Chapter 119 Discussed cooperates ( 1 ) The meaning that Kun shakes the head, Laura also understand, that expressed certainly that he has not seen such emaciated look, this arrived is makes Laura feel curiously. Zhao Hai looks to close the Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : to come, Miss Laura, Kun mister, this should be Miss Ni'er? Tastes, these are our special products, cannot eat in other place.” Laura showed a faint smile said : that our impolite, to be honest, long such big Fire Fish I first time saw.” Kun showed a faint smile said : young lady is Fire Fish that liked eating, has not actually thought that can also eat in here, did Zhao Hai regarding raising Fire Fish also very much have the attainment probably?” Probe! Kun is probing, this point all people know, but Zhao Hai has not been angry, he is waiting for the opposite party such probe, therefore he shows a faint smile said : also good, initially selects here, but settled on here to have Hot Spring, I quite liked soaking Hot Spring, therefore lived, raised fire Ding also afterward to think that but my in hand happen to had fire Ding to be able things to eat, therefore has raised, he he, the here environment was placed in that also raised were not many.” Raises aren't many? Kun and Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but recalled they saw that Wen Ergou dense and numerous Fire Fish heads, feeling that some one type of must faint, this modest excessive was false. However Kun then wrinkled brow said : Mr. Zhao Hai, can I take the liberty ask one, even if you have Fire Fish to be able things to eat, but these Fire Fish do you obtain from there? I remember before , I come Stony Mountain here time, in here Hot Spring only then several small Fire Fish, now one were many these many, moreover you come here time was too short, possibly is not raises?” Laura one hear of Kun such asked that has gotten down the spirit, she knows that this Kun asked on the drop, Zhao Hai came Stony Mountain here how long, simply was impossible to raise these many Fire Fish, outside him these Fire Fish moved certainly from other place, where did he from move? Perhaps from his reply, can inquire his some origins. Zhao Hai looked at Kun one, shook the head said : to be unfair to Kun mister, this is secret.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, was only the rejection of perfectly clear, told you, this was secret, I will not tell you, you also little inquired.

Kun stares in Laura, Kun immediately/on horseback said : is unfair to Mr. Zhao Hai, I was disrespectful.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, shows a faint smile said : not anything, tastes, do not offer food to a guest coolly.” Laura and Kun not polite, took up the knife and fork to try the dish on table, they were the locally born Ark Continent people, but Ark Continent here ate meal used was the knife and fork, whom Zhao Hai has not seen to use the chopsticks. However now Zhao Hai uses is actually the chopsticks, he really cannot use the knife and fork, when Merine learn some Chinese dishes, Zhao Hai changed to the chopsticks, Green their although is strange, has not said anything. If beforehand Green one will say that Zhao Hai such did was too strange, simply likely was not Noble, since Zhao Hai obtained Space, Green little was saying him, instead in Black Wasteland that place, even if is looking like Noble that you did, some people will not see that but left Black Wasteland, if Zhao Hai performance looked like Noble, counter- was not quite good, found out the status easily. Zhao Hai now is Dark Magician, Dark Magician is on Continent one type of very special profession, person who in the impressions of all people, Dark Magician is some have the odd, if Dark Magician were too normal, instead to nobody believes that he was Dark Magician. Laura they also noted the Zhao Hai chopsticks, this chopsticks were Zhao Hai do, what used was the long shoot of Oil Fruit tree, hewed with the blade, made at the polish, brown red wood grain, glossy color, very beautiful. Zhao Hai has not picked own veil, this Magic Robe supposing place is very interesting, the size of that veil can adjust, so long as you do not fear troublesome, you can definitely make to be bigger the veil, bringing the veil to eat meal, but general Magician such will not do now, is too troublesome. Laura and Kun puzzled look at Zhao Hai, why don’t know Zhao Hai such ate thing, Zhao Hai looks at their one eyes, chuckle said : has been unfair to two, I because of some special reasons, do not want to make others see my face.” Such explanation compares not to have the explanation to be awful, if Zhao Hai did not explain that Laura and Kun possibly only work as this Zhao Hai another odd, but Zhao Hai this explanation, cannot help but made Laura they think much, why didn't Zhao Hai make others see his face? Because of his long is too ugly? Is because feared that others do recognize? Because he is the Empire most wanted terrorist? However Zhao Hai may not have to explain, he just knew with Laura today, moreover he knows that the average person in eating meal, is few speeches, therefore Zhao Hai they have not said anything, but lowers the head to eat meal. Zhao Hai they did not speak, Laura and Kun did not say anything, must eat thing in low spirits, but they did not feel quickly stuffily, because these thing were really too delicious. one type of they have not seen, with the Ark Continent here completely different cooking, is adding on these they have not eaten the dish, lets Laura and Kun appetite opens greatly.

