Chapter 115 Merchant After having eaten meal, Laura arrived in the living room, this living room is not outside is used to entertain the lobby of person, but is the small living room in inner apartments, can come the here person, is Laura trusted aide under the hand/subordinate. However now in this living room too many people, have not had three people, Laura, Ni'er, Kun. Laura and Kun sit on the sand, in hand of everyone is taking one cup of sub, Ni'er stands in Laura. After Laura drank one to be possible sub, turned the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, tomorrow I to go to Stony Mountain, visited Zhao Hai, did you look at the line?” Kun has also drunk a sub, one hear of Laura said that nodded said : line, the nearest/recent Zhao Hai name can always hear in Casa City, moreover he also has the graciousness of life-saving to you, should visit, first several days he also made us help him transport a batch live Blue Eye Rabbit in the past, don’t know wants to do, now Stony Mountain there soon has become the forbidden area, the average person will not approach, these time heard that Purcell Family has also bumped a grey of nose in his there, looked like this person very powerful, tomorrow I with you, had a look to be possible to win over him, if. Can words, that but to us good deed.” Can say before Laura does not have Steward, Karen this depends entirely on Kun to support, therefore Laura, no matter has any matter, asks the opinion of Kun, because of this, therefore Karen to Kun such respect. Laura one hear of Kun said that also relaxed, Kun looked at her one eyes, smiles said : what? to suspect to Zhao Hai this person?” Laura nodded said : „, from the beginning a little suspected, this Zhao Hai appears was too skillful, moreover is Dark Magician, therefore I feared that he has colluded with undead Mercenary Group, but looks like very much does not look like now.” Kun smiles said : is not like, is simply is, undead Mercenary Group my also checked, presently they probably have deep background, they should are the person of some secret organization, but Zhao Hai is actually not, this Zhao Hai by Purcell Family attack, might be related with that organization very much, moreover I suspect the garden, these time goes to attack Zhao Hai their three Advanced level Warrior, is related with that organization, this organization enormous, very mysterious, what I have not found out to the present, what can be affirmative, this organization with. Zhao Hai absolutely irrelevant.” Laura does complexion change said : has a such organization? undead Mercenary Group is Dark Magician, but garden is white Magician, are they possibly the same organization? Is this unlikely?”

Kun look at Laura, shows a faint smile said : silly child, what this does not have not to be impossible, you think that this world is you imagines is so simple? You think that these white Magician attack Dark Magician, is really what wicked matter because Dark Magician has done? In fact this world most Dark Magician will not do wickedly, but these white Magician not necessarily will be also cleaner than Dark Magician to that goes, their Magic are just more attractive than Black Magic, therefore has been misunderstood.” Laura nodded, then said : that mysterious organization straight has such formidable influence, feared that already said king dominate, why hadn't heard their name on Continent?” Kun smiles said : in this world truly the competent person, not necessarily must call king dominate, any dynasty has the destruction time, but these hide in the underground big influence truly, is actually very difficult destruction, these big influences, some the time of existence must be longer than these ancient Great Clan, their influences seeped the Continent aspects, absolutely was the strength that cannot be estimated lightly.” Laura or the first time heard Kun to say this matter, cannot help but surprised said : real? Are these this influences by who control?” Kun forced smile said : nobody knows, on Continent the has plenty big influence, nobody knows that their truly control is who.” Laura nodded said : that these time to cope with our matters, is these big influences must begin to us?” Kun shook the head said : that to arrive is not, if these big influences must cope with us, we now are impossible to sit in here, did not want underestimated energy of these big influences, if they coped with us, even if were entire Markey Family adds, was not necessarily able to block.” Laura surprised is said : so unexpectedly fierce?” Kun forced smile said : is such fierce, Markey Family on Continent was also formidable Clan, but compared with these big influences, must miss, therefore I said that these time was not that big influence wants to cope with us, was very likely undead Mercenary Group friendly from the motion, therefore we to did not need to be worried about anything.” Laura nodded, then knit the brows said : that Mr. Zhao Hai they are not very dangerous? They have hit undead Mercenary Group, certainly will welcome the insane fresh retaliation.”

