Chapter 122 Immeasurably deep The Laura three people sit in horse carriage, Sergio they same following by car(riage), now they left Stony Mountain, but Laura they have not spoken. Some little time Laura opens carriage both sides glass, to Sergio said : Sergio, you ate meal?” Sergio stares, he does not have the meaning of white Laura, although he is the Laura guard leads, but Laura had not cared he does have to eat meal this matter, but Laura asked that he must answer, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : to return to young lady's words, we have eaten.” Laura quickly said: What that eats?” Sergio cannot help but feels strange, but said : meal is Mr. Zhao Hai these Undead Creature sends, has large flatbread, the rabbit meat, several types of vegetables, but has not seen.” Laura said : „is flavor then what kind of?” Sergio nodded said : to be very delicious, moreover all vegetables and meat that they deliver, probably is the Magic vegetables, the Magic strength is very strong, is stronger than the common vegetables, including together probably is the Magic Radish dish, in Magic Radish compared with our shop several times.”

Laura nodded, has closed the glass, turns the head look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, how do you see?” Kun look at Laura said : immeasurably deep, Zhao Hai has certainly a big influence, he should be the spokesman of this big influence, what makes me feel strange, which big influence now on Continent has, needs to encircle money with this way? thing that these big influences produce, has own sale network, should not be one's turn us to be right, specifically aims at us to come?” Said that Kun immediately/on horseback shook the head, denies own guess said : not to be impossible, now the enemy are most is also that several successors in Markey Family, but we cannot be their genuine enemies, after all our present scene too small, compare with Markey Family other people are not anything, cannot be to their threatening people, they are impossible to send for such planning us, moreover Markey Family had not gotten so far as Fire Fish, but Zhao Hai in hand has massive Fire Fish, obviously he impossible is our enemies makes to cope specially our, we not. Is worth the enemy spending such big skill.” Laura has selected to said : „, from the Mr. Zhao Hai words, we can hear, he has the a piece not small territory probably, this territory can produce massive Oil Fruit, can breed fish, can manage Ranch, moreover can produce Fire Fish, I really cannot think, on Continent also has the who territory is this, even if has such territory, should already be occupied, why Zhao Hai thinks that works with us?” Kun frowns said : this not to say really certainly, he said to plants very has research, looked to arrive likely in telling the lie, if he did not have research to plants, was impossible to cause that qualitative Magic Radish, was more impossible caused these not to see the vegetables, moreover today eats meal did you note? They have not eaten that Fire Fish, that several servants are so, obviously in their eyes, Fire Fish is not cherishes thing, moreover Blue Eye Rabbit that they eat, Magic strength that inside contains, is ordinary Blue Eye Rabbit several times, such Blue Eye Rabbit as far as I know, only then the one type of method can feed, in addition feeds with the Magic vegetables, but must be that type of Magic strength very sufficient high grade Magic vegetables is good, this on indicating, he certain has the a piece not careful territory, but in his territory also produces the Magic vegetables, before him, buys from Casa City there. Blue Eye Rabbit, is very likely to make a rabbit.” Laura nodded said : I saying that makes him form an alliance with Markey Family, he actually does not want, is only willing to ally with us, looks like does not want to aim at Markey Family, not likely in view of us, moreover origin also mysterious such, is really strange, normally on Continent looks like he such formidable Dark Magician, should also be famously has the number character to be right, but his sitting sends me actually not to hear, what is strangeest, his side is not probably low with that Warrior level of body, that maidservant Magician level is not probably low, moreover he can also turn into Advanced level Light Element Magician unexpectedly Not low life form, this person of were secret too also many?” Kun nodded said : indeed, Zhao Hai secret is really many, that Warrior of his side, level in 8th level about, even if I with him feared one-on-one is also loses all-win to be few, his maidservant, now minimum is 6th level Magician, calculates at that girl's age that she absolutely is Magic heavenly aptitude, his female cook, is Magician, moreover level is only higher than a that girl is not low, if he also has 1000 many Undead Creature summon beasts, that this Zhao Hai in hand strength. It is not small, in Purcell Duchy, almost can walk sideways.” Laura frowns said : no matter what, now looks like this Zhao Hai does not have no evil intention to us, we to can do business with him, if he can provide quality that good Magic Radish to us, then very much has the advantage to us, so long as we do business with him the careful point was good, after all has a such ally, may compared with having enemy much better like this, we have also needed an ally like this.”

