Chapter 106 Met Magic Zhao Hai only felt that own head is very sore, flies often hurting, in own head one were many big pile of thing, that feeling really losing sleep for ten days is more painful. Zhao Hai some one type of strange very feelings, oneself probably are having a dream now, but felt that own soul escaped own body probably, at the one type of ten Divided Spirit wonderful conditions. Zhao Hai actually the understanding Magic was too few, on Earth had the writing to record the spirit history to have how long? However several thousand years, but Ark Continent does here have experience to subdue|grams that the writing records to have how long? Tens of thousands years. Tens of thousands years, Earth has used for several thousand years, the Mechanical Civilization clear(ly) to the situation that the predecessor was unable to imagine, before Ark Continent here Mechanical Civilization almost does not stop, they these tens of thousands years of times, was almost used to unfold Magic Civilization, what degree in this case can Magic Civilization unfold to? Zhao Hai beforehand simply has not thought. Zhao Hai continually received three Magic, these three Magic are also not Qi Quan, but on Five Elements with Earth is the same, these three Magic are also promotes and constrains mutually, can evolve the innumerable changes, in this world has plenty Magician, they through studying two or three Magic, create one type of new Magic finally, such example emerges one after another incessantly. For this reason, therefore for these years, on Ark Continent various is the Magic premier, becomes the growth of geometrical number, until now, even if you are one are the Magic big Magician rank character, does not dare to say own learn all Magic of this department, because that is impossible. But Zhao Hai learn these three types of Magic from who? Light Element 8th level big Magician, two Earth element seven demon big Magician, remaining was Drunk their these don’t know lives the black of many places is the demon is three that the Advanced level Magician middle school came is Magic, he studied the Magic quantity but actually, was a very terrifying digit. It can be said that the quantity of this Zhao Hai receive material, absolutely is in this several times most one time, assembles compared with former several times also wants on many many. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai this talent pain such, but the pain is bigger, the advantage that obtains is bigger, this time he obtained three is Magic may be not infrequent, he will be to exit to pretend to be Light Element Mage or Earth element Magician now will not have any issue, will pretend to be Dark Magician not to have the issue. Zhao Hai don’t know have also lain down how long, speaks the truth, the bed in villa, lie down the grass bed is being more comfortable, Zhao Hai lies on the bed some have not wanted.

Has lain down some little time, Zhao Hai crawled from the bed, stretched oneself, but among suddenly was actually shocked, because he has not felt the pain, conversely, he feels to be refreshing now, the brains unprecedented clarity, this made Zhao Hai cannot help but be shocked. In this time, the Space prompt sound is transmitting said : „unable to receive too many information because of Host for a while, opens the brain of Host forcefully, presently the Host brain opens the total quantity is 15%.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really will have such good deed, must know that the brain of person is existence of most mysterious, according to research of people, the brain of person were most also opened 3% to about 4%, can arrive at 7% to about 8% is the talent, was Einstein that class person, now Space one has arrived at 15% his brain unexpectedly, that was not said that he was the talent in talent? Zhao Hai proud, hears the Meg sound to transmit said : Young Master, did you awake?” Zhao Hai stood hastily got up said : to awake, came.” Meg then pushed the door to walk, saw Zhao Hai to stand in there, quickly said: Young Master, are you all right? I just looked at you probably very painful appearance.” Zhao Hai look at Meg, shows a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved, I definitely have been able to use Magic of three departments now, walks, has a look, do not make Grandpa Green be worried.” To be honest, now impression of Zhao Hai to Meg is getting better and better, Meg looks like his shadow, has stood in his side, handles his explain/transfer matter well, meanwhile must serve his daily life, such woman, was worth Zhao Hai loving. Zhao Hai is different from the person of this world, the Ark Continent here person, lives since childhood in here, the here woman like Meg, especially the status like Meg, she may be only a maidservant generally, naturally must achieve this point. However on Earth actually completely is not such a matter, the woman on Earth became more and more fierce, the has plenty woman has forgotten gently is any thing, they will only make the person serve, that will serve the person. