Chapter 123 Crystal Horn Insect Does not prepare don’t know, this preparation Zhao Hai present, oneself was too simple, thinks, so long as prepared the oil press that the matter thought that can the produce fruit oil. However arrives really must prepare present, his bad thing are many. First, they need one to clean the Oil Fruit place, after Oil Fruit takes, must result after the clean, then can extract oil, otherwise, in the fruit oil will have the fruit wool on Oil Fruit skin to exist, affects the fruit oil the quality. Second they need to keep puts in Oil Fruit toward the oil press, this needs the manpower, needs the tool, the manpower to says, Zhao Hai can replace with Undead Creature, but this tool actually needs his other preparation, his in hand although has many living materials, the tool that but this extracts oil did not have. The tool that third they also need to prepare, or uses the wooden barrel, uses the iron tank, cannot leave the oil, drips toward the ground, moreover one day 1000 jin (0.5 kg) oil, is not a small number, the pail that must prepare may be many. But now Zhao Hai in hand simply does not have the carpenter, nobody will manufacture the wooden barrel, but the construction cost of iron bucket was really too high, Zhao Hai presently the in hand money, simply insufficiently buys many iron buckets, can only buy some wooden barrels to use first. As the matter stands Zhao Hai presently in hand this money, but also insufficiently does, even if he thinks that the quick show is impossible. Zhao Hai does not have the means now, only after can wait till the oil press ships, in Casa City there has a look, this wooden barrel is much money one, is preparing to buy some wooden barrels. The Zhao Hai present to had regretted, he should not buy the oil press first, will remain to buy point other thing that some money to be better, now he should do must save some Blue Eye Rabbit first, then made Laura look for a buyer to him, after all this regarding Zhao Hai, equivalent to did not have a business. although because of the issue of fund, oil pressing plant here a short time possibly cannot form any scale, but the room must reorganize, these oil press receipt time, must have in the place installment to be good.

Here made these slaves clean the room, Zhao Hai and Merine their leave the castle, direct tarn went, tarn there did not have the fish, possibly was because beast tide influence of time toxin, but does not remove in this lake possibly to have the formidable Water element Magic Beast reason, if had Water element Magic Beast, fish that they threw, on equal to in feeding Magic Beast, to insure, Zhao Hai decided to let Merine check properly tarn here, in determining under here has Magic Beast. Green and Meg they, if really existing formidable Water element Magic Beast in tarn, they can also the make a move help cope. although beforehand checked one time, but this Merine looks up was more careful, simultaneously she also in looking up the water current direction, after all in this tarn , if not investigate thoroughly the water current direction, will throw many fish to run away. Fortunately, in the lake does not have no Water element Magic Beast, moreover here water current probably is not very anxious, in the water does not have no life form, it seems like it is because Swamp there Magic Beast and Undead Creature toxicity was too strong, therefore in tarn does not have any life. Zhao Hai some feel relieved, not sending under Undead Creature to arrive in the lake, wants the source of exiting lake water, what was a pity, source simply of this lake water did not have the means to look, this lake mentioned also strangely, in the right hand of Zhao Hai had water intake, in the left hand of Zhao Hai had appear out of the water(water outlet), this water intake and water outlet there, was the mine tunnel that Dwarf dug, but these two cave entrance actually appears condition. information that Undead Creature there transmits is, water outlet and inlet there had been blocked by thing, they cannot pass, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, is busy at Space turning on the screen, wants to have a look at this underwater to have any thing. Under water situation makes Zhao Hai be startled, in this lake water although cannot see any big shape the fish and demon lid, actually does not reveal the having free time ore, in the water is living many water plants, what most important is, Zhao Hai saw thing like coral in the water unexpectedly. This lets the Zhao Hai surprised place, for his not understand, why this lake bottom will have coral type thing, he remembers that coral thing has life in the sea generally, under this will have? However what is a pity, his here was too far from water outlet and water intake, simply could not see that appear out of the water(water outlet) and water intake there were blocked by any thing. Zhao Hai has to Undead Creature in that faction launching calling, then has given him ghost Staff, making him take ghost Staff to go to one time to come and go out Shui Hau there.

