Chapter 117 Too many surprised Laura their horse carriage walk in front, their following roads keep by the Dark mist technique covering, looks like looks like giant beast, kept road swallowing one after another, this made Laura they not speed up on own initiative. Quick Laura they saw Cyan Stone Villa on summit, previous time they come time had seen, relationship that because Cyan Stone Villa here long time nobody manages, therefore Villa looks like very worn-out, they think after Zhao Hai they live, Villa will overhaul, what makes them not think, Villa here has not overhauled, but carried on to maintain simply, looking from outside, still appeared very old. At this time Villa big gate opened, by Villa big gate, was standing two rows of human-shape Undead Creature, these human-shape Undead Creature, the body was the dark green, as if with that ink jade carved, stood is a little scary in there although, but was far from going to the terrifying situation, conversely, these Undead Creature were the artware seems to be same. These two rows of Undead Creature quantities add enough about hundred, on each wears the clothes, these clothes are not ordinary warrior cloth, but is full body armor that some mercenary most often put on, body at the back of weapon. Saw the appearance of these Undead Creature, Laura and Kun has cannot help but looked one, saw enlightenment from the opposite party eye. They know that in the past the time garden they led mercenary to cope with the Zhao Hai matter, moreover Laura also clear remembering, first Zhao Hai rescued her time, in Zhao Hai these summoned creatures, was few human-shape Undead Creature, now suddenly braves these many human-shape Undead Creature, to add on their this appearance, their natural on association to the past garden their attack. At this time Green sat in carrying on the back of Alien courtyard, Laura their horse carriage also entered courtyard, to courtyard, Green had jumped down from carrying on the back of Alien, a Alien body revolution, oneself lay near the wall. Laura they also stopped the car(riage), Green stands in horse carriage side, bows said : Miss Laura to invite to Laura, mister is waiting for the young lady in the living room.” Said one side of the body, does movement that empty has directed. Laura nodded, is leading Ni'er and Kun walks toward courtyard, Green turned the head at this time to Laura said : Miss Laura, please let your under the hand/subordinate, rests with him.” Said that has referred to nearby Undead Creature, this Undead Creature immediately/on horseback bows to Laura. Laura and Kun were made to stare, person who they have the experience, conversely, they are it can be said that experienced, but intelligent they have not seen like this Undead Creature. although feels surprised, but Laura and Kun do not have too many expressions, Kun turns the head to Sergio said : Sergio, you rest with them by.” Sergio nodded, is leading his under the hand/subordinate, followed that Undead Creature.

Green directs three people to walk toward courtyard, Laura they steal a glance are sizing up all in courtyard, this courtyard underwent some renovations obviously, but the movement is not very big, what was different from before was only in this courtyard were many a person attitude. Four people have passed through forefront lobby, arrived at the backyard, arrived at the eye of backyard Laura and Kun one stares round, because they saw the backyard warm spring water ditch. The Hot Spring ditch naturally does not have anything noteworthy, their previous time comes time, noted, reason that but this time they note the Hot Spring ditch, not because of the Hot Spring ditch itself, but is thing in Hot Spring ditch, Fire Fish. Dense and numerous, Fire Fish that the number cannot count has been filled with the warm spring water ditch, that scene let Laura and Kun in there, their very clear Stony Mountain here situation, the here Hot Spring ditch and not suitable raised Fire Fish, but now these Fire Fish what's the matter? Not only live well, but also wants to be bigger than general Fire Fish, what's all this about? Green look at them to stop, knows that they for anything, he cannot help but showed a faint smile, they such did intentionally, if such did not do intentionally, Laura and Kun were impossible to see these Fire Fish. They must let Laura and Kun see these Fire Fish, then they well discussed that the matter of cooperation, Green turns the head to three people of said : Miss Laura, please, mister inside wait for you.” Laura stares, immediately/on horseback comes back god to come, she is pointing at Fire Fish in Hot Spring ditch, stuttering said : this, what's all this about?” Green shows a faint smile said : this is my family mister raises, three, in request personally.” Said, when walks toward the backyard reception room first. Laura looked that Green does not want to say that also in asking anything, has exchanged an astonished look with Kun, follows in Green, walks toward the reception room. Zhao Hai and Meg have stood in in front of the door of reception room are waiting for Laura they, saw Laura to walk, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to welcome Miss Laura, has not thought that Miss Laura yesterday just came back, today can come to see me, was really honored.” Laura bows said : Laura to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai hastily, compared with mister life-saving great kindness, this was considered as anything, Laura hears mister to settle down in this, really feels extremely happy, today takes the liberty comes to disturb, was really offensive.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be polite, in requested personally.” Said that turn around entered the living room.

