Chapter 114 Kun Sitting of Laura calm on horse carriage, Ni'er sits in her side, horse carriage that now they sit was not they go to Black Mountain to fill horse carriage that there sat, they went to time, because the conduct wanted keep secret, therefore very low key, has done was also very ordinary horse carriage, however came back they did not use are low-key, what now they sit was one by four snowflake marvelous horse pulling four ** horse carriage. The snowflake marvelous horse, is one type of 4th level Water element Magic Beast, the semblance looks like with the ordinary horse very much, but actually whole body snow white, does not have mixed wool, moreover meets some Water element Magic, what most important is, snowflake marvelous horse very docile, was very tamed easily, but wants to recuperate the snowflake marvelous horse is also expensive, therefore on Continent can raise the snow medicine marvelous horse are not many, even if general medium grade Noble cannot achieve, the snowflake marvelous horse is the symbol of one type of status. But horse carriage that Laura they sit now, is not ordinary horse carriage, entire horse carriage is divided into two rooms, most level is made by the iron driftwood, this type of iron driftwood not only the degree of hardness can with the steel and iron compared with the shoulder, but also the one type of certainly demon material makes, can keep off house Magic attack. The inner layer is wrapping bread wadding, the so-called bread wadding, is on Continent one type of very unusual plants, is similar to soft flowered same one type of plants, but the elasticity is greatly strengthened, but also Peng Song, manufactures the good materials of various types of furniture. However what is a pity, output very low of this type of bread wadding, is not the average person can use on Continent, if Laura bought this horse carriage, minimum can buy over ten thousand gold coins. But the total value of that four snowflake marvelous horses also in fifty thousand gold coins above, can say simply that Laura they make is not horse carriage, but is motion gold mountain. Laura calm face, this time transaction although has completed now, however their losses are not small, the guard altogether lost more than 300 people, the Zhao Hai words, she cannot live. Moreover Laura also realized that another matter, in Clan some people to were also beginning, fills these days in her to Black Mountain, in Clan some people raises unexpectedly manages his business, in arrangement person toward her business. However the person or underestimated in Clan her these many years management, although this was not all the way peaceful, but the matter in her business, she is clear, these people of Clan arrangement, grasped her business superficially, so long as she wants, she can at any time captures the business. But Laura has not wanted to move now, her don’t know this matter is the ghost who in the decision or Clan of Clan upper layer other successors do.

If the decision of Clan upper layer, that this matter somewhat has troubled, that represented Clan to give up them, that later Clan not only will not help to them, will also bring many troubles to them. But if this matter is only that several successors does, then on no big deal, she has been able to fight one fight with these fellows well, whom having a look at to be fiercer. Thought of here, Laura cannot help but wrinkled the brow, she to did not fear with these person of Fighting Technique, but is she also lacks same thing now, Expert. although said that Karen is also 7th level Magician, was not Expert, but he too did not like the battle, therefore his Magic level although was very high, but the actual combat experience was few, if really began, feared that cannot have too big doing to use. Laura was also quite speechless to own father, she thought that her father was chooses wrong profession, he should become a profession Alchemy Technique gentleman, but was not Magician, has not seen has liked the research Magic Formation person so much. Thought of Expert, Laura cannot help but has thought of Zhao Hai, this mysterious Dark Magician was really too mysterious, not only has rescued her life, but also the present still settled down unexpectedly in Casa City here. Regarding Zhao Hai background, Laura also lets her under the hand/subordinate checked, has achieved nothing, probably is that suddenly braves, these days Laura although not in Casa City here, but Zhao Hai there has any sound she to know that did not want underestimated the wisdom of lovable girl of this day, if she did not have this few tricks, impossible to mix the sound of the wind/rumor water to get up in Purcell Duchy here. Because her matter to the Zhao Hai nearest/recent knows, settled on Zhao Hai, the fight of Zhao Hai this twice she also knows, to be honest, she has not thought that can be such result. The Zhao Hai strength she experiences over one time, is very formidable, but she also knows that the second time deals with Zhao Hai their people is very formidable, one is Dark Magician nemesis, Light Element white Magician, shadowless that but in this case, these people vanish does not have the trace, this makes all people feel fearful. To be honest, Laura now to Zhao Hai was not complete feel relieved, the Zhao Hai appears opportunity is really too skillful, moreover he still lived in Casa City here now, all these came in view of her probably, this made her suspect the Zhao Hai motive. Yes, initially she was saved by Zhao Hai, but do not forget, attack her is undead Mercenary Group, but Zhao Hai is also Dark Magician, who knew among them has anything to collude.

