space this big peach, simultaneously turns the head outside look at. At this time his suddenly noted, that several Fire Fish in Hot Spring were not quite same, Zhao Hai walked to look, that in pond and strip Fire Fish already as long as more than 20 centimeters . Moreover the body practiced was more beautiful, that color, but also really like fire. Those who most make Zhao Hai accidental is, these fish now each and every one probably lying reluctantly in there, motionless, with them in the past that lively vigor complete is different. This to is makes Zhao Hai feel stares, he looked at Wen Erli the situation, appearance that the fiery-red water plant that presently these in Hot Spring are used to work as the feed, simply has not tailed off, looks like the feed does not lack, that what's the matter? In Zhao Hai puzzled time, suddenly saw the demon peach tree, Zhao Hai has cannot help but tapped the head, he just looked outside fight looked was really too wholly-absorbed, simply has not noted other thing, was this Wen Erli Fire Fish is also mature? Thinks that in the here Zhao Hai cannot help but heart moves, in which Fire Fish immediately hurried to toward the Hot Spring middle, there has a small group, makes these mature fish produce the son to use specially. Really, that fish was just rushed to the Hot Spring middle, lay in there was motionless, probably died was the same, motionless, like a wooden root. Zhao Hai has then patted head said : mother, it seems like had just made a sound two prompt sounds, I actually have not heard.” The intention moves, rushed to the remaining several fish that circle.

Looked that several fish lie in there produce the son, Zhao Hai then relaxed, simultaneously he also felt that a non- regulation, this Space also really suffices the god, no matter also these fish are male are mother, so long as Space, has been able to produce the son, this is the digitization advantage. Zhao Hai shook the head, was not managing, this thing produced the son to produce the son in any case, did not have anything to be great, conversely, had the advantage to him, he managed that many to do. Before long five fish produced the son, each fish spawned 30, many many, this was also the digitization shortcoming, Zhao Hai believes that Fire Fish that outside this naturally grew, not only certainly produced such several eggs, but did not have the means that Space was such regulation, he also very much not bore. However Zhao Hai also believes that the egg that outside many Fire Fish produce is certainly impossible to have the survival rates of Space these roes, he believes that in Space the survival rate of roe can certainly achieve 100%. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : hatches the roe.” In Hot Spring pond red flashed with brilliant rays, 150 roes turned into swimming all around of 150 small fish in the water, on the Zhao Hai face one happy, cheerful small fish of look at tour in the water, these small fish turned into gold coins in his eyes. Stood a small meeting near Hot Spring, Zhao Hai has given in the Hot Spring pond join 1000 feeds, this turn around entered the room, how he wants to have a look outside situation. Zhao Hai just entered Space to feel that Drunk in receiving him, before he arrived at the screen hastily, looked that Drunk they basically have cleaned the battlefield, big pile of new skeletons of were also done, Zhao Hai has not cared, took in all people Space. These skeletons just entered Space, Zhao Hai hear the Space prompt sound to transmit said : presently Inferior level Cyborg-type object to enter Space, strengthens Inferior level Cyborg-type object.” Presently contains aggressiveness Magic Item, examines Item, Item may include Magic, exracting function, strengthens the Space attack ability, withdraws on Item Magic, strengthens the Space attack ability, withdraws Cyborg-type object Magic to strengthen Space aggressiveness, the extraction completes, Host presently can use Darkness is Magic, Earth element Magic, Light Element Magic, has the flaw because of the Host gene, therefore Magic must through the Ghost Staff use.”