Chapter 126 Mysterious Zhu Li is only commoner in Casa City, she since birth is commoner, when small Hou Clan is very poor, has not gone to school, afterward she had married a carpenter slowly, the life good. Her husband although does not have what culture, but is actually a good carpenter, in Casa City also is known, now her in the family has two children, the life is very good, once for a while Zhu Li will also buy some Magic vegetables, improves family's life. Zhu Li family is not far from the Bana daily necessities store, she will buy thing also to go to there generally, the Bana daily necessities store there prestige will be very good . Moreover the price will not be high, therefore Zhu Li will buy thing generally time will go to there. Today Zhu Li went to the Bana daily necessities shop, because her husband has made a business today, one has gained five gold coins, therefore Zhu Li prepares Bana here, buys some Magic Radish to go back to eat. Reason that Zhu Li will buy Magic Radish, a reason, the two children of their family, are going to school now, is Magic academy of Casa City east district . Moreover the result is good. Listened to teacher of school saying that if student often ate the Magic vegetables, might becomes Magician, had the advantage to child's show very much. That guardian does not hope that own child has prospects, therefore Zhu Li is also the province eats Jane to use with her husband, striving makes their children every week eat Magic vegetables, this regarding general commoner, is very good level. Enters Bana Japan Thing Shop, Zhu Li stares, because she noticed that vegetables area there is suspending one pile of Magic Radish, Magic Radish she knew certainly, moreover often eats, this is also their sole can eat the Magic vegetables. Zhu Lileng reason is, that Magic Radish before her has seen Magic Radish is not quite same, she had seen before these Magic Radish, long long, short short, any bizarre has, but these Magic Radish actually completely are not that a matter, each and every one long plump and fair-complected, is round and straight, making the person look that on not being able to bear want to nip one. Zhu Li immediately/on horseback walked, customer service personnel immediately walked, smiles said : to Zhu Li hello, this was head store recently Magic Radish, the quality very high, Continent only this, no other Branch.”

Zhu Li looked that such big demon takes, somewhat did not give up money, she wants to buy one slightly, but this demon takes each looks like minimum must 23 jin (0.5 kg), that on 2-3 silver coins, to be honest, she somewhat has not given up money. However one hear of customer service personnel said that Zhu Li somewhat is also embarrassed, has to take up Magic Radish said : that to take one to taste.” customer service personnel immediately/on horseback called to her with a smile, more than three jin (0.5 kg), customer service personnel calculates that Zhu Li three jin (0.5 kg), after Zhu Li paid money, with being bewitched takes to go home. At noon eats meal, Zhu Li the soup that uses less than half Magic Radish to make, labor that very these days her husband works, but her big son, 12 years old, formally started to study Magic today time, if he earlier can contemplate, felt that Magic strength, that future achievement will be bigger, will be because of this, therefore Zhu Li and her husband will insist that every week minimum will give her child to eat Magic vegetables. Noon meal is very simple, flatbread and Magic Radish soup, this is very good life, must know now in Casa City many commoner, their day can only eat two . Moreover the staple food generally is Bamboo rice. Zhu Li husband Roll looks on the table is the Magic Radish soup, cannot help but has gawked, looked at Zhu Li said : today to make the Magic Radish soup? Is remaining to Rorry.” Zhu Li smiled said : today to go to the Bana shop to buy big Magic Radish, how many suffices to eat, they said that this is on Continent best Magic Radish, buys to taste, your isn't nearest/recent is also very tired? Needs making up well.” Roll has not said anything, sat, has taken up a pancake, has eaten, Zhu Li big son Rorry and children/my son sub- Ross also sat, carried the bowl to eat soup. Just ate soup, Rorry has gawked, turns the head to Zhu Li said : mother, the soup that you make today was really tasty.” Ross also nodded. look at two son that Zhu Li smiles, at heart full is happy, at this time Roll had also eaten soup, this ate the soup he to be shocked, turns the head to look at Zhu Li said : today's soup flavor to be really good.” Zhu Lileng, carried Tang to come to drink one, good, truly was much fresher than the everyday soup, moreover this soup drank, she felt that body probably in heat slightly, the somewhat sour arm, unexpectedly the feeling probably not so was sour.

