Chapter 111 Battle Slave Zhao Hai two eyes sparkling with divine light said : this to can experiment, was right, Grandpa Green, you said that these Undead Creature can also achieve this point?” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that the eye was brighter, nodded said : Young Master, our immediately/on horseback goes to Iron Mountain Fort there, there also some Magic Beast of remaining, we have a look to be effective.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moved with Green and Meg arrived in Farm, then through Transmission Point, entered in the Iron Mountain Fort living room. Merine not in living room, now here, only then she also has Stone to be responsible for with Blockhead, she is also very busy, now Iron Mountain Fort here matter really many, they on wanting the mountain plant the alfalfa, but must plant Oil Fruit, they already prepared the Oil Fruit tree in any case on the mountain, now happen to uses this opportunity, the Oil Fruit tree seed on. The alfalfa on Iron Mountain plants was similar, these alfalfa Zhao Hai they do not prepare to receive, natural growth on mountain, then passes away, then the wing turns, making these alfalfa fertilizer on mountain, then in planting a batch, in turning, so after several times, soil quality on mountain was naturally good, although was they received the alfalfa, left behind the alfalfa root also to achieve the similar effect, but has not actually left behind the entire alfalfa to be effective, Zhao Hai does not lack the feed now, therefore simply on deciding these alfalfa did not receive. But on the mountain Oil Fruit has set up very scarcely, seed of these Oil Fruit trees change the fruit after Space, therefore too many shortcomings, the Oil Fruit tree very should not be otherwise easy to receive the insect plague. However Green they did not worry that these Oil Fruit trees by another reason of insect plague, is in Zhao Hai Space has the pesticide, this point Green they are know that because initially Space can use Alien their toxins, has improved the pesticide, now that pesticide, feared that can kill by poison the person. But these men also and make some applications in repair castle thing, must say that this castle does not reorganize could not have seen anything to come, a reorganization present, the has plenty place needed has been repairing, the work braved very in a big way. Fortunately, currently has many Undead Creature to help, thing that some people do not lift up, made these Undead Creature begin on the line. In order to deal with this situation, Zhao Hai specially has also left behind 100 human-shape Undead Creature in castle here, is only bringing remaining 200 human-shape Undead Creature in Cyan Stone Villa there.

Now castle here, besides secure their these slaves, only then that 100 human-shape Undead Creature and dozens beast shape Undead Creature, Undead Creature of remaining that 400 beast shapes wander in the surroundings of castle, is feared that some people sneak to castle here. Zhao Hai the living room, immediately to these Undead Creature a letter, called them, making them arrive at outside of castle to wait for him. Three people sharply clash to leaves the castle, on the road has presently been settling them in city wall of repair castle, settled them to see the Zhao Hai three people, immediately/on horseback to three people of good principles, three people also nodded, on half step to castle outside. Three people just arrived at outside the castle, the distant place ran one crowd of Undead Creature, was these in that more than 400 of castle surrounding patrol. These Undead Creature ran up to nearby Zhao Hai quickly, stands in there look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, wields in hand Ghost Staff, deep voice said : square-shaped formation.” These Undead Creature really immediately arranged square-shaped formation, square, row of neat, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, another waved said : to move!” This square-shaped formation starts follow-up slowly, but formation actually chaotic, entire simultaneously, has not been similar to with general that the blade cuts. Along with Zhao Hai command(er), their is getting quicker and quicker, but the formation still has not actually moved, is still square, does not have a rapidness, does not have slow. Zhao Hai and Green other people excited look at all these, this regarding them, is really an accidental harvest, these Undead Creature can line up in formation really advancing . Moreover the formation will not be chaotic, this regarding them was really too important, such as was based on these Undead Creature, formed Cavalry, what that this only Cavalry can fighting strength be? Thinks to let person excited. Zhao Hai made these Undead Creature fluctuate several formations, such that really such as he thought that this formation establishment function, one, but has used, if did not have his order, that these Undead Creature is impossible to change the lineup. After having understood these, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature dismissing, with Green they returned to in the living room in castle, now living room here of castle again has arranged, with originally almost, quite simple, but was also very good. Sat to living room Zhao Hai and Green, Meg goes to boil sub to them on own initiative, Green excited to Zhao Hai said :Young Master, this function is very it seems like useful, so long as there is this function, later our Buda Family Cavalry, is in this world best Cavalry, had this function, we can maximize the Cavalry ability.

