Chapter 127 In the future However Laura does not think that this matter completely is a good deed, all these are because Zhao Hai these radishes bring, but now radish that draws from Zhao Hai there, has sold-out, if others when hearing this information come their here to buy the radish, presently the present radish is not mysterious, then to Magic Lily Store, is not only not the good deed, counter- may become a misdemeanor. Laura immediately ordered, to let the sales clerk in shop, when bought the radish, wanted especially said one to the customer, told the customer that special radish they not to have, must wait to have in a inventory. After having ordered, Laura immediately had found own study room Kun, said to Kun this matter, after Kun listened, turns the head to Laura said : young lady, I thought that we should immediately/on horseback go to Mr. Zhao Hai there now, how many this Magic Radish having a look at Mr. Zhao Hai every month to provide to us, if he can mass provision, our immediately expand the cooperation scale with him, you do look?” Laura nodded, said : that good, tomorrow early we go to Stony Mountain there to see Mr. Zhao Hai, has not thought really that Magic Radish really also has this effect, Grandfather Kun, did you say? Why after so many children will have eaten Magic Radish, suddenly can feel that the Magic element, will contemplate?” Kun looked at Laura one, forced smile said : my small Laura, you think that everybody can like you, eats the Magic vegetables to grow up since childhood, to the present, you except for trying dish time, will also eat Magic Radish? These commoner cannot eat several Magic vegetables all year round, their children possibly very much have Magic innate skill, because cannot eat the Magic vegetables, regarding the sensation of Magic strength not that sensitive, therefore study Magic and Battle Qi come, compared with these Great Noble family backgrounds children on slow many, but Mr. Zhao Hai these Magic Radish, inside Magic element actually very sufficient, that thing regarding the person who our these often eat the Magic vegetables, feels is not intense, but how not to have eaten the person of Magic vegetables regarding these, felt that can actually be intensity, looks like always does not take a drug. The person, he eats instills will feel is effective very much, but person who takes a drug frequently, he is taking the ordinary medicine, did not have what use.” Laura nodded, truly is this, she when Zhao Hai there eats Magic Radish, does not have what feeling, but felt that this Magic Radish has the delicacy, although felt Magic Radish that very much Zhao Hai there produces, the Magic element be stronger than ordinary Magic Radish, has not actually thought that because wants to compare with some high level Magic vegetables, the Magic element in this type of Magic Radish is really not anything. However she has actually forgotten, this world looks like, can like her, eat the person who the Magic vegetables grow up since childhood, after all minority, these commoner have some not to eat the Magic vegetables for a lifetime.

Kun looks at the Laura appearance, then said : we must as soon as possible achieves the cooperation with Mr. Zhao Hai association intent, but also a little, is the Mr. Zhao Hai later show potential.” This to lets Laura some not understand, Laura puzzled look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, what meaning was your this saying?” Kun look at Laura, cannot help but darkly sighed at heart, Laura was too young, although was very intelligent, but thinks that the matter was not very long-term, he must explain that said : although I have only contacted with Zhao Hai one time, but actually also saw some thing, Zhao Hai territory that had certainly one unfold, but the land of this territory very fertile, can plant the quality very good Magic vegetables, Zhao Hai possibly offended who, therefore he cannot make us see his appearance, does not dare to look for these big business direct cooperation, therefore had found us, because he knew us., Moreover has the graciousness to you, other relative business, we are the comparison can trust.” Laura one hear of Kun said that cannot help but nodded said : „, I also think am this, what if Zhao Hai did not offend, depending on his in hand thing, simply does not need to work with us.” Kun nodded, then said : Zhao Hai can be said as a very intelligent person, he knows that he just worked with us, must guarantee that the cargo the quality, plays the advertisement, therefore he has given us quality best Magic Radish, but small Laura, you must pay attention to a point, he quality best has given us, that quality not good that? If he has not worked with others, these vegetables cannot sell, can only eat.” Laura one hear of Kun said that probably a little understood, but moves also motionless look at Kun, the Kun look at Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : „, if he under the hand/subordinate person has eaten to himself these Magic vegetables, then the person body of his under the hand/subordinate compared with average person much better, looked certainly at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that his under the hand/subordinate are not many, Magic Radish that if he leaves behind is enough, his under the hand/subordinate almost can eat the Magic vegetables, you think that currently on Continent, there is a that a family/clan private soldier, is can eat on the Magic vegetables? No, does not have, even if these Great Noble, their under the hand/subordinate private soldier, only then most Elite these can eat the Magic vegetables, if the Zhao Hai soldier has such allowance, what his future can be?” The ginger is old spicy, the although Kun analysis is not very correct, he is impossible to know that existence of Space, however his analysis, actually exactly will be Zhao Hai their future spanwise, Zhao Hai they want such to do, Zhao Hai wants to let, his all under the hand/subordinate, will eat the dish and meat that in Space will produce, strengthens physique, but Kun also settled on Zhao Hai this point. look at Kun said : that Laura two eyes shines „the meaning of Grandfather Kun is, will Mr. Zhao Hai later be getting more and more formidable? If is really such, may have the advantage to us.”

