Chapter 110 Cavalry Might maximization Because these Undead Creature are jaspers, appears that fearful, therefore Sean will be scared, these Undead Creature looked that is not affable. Green also noted Sean their expression, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan should not be anxious, these were my family line of crazy summoned creatures, was good, everybody delivered to here thing, is complete completed duty to go back to report on accomplishments, Sean, these gold coins you took, to brothers minutes.” Green has given Sean five gold coins, this quantity is not small, must know that these time with the person who Sean comes altogether ten people, in other words these person of each people can divide to five silver coins, this regarding these transport workers, was not a small wealth. However Sean is unhappy, although received gold coins, said : Sir Warrior of respect, making us help you catch up with the mountain the car(riage)?” Green shook the head said : to consider as finished, my family mister did not like others disturbing his Qing cultivate, you went back.” Said that in managing Sean they, beckoned with the hand, these Undead Creature immediately/on horseback come, hurries to toward the mountain in that four horse carriage. Green looked at Sean one, two eyes flash of cold light said : Sean, do not blame me not to remind you, on the mountain can breed Undead Creature that many mister were summoning, if you arbitrarily entered, but will receive attack, honest going home.” Said that in managing Sean they, turn around entered by Stony Mountain that in the Dark mist technique covers, after two, could not see his form. Sean one hear of Green words stare, then complexion changes, he knows that Green is presently he wants certainly to search their bottoms, will therefore say that thought of here, Sean cannot help but had cold sweat, Sean can only 4th level Warrior, although his don’t know Green be several levels of Warrior, but, Green level certainly was what we definitely know is that higher than him, wanting kill he with choking to death an ant is similar. Sean immediately/on horseback turns the head to walk with transport worker said : that he comes to that several, goes back.” Said that turn around walks in the Casa City direction, now his a complexion paleness, he fears. Green already presently Sean has the issue, this Sean performance was extremely positive, probably is specially prominent to give the person to look that moreover is all right in his strolling, this arriving makes Green get suspicious. Green knows that now their status very sensitive, ten thousand cannot be seen anything to come, otherwise they were dangerous, therefore Green will pay attention to Sean, although he does not have presently this Sean to have any unusual action, has actually struck his. Now Stony Mountain all around, is ambushing 50 Dead-soldier Undead Creature, they feared that in one time attack, previous time Zhao Qian ahead of time was returned to information, they were really dangerous.

Green they were catching up with horse carriage to Villa, altogether five harnessed horse carriage, every time harnessed on horse carriage to think of 60 rabbits, the rabbits of these rabbits on with Earth looked like also does not have much difference, was only on the rabbit compared with Earth is large, the eye was blue. These rabbits thought of the timber crib, each car(riage) upper garment 30 timber cribs, in each timber crib a pair of rabbit, luckily this is four ** horse carriage, must otherwise really unable to install. Zhao Hai stands in courtyard, look at these horse carriage, this Scaled Wildebeest very tall and big, fully about two meters, the body is growing the one layer scale same scale, but these scales are piece by piece are alone long, each block has the nail size, grows some fine furs in the scale seam, look at makes the person feel uncomfortable. On big horse's head, is growing pair of curved horn unexpectedly, a little on gnu like Earth, but each and every one body tall and robust, muscle line has not seen like Zhao Hai Earth smoothness on these horses, to is some likely is instead good, the foot is not very long, the degree of running feared that is also quick not to that the endurance should be good. Zhao Hai look at this Scaled Wildebeest, he to thought that this thing should not call the horse, should call the cow to be right, but others such called also to call him, called anything is not calls. Green to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you looked with a smile this Scaled Wildebeest is what kind of?” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to is good, is used to draw thing to be very good, good Grandpa Green, unloads these thing.” Green immediately/on horseback these Undead Creature have unloaded thing, Zhao Hai turns on the basket them, then received in these Blue Eye Rabbit Space. These Blue Eye Rabbit enter Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently new life form, appraises level, animal is the mammalia lagomorphs rabbit branch variation kind of long ear rabbit, level is 3rd level, animal digitization, may in Space Ranch raising, be possible to plant the rabbit in the Spatial Shop purchase, the young rabbit mature time is ten hours, the produce time interval is eight hours, produce five times, each only produces son ten, every four hours a feed, gene because of variation, may spit the appear out of the water(water outlet) arrow to carry on attack, the attack number of times, five times, the attack range, ten meters, attack and other low level, do not withdraw.” Space regarding the appraisal of Blue Eye Rabbit, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, is also similar to the ordinary rabbit, although can only produce five times but that have 50 output, moreover in Space lives long time very short, like this they soon, can manage a breeding farm. At this time Green they had also unloaded from the vehicle Scaled Wildebeest, pulled Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also took in this horse Space. Scaled Wildebeest enters Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently new life form, appraises level, animal is a mammalia niu and dou constellations corner/horn equus variation kind of gnu, level 3rd level, animal digitization, may in Space Ranch raising, be possible to purchase in Spatial Shop, the foal , colt , filly mature time is 12 hours, the produce time interval is eight hours, altogether produce five associate with people, each only produces son five, every two hours a feed, gene because of variation, may throw over stone armor on the body, the duration two hours, defends level, low.”

