Chapter 109 Sean Zhao Hai and Meg go along the prestige, is Green, Green now has put on his full body armor, has wrapped the whole person solid, but this full body armor, puts in his body, actually does not appear unwieldy, his sound of footsteps is the same with the normal person, even appears light and lively compared with many Warrior. Green also obtained some advantage in Space, his strength has reached the 8th level Warrior peak level now, so long as and other machine turning point, can break through into 9th level Warrior, that may be Expert that world knows how things stand. Any Great Clan, Expert extremely will sit, otherwise this Clan on is difficult to run away swallowed bad luck, Buda Family is an example. Green and Merine although is 8th level Expert, but cultivation level has not arrived at 9th level, therefore these Great Clan dare to begin to Buda Family, 8th level Expert although said very formidable, but is not invincible, but reason that these people finally will give up coping with Buda Family, is because has Green and Merine , their demon military, is 8th level Expert, even if were besieged by several 9th level Expert, finally may escape, 8th level Expert one, but escaped, that on will welcome his inexhaustible retaliation, this is any Great Clan does not want to see. Because of this, therefore these Great Clan do not dare to compel Green and Merine goes all out, one, but they, if the start has gone all out, they will not feel better. Zhao Hai looked at Green to come, was busy at moving forward to meet somebody said : Grandpa Green, to?” They are waiting for Markey Delphi Merchant Union person to send these rabbits that Green buys now, therefore Zhao Hai has such asked. Green nodded said : to arrive, 100 gold coins, altogether have bought 300 Blue Eye Rabbit, remaining ten gold coins, I have bought five Scaled Wildebeest car(riage)s, these five car(riage)s specifically are used to draw thing.” Scaled Wildebeest is on Continent one type of very common Magic Beast, the strength is very big, running is not quick, most suits delivering thing. Zhao Hai nodded, thing that he needs now are too many, although can ask Markey Delphi Merchant Union to help transporting, but some slightly thing that comes slightly to go , is really not worth Golden Token letting Markey Delphi Trading Company help, there are several Scaled Wildebeest car(riage)s to be also good. What most important is, had these Scaled Wildebeest, he can reproduce Scaled Wildebeest massively, later this buys Scaled Wildebeest is also the one type of income.

Zhao Hai to Green said : Grandpa Green, you make these Undead Creature go horse carriage to drive in Villa, these help the people of Markey Delphi Trading Company, hit after their tip.” Green nodded said : well, my immediately/on horseback arranges.” He to had not opposed that Zhao Hai catches up with the horse carriage matter with Undead Creature, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, moreover Black Magic Summoner that became famous, he used does not make life form work was too normal, if he did not use Undead Creature, instead to was not normal, this was also a Dark Magician convention. Must say that on Continent that Magician never borrows the slave, that certainly is Dark Magician, they can summon some Undead Creature such as the skeleton and so on works for oneself, these thing are easier-to-use than the slave. Must say that on Continent that Magician always borrows the servant, that certainly is Dark Magician, because Dark Magician was really too strange, all people feared that he after the servant, some day his happy, will not turn into itself Undead Creature, therefore nobody is willing to give Dark Magician to work as the servant. Zhao Hai keeps green Villa garden here Undead Creature now, is human-shape, therefore sends out to help Green drive a cart is also normal. Sean is Markey Delphi Trading Company in Purcell Duchy small Steward, his main duty is a supervisor, manages some transport workers in Trading Company, does not have any too big status in Trading Company. However Sean also has another status, he is Markey Family spy, specifically is responsible for inquiring information, he inquired that information way very special, did not inquire information on own initiative, but passed the cargo that oneself transported, collected some useful information. This looks like probably is very difficult, is actually not difficult, compared with saying them must help Purcell Grand Duke move some thing today, even if these thing bedding bags, they can also through that thing volume and weight, the estimate that braves greatly one that be any thing, this can collect some information. Markey Delphi Trading Company is on Continent famous Trading Company, has cooperation relationship with many people, their these transporting work, a day are also very busy, nobody will pay attention to these unimportant people truly, therefore their acquired some information, sometimes really is also effective. Zhao Hai this name, on Continent nobody had heard before, Sean has not heard, but a nearest/recent name in Purcell Duchy is actually well-known, the beggars who begged for food continually know. But those who most make Sean pay attention, this Zhao Hai in hand has Markey Delphi Trading Company distinguished guest Golden Token, that Bana Golden Token is not fake, that also in other words, in the past the rumor said that this Zhao Hai has rescued their young lady Laura matter real!

