Chapter 116 Fierce Moonlit night Magic Robe, is black Magic Robe, Ark Continent here little has been able to see now, pure black Magic Robe, because black Magic Robe the Magician package was too strict, many Magician do not like this style Magic Robe, but the moonlit night is actually most traditional black Magic Robe. The black, is woven all over the body by the black Demon Hawk down, black Demon Hawk is one type of 7th level Magic Beast, not only the flight is rapid, but also fierce exceptionally, what most important is, very strong defensive power of this hawk, general Magic and Battle Qi attack does not have what effect to him. Also has strong defense capability by the black Demon Hawk down, is adding on itself to have the black, this black is King of that elegant sky, similarly, is bringing that unruliness. This Magic Robe not only can guard against 5th level following Magic attack, similarly, can prevent 4th level following Battle Qi attack, but also puts on this clothes or the water and fire does not soak, warm in winter and cool in summer, in Magic is the one type of very Advanced level Magic thing, present market price in 25,000 to thirty thousand gold coins about, but also valuably does not have the city. Spirit wind Magic Staff, by the heart of over hundred years spirit willow tree, at using the beast blood immersion of Wind element Magic Beast is made, not only has very strong amplification to do to use to Wind element Magic, has very strong amplification to do to use regarding Darkness Element Magic, integral root Magician cyan, besets with by Wind element Magic Crystal in Quan Tou all over the body, present market price in twenty thousand to 25,000 gold coins. Can say the gift that Laura they take, the price is really not low, fifty thousand gold coins, equivalent to small duchy a half year of tax revenue. Next morning, Laura, Ni'er, Kun sits horse carriage to go toward Stony Mountain there, when their this their sides only with 20, by team leader Sergio. Laura suitable has the self-confidence, she believes that dares attack in Casa City here nobody he, even if Purcell Family does not dare, because his status is placed in there, dares in here attack he, to be begins to entire Markey Family on equal to, such words will welcome the retaliation of entire Markey Family. Now they sit car(riage) that but snowflake marvelous horse draws, therefore is quick, but Sergio their these guards, ride is also 3rd level Magic Beast Wind-Chasing Horse, very fast, therefore does not use two days of Casa City to Stony Mountain there simply, so long as quite a while sufficed. They come out from Casa City from Laura, Zhao Hai obtained information, Zhao Hai also knows that the opposite party came to their here.

Regarding such result, to is Zhao Hai desired, Zhao Hai static sitting in the Cyan Stone Villa living room, Green sits in side, Zhao Hai smiles said : looks like this Laura to is worth becoming friends with turns, just filled there to come back from Black Mountain, came here to visit us.” Green shows a faint smile said : „, but also is a little conscience, but wants with their deep cooperation words, we must have a look to be good well.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I also think that if we want to cooperate with them thoroughly, truly is the need well test their, after all now our in hand thing were too many, moreover these thing lets thing that the person is jealous, even if Laura is credible, but will be difficult to guarantee her person not to have greed, we must be careful a point to well.” Green nodded, then shows a faint smile said : that we also to prepare, greets their well?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, should prepare.” Quickly to noon time, „can Sergio of Laura said : in horse carriage, how long arrive at Stony Mountain?” Is riding a horse to follow in horse carriage nearby Sergio immediately/on horseback said : young lady, immediately to probably arrive, has been able to see Stony Mountain, present Stony Mountain also really greatly changed.” Oh? Right?” Said that Laura opened the vehicle front door, looks toward looking. His horse carriage has two gates, in front, in behind, carriage inside has two rows of stools, in the left and right of car(riage), the middle of vehicle is suspending small table, this small table below is the packed in a box shape design, inside is putting some living expenses thing, moreover in this box was designed Ice Element Magic Formation, can in putting thing, freeze, on one layer temperature high some, under one layer temperature low some. Carriage both sides stool actually is also the one type of box-type design, inside is putting the quilt and so on thing, in the top of carriage, the Magic lamp, on small table, can be used to heat up thing Magic Formation, can say that Laura the carriage, is a shrink room. Must say that Laura the carriage is actually not small, enough six square meters, length three meters, width two meters, if takes the long journey, the person can definitely regard the bedroom the carriage, in sleeping well.

