Chapter 105 Inputs Magic Green they heard this prompt sound, their these days has been used to the way of prompt sound speech, what now also understand the prompt sound said is any meaning. Also in other words Space currently had the attack ability, but this attack ability can use completely through Ghost Staff, but Ghost Staff actually only then Zhao Hai can use, in other words, Zhao Hai can definitely use Magic now, is bright, Darkness, Earth element three Magic, this on Continent is very rare. Serious of Zhao Hai happy, he has not thought really that Space really also has such ability, has promoted the attack strength unexpectedly, he can use Magic through Ghost Staff unexpectedly, this for him absolutely is good information. Nearby arriving Zhao Hai of Green half step said : Young Master, just that prompt sound said that you can use Magic?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : is, this is this meaning, HaHaHa, starting today, I, so long as is taking Ghost Staff, can use Light Element, Darkness Element and Earth element Magic, if later Wind element, Water element, Fire element Magician turning into Undead Creature, Magic of that three department I can also use, HaHaHa.” Green makes an effort claps to smile said : greatly fantastic, this was fantastic, HaHaHa, the Young Master later security has really has guaranteed.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time Merine they had also encircled, each and every one is also an excitement of face, this information regarding them, was really too important, they had worried the Zhao Hai security, currently Zhao Hai had this ability, security on complete had to guarantee, moreover what Magician no matter later Zhao Hai pretended to be, cannot by the person present. Zhao Hai look at how many people show a faint smile said : Grandpa Green, did outside tidy up? That Advanced level has Undead Creature changed? Can ask that what comes?” Green shook the head said : not to have, that Advanced level Undead Creature has not made, now the weather early, I do not make Drunk they bring a corpse to come, wants to let them in the Space neighborhood, this can guarantee.” Zhao Hai nodded, however he has thought of anything, two eyes, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, I thought that these time makes me make, happen to tries to have a look at Ghost Staff to use.”

Green stares, then nodded, Zhao Hai has not said anything, beckons, seven was taking in hand Ghost Staff to arrive in his hand by Zhao. After Zhao Hai took Magic Staff, on Magic Staff immediately left a white light, has shot in the head of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai gawked, then first corona, the massive information have rinsed his head. Zhao Hai does not know well, immediately/on horseback to Green said : Grandpa Green, I must go upstairs to rest a while, takes care of these corpses, when I awoke in the lane.” Said that also pays no attention to the people, immediately urges to go faster toward the building. Green their although understand don't Zhao Hai do, but they also know that certainly with just that said white light cared, has not waited for Green to say anything, Meg immediately ran, has supported Zhao Hai, holds him to walk toward the building. Green worry some look at they, but has not said anything, but made Drunk they lift behind the room that corpse, making Merine go to appease one these slaves. Green also pays attention to arrive in nearby that Stone Giant, but now that Stone Giant is more like a statue, motionless, his simply cannot see anything to come, but he also knows that Zhao Hai received Space two Stone Giant, now looks at that Stone Giant appearance, almost knows that possibly was this Stone Giant by Space strengthening. Now Green although did not know about Space very much that however Space some functions he knows, like this extraction merit, strengthens other Item, is a Space very formidable function, minimum looks like in Green is this appearance. Is good in Zhao Hai when takes in Space these skeletons, has thrown directly into Warehouse, otherwise could not have stood really these many people, but Green presently the different place, he notes Hot Spring and demon peach tree quickly. They when exit to fight, on the demon peach tree has tied a small fruit, but not mature, but in Hot Spring only then five Fire Fish, but in one time, the small fruit on demon peach tree did not have now, the Fire Fish quantity in Hot Spring one were many, Green knows that was the demon peach was certainly mature, moreover Fire Fish has also spawned, this let some Green cannot help but excited. Fire Fish to minor matter, but can bring some income to Buda Family, this income will not be high, to did not say that Fire Fish cannot sell, conversely, Fire Fish, no matter many can sell, but they do not dare to sell that many. Demon peach that Green most pays attention , the demon peach can make them gather the demon to favor, regarding Expert, most longs for obtains is an demon favors, therefore matter care of Green especially to demon peach.