Kun smiles said : „we are Merchant, Merchant is not Noble, is not thinking called king dominate, but this did not interrupt Merchant to invest these Noble, present Noble that was worth investing, we must invest him, that day when he reached, we also with reaching, this was Merchant highest boundary.” Laura nodded said : Grandfather Kun to think that Mr. Zhao Hai is one person who is worth investing? Should we give the Mr. Zhao Hai many point preferential benefits? Perhaps gives him the subsidization?” Kun shook the head said : such do not do, although only has a contact with Mr. Zhao Hai, but I presently he is a self-respect very strong person, in other words his very arrogance, he will not meet to like this subsidization like bestowment at heart, if we such doing, will only make him produce dislike to us, now we must do works with him, like the normal collaborator same cooperation, this on is to he biggest help, but his please we let us help the matter that he handles, we must manage attractively, for example. Looks for the meat Processing Factory matter, I think that should put on the agenda.” Laura nodded said : tomorrow we to go to Stony Mountain there, asked that Mr. Zhao Hai his there Blue Eye Rabbit output, then we are having the contact with meat Processing Factory.” Kun nodded said : such to do is right, we should understand the first Mr. Zhao Hai that city Blue Eye Rabbit output, is then relating with Processing Factory, like this also has the advantage to Mr. Zhao Hai.” Laura nodded, turns the head sky of look at out of the window, muttered said : to hope that this was opportunity, although I did not care about Markey Family that imperial throne, but I hope that in the future I will not turn into a gift, in these fellows by Clan was packed to pack off.” Laura said that also has reason, she this year was 18 years old, but their this has been in the weak trend in Markey Family, but on Continent all Great Clan, one hires to consolidate the influence the means that has used for several thousand years, now is still using, has used evidently probably, marries! This is one already was used rottenly a move of technique, but some Great Clan are using, although in the face of the benefit, marries the this move equal to dog deng, but you have to recognize, when two Clan in the cooperation, among them marrying, truly can play adjusts doing of mixture to use, making two clans relationship harmonious.

Laura is Markey Family one, although her doing business innate skill is very high, but this was too weak in Markey Family, now Laura 18 years old, has believed soon, Markey Family will carry on one time to marry with her, but this is the Laura most repugnant matter. Laura also thought understand, wanting in the person by Clan not to be regarded the words that a chip sent to marry, that only then means that became by oneself formidable, became makes these people in Clan not dare her to send to marry, only then she can control her life like this. The idea of Kun understand Laura, Laura already wanted to achieve the business, but does not have the means that she does not have the means to be helped, not to have the good supplier from Markey Family there, does not have the good partner, does not have the formidable ally, these make the external factor that the person stiffens not have, even if Laura in intelligent, impossible one to be increased by own influence. But Zhao Hai appears is actually opportunity, can let opportunity that Laura their this is formidable, so long as their capture this opportunity, that later Markey Family in wants to manage them, but was difficult. although said Laura father Karen not too Steward, but he actually loves Laura, Laura to 18 years old, had not been regarded the object who marries, completely because of the Karen reason, how Karen these people in Butler clan will not say, he has thought the Laura happiness should Laura decide. It looks like in Karen, oneself went to the Purcell Duchy small place, Clan has not given them anything to help like this, naturally did not have the authority to determine the Laura destiny. But the light is this is insufficient, they need the strength, the formidable strength, otherwise sooner or later day of Clan will start to Laura. Because looks like in these Great Clan Patriarch, individual happiness and Clan benefit compares, the fart is not.