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai regarding Meg such disposition that is serious that likes, in fact he presently has fallen in love with this words not to be many, has expressed the love to oneself, actually somewhat shy girl. However Zhao Hai is in itself nerd, cannot express own feelings, therefore he had not expressed to the Meg love, they such are towing now. When they get down from the building, saw Green, Green is sitting in the living room, saw Zhao Hai to get down, Green was busy at moving forward to meet somebody said : Young Master, you were good.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : Grandpa Green, have I rested how long?” Green smiles said : already five hours, Young Master, hungry? I have made Merine complete food, eats to select thing.” Zhao Hai smiles said : also well, walks, goes to the dining room, these time really greatly has also gained one, now I can use Magic of three departments, even if will be pretends to be three is Magician of duty department will not have the issue, HaHaHa.” Green also very happy, smiles said : that on fantastic, later Young Master security had to guarantee, but Young Master, later you wanted many practice Magic, after all can use these Magic is a matter, can at proper time, use appropriate Magic is a different matter.” Zhao Hai to nodded, after learn Magic of these three departments, Zhao Hai thought own continuously underestimated Ark Continent this world, this world formidable his imagination, this has complied with that knew more felt the fear words on exceed. During the speeches three people arrived at the dining room, Blockhead and Stone also, they also well rested sank, appeared energetic, their originally was the combative temper, such long time, did not have make a move opportunity, but gave to harbor evil thoughts them, these time exited to hit well, making them feel carefree dripping, the whole body was comfortable. They looked at Zhao Hai to come, quickly said: Young Master.” Did Zhao Hai nod to smile said : you looks like very happy? Likes fighting so much? Or I make you they go to Carrion Swamp to grasp Undead Creature with Drunk to consider as finished.” As soon as they listened to Zhao Hai saying that shook the head said : to consider as finished hastily, we followed in the Young Master side.” Zhao Hai and Green look at their appearances, cannot help but laugh. This time win, lets Zhao Hai and Green very happy, they not only won, but also wins very attractive, strength also big increased, Zhao Hai had the ability of self-preservation, these many good deed descend one after another to their bodies, their naturally happy. Is entering in this, Merine took the meal to come, their meals had very big difference with before, before generally was some bread or the soup and so on thing, but now is different, now were many some looks like rice, gruel and so on thing, can say before , their things to eat likely was the western-style food, now likely was the Chinese meal. This is also related with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai itself cannot have the western-style food, likes having the Chinese meal, moreover he will also prepare food, Merine slowly also on learn.

Merine also heard Zhao Hai their words, now is also a smiling face of face, turns the head to Meg said : Meg , helping Grandma come up the food end, Young Master, you sit quickly.” Zhao Hai smiles to sit. Green also sat, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you were received Ji Motao?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to be just about to say this matter, before they enter Space, I received Ji Motao, Fire Fish have also produced a son, peach seed that he he, how Grandpa Green, I want the demon peach now?” Green smiles said : this to not to worry, this Young Master you have only planted two demon peach trees, altogether can only receive four demon peach, I just discussed with Merine, Young Master took three demon peach to apportion me and Blockhead also has Stone, Merine and Meg has followed in the Young Master side, first did not use Magic Peach Seed, remaining that Magic Peach Seed, I prepared to look for opportunity to give Laura, making Laura we most faithful ally, Young Master did you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this arrives does not have what issue, I can also plant the demon peach in any case now, so long as and other time, us will have more demon peach, but gives Laura, this matter we must complete, cannot make others know that Magic Peach Seed delivers from our in hand, otherwise we are really die how don’t know dies, Magic Peach Seed compared with Fire Fish and Black Wasteland by thing that the person is jealous.” Zhao Hai said that absolutely reasonable, Fire Fish although makes the person be envious, but takes to the person is some gold coins, but if Black Wasteland there improved, most also takes to people the a piece domain, these thing were dies, but if the demon peach present world, that grasped the Magic Peach Seed person, can win over innumerable happy with Magic Peach Seed, had these Expert, that anything had, what domain, what gold coins, was a cinch, therefore Magic Peach Seed was by thing that the person was jealous. Green nodded right that said : Young Master said that if makes the person know that really our in hand Magic Peach Seed this thing, we were really dangerous, will bring among world innumerable Expert to chase down us, even if had me to have existence of Space, later impossible to move on Continent.”