Chapter 107 Disappointed inquiring Zhao Hai nodded said : this I also to know, because knows, therefore we must careful, Laura after our Buda Family on the show is very important, but do not forget, Laura is Merchant, we with the time that she contacts are too short, if our going astray, that were dangerous.” Green nodded said : that in wait a moment, when we have a look at this Laura well, determined she truly credible time, we are giving him the peach seed, right Young Master, Blockhead and Stone that two peach seed first to them, their strengths are too low, now could not catch any nice demon to favor, after , when their strength high spot was saying.” Heard one can obtain Magic Peach Seed in happy lives Blockhead and Stone, one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion one painstakingly. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, right that Green said that now two cultivation level were too low, even if were gives them a formidable demon to favor, they were impossible to achieve to have at one's command, instead attended the meeting to have very tremendous influence to their cultivation level. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai they came out from the villa, the villa, Zhao Hai received a season radish first, has planted a season radish, this looks at that Assassin corpse. Now in Zhao Hai Space had the radish of 26 mu place, enough he has traded with Laura, but Zhao Hai had not planned that classification thing, now is also not the time, he must wait after Laura traded to make the decision. However this time they with garden they to war, to has given a Zhao Hai not small pleasant surprise, on them has uncovered 1200 gold coins from the garden unexpectedly, to is really talent of the accident. Actually not only these money, must know that the family property of garden is very rich, but on him is bringing several Magic water Crystal Card, this type of card is several most famous silver villages on Continent gathers the line continually, what with is the drop blood Identifier method, you can your deposit money in card, but only your uses, because you, when gets the card, on must drop a drop of blood, but this drop blood on turning into the special purpose system of one type of Identifier card, only then your I take the card to take out bring in money, others take the card are being incorrect. The digit on Zhao Hai look at that water Crystal Card, the heart in the drop blood, although now the garden has been made into Undead Creature by him, but simply in less than this card, therefore that calorie can only regard Fei Wu, Zhao Hai wants that calorie throwing at that time, has not given up finally, loses in Warehouse. Zhao Hai did not have now carefully after looking at the garden they to be strengthened, is what person, but he prepared to get through the proper business first was saying. Zhao Hai took the ghost method to arrive by that Advanced level Warrior corpse, in hand Ghost Staff wielded, one group of black gas the corpse of that person wrapping up.

This group of black gas to making Inferior level Undead Creature black gas are different, in this group of black gas unexpectedly faint has lightning to flash, probably is one group is been same by the shrink dark cloud. This is also Zhao Hai uses the Ghost Staff advantage, uses Magic with Ghost Staff, simply does not need to read Incantation, so long as Zhao Hai the choice used that Magic to be good. Some little time black gas disperses the air/Qi, the Space prompt sound transmits said : transform to stand out the Cyborg-type thing to be high, quality Advanced level, toxin attack is low, in the skeleton degree of hardness, withdraws the merit, strengthens toxin, the strengthening is living the ability, strengthens the long-distance attack ability.” After a series of prompt sounds, the ground leaves again also a skeleton finally, this skeleton looked like in other Undead Creature with Space does not have what difference, Zhao Hai carefully to look, what different place does not have presently, had said : to get up, What is your name?” That person of immediately/on horseback horse, saluted said : to Zhao Hai Master, I called Shadowless Night .” Did Zhao Hai nod, looks at these person of said : you to be that organization? Who are your collars?” Shadowless Night said : Master, I belong to dark night Assassin Group, our Commander are the shade kills, but we have another status on Ark Continent, night shade Mercenary Group, we are the night of shade Mercenary Group members.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : that your Assassin Group is that influence?” Shadowless Night actually shook the head said : Master, this our don’t know, we are adopted since childhood, has trained in a big way, we only listen to Commander, is that influence we and don’t know.” A Zhao Hai cannot help but disappointment, his then said : that your headquarters in there? How do you meet Assassin duty?” Shadowless Night said : Commander told us, he made us kill anyone, we killed anyone, dared not to hit should only then died, dares to ask or die, dares to sentence to run away, died.” Zhao Hai they cannot help but held breath a cold air, in the Shadowless Night words were bringing the endless smell of blood, endless killing aura, must know that they may be the strength achieve 7th level Advanced level Warrior, such existence, in their organizations actually said that killed kills, their organization strengths strong?

