The first hundred 25 chapters opportunity Standing of some Laura worries in Casa City most famous Bana daily necessities shop in front of the door, this shop is Laura in hand most greatly is also the most famous shop, is Markey Family in the main offices in Purcell Duchy all shops, normally Laura assumes personal command in this shop. Today reason that Laura in this shop, is waiting for caravan that comes back from Stony Mountain there, the quantity that this time they stock with goods are not many, is only 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) Magic Radish, but Laura to this time inventory actually attach great importance to. Is first time cooperates this reason with Zhao Hai besides this, a very important reason, is the qualities of these radishes Zhao Hai takes. Laura does the daily necessities business specially, although radish thing in their here , can only be the one type of low-end consumable, but if the quality of radish is good, to his business influence is very big. This is just like the two clans food shop, in buying radish, the a family/clan radish is big and good . Moreover the price is inexpensive, but another although also has the radish, but does not have a family/clan to be good, the price is the same, everybody will go to first buying, you go to the food shop not to be certainly impossible only to buy the radish, after having bought the radish, will buy other commodities, as the matter stands the business nature in their shop on be better than other's shop, this is these radish does to use truely. although Zhao Hai looks like Laura to guarantee, all radish qualities that his there produces are the same, but Laura some do not believe that does business, forever must maintain this mentality, after Laura was also deceived several times, understand this truth. Kun also in shop, if normally, the small cooperation of such about ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) cargos, Laura and Kun simply will not care, but this difference, this cooperation but Laura their this prosperity and decline relationship. In this time, not big caravan was walking from afar, leaves far away saw on caravan is setting up the Bana flag, making all people know, this only caravan is Markey Delphi Trading Company. Laura saw caravan to come back, immediately/on horseback walked toward the backyard, her very clear, caravan came back to represent has been deliverying, that goods will not put the front courtyard directly, but will put the backyard in Warehouse, then in pendulum to the front shop. Kun also follows in Laura, they want to know, these Magic Radish that Zhao Hai they send, have in good that Stony Mountain there sees.

caravan entered behind shop courtyard quickly, this courtyard is very big, the has plenty room, part of places were isolated, specifically is used to breed horses and put the car(riage), remaining most is Warehouse, is the places of some work and lives in the place of person. although said that in Casa City here, nobody dares to come Markey Family thing, however the here draft animal needs the person to look in the evening, the backyard of shop will leave leeway to look at person in the evening. Is leading caravan person Sean, now Sean get promoted, is not Manager of original that porter, he is this only special station is responsible for with caravan Captain that Zhao Hai they trade now. Laura comes back these three days of Zhao Hai there, not only helps Zhao Hai purchase that five oil press, that thing simply does not spend any matter, has in the Casa City here has plenty place buys, can buy to there, these three days, Laura most important cleans up own shop. This cleaning up did not mean that must clean own shop, but must not be her person cleans up these in shop, this time she goes to Black Mountain to fill the there midway to be raided, some people in Markey Family have a participation, while her raided, in their shops was also placed the massive manpower, wants they to give to be built on stilts Laura. However Laura is not that affable, after this time she comes back, had not prepared such quickly to begin, but prepares to fight one fight with these fellows well. Did not pass to see Zhao Hai, formed an alliance with Zhao Hai, but also after must cooperate, Laura did not have the thoughts to fight with these people, if makes Zhao Hai presently in her shop the interior not steady, may affect Zhao Hai with the determination that she cooperated, therefore the report of Laura coming back, used three days, these Markey Family other influences in the shop arranged the person, has cleaned up, own some trusted aide under the hand/subordinate, has put on the important post. Sean has been loyal and devoted to Laura, moreover he has the person of contact with Zhao Hai, therefore this Laura promoted the caravan Captain position him. although said that caravan Captain and transporting engineering unit Captain is Captain, moreover on the other hand, caravan Captain also is more laborious, almost will run to draw the goods and delivering goods all year round everywhere, but caravan Captain allowance, but be much better compared with transporting engineering unit Captain allowance. Sean knows that Laura to with matter attach great importance to that Zhao Hai cooperates, but he has not thought that will take seriously this degree, Laura and Kun actually personally is waiting for them in courtyard. Sean immediately/on horseback half step has arrived around Laura, has seen the young lady to Laura ritual said :, has seen Manager.” Laura is only nod of gently, before half step has arrived at horse carriage, on this horse carriage itself has the wooden carriage, the carriage is very high, more than one meter, inside can install many thing, on the carriage with the thick bouquet, homespun cloth outside used the rope careful cage to be good.

