Chapter 121 Discussed cooperates ( 3 ) Zhao Hai nodded said : Kun mister to know how many this stock breeding strength an oil press day of oil offtake does have?” Kun said : „this common machine day may the productive about 1000 jin (0.5 kg), this output be produce stay up till dawn can certainly achieve.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the oil mass to is not low, the price of don’t know this oil press how?” Kun said : this price to is inexpensive, one hundred gold coins one, this oil press most important function is to press out the fruit oil, but fruit oil small advantage, if will be too expensive to is nobody will buy.” Zhao Hai nodded to turn the head to Laura said : Miss Laura, please the next time take Magic Radish time, brings five oil press of draught animal powers to me, doesn't know conveniently?” Laura hastily nod said : convenient, this has anything to trouble, invited mister feel relieved, certainly prepared to you delivers, these five machines were I give mister was good.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be too polite, now we were the allies, was cooperation relationship, this account naturally must be understand, the money of five oil press, deducted from the payment for goods of Magic Radish, if later I had the place that any need Miss Laura helped, will be certainly impolite.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also not good because of saying anything, must nod said : that well, invited mister feel relieved, three days later, thing ensure delivered on time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to make them give Miss Laura to Green said : to prepare several Fire Fish, is I gives Miss Laura gift.” Said that turns the head I to look to Laura said : Miss Laura likes Fire Fish probably very much, now this fish truly grows into is also not many, the line delivers Miss Laura several, hopes that the young lady do not shut out.” Laura to has not declined, several Fire Fish values several money, if extremely in polite, to was appears extremely was instead false, she smiles said : that to thank mister, to be honest, I liked eating Fire Fish really very much, these time to had the luck of having good things to eat.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : was then right, Miss Laura, I also wants to ask that your matter, don’t know Blue Eye Rabbit this thing you do have the sale?” Laura stares, but immediately recalled to mind Zhao Hai to buy 300 Blue Eye Rabbit in the past, now such asked that obviously wants to raise the rabbit, but regarding Blue Eye Rabbit this thing, Laura also really not too many contacts. Thinks that this Laura cannot help but knit the brows said : „the Blue Eye Rabbit business we not to do, but arrives with several meat produce processing factories, some business dealings, can help mister ask.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to trouble Miss Laura, I prepare an office cultivation factory, raises some common people can eat animal, like Blue Eye Rabbit, the long live hog, Scaleless Fish and so on, currently a Blue Eye Rabbit rabbit had, the long live hog and Scaleless Fish seedling did not have, this must ask Miss Laura to help to pay attention much.” Laura nod said : this is not a problem, has information my immediately/on horseback to tell mister, mister must manage such diverse thing, it seems like our Markey Delphi Trading Company must increase the add some project to be good.” Ark Continent here has plenty meat produce Processing Factory, these Processing Factory will make some such as the hot foot, or kind of vacation in canned food and so on thing, the price of hot foot is not very expensive, if naturally some special hot feet, only then Noble can eat, but canned food kind of thing, is commoner eats generally, made an honest deposition the army, the quantity was very big. But Laura although does not help the business of meat produce processing, however in his shop actually the has plenty canned food and hot foot sell, naturally knew that some Processing Factory people, these meat Processing Factory people, naturally must receive some to supply the meat Magic Beast, only depends on disperses is receiving from some commoner families is incorrect, what are more is supplies by some Ranch. But Ranch is the business that makes money very much, Laura also has wanted also to make Ranch to do, but is a pity Purcell Duchy here, can therefore be used for the Ranch place, by Purcell Family occupying, therefore she cannot make. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that smile said : such was best, later my here commodity stock of goods will be getting more and more, opportunity that we cooperate will be also getting more and more.” Laura smiles said : that is being certain, mister, my also issue wants to consult, what dish today does the line live the dish that asked us to eat is? Why before me, hasn't seen?” Zhao Hai knows that Laura must ask this issue, he shows a faint smile said : these is the Magic vegetables of some new varieties, is our here unique, in Continent other places, you could not see that absolutely, Miss Laura told sentence truth, I besides am Magician, has very strong interest regarding various plants research, these vegetables are I unifies after some outdoor plants and vegetables, new variety that research comes out, but now the output is too low, therefore does not have the means to work with Miss Laura.”

