Chapter 124 Oil press Canyon there continuously very by attaching great importance to of Zhao Hai, there was determined by Zhao Hai, besides Space, stablest rear base. Gorge there terrain very covert, moreover four sides mountain has also blocked the cold wind, is adding on water source not to be difficult, has water 6 two to say with outside communicate that it can be said that very convenient, suits the housing of person. Zhao Hai believes own later under the hand/subordinate will be getting more and more, but Black Wasteland area, so long as he has that strength, can definitely construct a small duchy in here, were every many, is naturally impossible to live in city Iron Mountain castle here, these people must divide to establish the village. However before enough strength founding of the nation, Zhao Hai only cannot construct a hamlet in canyon here, makes trial, has a look to have anything issue to need to improve, after facilitating establishes the even bigger village. However now the canyon there land did not have the true improvement to complete, has not established the village time, Zhao Hai currently had a such conception. Three days of quick on the past, Zhao Hai their here also preparation was similar, now waits for Laura they to send the oil press, then can make Green go to Casa City. Third day noon time, Markey Family caravan arrived at Stony Mountain at the foot of the hill, this Laura has not acted, is acted by Green, they have not let on the Markey Family person Stony Mountain, that five horse carriage that but on original Green the mountain buys give to put on, has delivered to under the radish the mountain, then helped the oil press of buying draw in the car(riage) Laura. Markey Delphi Family besides these five oil press, has given back to Green 200 gold coins, one set of book, this set of book is on one set of Continent moves the plants comprehensive work, is writes by Continent one Alchemy Master, this set of book is Laura gives the Zhao Hai gift. Previous Zhao Hai has said to Laura, he has some research to plants . Moreover the preparation opens Ranch, Laura originally will want to form an alliance with Zhao Hai, has such opportunity naturally not to let off, bought this set of book to give Zhao Hai.

This set of book on Continent rarely seen, in the past that Alchemy Master to write this book, has spent 20 times, on collection massive Continent moves the plants situation, has visited many Alchemy Master and Alchemist, finally was a person goes to many place research these to move plants, finally had written this set of book. Because this set of book is not the Magic books, therefore prints are not many, generally will be some Alchemy Master or Alchemist in hand will have one set. Zhao Hai they giving Markey Family these person of 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) radishes, 110 Fire Fish, these are Zhao Hai comply with Laura, many that ten Fire Fish, are Zhao Hai gives the Laura gift. Laura to these oil press that Zhao Hai sends, the volume is not very big, five strong oil press, only used five horse carriage to install, went back happen to can install the radish. Green has not spent any matter, drew on five oil press the mountain, he has not unloaded a vehicle to the mountain on, then made Zhao Hai take in Space including horse carriage. On these oil press to stems from the Zhao Hai anticipation, the instruction booklet, how instructing you to arrange the oil press, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel that very puzzled, his really understand, now Ark Continent here is not any situation. Said that here does not have the science, their Alchemy techniques and Alchemy Technique touch on slightly with the science, said that here does not have machine civilization, like the oil press, design is also very precise, cannot be the science does not have, moreover here also has on Earth no Magic and Battle Qi, let Zhao Hai is really don’t know says any good. Received the oil press and 200 gold coins, Zhao Hai they went to Iron Mountain Fort there directly, arrived safely that several to tidy up in good Warehouse the oil press. Must say this oil press design also is really good, altogether more than three meters high, most top is a additional feeding trough, is very big, low is thing like grinding pan, outside brings to have a long pole, above can put on Magic Beast to draw, under is an output port, this output port can draw with the pipe, from here can direct the oil, had one on is the deisel oil has exported. It looks like probably is very simple, but battlefield area of entire machine actually crossed 20 square meters, the volume has not calculated slightly, but the oil press can open, can open several parts, must otherwise car(riage) horse carriage unable to lag behind.

