Chapter 108 This way of the world Handled the matter in Space, Zhao Hai made Drunk they go to Iron Mountain Fort there, making Zhao get up to get these people they to enter Swamp with Drunk, Zhao seven and Zhao Bianling 500 Undead Creature is remaining, in these 500 Undead Creature, making Zhao Ga, Zhao Shi, the Zhao Jie three people have the Shadowless Night three people, leads not life form that 200 ordinary mercenary was turning, with Undead Creature that 100 Dead-soldier turned into, kept Stony Mountain Cyan Stone Villa here, but Zhao Hai and Green they on Cyan Stone Villa here and other. Zhao Hai comes Cyan Stone Villa here most important is these people are sending Blue Eye Rabbit, when they recuperated Blue Eye Rabbit, was only waiting for Laura. Zhao Hai regarding cooperates with Laura is very confident, no matter what they have the graciousness to Laura, moreover they do not want Laura anything thing, can say that Laura is only his dealer, this also very much has the advantage regarding Laura. Zhao Hai buys for the Laura commodity, is on Continent has, but he buys, is the quality is certainly best . Moreover the price that he buys is not expensive, therefore Laura can definitely sell according to the market price, the one type of commodity, the Laura quality is better, the price is not high, as the matter stands her sales volume is also naturally big, what most important is, commodity that she buys not, only then these types, others have bought like this thing to his here, that needs other thing time, the nature will also buy to his here, as the matter stands the overall sales of Laura all commodities on will be higher than compared with others. A political integrity. Zhao Hai understand this point, therefore he wholeheartedly is thinking cooperates with Laura, has the benevolence, has the benefit, such cooperation should be able to be long-time. Zhao Hai they arrived at Cyan Stone Villa time, the sky has shone greatly, they are the midnight time they begins the hand that with the garden, altogether has hit for two hours, after having returned, Zhao Hai has rested for five hours, after getting up, eats meal, place matter, has used for one hour, when their true from Space to Cyan Stone Villa here time, day already around 9 : 00 am. Cyan Stone Villa here by one layer Dark mist covering, outside simply could not see clearly inside thing, Zhao Hai these time called Cyan Stone Villa here Zhao to seal|confer and Zhao Chong, making them support the Dark mist technique of here. although Zhao Hai can also achieve now, but he not too stays in Cyan Stone Villa here happily, has the words of time he not to stay in Space must go to Iron Mountain Fort there to have a look, therefore here needs to leave behind two to be skilled in the Black Magic person. Previous Zhao Hai seven and Zhao even/including kept here Zhao, Zhao to seal|confer and Zhao Chong kept Iron Mountain castle there, this Zhao Hai made them change a position, must make them probably to these two places familiar of entering quantity, like this, no matter kept there them, Zhao Hai can feel relieved.

Allow Zhao seven them to understand that the terrain is also very necessary, only then has understood the terrain, can wield strongest fighting strength, is adding on currently green Rock Mountain here to have Zhao Ga they, Zhao Hai to is very feel relieved. To be honest, Iron Mountain castle there, Zhao Hai was not worried very much that there at Black Wasteland most deep place, the average person will not go, can bring the threat to there, has these Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp. Currently Space also had two Transmission gates, can the there person receive in Space within the shortest time, therefore security Zhao Hai of there person was not worried. Conversely, the Cyan Stone Villa here situation was not quite same, Cyan Stone Villa here at the Casa City surrounding, the words that dispatches troops to from Casa City there, about two days also arrived at Cyan Stone Villa at the foot of the hill, this regarding Zhao Hai them, is a huge threat. although they can also receive in Space the Cyan Stone Villa here people, however such one, Cyan Stone Villa here cannot be them, but they actually need Stronghold. Zhao Hai can mobilize soldiers to defend Cyan Stone Villa here through Space, but he does not want such already to expose his strength, such words will only let the Purcell Family attention they, what most important is, a mysterious influence has been staring at them, this also makes Zhao Hai feel very restless. It can be said that Zhao Hai is one does not have the person of security sense very much , because of this, therefore he they arranged Cyan Stone Villa here Zhao Ga, he knows that here also some people are staring now, moreover later was staring at the person will be getting more and more, their yesterday their this gang extinguished the garden, not only will not make these people not pay attention to them, conversely, these person of counter- attention they. If soon, they are starting to trade with Laura, that will pay attention to their people more, these people will certainly look up their these cargos to come from there, will be because of this, therefore Cyan Stone Villa also in must protect. Cyan Stone Villa them was too important regarding Zhao Hai, here is Buda has the clan to extend to the outside world sole antenna, is they understands outside world, obtains the commodity from outside world, sells outside world sole passage own thing, do not think fills there to come out from Black Soil, useless, do not look in the there surface to resemble nobody to manage, but if Buda Family dares to come out from there, Purcell Family will immediately certainly begin, therefore Cyan Stone Villa here in their eyes especially was important in Zhao Hai. Now Zhao Hai said when Force quantity, must defend Cyan Stone Villa here is also very relaxed, so long as does not make the person know that they are the Buda Family people, that defends Cyan Stone Villa here not to be a problem.