Kun nodded said : „, moreover I suspected that the Zhao Hai status possibly is must not exposed to light, not only Dark Magician is so simple, Dark Magician on Continent were many, but eats meal, Dark Magician actually few that own veil opened, Zhao Hai actually such has not done, possibly was not because the long clown did, certainly was because he feared that was seen his face by others.” Laura shows a faint smile said : „, no matter their what status, with our it doesn't matter, so long as knows that he did not have what hostility to us on the line.” Kun let out a long breath, nodded right that said : young lady said that no matter he is who, so long as he does not have the hostility to us, can with work with us was good, but this person we must pay attention to a point, he arrived at Stony Mountain here didn't have long time, can actually get so far as that many Fire Fish, this is in itself not an easy matter, let alone in that many eyes stares against, lets in situation that these people have not realized completely, transports Fire Fish to Stony Mountain on, this itself on demonstrating his strength, his in hand also had Space equipment, moreover he. Purity that our whereabouts also know, it seems like he should also arrange the person in Casa City there, this person works to be watertight, we are certainly careful.” Laura nodded said : Grandfather Kun feel relieved, I know how should do, but wants to come him not to be what kind of us, so long as we do not cope with him, maintains cooperation relationship with him, will not have the matter, moreover Grandfather Kun you also looked, Mr. Zhao Hai this person, to our impressions was good.” Kun smiles said : this to arrive real, he he, I thought that he has a liking for the young lady you? Otherwise he will not want to cooperate with us.” Laura one hear of Kun said that cannot help but charmingly angry said : Grandfather Kun spoke irresponsibly anything, how Mr. Zhao Hai possibly could have a liking for me, said it, even if were he has a liking for me, I also not necessarily could have a liking for him, made itself mysterious, a face does not dare to reveal.” Kun cannot help but laughs, made that the Laura face was redder. Impression of Laura to Zhao Hai is good, after all Zhao Hai has to save a life great kindness to her, in adding on that mysterious, this lets Laura to Zhao Hai besides the sense of gratitude, more a curiosity, when a woman is curious to a man, feared that falls to the enemy to the heart is not far. Laura they had set firm resolve to with Zhao Hai cooperate now, if actually changed into Markey Family Patriarch, will not cooperate with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai secret were too many, has secret to represent is having the trouble . Moreover the strength that Zhao Hai shows is not weak, general Great Clan, the person cooperation with this revealing only part of the truth, will not fear that was planned by them.

But Laura actually did not fear that because of her anything, the person who is worth Zhao Hai this level has not planned, these thing that Zhao Hai shows, although is the Space neighborhood comes out, thing that but Laura they may existence of don’t know Space, in their opinion, Zhao Hai show, is the strength, almost does not lose to the Markey Family strength, has the person of such strength, does not need to think of every means to plan her such unimportant person, therefore she dares to cooperate with Zhao Hai. But this time Zhao Hai, in preparing with the matter that Laura cooperated, he must prepare several big spatial rooms to make the oil pressing plant in castle there, in mine tunnel there from new reorganization, the preparation was used to raise Blue Eye Rabbit, but must they have a look in tarn with Merine, had Water element Magic Beast. Before reason that Zhao Hai did not have what movement, was because his in hand did not have the fund, although on them has gotten so far as more than 1000 gold coins from the garden, but if did not have a stable income source, these gold coins sooner or later can spend not to have, therefore Zhao Hai, in has not achieved the transaction before Laura, these gold coins he does not dare to move heedlessly. Now he has formed an alliance with Laura, moreover three days later had the first fund to record, although was few, but also has a stable income source, he believes, their income will be getting more and more, therefore did not have the matter of preparation before, now should also begin to prepare. When Zhao Hai their returned to Iron Mountain Fort, is afternoon, these slaves have not been idling now, one big accompanies the minute also in the repair castle, these female slaves also the Oil Fruit tree and alfalfa on the mountain, Iron Mountain are very big, she impossible to plant in a short time, said it that must plant, even if planted, cannot leave alone, now overgrown with weeds time, look at removed weeds the line. After Zhao Hai comes back, immediately arrangement person cleaned up the room, some outwork there many big rooms in castle, these room originally were Warehouse of castle, but long time nobody lived has abandoned, now happen to can bring to work as the oil pressing plant.