Sean looks at the Laura movement, immediately/on horseback arrives around horse carriage, opened rope, raised the homespun cloth, the Laura probe head looked toward the carriage. Carriage small roadside shop one layer weed, but in the above of weed, is suspending the each and every one young and fresh-looking turnip, these radish one after another careful codes in there, do not appear disorderly. Laura puts out a hand to put out a turnip, this radish did not have what difference with her in the turnip that Cyan Stone Villa there saw on that day, in the texture of although radish will possibly have some differences, but was almost big, moreover did not have a bug-eaten part, the epidermis was smooth, the water young and fresh-looking was tender, understood at a glance that was the quality upper layer high-quality goods. Laura puts down this radish, has taken up another, the result is the same, she used the hand to call, these two Bai Luo weights were almost equal. Did Laura turn the head all Magic Radish to Sean said : you to look? Is such quality?” Sean nodded hastily said : „, all Magic Radish have looked, is such quality . Moreover the weight is almost same, this is the subordinate for these years, has seen best Magic Radish.” Laura turned the head to look at Kun one, the shock of their face, must know that Magic Radish this thing, was not the expensive commodity, was because of this, therefore Magic Radish regarding the request of quality on the other hand not specially strict, some main Magic Radish habitats, they received Magic Radish in place, bought for Laura their such dealer directly, will not select to come out some not good Magic Radish specially, this on creating, Magic Radish that they sold had in a big way has big, what shape had, but some specially not good, on can. The low price processes, many income good commoner, will buy some physical appearance not good Magic Radish to eat. But Zhao Hai gives their these Magic Radish, the physical appearance unexpectedly quite well, this only then one type of explained that before Zhao Hai them, these not good selected, why does he want such to do? Such does will make him lose many Magic Radish, moreover expensive that their Magic Radish do not sell compared with others, their Magic Radish are grow out such quality? This is impossible, person who even if to plants in having research, is impossible to guarantee one make thing that plants, each one grows into this! Also really made Laura think right, Zhao Hai type thing also really each one was this, must know that Space thing in some thing digitization, digitization thing, was almost in a mold carves, how possibly like ordinary land what had. Laura put returned to the in hand turnip in the car(riage), turned the head immediately/on horseback to go into storage these Magic Radish to Sean said :, tomorrow on the top carriage sale, placed with other Magic Radish discrimination, having a look at the situation of selling to be what kind.” Sean complied with one, the immediately/on horseback command(er) person has unloaded a vehicle, but Laura and Kun actually returned to in a backyard Laura special office. Entered the office, Laura immediately/on horseback to elder brother said : Grandfather Kun, how do you see?”

After Kun sits down, shows a faint smile said : looks like Zhao Hai has the sincerity to work with us very much, moreover he behind certainly has the a piece quality very good land, area of this land is not small, can deliver such high-quality Magic Radish.” Laura frowns said : „, but is his land, also the impossible each Magic Radish quality so is good, if he beforehand not good selected, wasn't that loss too big?” Kun showed a faint smile said : this is I said that he had cooperation the reason of sincerity, it seems like he wants to hit the name effect, he selected these not good Magic Radish, is good, we who we sent naturally will place together to sell these good Magic Radish, people slowly only will recognize this Magic Radish, he he, this was the [say / way] of doing business.” Laura one hear of Kun said that cannot help but stares, then two eyes bright said : said that we can carry out the cooperation of long time with them? If he can the mass provides this qualitative Magic Radish to us, our shop can develop the reputation on Continent.” Kun shows a faint smile said : so, this to us, absolutely is opportunity, if Zhao Hai can really to us the mass provides this Magic Radish, I think it will not take long, the Purcell Duchy daily necessities market, was our.” Laura excited has stood, now Purcell Duchy here, their business although are very good, but on Continent several other big Trading Company, in Purcell Duchy here, there is an own Clan branch, among them the competition is very intense, ability although of Laura doing business is not weak, but she actually cannot from Markey Family there, obtain anything to help, therefore most also with, several other big Trading Company shops fight to a draw, want to press truly that several clans, is actually impossible. However now opportunity is actually placed in the Laura front, so long as her capture this opportunity, that later Purcell Duchy here daily necessities market, were his a monopoly of a single clique, these Clan shops by their steady pressures under body.