Zhao Hai looked, that feed inlet there is too high to the ground, to feed in raw material toward, only then two means that one type is makes contact with some boards in side of feed inlet, forms a slope shape, the person can direct advances feed inlet there to feed in raw material the car, another means with the Transmission belt. With the Transmission belt is quite relaxed one type of means that can direct installs to take Oil Fruit to Transmission below, then delivers to the feed inlet through the Transmission belt. This type of oil press actually designing any Transmission belt, feared that is on this Continent also nobody uses this thing, this Transmission belt is Zhao Hai has used in some grain storages that on Earth sees, therefore thinks. Regarding building the method of board, is on this Continent the universal use , some people dig a big hole on the ground directly, then puts in the oil press the pit, like this can feed in raw material in the ground, but after the discharge, in the important person pit transports the oil drum, this method Zhao Hai does not want to use, such words must dig a pit in castle here, that is not an easy matter, the castle here ground is made of stones, may not be the words that wants to be wants to dig a pit, on comes out Stone, such words feared that is continually the house. Must open. Zhao Hai wants to make a Transmission belt, must say that thing of Transmission belt is not very difficult to do, the power that needs can also obtain on the oil press directly. However needs some transform. Is good because of this oil press all over the body is the metals, wants transform, so long as added the add some metal the part to be OK on. However then the issue came, in Zhao Hai their this group of people, may not have a meeting blacksmith, if he wants to make a Transmission belt, must ask a blacksmith to come to be good . Moreover the ability of this blacksmith was unable to be too weak. Zhao Hai was held responsible Green they to know that Continent last present although has many machines, can cause to take the power with Magic Crystal, but this type can only press out the fruit oil likely the simple machine, really does not use for parts Magic Crystal to make the power, feared that money that is he presses out the oil that sells, was unable to buy Magic Crystal, therefore this type of machine designs the hydrodynamic force generally, compressed-air driven strength or draught animal power. Since does not have the means to make the Transmission belt, can only build the board, was good they do not lack the board because of the present, but transported the Oil Fruit car they not to have, the wooden barrel did not have, must make Green probably go to Casa City to buy. Green also knows that this situation, his immediately left Casa City, but Zhao Hai started to give these oil press to build the board in Iron Mountain Fort here, meanwhile must prepare to downwash the Oil Fruit place, was good because of their in the city water source very convenient, Zhao Hai directly outside of these oil pressing plants, making secure they construct huge made of stones pool, was used to wash Oil Fruit, then in transported Oil Fruit to the room, through putting up the board delivered to the oil press.

The water in that pool, has been flowing, therefore does not need to change the water, small fine fur on this type of Oil Fruit, if flowed in the moat, can become the fish food. However Zhao Hai has also calculated, an oil press, minimum needs a person to feed in raw material, person look at leaves the oil and deisel oil, if cleaning the Oil Fruit person is also counted, that minimum needs four people, five oil press minimum need 20 people able to complete. Manpower matter Zhao Hai to was not worried that this oil pressing plant, Zhao Hai does not want to use these slaves to work, because this oil pressing plant takes 24 hours to work, if all with these slaves, minimum results in the three shifts, in other words, if with these slaves, minimum takes 60 people, can guarantee that this oil pressing plant revolves normally, Zhao Hai presently in hand altogether more than 100 individuals, one assigns out 60 people to make this oil pressing plant obviously is impossible, therefore Zhao Hai decided that uses Undead Creature to make this oil pressing plant. 20 human-shape Undead Creature are responsible for feeding in raw material and oil, but this draws the extracting oil strength the draught animal power, Zhao Hai to wants to use Scaled Wildebeest. For those not Zhao Hai does not want to replace Scaled Wildebeest with other Undead Creature, but not appropriate, his previous some Undead Creature of receiving, are in Carrion Swamp runs, not only the build is huge, but also these Undead Creature also not suitable draw thing, promoting the strength of this type of oil press not to need too in a big way, but must stabilize is good, the build like Alien is huge, the nature is impossible to draw the oil press, likely that big Old Mouse same build small, their advancing degree is unstable, not means that therefore Zhao Hai wants to use Scaled Wildebeest to draw the oil press finally. Zhao Hai in hand grown Scaled Wildebeest are not presently many, but was also sufficient, Zhao Hai has planned, really the incorrect words, kill several Scaled Wildebeest, then turns into Undead Creature these Scaled Wildebeest, such issue was solved. Zhao Hai here was all prepares now, so long as waited for Green there to buy thing that they applied to begin officially. The operation of oil pressing plant is not a minor matter, so long as an oil pressing plant operation, they can obtain another stable income source, had the deisel oil high grade feed, their rabbit farms can also manage, as the matter stands they and many a stable income source, this regarding present Buda Family was really too important.