Actually Zhao Hai missed at heart did not have the answer, came and went out Shui Hau there to be very likely is blocked by the coral, such as was really such, he to did not need to be worried about anything, bred fish in the lake directly and that's the end. Merine also with the Zhao Hai together look at screen, quick that Undead Creature arrived at inlet there of lake, inlet very enormous of this lake, has several meters high, wide also more than 20 meters, but now this inlet actually complete by a one type of kind of vacation in coral type thing blocking, this thing is the blue color, seems in the water looks like blue Crystal is the same, very beautiful. Merine sees this thing, selected under said : originally is Crystal Horn Insect, was right, only then this thing can hide the truth from my investigation, might live in this place.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Merine said : Merine Grandma, what is Crystal Horn Insect?” Merine smiles said : this Crystal Horn Insect is very special Water element life form, the individual is very small, general survey Magic simply presently they, this insect does not have no attack strength, nobody knows how they are survive in the water, only knows that this thing can secrete one type of to look like Magic Crystal type Crystal, this Crystal very hard, general 5th level Warrior, even if to arrive at them with the Blade and Sword also very difficult wound, what most important is, this insect can adapt to any one type of circumstances, so long as is the water of flowing, is certain depth, they can survive, moreover formation slowly. This blue Crystal like antler, moreover this insect does not fear the toxin, some Alchemy Master, will collect this insect to manufacture specially solves poison.” Zhao Hai one hear of she said that this understand, this any Crystal Horn Insect had coral polyp after the point image evolution, can, in any has in the environment of water to survive, moreover does not fear the toxin, no wonder in this tarn does not have any Water element Magic Beast, actually some these many coral type thing. thing that these coral that Zhao Hai look at Crystal Horn Insect makes into install, cannot help but nodded said :like this very well, we to were convenient, can draw in the lake breeds fish. Merine smiles said : Crystal that not only, this Crystal Horn Insect forms actually, although not too big use, but is very attractive, general Noble very much likes this thing, likes suspending them at home, so long as suspends in the room this Crystal, can prevent some toxins to be Magic attack, even if some people must intoxicate to you, you can also presently, this Crystal have characteristics, suspends time at home, if there is toxin to enter in his five meters range, he a faint fragrance, therefore in many Great Noble families will suspend many this thing, This thing price is also very expensive, in this lake has many this blue Crystal, Young Master, if digs these thing, can sell a lot of money.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, making them stay in the lake, in such lake seems like also attractive, first does not worry to dig, this thing cannot in any case be inescapable.” Merine to does not have what opinion, in fact she knows that Crystal Horn Insect also has the one type of advantage, has this Crystal Horn Insect place, when used to breed fish, that fish little falls ill . Moreover the survival rate is very high. But she this does not need to tell Zhao Hai certainly, in Zhao Hai Space can be used to breed fish . Moreover the survival rate 100%, compared with this Crystal Horn Insect can much better.

However the Zhao Hai decision does not dig these blue Crystal, has the advantage, after all later wants supporting of large-scale, Zhao Hai Space is impossible to achieve, can only put in the lake, there are these thing, has the advantage to these fish very much. After having looked at here, Zhao Hai to was feel relieved, so long as now can get so far as the Scaleless Fish fry, their fisheries were manage. returned to castle there, that several big Warehouse has prepared, Zhao Hai and Green they looked, thinks good, returned to in Space. In the following three days of time, Zhao Hai has waited for Laura to send for taking the radish in Cyan Stone Villa there, this several days he has planted the radish in Space, these three days he received the radishes of nine seasons, was Laura one takes several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) radishes of he not to fear with. In three days of he also received two seasons Oil Fruit, presently in his hand Oil Fruit may really be many, quickly to 10 million jin (0.5 kg), this is third batch of Oil Fruit that he plants, Oil Fruit that these time receives is the third batch of first quarters. Except that after Oil Fruit, these three days of times, Zhao Hai retracted 1000 mature big rabbits, 70,000 small rabbits, but Scaled Wildebeest he to has not received, he Ranch has raised the rabbit. It looks like in Zhao Hai, present Scaled Wildebeest this thing a little weak, even if common meat Processing Factory, does not receive Scaled Wildebeest, because the shredded meat of this bastard very thick, is not delicious, but in the army does not want this thing, because it can only be used to carry on the back thing, does not need to use as Cavalry Mount. It is when used to plant crops is very good, but now Zhao Hai in hand really many do not plow, therefore these horses temporary cannot use. In these three days, Zhao Hai also almost must be good Iron Mountain canyon there land transform, so long as is good there land transform, Zhao Hai sends some slaves to go on the preparation directly, constructs a small village in there, making these slaves live in there, making there existence of relative independence.