Chapter 112 Too optimistic At noon, Merine and Blockhead also had Stone returned to the castle, three people of returned to castles listened to secure saying that Zhao Hai and Green they came back, three people one gawked, because three people know that Zhao Hai liked staying in Space, to be honest, they also liked, in Space that saved the static environment is they most loves. Now one hear of secure said that Zhao Hai they came back, three people of immediately entered the main fort, looked that Green they are sitting in the living room, Merine stares, walked said : hastily Young Master, Green, did you come back? What matter has?” Green shows a faint smile said : good deed, comes back to perform an experiment with Young Master.” Then said to the suspicion of Zhao Hai him one time, Merine hear is also two eyes shines. These years are she have been helping Green handle Buda Family, naturally also know the Buda Family situation, therefore one hear of Green said that her immediately understand this on behalf of anything. However Green receives issue about person, like trough cold water, one made Merine calm, Merine nodded said : „, the person truly was a major problem, but must buy Wu Nu the words, I did not agree, Wu Nu who Continent sold, generally was not the children of domestic slave Magistrate, these slaves either were the prisoners of war, either the type was a criminal, was not the good person, these fellows went to the battlefield, might be present at work very much does not strive, person like this bought to be also useless, to being inferior to us bought some ordinary slaves, trained them becomes Cavalry.” Easy that Green forced smile said : you said that Cavalry so is easy to train? said it, we have bought Cavalry now, does not have thing to ride to them, you said that these military slaves are unusable, why other can Great Clan use?” Merine white Green said : „was your this old man silly? Other Clan can use , because they have enough strength to cope with many Wu Nu, these Wu Nu do not dare instead to do, if we have that big strength, but also serves a need to buy Wu Nu? said it, don't we have the appropriate riding beast now? First makes these people ride the Undead Creature training, after waiting to ride the beast, with riding the beast together training not on line.”

Green thinks that said : this arrives is also means that if really good, that arrives is the good deed, moreover buys the price of ordinary slave, but must contend in martial arts the slave to be much cheaper.” Then he frowns said : also the issue, these slaves have not practiced martial arts generally, their fighting strength came to fall far short compared with these Warrior, Cavalry that like this trained, Might was also limited.” Merine showed a faint smile said : this point I already to think, these ordinary why studied Magic and Battle Qi that difficult? Also is not because they contact thing in this aspect to be too few, moreover they eat generally is some ordinary vegetables, is not the Magic vegetables, but in Young Master Space produces actually is the Magic vegetables, this several days I observed, even if before is us, these slaves who buys, now is the body strong body of each and every one is also strong, several also very suitable study Magic, later we are buying the slave, can training like this, I want soon, they on to become the soldier who may fight.” Green these time to had not opposed, these vegetables that in Space produces what are straight is very mysterious, did not say other, light said that radish, is Magic Radish, Magic Radish on Continent can only be the most common Magic vegetables, is cheapest, naturally, has done with is also smallest, has eaten him on the place, regarding practice of Magic or Battle Qi, not to what advantage, because Magic of this vegetables within the body implication was really too few. Magic Radish that however in Space produces is actually an exception, Magic that in Magic Radish in Space contains very formidable, is these ordinary Magic Radish about 50 times that on Continent buys, Magic very sufficient, but vegetables that other they who in Space produces do not know, its Magic implication quantity, is not lower than Magic Radish, some are even higher. It can be said that Green the strength of person soon broke through nine layers, with these Magic vegetables also relationship. Thought of here, Green cannot help but turns the head to look to look like Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this ease in doing, when so long as Space Level Up, the good Magic vegetables to have are, likely was the radish, ten mu place can produce 8000 jin (0.5 kg) to about 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), one time produced these many, enough many people have eaten, like that pumpkin, one mu place can produce 6000 jin (0.5 kg), planted several mu land to suffice to eat many days, this to did not need to be worried.” Green their complexion cannot help but one happy, Zhao Hai then said : so long as, moreover we bought the slave, can make them eat the grain that in Space produced, I think that also used certain use, adding on after the Blue Eye Rabbit that and other meat in Space produced, I wanted to train into Warrior these slaves not to be difficult.” Green and Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that is two eyes one bright, truly was such as Zhao Hai said that now they have existence of Space, they are not considered as that the Magic vegetables or the grain, many meat, has Magic, if trained the soldier with these thing, the progress of soldier certainly very astonishing, must know that was these Great Clan, impossible to eat the Magic vegetables to these ordinary soldiers, they may unable to supply.