Zhao Hai now when the circle money, the vegetables on these Earth, before are, on Continent has not seen, if such suddenly takes, is sells very much difficultly greatly, therefore Zhao Hai planned after the later income has stabilized, in slowly plants experimentally these vegetables. Laura nodded, actually turns the head that mister to give me point these vegetables to Zhao Hai said :, after I want to go back, tries the flavor.” Zhao Hai smiled said : this not to have issue, three days later Miss Laura sends for taking Magic Radish the time, I will prepare these vegetables to Miss Laura.” Laura nodded, at this time Green also walked from out of the door, bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, Fire Fish has prepared, altogether 20, with carrying on have maintained freshness frozen.” Zhao Hai is only nod of gently, turns the head to Laura said : today's weather at the evening, I in keeping Miss Laura, three days later if Miss Laura has the matter, does not need to come personally.” Laura and Kun have stood, Laura smile said : so such settled, invited mister feel relieved, the mister explain/transfer matter, Laura handled certainly.” Said that to a Zhao Hai ritual, walks toward out of the door. Zhao Hai they have sent out Cyan Stone Villa big gate Laura, this makes Green bring Alien they to deliver to descend the mountain Laura, but oneself actually returned to living room. Zhao Hai just arrived to fall in the hall before long, Green came back, entered the room, Green has picked own hard helmet, threw the one side, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this Laura they wanted a little radish, in our fund had very big gap.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but now also anxiously, our radish qualities in that pendulum, later Laura certainly massive wants our radishes, I to do not worry, now our in hand also more than 1000 gold coins, Grandpa Green nearest/recent these days must arrive at Casa City to go \; first, to buy has moves the plants book about Continent on, two want the cloth some to buy duty of strange flower and grass, three on are the situations that must pay attention to an under slave trade, if in the future we want the show, to be need the massive slaves.” Green nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, that Iron Mountain there mine tunnel has tidied up, you looked whether to raise Blue Eye Rabbit release in Space?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be OK, but after I want to wait till these oil press, our true the oil starts to raise, such these Blue Eye Rabbit worry about food, this several days I want to make Merine Grandma go to tarn to have a look, having a look in tarn also to have other Magic Beast, if no other Magic Beast, we can buy some Scaleless Fish fries to throw.”

Green nodded said : „that when Laura they send these oil press, after we oil press installs, I in Casa City there.” Zhao Hai nod said : line, does not miss this several days, so long as launches with the cooperation of Laura, we will have continuous receiving, present income although is not high, was sufficient we to use, we not make widely known to well.” Green nodded, two eyes flash said : „, so long as the fruit oil produces, Ranch can produce, our income will certainly increase, when the time comes we can buy some slaves, unfolding slowly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, we cannot be anxious now, worried to be easy to expose weaknesses, when the time comes troubled even bigger, how show actually we now the biggest trouble is not, but was Carrion Swamp, there Magic Beast was my a piece worry, the there matter did not solve, we unfolded in good was also floats, now I only hope that Drunk their there can have the progress.” One hear of Zhao Hai this said that Green does not speak, he also knows what Zhao Hai said was right, if the Carrion Swamp there issue were not solved, their any Ranch, Farm, can only be says, when otherwise a Magic Beast rebellion in Carrion Swamp, their must destroy. although said that Zhao Hai can receive in Space these thing, but that is not the long-term plan, later their life form, if did in a big way, only depends on Space was incorrect, Space Ranch there, most one time can only raise 1000 animal, animal stock of goods that but how they raised are many, possibly could not supply, Farm there was also, Farm there now also more than ten mu place, if were only the radish, to can supply on, very relaxed, Oil Fruit has not been a problem, but if in one added other's crops, that on was very troublesome. Therefore in the future their show must place outside with emphasis, as the matter stands the Carrion Swamp issue has to be solved, has a such threat to exist, Zhao Hai they want to unfold, is very difficult.