This made him pay attention to Zhao Hai, this Green bought thing, looked for Markey Delphi Trading Company help to transport, his immediately strove for this duty, very warm-hearted gang Green has installed horse carriage Blue Eye Rabbit, transported Stony Mountain here. This Sean is finding way to flatter Green all the way, well, wants to obtain the Green favorable impression that this matter all the way arranges, best to go to Stony Mountain to have a look with Green. Now the entire Purcell Duchy people know that Stony Mountain there lives in one very formidable mysterious Dark Magician, this Dark Magician, arrives at Stony Mountain there, used Black Magic sphering entire Stony Mountain, inside was any situation everyone don’t know. Because of don’t know, therefore in Casa City currently had all sorts of rumors, had saying that Dark Magician practiced formidable Black Magic in there, the day of preparation attacked Casa City, there are saying that Dark Magician in the there collector corpse, was practicing one type of sorcery, said that Dark Magician washed oneself evil in there using Hot Spring, in any case was all sorts of rumors to mention just a few, but on was one has not spoken the word of praise. However Sean actually knows, these that these people said not real, big city like Casa City, do not say ordinary Dark Magician, even if 100 Dark Magician does not dare to attack. Moreover is in Markey Delphi like this big Trading Company, Sean about Dark Magician very much knew that his very clear, Dark Magician simply like outside world rumor the fearfulness of that they possibly does not handle affairs a little strangely, Magic that then studies with them has relationship, actually many Dark Magician are the good people, moreover now on Continent the method of treatment flesh wound, is Dark Magician creates, can say Dark Magician regarding the help of people not compared with the white Magician difference, but white Magician on Continent, calls Light Magician now, actually popular, but Dark Magician is actually most unpopular. However these do not have no relationship with Sean, the Zhao Hai situation that he most cares about now, he wants to find out the situation about Zhao Hai, therefore he wants to enter to Stony Mountain in has a look. Sean does not belong to Markey Family actually, he is a Laura influence, Markey Family is everyone/Great Clan puts, but Laura father Karen is the Markey Family second in-line successor, normally existence of such status, should not only divide the domain to Purcell Duchy this kind of small duchy to manage, but Karen is not good at really the management, therefore only will divide a Purcell Duchy such small place. However what makes all people not think is Laura, her unexpectedly very good at management, a Merchant Union branch of Purcell Duchy such small place to management dramatically, moreover in each shop has her massive trusted aide, Sean is one. Karen Steward, Sean they are not the Laura arrangement, their giving loyalty to objects also only then, is Laura , because of this, therefore Sean such will care about the Zhao Hai matter, because Zhao Hai has the contact with Laura, Sean wants to know that what attempt this Zhao Hai has to Laura, what person he is. However what makes Sean not think, when they have less than a day of distance to Stony Mountain, Green dropped out them to run unexpectedly, but made them transport thing to Stony Mountain gets down.

although Sean don’t know Green buys these many rabbits to do, but he had not asked that because of his very clear, some thing is he should not ask. Waited for Sean they to arrive under Stony Mountain the time, really saw that entire Stony Mountain was being covered by one group of Dark mist, the visibility was also less than one meter, simply does not look at the situation on Qingshan. although this Dark mist very strange, but Sean actually knows that this Dark mist technique does not have no aggressiveness, but can block the line of sight of files person. Sean they arrived at the foot of the hill, what to do don’t know, is actually entering in this, a suddenly sound of footsteps transmits, with this sound of footsteps, but also transmits an intermittent standard squeek the standard squeek the sound, this sound very difficult sound, some people are taking two Bone probably in the sound that the grinding of making an effort comes out. When hears this Sean and his these under the hand/subordinate cannot help but wools, they saw Green to put on full body armor appears in their front. Sean and don’t know Green name, he only knows that this Warrior is the pursues of these Magician along with, moreover very formidable, since has been this Warrior has contacted with them. Sean saw that Green immediately must move forward to meet somebody, however among his footsteps actually suddenly stopped, simultaneously complexion also one becomes pale, because he saw followed in Green behind these Undead Creature. This Green brought 20 Undead Creature to help driving a cart, these Undead Creature were these ordinary mercenary, but strengthened after Space, their fighting strength were also good, the wisdom was also similar to the normal person, was only a dark green skeleton, appeared fierce fearful.