However such one, their income must reduce, it seems like land area in Space is too small, if, that did not have the issue greatly. Green thinks, said : looks like our present most important must rise the first Space level, starts out more lands, such Young Master can improve more lands, our Buda will have more income, only then we can show slowly, our some too be impatient like this.” Merine nodded said : „, now our Buda Family background was too thin . Moreover the status was unable to expose, what most important was, even if now this status, we also had mysterious the formidable enemy, in this case, we have no alternative but to be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, so long as knows that was capable of this being good, we must taking your time gradually, otherwise, we be dangerous.” Merine nodded said : that we do not have too big acting, wants the low key the show, now finally wants cooperation with Laura, so long as we were rich, we can buy some rare plants, like this we can let Young Master Space Level Up, so long as Young Master Space promoted, has relieved the water of nihility, when the time comes Young Master can study Magic or Battle Qi, moreover later the Buda Family person, can study Magic and Battle Qi, this compared with founding team Cavalry important.” Green and Zhao Hai are gawked, but they who Merine said have to recognize, what Merine said was right, if Space cannot quick Level Up, earlier relieve the water of Zhao Hai nihility, that Buda Family will revive hopelessly. Green nodded said : „, has not thought that your this old woman, actually compared with also wants understand that I think, it seems like I worried, good, Young Master, our returned to Cyan Stone Villa there goes, in having two days of Laura will come back, we must complete this transaction first were saying, but also to them was talking that business about fruit oil, Blue Eye Rabbit and Scaled Wildebeest, Young Master these have not seen the vegetables, we must try to discuss with Laura, has a look is not cannot sell some money, now we must do, on is. Exhibition silently, strength silently, the accumulation money and strength, were waiting for that day of soaring.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, the business that in this world most makes money is to monopolize the business, if our Space Ritter some these vegetables can buy a good price, was good we to have the one type of monopoly business on Continent, by that time we can have from receiving, when we were rich, slowly was not anxious at show.”

Green nodded was good, to Black Wasteland there that said : now we unfold, had the present scale, now we had a rebel ability, moreover there is Young Master Space, our securities can definitely guarantee that it seems like smooth of this time show, we somewhat advanced by rushes, especially these time defeats the garden they, our some were too optimistic.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he is this, since has defeated the garden using Space they, she was some was too self-confident, if present they begin with these Great Noble, simply was not the match do not forget, these Great Noble in hand also had 9th level Expert, these Expert although not make a move, so long as these Great Noble wanted, paid certain price, can invite 9th level Expert make a move one time, the price was too high a point, therefore general Great Clan cannot please 9th level Expert make a move. Before coped with Buda Family time, they have not invited 9th level Expert make a move, was because the price was too big, in their opinion was unworthy, might as well threw Black Wasteland that deathtrap Buda Family, making them run its own course. But if lets them presently, Buda Family had the strength that has been able to dump tray, moreover this strength can also bring the huge benefit to them the words, perhaps they really will invite 9th level Expert make a move, in that case, Zhao Hai has not grasped can go on living. 8th level Expert, likely is Green and Merine, fiercely to this degree, the beforehand several times fight, their simply did not have fully, that 9th level Expert fiercely to what degree? Zhao Hai simply does not dare to imagine. He impossible forever staying does not exit in Space, one, but he exited, 9th level Expert will possibly give the second him, such words anything ended. Thinks that here Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : „, these days we were too optimistic, it seems like that the low key, Merine Grandma, in the evening you also arrive in Space to rest, has the advantage in there to your practice, if our Buda Family has 9th level Expert to assume personal command, nobody dares to begin to our family.”