Ni'er sits in the Laura side, look at Laura frowns, cannot help but said : young lady, what does What happened? have unhappy matter?” Laura turned the head to look at Ni'er one, showed a faint smile said : to be all right, Ni'er, after a while went home, rested well, tomorrow we visits Mr. Zhao Hai.” Ni'er one hear of Laura said that cannot help but said : young lady, you are were not worrying Mr. Zhao Hai possibly comes in view of you? Do why you also want to see him?” Laura shows a faint smile said : no matter what, he has also rescued our one time, moreover I felt that he with undead Mercenary Group probably is not one group, but his appears opportunity was really too skillful, I a little suspected, but tomorrow we must see him \; first, to thank his graciousness of life-saving, two must trace his bottom well.” Nod of Ni'er appears to understand but not really understand, she to is not many, she who these matters know by Laura protection fantastic, regarding these plots and schemes and so on matter, she has almost not contacted, a pure looks like white paper. The Laura look at Ni'er appearance, shows a faint smile, sighs, Ni'er was really too pure, all was centered on her, all matters listened her, this also made Laura have the one type of protection desire. In this time, horse carriage was stopping, the Sergio sound conveys said : young lady, to family.” Laura complied with one, Ni'er immediately opened horse carriage, Sergio immediately has put down the footboard, Laura from the vehicle. The Laura family in Casa City western City District, the person who here is occupied by non- rich already expensive, is entire Casa City a community of Noble rich person, Laura their family although is only a Markey Family branch, however nobody dares underestimated Markey Family on Continent, especially in Purcell Duchy such small country, as Karen Markey Family second in-line successor, is really higher than the Purcell Grand Duke status. Purcell Grand Duke is only Aksu Empire Grand Duke, but Markey Delphi Trading Company stretched across half Continent big line of tall Hang, the two clans strength has not been proportional, therefore was Purcell Grand Duke, very to Karen and Laura face, the Laura family, best the position in west City District, occupied a land area of area hundred mu, magnificent. Laura just got out, old person immediately welcomed, this old person is her mother brings in a old servant person, is now Butler of their family.

Respect of Laura to this old person like own grandfather, the small time Laura mother passed away, this old person like considering own granddaughter attendance she, and has taught her many thing, can say that Laura can have today's achievement, cannot separate with this old person. Laura sees this old person, immediately moved forward to meet somebody said : Grandfather Kun, did you personally arrive at in front of the door to raise me? This matter made others be done on the line.” The Kun look at Laura appearance, favors smiles said : that drowns to be all right, this did not hear that some people must cope with you, do I naturally want to come to see my small Laura injured? Snort, undead Mercenary Group these bastards, were more and more dark green were really crazy, sooner or later some day I must give to extinguish them, dares you to extend the claw to Laura, I thought that they do not want to live.” Kun this saying is not speaks in vain, he is also Expert, 8th level big Knight, the Laura Knight technique learns from him, but Kun cannot relaxed make a move, he also probably remain blows the scene at home. Laura smiles said : Grandfather Kun not to need to be worried that I think undead Mercenary Group a short time will not come, if I, was right, my father?” Mentioned Karen, Kun has cannot help but smiled bitterly next step: In his Laboratory, wants to meet your, but you also know, as soon as he started to experiment to forget the time, I have not made the person call him.” Laura also knows that what person Karen is, has not cared, but smiles said : not to have relationship, right Grandfather Kun, prepares delicious to me?” Kun laughs said : to know that you must come back, don't I possibly give you to prepare delicious? feel relieved, I found person to spend the high price to get so far as two Fire Fish specially, let your this small greedy cat well ate.” Heard that has itself most Fire Fish that likes eating, Laura cannot help but cheers said : fantastic, had the fish to eat.” Said that pulling runs toward the room, she demonstrated that in this moment are also only over ten -year-old girl proper appearances, like that before the bystander, does not keep aloof, murders the lovable girl of decisive day. The Kun look at Laura appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, followed on the heels, in Karen residence, Kun status very however, he can be a lord in palace, because no matter Karen or Laura, to Kun very respectful, regarded the elder to be the same him, Kun also regarded own family residence of to subdue|grams, what doing one's best was residence is making all, in the palace only then he dares such to speak with Laura, only then he dares to be greatly low voice to Karen.