Zhao Hai also nodded, before although him, has not gotten the armed forces, has not gone to the battlefield, but he is actually a armed forces fan, on Earth, this matter nets fight him often to go, his very clear, in Cold Weapon Era, one team of formidable Cavalry is representing anything, that is the absolute strength, absolute strength. If Buda Family has incomparably powerful Cavalry, in that this world nobody dares easily in moving them, moreover they also will become a side powerful vassal. Strongest Warrior although in this world is these 9th level big Warrior, but must know that 9th level Warrior easily make a move, they will not look like nucleus weapon on Earth, what the majority of time will play will be only doing of frightening use, if did not arrive at the Clan life and death moment, their make a move, they will not be generally majority of time, in comprehend Heavenly Dao, hopes can break through nine layers, made great strides forward higher one layer, ten layers, on was becomes the group of god. All people believe that can only be able to break through nine layers, can achieve ten layers boundary, the people also similarly believe that ten layers is boundary of god, so long as ten layers, they have been able to become Shen. , Therefore almost all 9th level Expert in comprehend diligently, are hoping for this reason one one day can break through ten layers, becomes a god, obtains that immortal life and invincible strength. Therefore on Continent in the common situation cannot see 9th level Expert make a move, 8th level was top Expert on Continent, but a Clan strength size, most important looked at he had many fighting strength, many available soldiers. On Continent, Noble can have the private soldier, especially in own fief, you can raise the private soldier, so long as you have paid the Empire tax, sentences motionless chaotically, King also turns a blind eye to this matter generally, because of no matter what, the time that these Great Noble had was too long, some time King want to manage , has a mind to be incapable, if gave to compel them really anxiously, perhaps what will make matter. What most important is, in these Great Noble families, will have generally 9th level Expert to assume personal command, even if 9th level Expert not make a move, but that deterrent force still, nobody dares underestimated 9th level Expert. Before Buda Family, reason that was extinguished , because the background was too thin, their although also has fief, because manages time was too short, the tax that they collect, only suffices to hand over the Empire tax revenue, not having money to maintain an army, although has Green and Merine these two 8th level Expert, but 8th level Expert cannot have 9th level Expert that deterrent force, therefore Buda Family will be extinguished. If Buda Family had one, on this Continent most formidable Cavalry, how nobody dares them, even if Aksu Empire King, not easily begins to them. Green face excited said : then Undead Creature and not suitable ride, if Drunk they can catch some Advanced level Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp there, Young Master is using Space these Magic Beast massive reproductions, we had massive riding beast, like this we can form Cavalry.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, now but we lack, not only Magic Beast, but also some people, currently we have Magic Beast, does not have the soldier.” Green complexion sinks said : right, but also some people, what a pity, now our nobody, but Cavalry is not good to train, it seems like that this matter must need further consideration.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, we can take your time, have the time, so long as we discussed the business with Laura, had the massive gold coins support, we can have many manpower, can form Cavalry.” Green nodded said : looks like also only then this means that so long as we are rich, we can buy more slaves, even can buy some Battle Slave, in that case, our Cavalry can form quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows Battle Slave that Green said is anything, is some are used to be the slave of war, these slave has plenty are the soldiers of defeat, or some Warrior of making mistakes were reduced to the slave, such person skill is very good, some even 5th level Warrior. However the prices of these slaves also very high, an ordinary slave, wanted about ten gold coins before, now actually only then about five have been OK, but Battle Slave, minimum took 1000 gold coins, this is the beforehand price, now minimum took about 2000 gold coins, some expensive, even can be ten thousand gold coins such sky-high prices, moreover valuably did not have the city. The ordinary slave, the slave-owner can only hit with some rice generally, currently even has some rice of mildew must finish up, however is different in Wu Nu, military slave general allowance of is very good, some are also even better than the life of commoner, this is the difference of Wu Nu and ordinary slave. It can be said that now Buda Family spends all money, made that clear family produces, cannot buy several Battle Slave, do not say that anything formed Cavalry, therefore they need money now, massive gold coins. These Great Noble, that is not the rich enemy, the status by hundred million records to calculate that like Zhao Hai them, in these Great Noble eyes, is also similar to the beggar.