Zhao Hai quickly said: How many people do you organize altogether some? Like you some Expert altogether how many?” Shadowless Night said : we are Golden Token Assassin in organization, the person like us, in the organization has 50, before us, is Crystal Assassin, Crystal Assassin altogether five, remaining is low 1st level Silver Token Assassin, these Assassin quantities are many, they about six military Warrior strengths, many people my don’t know, in downward is bronze medal Assassin, these Assassin are only most common Assassin, is 5th level Warrior following fighting strength.” Zhao Hai and Green their complexion change, they have not thought that the people of Shadowless Night their this organization so are unexpectedly fierce, light Expert like Shadowless Night has 50, is fiercer than them, 6th level Warrior such Expert is don’t know has many, is really a colossus. Such strength, was not they can deal with now, this time they only sent out the Shadowless Night three people to make into this appearance, if they will send to be what kind of all influences? What most important is, the opposite party can train a dark night to kill off the hand group to come, what dark night Assassin Group who knew can they train? If this is really the case, that Zhao Hai they did not have the means to contend. What relationship Zhao Hai then said : „are that you with the garden? What relationship with Purcell Family is?” Shadowless Night shook the head said : it doesn't matter, we duty that receives from Commander there, this time duty is coordinates the garden to cope with Master you, the Purcell Family there matter is the garden relates, with our it doesn't matter.” Zhao Hai cannot help but disappointed sighing, from the Shadowless Night words he listened, that garden is half, what what a pity is, Light Element Magic clashes with Darkness Element Magic, not in the mouth of words person garden can certainly ask some more useful thing. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai waves, called the garden and Stone Lingshuang the two brothers, the garden their appears , Zhao Hai and Green cannot help but stare, because the garden their image somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Other Undead Creature of garden skeleton in Space is different, this skeleton unexpectedly is the white nearly transparent color, is similar to is the same, gives people who a piece pure Crystal carves unexpectedly the one type of holy feeling. Can a skeleton give people unexpectedly the one type of holy feeling? Was this feeling too also strange? Zhao Hai and Green also thinks at heart. In looks at Stone Lingshuang, these two brothers in other Undead Creature with Space are not quite also same, their skeletons are yellow, like the yellow emerald, glittering and translucent carving, attractive, to person one type of calm like mountain same feeling.

Simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted, Shadowless Night their several people gave his feeling not quite to be the same with these ordinary Undead Creature, Shadowless Night to them felt that was one type of gloomy and cold, the danger to the feeling of extreme, looked like an ambush in Darkness, prepared to you Poison Snake at any time. On these skeletons has one type of invisible temperament probably, this temperament very obvious, but on Continent, only then Expert has so obvious temperament, enabling person one eyes to look, this also sufficiently showed that these skeletons are some Expert. In fact passed through the several times strong magnificent, now Space fighting strength in these Undead Creature were very strong, like garden they, if original, Space turns into Undead Creature them, most is also fighting strength of 6th level initial period, but their fighting strength has been able now side by side initial period 7th level. Zhao Hai also asked garden several issues, finally the situation in garden is the same with Zhao Qian, his strength still , before he can use itself, all Light Element Magic of meeting, but he actually did not remember before death matter. Zhao Hai disappointed sighing, they delivered returned to in garden Warehouse, gave the garden to change the name, the garden called Zhao Ga, Stone Lingshuang called Zhao Shi, called Zhao Jie. Zhao Hai that saves only changed the name to ask Zhao to get up mercenary of that team leader, making Undead Creature that his Commander these ordinary mercenary turned into have these Swamp Undead Creature, Undead Creature that only then Alien, Drunk their eight, Zhao Ga, Zhao Shi, Zhao Jie, Shadowless Night and these Dead-soldier turned into did not turn over to him to manage. Zhao Hai already present, Drunk they are not qualified Supreme Commander, they are Dark Magician, simply do not have the command(er) person to carry on the fight, their command(er) is some Undead Creature, moreover closes, is similar to the hoodlum fights to be the same, this cannot unfold many fighting strength. Zhao gets up is different, Zhao gets up regarding marching to go to war has research probably very much, therefore Zhao Hai directly lets his Commander these Undead Creature, such Drunk they solve let out, but Shadowless Night they are skilled in the [say / way] of assassination, making them manage Undead Creature that these Dead-soldier are turning into, can wield biggest fighting strength. Now this unify/unified idea, Zhao Hai in hand fighting strength did not lower, but Zhao Hai does not want to be too rampant, after arranging these matters, he they delivered returned to in Zhao Ga Space Warehouse , before him, with that Stone Giant that Ghost Staff summoned relieving, now Ghost Staff can use Magic of three departments, summoned Stone Giant not to need by the number of times to be limited, Zhao Hai naturally did not need this big guy to stand in that.