Because of such design, therefore this horse carriage construction cost very high, can sit such horse carriage person, person who is some have the status to have the status. Laura opened horse carriage one to see Stony Mountain, no, exactly said that now was unable to call Stony Mountain, entire Stony Mountain was being surrounded by one group of Dark mist, simply could not see the original Stony Mountain appearance. Laura also understand why Sergio said that Stony Mountain here with original was different, reason that Laura will know Stony Mountain here, reason that because Stony Mountain here has Hot Spring. initially that Merchant wants Stony Mountain sells out, said on own mountain has Hot Spring, can raise Fire Fish, must know that Fire Fish will be on the main road most in high demand thing, Laura this Merchant naturally will not let off this opportunity, therefore came Stony Mountain here to examine. However finally she presently, here although can raise Fire Fish, simply does not have the ability of large-scale cultivation, therefore gave up, but Stony Mountain here she to has come really one time, moreover remembers that the initially Stony Mountain appearance, her actually simply cannot see the Stony Mountain shadow now, only saw one group of black gas. Kun also sits in the carriage, looks at the Stony Mountain appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : also is really the great writer, covered unexpectedly the entire mountain with the Dark mist technique, this minimum must need level to achieve in 6th level above Dark Magician, it seems like that this Zhao Hai was very fierce.” although said that the Magician strength is becomes the erect with their level, but on Continent actually recognizes, has one type of Magician to be hardest to deal with, this Magician is Dark Magician, especially 5th level above Dark Magician, Black Magic was extremely strange, general Dark Magician, besides to Light Element Magician, almost can the level challenge, therefore Dark Magician 5th level, did not have many people willing to sweep annoys. Laura showed a faint smile said : to be natural, the Mr. Zhao Hai strength I looked by far not only 6th level, initially he coped with undead Mercenary Group the time, but one summoned more than 1000 Undead Creature, moreover these Undead Creature also very fierce, 6th level Magician feared that couldn't achieve this point?” Kun nodded said : „, it seems like his level should in 8th level about, not be otherwise impossible to extinguish the garden they, however, the garden their did the people run up to that? They were extinguished, should information be a little right? Moreover that time copes with Zhao Hai they, not only but the garden they, Purcell Duchy 100 Dead-soldier, these Dead-soldier are killed easily, should have to run away is right? But has not gone back to a present actually person, and dead or alive.” Laura calm face said : not necessarily, these Dead-soldier are killed easily, but do not forget, Mr. Zhao Hai has more than 1000 to summon the beast, these summon beasts also all are Undead Creature, these Dead-soldier can conceal the truth excellently, but can hide the truth from Undead Creature regarding the hope of flesh and blood? Moreover the Dark Magician also ability, can turn into Undead Creature the deceased person, if Mr. Zhao Hai they have killed the garden, then turned into Undead Creature them, they impossible in appears .” Kun complexion changes, then nodded said : this possibility to be biggest, it seems like that this Zhao Hai is also generation of one vicious and merciless, I now to am more curious to him.”

During the speeches horse carriage arrived under Stony Mountain, Laura just about to makes horse carriage stop, sees a Dark mist fluctuation on mountain, then main road appears in Laura their front, in the middle of main road, has been standing a person, this person of full body armor solid, Laura that oneself wrap recognized, was Zhao Hai that follower. Stands in Continent, naturally is Green, Green is meets Laura they, Laura they come out from Casa City, every action and every movement have not hidden the truth from these Dead-soldier that Zhao Hai has sent, therefore Laura they just moved, Zhao Hai immediately separated the Dark mist technique on road. Green stands in there, bows said : to welcome Miss Laura, mister to know that to Laura slightly Miss Laura must come today, assigns me to greet in this specially, Miss Laura invited.” Said that Alien drilled from roadside Dark mist, Green jumped to jump the head of Alien, a Alien giant body actually flexible revolution, walked toward the mountain on. Laura to making to stare by Green, but looked at Green toward the mountain on, she in saying anything, made the cart driver catch up with the car(riage) was following in Green directly. Kun sits in the carriage, complexion is not quite attractive, Green that his look at takes the lead, deep voice to Laura said : Laura, this Zhao Hai not simple that it seems like that the garden they were extinguished is very likely, he is actually familiar with our whereabouts, it seems like that the garden comes attack they, they also ahead of time know that so long as they set the ambush, that garden they do not want to run.” Laura nodded said : „, has not thought, Mr. Zhao Hai unexpectedly so fierce, he he, but he is fierce is better, we need is a formidable ally.” The Kun calm face, muttered said : formidable ally extremely in also not necessarily is the good deed.”