Buda Family in Aksu Empire absolutely is a taboo, in Empire all established Noble, does not hope that Buda Family is bringing back to life, so long as presently Buda Family comes out from Black Wasteland, certainly with fully will suppress, Zhao Hai may not have the confidence, with in hand this strength protect Buda Family. So long as Zhao Hai did not reveal own Buda Family this status, by his present strength, nobody is willing to provoke \; first, because he is Dark Magician, Dark Magician originally nobody is willing to receive to annoy, is he also has very formidable strength, this nobody is willing to provoke. The person on Continent mentioned Dark Magician to come, will think of same thing, Poison Snake, deadly poison Poison Snake, Dark Magician on you were deadly poison Poison Snake, but Zhao Hai they on Stony Mountain, looked like deadly poison Poison Snake of plate on mountain, this Poison Snake will bite, even if cannot bite the person, can bite remnantly the person, what most important was, you have killed this snake, that your what advantage place, in this case, is not willing to annoy this snake on nobody. Especially after Zhao Hai they have tidied up garden their one group, believes that dares to annoy their people few, this garden their loss is nothing less than heavy, 8th level Light Element big Magician, two 7th level Earth element big Magician, three 7th level Warrior, 100 Dead-soldier, mercenary of 200 cultivation level about in five layers, such influence, equivalent to small Clan. It can be said that garden their death, wants to deal with the Zhao Hai person regarding these is one type of formidable frightening, these want to deal with the Zhao Hai person, before beginning, must think. Zhao Hai stands under Cyan Stone Villa backyard white Fruit tree, Fire Fish that You Wei of look at in drainage to swim away, he has not received all Fire Fish to Space, Fire Fish entered Space, did not have the freedom, complete by digitization, has been able saying that these Fire Fish in Space, in the Zhao Hai eye are not true Fire Fish, that is more like a game, but here Fire Fish, likely is a living life. Zhao Hai sighed, looked up one became because of the Dark mist technique the cloudy day, the mood was sad, he did not like the battle, only thinks relieved own easy life, has hoped did not want some people to disturb him to be good. Meg stands in the Zhao Hai side, hears Zhao Hai to sigh, cannot help but curious said : Young Master? What air/Qi sighed?” Zhao Hai turns the head look at this appearance delightful woman child, now Meg in hand also takes that to seal|confer Motie of garden to curl, Zhao Hai said that this book to her, that gives her, said it, he cannot use now, moreover to seal|confer Motie curled is also strengthened by Space, now can definitely regard Magic Staff to use, was easier-to-use than Magic Staff, Meg was likes seriously, even if were sleeps is hugging. Zhao Hai look at Merine, forced smile said : Meg, you said that is who such loves the battle? I do not want with these person of battles, only to want and person have the auspicious day through my effort by myself, but they actually compel you to fight with them, why is this?”

The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, she on present Zhao Hai, a point could not see the Adam shadow, past Adam was playboys, had neither learning nor skill, addicted to sex, was afraid of getting into trouble these words almost to use on his body timidly. However present Zhao Hai, is actually a goodness, dares to shoulder the responsibility, actually somewhat sentimental person, this is two completely different dispositions, two completely different people, but Meg actually really likes such Zhao Hai, but does not like original Adam. Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : Young Master, was not you do not think the battle, others will not annoy you, so long as you moved their benefit, so long as you became their stumbling obstacles, these people without hesitation kicked out of the way you, in their eyes, our anything was not, looked like the weed of roadside, simply did not place in their eyes, in their eyes had the benefit, for the benefit, they can handle anything.” Zhao Hai gains ground look at sky, muttered said : benefit, yes, the benefit, for the benefit, their anything dared to do, anything was competent, anything did earnestly, this way of the world, he he.” Meg also don’t know must say anything, but at heart sighing dark said : „, this way of the world......” When is lying in a sound of footsteps transmits.