Has divided after the living room the guests and hosts sit down, Meg immediately/on horseback motionless sound took a pot sub, to several people of each to one cup, but Laura had not actually paid attention to sub at this time, but noted Meg to curl with in hand to seal|confer Motie. Laura and Kun are the experienced person, nature one can recognize to seal|confer Motie to curl, but they have not thought that a Zhao Hai servant actually will take to seal|confer Motie to curl. Zhao Hai noted their look, but he has not said anything, is only calm said : small place, has nothing to entertain, please two taste this to be possible sub.” They one recover, the polite carrying cup drank one, Zhao Hai looked at Kun said : Miss Laura, this was?” Laura immediately/on horseback said : has been disrespectful, this is my Butler, similarly is also the elder who I respect, Grandfather Kun.” Kun immediately/on horseback has stood, bows said : Kun to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, thanked mister to rescue my family young lady.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : slight effort, is not worth mentioning, Kun mister please sit down.” Kun sat according to the word. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Laura has an issue, does not know , said does not work as to say?” Zhao Hai said : „do Miss Laura please ask?” Laura look at Meg said : mister the maidservant is taking should be to seal|confer Motie curls? Does not know that mister can come from where?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have anything, first several days has the Little Wool thief who several do not enlarge ones vision, wants to come my here to disturb, after I have tidied up, obtains this to seal|confer Motie to curl, this thing is not useful to me, kindly gave my maidservant.” Laura and Kun stare, they carefully have then sized up Meg, they were also Expert, this attention present, on Meg really had strong Magic fluctuation, that Magic fluctuation was not lower than the 5th level level probably. Laura and Kun cannot help but astonished looked at one mutually, from today to Cyan Stone Villa here, this Villa has given their surprised is really too many, covered entire mountain Black Magic, could understand the logical expression, very understood the polite Undead Creature, many Fire Fish that could not count, before 5th level , the Magician maidservant, all these all made them feel very surprised.

Laura and Kun saw from the opposite party eye startled shakes, some little time Kun take deep breaths, turns the head „to ask Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai said :, these surprise attack your people how?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : just you not to see? He turned into my servant.” although had already thought of this point, but hears Zhao Hai perfectly clear told them, they felt being startled. look at Zhao Hai said : that Kun decides please ask mister, that Light Element did Magician also turn into your servant?” Kun is experienced, naturally also knows that Light Element Magician is very difficult to turn into Undead Creature, even if changed , can only turn into most Inferior level Undead Creature, moreover there is a very big probability to be defeated, did Zhao Hai also turn into Undead Creature garden that Light Element 8th level big Magician? If the garden has not turned into Undead Creature, his to seal|confer demon iron volume in the hand of Zhao Hai? The garden on Continent is very famous, he is 8th level Light Element big Magician, this lets he becoming famous, but he most famous another point, is he specifically aims at Dark Magician, so long as is heard that there has Dark Magician, he will certainly challenge, but wants with his Dark Magician to seat of honor, is very difficult the life opportunity, therefore the garden besides his Light Element big Magician reputation, has a name, Dark Magician Assassin. Reason that the garden can Yu Sheng that many Dark Magician, besides him be Light Element 8th level big Magician, because also he has to seal|confer Motie to curl, in his to seal|confer demon iron volume, seal is Light Element Magic, this has the fight time, fights the small advantage very much, many Dark Magician, die under his to seal|confer demon iron volume. Zhao Hai one hear of Kun said that shows a faint smile, turns the head to go Zhao Ga to call to Green said :.” Green complied with one, turn around walked outward, Laura and Kun puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but has taken up own that cup of sub, has drunk one, before long, a sound of footsteps transmits, Green south walked from outside, in his, with Undead Creature. Sees this Undead Creature time, Kun and Laura were shocked.