Chapter 118 Special emaciated look Undead Creature Laura and Kun saw a lot, but so unusual Undead Creature, they actually first time saw. This is human-shape Undead Creature, a white nearly transparent skeleton, the body puts on white very magnificent Magic Robe, in hand is taking white Magic Staff, this Magic Robe and Magic Staff style, so long as has a research person to Magician, can look, that is Light Element Magician equipment. A white skeleton is not noteworthy, but this white actually simply is not that pale color, instead to is glittering one type of holy radiance, that was worth the person paying attention. Damn, will Undead Creature really have the holy feeling, the world chaos? Did the gods live in Hell to go? Laura and Kun dumbfounded look at Green behind that skeleton, what adjective their real don’t know must with describe that skeleton, that skeleton gave the feeling of person to be too strange. Zhao Hai looked at their expression one eyes, looked at one to stand in Laura behind Ni'er one, this stature petite maidservant, always lets the person slightly her existence, but Zhao Hai did not have slightly her, because he was also one easily by the person person slightly, therefore he cannot slightly anybody. The Ni'er expression is different from Laura and Kun, Laura and Kun is a shock of face, but the Ni'er expression is actually curious, right, is only curious, not any being startled. Zhao Hai cannot help but had interest to Ni'er, he this little girl is very presently interesting, her look very pure, own idea clear reflection in inside, has looked like a piece pure Crystal. The look so pure girl, Zhao Hai first time sees, even if Meg, in the sometimes look is also bringing some cunning radiance, does not have the Ni'er look to be so pure, that look can purify the soul of person to be the same probably. However Zhao Hai also recovers in breath, shows a faint smile, to Zhao Ga said : Zhao Ga, notified Miss Laura and Kun mister.” Zhao Ga to Laura and Kun good a very legitimate Noble ritual, when Zhao Ga salutes, Laura and Kun for a while have even forgotten his Undead Creature status, thinks own surface advance party, is a demeanor gentleman, gets up to return salute hastily.

Waited for the line the ritual, they understand, what oneself surface advance party was Undead Creature, they somewhat awkward standing in there. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : two to sit, all right, this fellow line of rituals, are standard than me, he he, did not fear that two jokes, in the front of this fellow, I am embarrassed the line of Noble rituals.” Listened to a Zhao Hai such saying, Laura and Kun cannot help but chuckle two, has met, sat down, Laura on curious said : Mr. Zhao Hai, you meant that this Undead Creature was a garden?” After Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, in world was not having the garden, only then Zhao Ga, good Zhao Ga, you exited.” Zhao Ga to Zhao Hai gave a salute, turn around walked. The Laura look at Zhao Ga back, sighed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, what level Undead Creature now Zhao Ga belongs to?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : possibly has 7th level, I too did not affirm.” Laura and Kun looked at one mutually, saw a shock from the opposite party eye, their very clear, Dark Magician must make a deceased person turns into Advanced level Undead Creature is difficulty how. Kun quickly said: Mr. Zhao Hai, that did Zhao Ga maintain before death memory?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this to not to have, he most time from the beginning, is only ordinary 1st level Undead Creature, but afterward I used Secret Technique to enhance his level, do not visit him now is Undead Creature, may use Light Element Magic, moreover level is not low.” Laura and Kun in time petrify, they have not thought understand, why can Undead Creature use Light Element Magic? They want to know, Secret Technique that Zhao Hai said what Secret Technique is. Their very clear, Dark Magician has been trying to find the solution, turns into Advanced level own these Inferior level Undead Creature, but after these many years research, did not have what progress, if makes them know that Zhao Hai has this means that they cannot be insane. Their look at Zhao Hai, why understand Zhao Hai is not in front of their to say this matter, when they look looks like Zhao Hai, they present, look at that Zhao Hai, Green, Meg decides they, on face of although Zhao Hai by mourning band blocking, but they can still feel probably eye that behind the Zhao Hai mourning band that pair of cold light sparkles.