Kun shows a faint smile said : this Zhao Hai not so to be simple, I suspected that the support of his skill also big influence, otherwise his Dark Magician, arrives at that many Advanced level Undead Creature to go to that to there, moreover on these Undead Creature Continent subdues probably, any hasn't background had Magician to achieve?” Laura has gawked, said : Grandfather Kun you were said that Mr. Zhao Hai was also the person of that big influence?” Kun nodded said : to have possibility very much, from their conduct ways, a little like, generally like the underground big influence, their people handles affairs will not make widely known, Zhao Hai is so, he before Casa City, even has not registered in Magician Guild, moreover after Casa City here, deeply has occupied to be shallow, has not caused trouble outside, all these look like likely are these underground big influences, if Zhao Hai real is the person of underground big influence, that we contact under one with them to not what, perhaps will have the advantage.” What advantage Laura can said : have? If Zhao Hai is also representing a underground big influence, perhaps the battle between their big influences, will implicate us, weren't we dangerous?” Kun shows a faint smile said : small Laura, has worked as these many years Merchant, your not understand? What is Merchant? Merchant person of maximum benefit, steady, you are forever impossible become qualified Merchant, the investment of Merchant also has the risk, now our equal to is investing, tomorrow we have a look, this Zhao Hai suitable not suitable investment.” Laura stares, then charmingly angry said : Grandfather Kun, were you too a broker? This does also need to invest?” Kun look at Laura, calm said : small Laura, you must remember, Merchant, in this life, side, only then two people, one type is is worth investing, another one type is is not worth investing, even if your friend, your family member is also same, if your friend, being worth investing, you can invest him, can help him, he will possibly benefit you more, another one type of person is not worth investing, this person that feared that is your family member, your friend, you can also help him, but. This gang must have one, because he is impossible to bring any repayment to you.” Laura cunning look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, am I that one type of person?” Kun has coughed two, stared Laura said : „you are the peculiar circumstance, two people both do not calculate.” Laura young lady has smiled, she knows that Kun such educates her is good, but can achieve this point truly Merchant is actually very few, because must achieve such Merchant that Kun said that must put in the first benefit frequently, true achieved the unfeeling righteousness, this point said certainly also good, did, was too difficult.

Forced smile that the Kun look at Laura appearance, not bears, Laura anything is good, the person is intelligent, works also very decisively, but a little, was present she is too tenderhearted, under sometimes did not give up the heavy hand, this regarding superior was very dangerous. However Kun can also understand that now Laura after is only 18 years old, is a young girl of flower season, you let a such young girl truly achieves such as superior same murder decisive that are impossible. Kun sighed said : „, no matter Zhao Hai were the person in underground big influence, his strength can affirm, was on good terms with him, to us, only then the advantage did not have the fault, tomorrow our together had a look, if this Zhao Hai did not have anything to attempt to us, that must well became friends with him turns.” Laura nodded, then knit the brows said : Grandfather Kun, no matter what, Mr. Zhao Hai also rescues my life, tomorrow I must prepare some gifts to him, you said that what gift we do want to prepare?” Kun knit the brows said : this gift is really is not good to prepare, was too light, could not appear our Markey Family status of delivering comes, to be too heavy, will make Zhao Hai that delivered think that we want to make a clear distinction between borderline with these gifts with him, this matter really was not quite easy to do.” Laura frowns said : „, but I have contacted one time with Mr. Zhao Hai, he looks like is very probably easy getting along with, moreover he is Magician, I looked that chooses Magic Robe and Magic Staff gives to him, previous time I with he meets, what presently he takes is very ordinary Magic Staff, Magic Robe also very ordinary, I looked that gave him to be good the moonlit night and spirit wind.” Kun nodded said : this to arrive is good means that the moonlit night is in itself black Magic Robe, gives Zhao Hai to be just right, spirit wind although is Wind element Magic Staff, but also has very big amplification to do to use to Black Magic, delivers these two years to is happen to appropriate, moreover this different thing total value crosses fifty thousand gold coins, I think that Zhao Hai should satisfy.”