Zhao Hai heard this cannot help but to smile, Scaled Wildebeest this thing also was really good, worthily was digitization, if outside, this horse embryo were impossible to produce five sons, moreover from the birth to the producing son was about several hours, was really good thing. Green they looked that Zhao Hai received rabbit and horse, look at that decides he, what expression wants to have a look at Zhao Hai is, looks at Zhao sea surface belt happy expression, their also feel relieved. Can Green to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we go to Space to have a look at these horses and rabbits hastily?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Green their eyes, presently Green look at of their one face hope he, he cannot help but smiles said : well, has a look.” Said that moves at heart, they gave to receive Green. Now the Zhao Hai side only then Green and Meg, Blockhead, Stone also had Merine to arrive at castle there to go, these slaves also arrived at there to go, there also had many matters to want them to do. Zhao Hai finds time Iron Mountain canyon there, has improved 100 mu land, has planted simultaneously 100 mu corn, now they did not have the ship, therefore there can only Zhao Hai begin to make. Zhao Hai was bringing Green and Meg directly entered Space Ranch, entered to Space Ranch they have gawked, because here appeared too spacious, relationship was Ranch here is too big, rabbit of these 300 rabbit although on compared with Earth were big, but greatly were not quite also many, this piece to Ranch, kept off by the grass, could not see anything. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, not bears very much, but he has not forgotten to give these Blue Eye Rabbit and Scaled Wildebeest adds the feed, added 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) radish leaf directly, Space here automatically transformed 10,000 feeds these radish leaves, turned into the green grass of ground, let these Blue Eye Rabbit and Scaled Wildebeest eats. Green sees everywhere is the rabbit and horse that these run, cannot help but are smiling bitterly to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this? These thing more road more resorts, in the future we must grasp may be difficult.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : your look at.” The intention moved, assigns out the team to open establishes the tool, just had adjusted this tool, these rabbits and horses ran up to Zhao Hai, formed a regiment, static standing in there, probably soldier of waiting inspection. Green and Meg look at these, they really have not thought that in Space really also has this function, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, beckoned with the hand, these rabbits and horses ran off. Green look at runs the far rabbit and horse, cannot help but muttered said : this Space function really to be many, can make these thing line up unexpectedly, this team of platoons, became a soldier compared with these also uneven.”

Meg one hear of Green said that cannot help but bu smiles, to Green said : grandfather, that had you saying that he he.” Green one recovers, shows a faint smile said : I not to have talk nonsense, good that now has plenty army these animal have not stood.” Here his suddenly to stare, what has probably thought, then two eyes one bright, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can the ability that this letting animal lined up, use outside?” Zhao Hai has gawked, muttered said : this my also really don’t know, asks that looked.” Then Zhao Hai to Space said : formation establishment function whether to use outside Space.” Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback said : formation establishment function may bring to use to Space outside, animal that but aims at must survive in Space has been good.” Then did not need Zhao Hai saying that Green also listened to understand, Green cannot help but laughed said : fantastic, was really fantastic.” Zhao Hai and Meg also a little understand, Meg is not charmingly angry said : grandfather, what did you say? What fantastic?” Green looks at their puzzled appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : you to think that so long as in Space has stayed animal can like just lining up, if our group along with Knight, these Cavalry can also like just lining up, the time together charge of charge, in the process of charge, but can also maintain the lineup, you said that this Cavalry will have big Might?” Zhao Hai and Meg although does not understand the soldier matter, but one hear of Green said that also cannot help but two eyes one bright, everybody know that Cavalry Might is big, issue that but Cavalry is also most difficult to solve, rides the beast issue. The people can honor the discipline, but rides the beast actually unable, even if most from the beginning, lineup very neat that arranges, but ran to end, if this formation establishment function, can make Cavalry after running , can also maintain the formation, that Cavalry Might will become geometrical time of growth.