In two will of the people cannot help but one cold, simultaneously Kun also noted, since continuously to a that full body armor person who they have guided, unexpectedly is 8th level Peak formidable Warrior, this makes the status of Kun to Zhao Hai cannot help but overestimate one layer. Kun looked that Laura has not responded, his quickly said: Invited mister feel relieved, at matter that mister here saw, our absolutely not to divulge to an outsider, I by the honor guarantee of Markey Family.” Laura one hear of Kun said that also nodded hastily, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : two not to use such oath, to be honest, my although can promote level these Undead Creature, but the premise condition, after these Undead Creature had been promoted level by me, only meets recognized me as master, was impossible to change, moreover this method others simply could not learn.” Laura and Kun will certainly not believe the Zhao Hai words, but they nodded, Laura then waved to Ni'er, Ni'er walks hastily outward, Laura turns the head today to disturb mister to Zhao Hai said :, is really embarrassed, does not have what good preparation, has only prepared two small gifts, hopes that mister accepts.” During the speeches Ni'er ran, her in hand held a long box, on the box is putting black Magic Robe, Laura has been standing, has taken up that Magic Robe, smiles said : to Zhao Hai mister is Dark Magician, this moonlit night Magic Robe, before was me , that received also calculates that with make a move Magic equipment, gives mister him today.” Said that Magic Robe lifted Zhao Hai nearby. Zhao Hai has stood, received this has looked like very good Magic Robe, nodded said : that to thank Miss Laura, my impolite.” After receiving moonlit night Magic Robe, Zhao Hai handed over Magic Robe has given Green, Green Magic Robe handful in in hand. Laura looked at Zhao Hai to receive Magic Robe, cannot help but relaxing of gently, then another turn around took the Ni'er in hand long box, opening gently, inside was putting that spirit wind Magic Staff, Laura to Zhao Hai said : this was Wind element Magic Staff, because has soaked with the blood of Wind element Magic Beast, therefore did to use regarding some Black Magic also blessing/additional support, hopes that mister do not shut out.” Zhao Hai laughed said : Miss Laura to have a mind, the Magic Staff that the young lady sent, to be honest and not suitable I used, my maidservant actually happen to was Wind element Magician, I have been seeking for appropriate Magic Staff for her, Miss Laura give opportune help, my this thanked Miss Laura in.” Said that has taken up spirit wind Magic Staff, handed over to give Meg. Laura has not thought that Zhao Hai will draw Magic Staff gives Meg, but she has not said anything, after all Zhao Hai accepted her Magic Staff, that Magic Staff on equal to was Zhao Hai thing, he liked giving to anyone, did not close her matter. Meg face happy is taking spirit wind Magic Staff, thanked thanks Young Master to Zhao Hai said :.” This time she has not called mister, counter- called Young Master, in any case now Laura and Kun should also be able to listen to young of Zhao Hai, that called mister to call Young Master, did not have no relationship. Zhao Hai nodded, after inviting Laura sits down, smiles said : Miss Laura to give me this difference good thing, I cannot certainly too stingy, the dining room prepare the lunch, invited Miss Laura, Kun mister, this young lady came.” Said that has stood, puts out a hand empty to direct outward. Laura and Kun not polite, but has stood, walks with Zhao Hai outward, several people quick arrived at the dining room, this dining room is very big, Merine is bustling about in, things to eat prepared was similar.

Merine looked that Zhao Hai led Laura they to come, smiles said : hastily Young Master, the meal has prepared, please sit down.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Laura said : Miss Laura, Kun mister, this young lady, please sit down, our here compared with these Great Noble, does not have too many customs, eats meal each time, is everyone/Great Clan sits in together eats, please.” Laura and Kun, although is being curious to Zhao Hai the procedure, but has not said straight, expressed gratitude has sat down, Ni'er sat. Merine looked that several people have sat down, she also carried the meal with Meg, today's meal is very sumptuous, cooks the rabbit meat, Fire Fish, vegetables that on several types of Earth in Space produced, Merine has been them. These were Zhao Hai they had already reached an agreement, they must eat this meal, let Laura they know that these vegetables the flavors, to help working with them in the future. Laura and Kun also noted the emaciated look on table, besides roasting the rabbit meat and Fire Fish, in adding on Magic Radish, they actually did not know that the dish on table was any vegetables manufacture. Laura can not be the playboys who that type of grain does not divide, she buys some daily necessities, regarding these vegetables that eats daily she very familiar, but makes her feel what is strange, the dish on table, she mostly has not seen, moreover method also very special of these cooking. All meals have suspended before long, the emaciated look is very special, the food will be the ordinary cake, Laura naturally too will not pay attention to these cakes, but carefully looked at emaciated look one on table, presently few types are knew, this turned the head to look at Kun one. Kun also frowns the emaciated look on look at table, to be honest, he was also experienced, but the dish on table, he has not seen, looked at Laura look at he, he cannot help but shaking the head of gently.