Zhu Li felt that very puzzled, don’t know, a meal finished eating quickly, finished eating the food, Zhu Li has tidied up the table, Rorry actually runs up to own in the room to contemplate. Rorry very sensible, he knows that his parents are not easy, therefore thinks that earlier learn contemplates, became a Tiancheng is Magician, this can be lived the good life by own parents. Today just from the beginning contemplated, Rorry felt that is very different, he presently can probably feel side, some energy in activity slightly, quick he feel that they enters the one type of very marvelous world probably, his all around has plenty multi-colored small luminous spot was moving, he tried to feel that these small luminous spots, have not thought some red small luminous spots one has spilled into his body unexpectedly. Rorry shakes woke, his age although is not big, however has also studied several years of Magic theories in the school, nearest/recent is contemplating in learn, but just this situation, his teacher had told him, contemplates the successful symbol. Rorry immediately/on horseback excited jumped, runs toward the outhouse, runs while shouted that said : mother, I can contemplate, I can contemplate!” These has alarmed Roll and Zhu Li. They ran from the room, face pleasantly surprised look at Rorry, Zhu Ligeng is said : son, what did you say? Can you contemplate really?” Rorry excited nod said : „, I can contemplate, I just felt that the Magic element, like such that the teacher said.” Zhu Li and Roll one on excited, but they also feel very strange, understand why Rorry suddenly cannot contemplate. Must know that Rorry just studied to contemplate ten days of now, the Rorry teacher has told Zhu Li, Rorry is one has the Magic talent child very much, because he has not eaten many since childhood Magic vegetables, after the study contemplates, one month can feel Magic element that is quick, only if he ate included the food of massive Magic element, might feel that ahead of time the Magic element, learn contemplated, otherwise was impossible. Because such Zhu Li and Roll will feel very strange, suddenly Zhu Li has thought that Magic Radish that she buys, thought of here, Zhu Li immediately/on horseback went into the kitchen, cut a piece Magic Radish to run, handed in the hand of Rorry said : to come Magic Radish, son, has eaten this Magic Radish, had a look to have anything to feel.” Movement that Roll looks at Zhu Li, understand she was any meaning, moved also motionless look at Rorry, Rorry although do not understand Zhu Li meaning, but was obedient ate that Magic Radish. After having eaten this Magic Radish, Roll felt that his body is somewhat hot, but the brains actually unprecedented sobriety, his immediately/on horseback ran returned to own room, sat cross-legged to sit.

Zhu Li and Roll also followed the Rorry room, look at Rorry, Rorry, in a time fast entered to contemplate, moreover this time he felt Magic element was quicker than the first time, but also wanted the clear clear. Some little time Rorry stopped contemplation, told Zhu Li and Roll this situation, they looked at one mutually, almost simultaneously runs toward the room outside, seizes the Bana daily necessities shop. Similar situation lives in Casa City many places, they or some small Noble, or some commoner, their children have good Magic innate skill, because just they like these Great Noble, from childhood do not eat is the Magic vegetables, therefore feels the Magic element compared with these Great Noble child evenings. But Zhao Hai these radishes, each and every one is the Magic element is sufficient, is several times of ordinary radish, even several times, this looks like a medicine directs, one stimulated these to have the good Magic innate skill child, making them feel Magic element big sped up, but this situation in these did not understand in the eyes of Magic person, actually completely has become the merit of radish, in their eyes the radish has become elixir, therefore their immediately rushed to the Bana daily necessities shop, buys that mysterious radish. But this has created, Laura 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) radish that enters from Zhao Hai there, in the morning, only sold more than 2000 jin (0.5 kg), but after having had the lunch, one has actually sold a none remaining, other radishes in their shop were also sell. When the person in shop told Laura this situation, Laura was also startled, must know that these 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) radishes she in trying to sell, the shop of radish top carriage, only then several in Casa City, these radishes according to her estimate, minimum wanted three to about five days to sell-out, has not actually thought that the time that a day was not has sold out, greatly sold the sales including other radishes. Laura closely examines hastily what's the matter, when she knows in Casa City has plenty child, after eating radish successful contemplation, Laura feels in own head with a bang sound. Laura was too clear this on behalf of anything, she naturally cannot believe that these radishes were so mysterious, but she knows that in the Zhao Hai radish, realized to include the sufficient Magic element firmly, compared with common radish much better. These children are impossible all are because after having eaten the radish, can contemplate, but this radish definitely also played certain doing to use, otherwise one will not have that many children, after eating radish learn contemplation. But no matter this matter is true or false, so long as this information passes on, their Magic Lily Store reputation has fired, later these people are out of curiosity, will certainly come Magic Lily Store to buy thing.