All around looked at one, Green has beckoned, called the chrysanthemum and secure, they have arrived at the Green side hastily, somewhat anxious saluted to Green, although they were restored the commoner status by Zhao Hai, but they do not dare to have slight disrespecting to Green, must know that Zhao Hai was respects to Green, do not say them. Green look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : not to use that intense, I want to ask that just Young Master did receive the demon peach?” Said a finger of demon peach tree. The chrysanthemum nodded hastily said : is Manager, Young Master just received two demon peach, has put in Warehouse.” Green nodded, „the place in present Space to their said : is with a smile limited, you also can only put in great inconvenience, first is helping Young Master tube tube these slaves, later waited for our environment to be good, I will say with Young Master that making Young Master compensate your.” The chrysanthemum and secure bow said : not to dare hastily, is the Young Master potency, is our being honored.” Green smiles said : our Buda Family to enjoy regarding the active person, your feel relieved, your performance I and Young Master watch, rests.” They complied with one, turn around walked. Merine has stood in Green, look at them to walk, this arrived at Green side said : old man, this Young Master received two demon peach, in other words can obtain two Magic Peach Seed, you said how these two Magic Peach Seed can divide?” Green thinks that said : I take one first, you and Meg do not take, you must follow to protect Young Master in the Young Master side, although Young Master can use Magic now, but you also know that Young Master is not healthy, has you to follow in the side, I can a feel relieved point, Blockhead and Stone that two first am also remaining, now their strength is too low, when their strength high time, is making them use, but also remaining, I prepared to say with Young Master that to give Laura good Magic Peach Seed, with Laura anti- relationship in pulling closer some, like this. To us advantageous, in any case, we were rich, but can also plant the demon peach.” Merine nodded said : this to arrive is also, this Young Master sealed the demon book from heaven to give Meg that the Meg self-preservation ability had, what also did not need to be worried about for him, the matter that the demon favored did not worry, Young Master had Alien, I with Meg in Young Master, to did not need to be worried not to have Mount, to was you, what did this time you prepare lane Magic Beast?” Green thinks that said : I do not worry first, you also know that the demon favors casually does not receive, especially this demon favors, I most ideal demon favors is Nightmare, but Nightmare this thing only then Demonic Abyss and Blazing Island there has, but these two places, are far from us too, I may not have the time to go to there now, can only wait / etc. look, if there are other suits my Magic Beast, can receive, really the incorrect words, had opportunity to have a look in Demonic Abyss on.” Merine nodded said : also well, Nightmare truly is one type of good Mount, but Buda Family cannot leave you now, must wait, said it, you, if caught Nightmare, also do not receive to make any Mount, is raising to Young Master, waits for Young Master to raise my Nightmare, how you have not wanted to receive how receive.”

Green laughs said : right, right that you said that HaHaHa, had this Space, we little did not have Mount.” Was saying while entered the room with Merine. Entered the villa, Green immediately/on horseback to Merine said : Merine, prepares a point to eat, Young Master midnight got up, together is busy at work now, should be hungry, waited a while Young Master to awake, should eat to select thing.” Merine nodded, turns the head you also rests to Blockhead and Stone said :.” Was saying, saw Meg getting down of softly from the building. Merine quickly said: What kind of? Is Young Master all right?” Meg frowns said : is not good, Young Master has not fallen asleep probably, was more like faints, and has frowned, probably very pain appearance.” Green and Merine wrinkled under the brow, then Green shook the head said : „should not to have the matter, Young Master by white shooting light that in Magic Staff shoots so, Magic Staff originally is Young Master thing, should not harm Young Master, was good, Merine, prepares to eat, Meg, goes to the Young Master room to defend, if Young Master awoke, your immediately called me.” Meg has complied with one, turn around went upstairs. Merine looked at Meg to go upstairs, does this frown to Green said : is all right really? Young Master cannot have an accident.” Green shook the head said : not to have the matter, this Space is closely linked with Young Master, if Young Master has had an accident, this Space already did not exist, now a Space matter does not have, proves Young Master to be all right, I think that said white light, should be one type of is similar to Beastman inheritance formula in verse kind of thing, how use these Magic possibly wants to let Young Master learn, you were know that Young Master beforehand simply has not studied Magic, now has filled Magic of three departments to the head of Young Master, his will hurt is also normal.” The ginger is old spicy, Green although to Space is not completely understand, but is experienced, guessed correctly Zhao Hai probably is any situation, good, Zhao Hai now in studying these Magic, but he does not need to study, so long as he custom lived in these Magic names and does with were good, even if were this, this material was also enough many, Space these material digitization, then has input to the head of Zhao Hai in luckily, if by Zhao Hai the back, were feared was several years of he has not been cannot carry.