Chapter 113 Laura came back In the following three days of time, Zhao Hai honest staying in Stony Mountain here, three days, this half-day time before adding on, Zhao Hai had received 11 season radishes, two seasons is six mu, the remaining nine seasons are eight mu, received demon peach two, but Zhao Hai then has not planted the demon peach, because has no need, now these four were sufficient. Oil Fruit in these three days, also received two seasons, now Zhao Hai to was not worried that the radish is insufficient, the radish in his Space suffices to trade ten times with Laura now. What most important is, currently in Zhao Hai Warehouse also has thirty thousand tail mature Fire Fish, this was Zhao Hai control the Fire Fish reproduction quantity, otherwise the quantity will be more. Moreover in Ranch also has 300 mature rabbits, 1000 small rabbit sons, ten grown Scaled Wildebeest and 600 small colts. This output under Zhao Hai control, if his control, this quantity will not be more. Zhao Hai too underestimated 1000 animal, in digitization later reproductive ability, 1000, every several other hours in Ranch will reproduce one time, after more than 70 hours of reproductions, this digit how fearful. However now Zhao Hai has not been raising Fire Fish, reason that these days he Scaled Wildebeest and Blue Eye Rabbit only then such several mature , because he has given Fire Fish mature opportunity. although now Fire Fish, only then the thirty thousand tail, regarding entire Ark Continent, this digit without doubt is a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, but regarding Fire Fish, this quantity point are also many, if he this thirty thousand tail Fire Fish, one supposes into to come up to Continent, entire Continent will cause a stir, because of present entire Continent Fire Fish one year of output also thirty thousand tail. Zhao Hai understand, if this thirty thousand tail Fire Fish, one all invests into the Ark Continent market, they ended, entire Continent all Great Noble will look for them, when the time comes they feared that is don’t know how the successive dies. Now Zhao Hai received 300 Blue Eye Rabbit, to become Tu who these 300 receive, produces the son, Zhao Hai had not planned that has bought them, but was the plan remains them, with these rabbits, invited these slave eating of well a meat! The meat, regarding these slaves, this meat is how rare thing, do not say these slaves, even if their fathers, their grandfathers, have not possibly eaten the meat. Naturally, here refer to these children of domestic slave Magistrate, in other words these for generations are the people of slave, does not refer to like the slave who the chrysanthemum and secure begin a new career late in life, the chrysanthemum and settles them before has not become the slave, like the long live hog, the Blue Eye Rabbit these thing meat, they can eat.

However these three days, Zhao Hai has also spent many feeds, but these feeds regarding him, are really not anything, he can only deal with the radish leaf. Like Blue Eye Rabbit although is Magic Beast, however the Blue Eye Rabbit meat, cannot the beginning Magic vegetables same effect, Zhao Hai they also try to make a rabbit meat to taste, actually completely is not that a matter, the Space Blue Eye Rabbit meat actually, not only the flavor is very good, but also Magic very sufficient, regarding practice of Magic and Battle Qi very has the advantage. Fire Fish is so, not only flavor is extremely good, advantage that but also he brings, is more astonishing than the Blue Eye Rabbit effect, eats the Fire Fish meat, quickly caught up with some Magic Potion. But Scaled Wildebeest also lived the change probably, not only the endurance is astonishing, but also runs very fast, if beforehand Scaled Wildebeest can only be used to carry on the back thing, that present Scaled Wildebeest almost can regard to fight Horse comes to use. This all changes are related with Space, Space has carried on the improvement animal some shortcomings, all thing that simultaneously in Space produces, turned into Magic very strong tonic type thing. This regarding Zhao Hai them, this definitely is good information, thing that in Space delivers to have this ability, after teams establishes the army to have the advantage very much. In these three days, Zhao Hai has also paid attention to intent Casa City there situation, now they most suffer a loss, in Casa City there Intelligence Network, this has not made them become the deaf person and blind person. However now they appropriate person has not gone, when their, they do not have the manpower after all, his under the hand/subordinate these Dead-soldier, are Undead Creature, impossible appears in the city, if makes Zhao Chong they play the role of Dark Magician to go to in the city, is not good, now Casa City is too sensitive to Dark Magician, who if appears Dark Magician, they can go all out, will not do well to expose weaknesses. However Green arranges these Dead-soldier, squats to Casa City outside \; first, to prevent some people in attack they, two and other Laura. Now Zhao Hai they matter of primary importance, with the transaction of Laura, therefore they must know when Laura comes back. Naturally, knows when Laura comes back, and may not see him, Zhao Hai wants to know when Laura comes back, is also testing Laura. They have the graciousness of life-saving to Laura, Laura after coming back, if will take the initiative sees them, explained that she is a person of being full of gratitude, Zhao Hai they can carry out a deeper step cooperation with Laura.