Laura is not a gluttonous person, conversely, she to eating request also very high, no matter in the cooking technique on the food, the request is very high. Markey Family itself sells the vegetables and grain, they naturally can evaluate the vegetables the quality, but the Markey Family biggest customer is not these ordinary commoner, on the bodies of these commoner, they make less than several money, they biggest customer is various Great Noble. Cannot certainly be too inferior to Noble thing, not only the dish appearance is better, what most important is, the taste is also better, therefore Laura, when does business with these dish business, generally personally will carry on the trial dish, this also provided her mouth trickily. The person is animal that likes enjoying, no matter in that plane is the same, Ark Continent here cooking although is nothing to speak, but they are very high regarding the request of food, otherwise not the division of appears Magic vegetables and bulk vegetables. The Magic vegetables besides can increase the Magic strength, but also is a little the taste be better than the ordinary vegetables, Laura Patriarch camp is the Magic vegetables, naturally attention taste. Because of this, therefore Laura on the dish to table will be interested, because the dish flavor on table is really fantastic, not only said that the method of his cooking is good, most important this dish quality fantastic. Most from the beginning, Laura has not gone with that dish of radish system, looks like in Laura, Magic Radish this grows vegetables is most low grade Magic vegetables, her simply does not have the interest to eat. However she has eaten one stemming from the politeness, this actually serious, she presently this is most delicious Magic Radish that she eats to have been, not only pure taste, but also the entrance is clear, simply is Top Grade. Laura has cannot help but gawked, but she has not expressed anything, then tasted other emaciated looks, each same very delicacy, most important is that Fire Fish, compared with before her has eaten any Fire Fish wanted the delicacy, Laura unable to bear has eaten two. This meal had finished in the one type of very strange atmosphere, said that is strange did not mean this meal the atmosphere is not good, conversely, the atmosphere of this meal is really very good, it can be said that guests and hosts having a good time, however the sound queer place lies, this meal is actually a words minimum meal. Waits to eat meal, Zhao Hai they returned to the living room, Merine and Meg have sent to sub to several people, Zhao Hai then to Laura said : Miss Laura, if actually you do not come to see me, I must see your.” Laura stares, she has not thought that Zhao Hai will say, quickly said: Having something is Mr. Zhao Hai works for?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have what important matter, Miss Laura also looked, I did not like being restrained, was adding on me is Dark Magician, therefore does not have that Clan to ask me to go to the present, all my expenditures must make, looks Miss Laura, for this matter.” Laura stares, the meaning of do not understand Zhao Hai, her although is very short with the time that Zhao Hai contacts, but also presently Zhao Hai is a somewhat arrogant person, his arrogance does not put on outwardly, but was that type penetrates the arrogance in bone, did not have the arrogance, had the lofty character. Such person is impossible the open channel she to ask for money, he looks for himself to solve money the issue, only then means that thought of here Laura two eyes cannot help but one brightly, because her immediately has thought of these Fire Fish outside Hot Spring ditch. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : „is the mister meaning?” Idea of her also a little not too definite Zhao Hai, therefore wants to ask, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my in hand a little thing to want with Miss Laura to work, whether don’t know Miss Laura does want?” said : that Laura two eyes shines what mister said is these Fire Fish?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Fire Fish now is too few, I can only sell to Miss Laura every month 100, what I said was another one type of business, was Magic Radish.” Laura stares, said : Magic Radish? mister does in hand have massive Magic Radish to want make a move? This does not have the issue, our Markey Delphi Merchant Union can eat up.” Laura said that also reasonable, Magic Radish is in itself not precious thing, if no massive Magic Radish to want make a move, believes that Zhao Hai will not look for her. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura first do not say that I want to know, your one month can eat up many Magic Radish, moreover my Magic Radish was this qualitative, the taste you just also tasted.” Was saying while put out a turnip to put on the table.