If Laura does not look for them, that Zhao Hai they will cooperate with Laura, but will not have the too deep cooperation, was only cooperation in that ordinary significance. In order to let Laura too did not suspect regarding the Fire Fish source that Zhao Hai has raised many Fire Fish in green Villa garden here Hot Spring, in Space Fire Fish that red water plant that ate also arrives in the courtyard Wen Er ditch, this can cover their ears and eyes. However the radish these thing sources, Zhao Hai is impossible to tell Laura, believes that Laura will not ask, after all everyone has own secret. Three days of quick on the past, very fulfilling that Zhao Hai they cross, these three days of Zhao Hai not only need look after Space there, but also wants the land in everyday returned to Iron Mountain canyon there improvement canyon, simultaneously plants the land of improvement, everyday busy serious. Zhao Hai also has performed simultaneously an experiment, he some corn seed, in the blister with Space, has soaked the bud, then in letting Merine arranges person's Black Soil ground outside castle to plant, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at these seed to be whether able to be long. If Black Soil here cannot grow the thing reason , because Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast runs up to here expulsion of toxin, the words of land contamination, that these Space have improved corn seed, should be able grow out, because Zhao Hai, when type these seed, making them irrigate the water in some moats. This protects the water in river, but had been improved by the Space water, can Detoxification, naturally, the effect not have Spatial Water to be so good, but Zhao Hai also wants to try, has a look this type has diluted water, can solve the problem of Black Soil place. However this must wait for several days to look at the result, the too short time is impossible to see any result, after all however outside a corn, follows the type in Space completely is two matters. These three days of Zhao Hai they have also related with Drunk, has a look how, but also becomes, this several days that their there progresses they entered to Swamp 50 li(25km) about, has bumped into some Undead Creature and some Magic Beast, what is a pity, these Magic Beast and Undead Creature level very low, simply does not have what use, therefore they have not grasped. But some Swamp here long plants, did not have anything specially, therefore they do not have to collect, Zhao Hai to has not worried, Carrion Swamp big, nobody knows that now Drunk their main duty explore the way, searched understand the road, that all said. Green in these three days, arrived in the forest to transfer the extension, dug some plants to come back, what was a pity, these thing that he dug, majority of dug the identical style that had been to with before, even if did not have these of identical style, cannot let Space Level Up. By the Casa City here forest, had been destroyed, too strong Magic Beast simply does not have, only then some low level Magic Beast, these Magic Beast do not have the too big use regarding Space, although Green also grasps, but actually cannot let Ranch Level Up, instead to is because these animal do not have what good point, directly by Space writing off.

This also lets Zhao Hai understand, Space Ranch Level Up be more difficult than Farm, but he to has not worried, now Ranch there can raise 1000 animal, this quantity did not lower, even if Ranch there did not have Level Up, was sufficient. Now Ranch there is bred on Blue Eye Rabbit and scale by Zhao Hai has the horse, he received the original these mature rabbits and Scaled Wildebeest, these that breeds newly are the young sons, 700 Blue Eye Rabbit and 300 Scaled Wildebeest. However Zhao Hai had not planned that many breeding Scaled Wildebeest, Scaled Wildebeest can only be used to draw thing after all, moreover most Inferior level that one type of, is used to draw in customers compared with in the city with the hot high-spirited horse must lower 1st level. Zhao Hai planned that in Space only kept 1000 Scaled Wildebeest to be sufficient, the rest of the time much raised a rabbit, but have not been able to raise too, otherwise were inadequate the disaster. He raises the rabbit, besides provides the meat to them, the rabbit skin can also be used for the clothes that makes to winter, moreover he also wants to have a look, whether with the Laura cooperation Blue Eye Rabbit business. If possible, he prepared mass cultivation Blue Eye Rabbit. Now he has not been raising Blue Eye Rabbit in Iron Mountain these mine tunnels anxiously, he prepares , after some tools buy, starts, now the stone mill had, the edge runner had, but also lacks harvests grain with the bellower, oil press and so on machine. Raises Blue Eye Rabbit light not to feed some radish leaves on the line, must feed other thing, compared with likely is the feed that the deisel oil makes, but these thing he did not have now, therefore after he prepared and other machines, started to raise Blue Eye Rabbit in the mine tunnel. Three days later evening, stays at a selected place Dead-soldier that in the Casa City surrounding waits, transmitted information to Zhao Hai, Laura came back, just entered Casa City!