The first hundred 28 chapters Chance encounter Zhao Hai and don’t know these, walk the second day in caravan that Laura sends, Green were bringing thousand gold coins, rushed to Casa City. What was different from the past, this Green not suspicious going, but was riding Scaled Wildebeest, from main road swaggering walked toward Casa City. Therefore stared at the Stony Mountain here people shocked, on Continent rode a horse the person who hurried along to be many, but these person of minimum will also ride 2nd level above Magic Beast, for example the flame horse, Wind-Chasing Horse and so on, few people will ride Scaled Wildebeest to hurry along. Scaled Wildebeest truly is on Continent the most commonly used one type of domestic animal, but this commonly used, refer to commoner, general Noble will not use Scaled Wildebeest, because Scaled Wildebeest was too slow. However the army to using Scaled Wildebeest, because of the Scaled Wildebeest very convenient attendance, although cannot be used to go to war, but is used to draw provisions is best, moreover when necessary, Scaled Wildebeest can also become the grain, is very cheap on Continent, even if will kill has eaten the meat not to be grieved, the although meat was not quite delicious, but regarding soldier, can eat to the full on the line, that can also manage that many. However Magician under the hand/subordinate, is actually riding Scaled Wildebeest, is makes people feel really somewhat accidentally, must know that Magician in falling compels, meets the exquisite status, especially Advanced level Magician like Zhao Hai, should so. Zhao Hai will not care about this, he makes Green ride Scaled Wildebeest to go to Casa City also to have the reason, these Scaled Wildebeest underwent the improvement of Space, is quicker, the violence and endurance also obtained enhancement, now has been able to become the good warhorse, this Zhao Hai makes Green ride Scaled Wildebeest to go to Casa City, there is a meaning of propaganda. Right, the Zhao Hai point propagandizes, he must open Ranch, Scaled Wildebeest is the one type of good choice, the price is inexpensive, because just the price is inexpensive, therefore on Continent regarding the Scaled Wildebeest demand is enormous, therefore he does not worry the customer. However Scaled Wildebeest is also has advantages and disadvantages, if just by retail that definitely is incorrect, Ranch only then the big order can make money, can who need massive Scaled Wildebeest? First, Merchant \; second, army. Merchant to draw the goods, needs massive Scaled Wildebeest, army to draw provisions, needs massive Scaled Wildebeest. After Scaled Wildebeest of Space improvement, strives certainly to excel compared with ordinary Scaled Wildebeest, Zhao Hai wants in Casa City to see this point, simultaneously he also wants to make Laura see this point.

He now with Laura is cooperation relationship, however speaks the truth, Laura now is the person who his sole can cooperate, moreover Zhao Hai also knows that Markey Family has the influence on Continent very much, if he must do the Ranch business, also needs the Laura help. Does business the personal connection is very important, Zhao Hai does not have any personal connection now, Buda Family now is the entire Aksu Empire public enemy, if they dare to reveal own status, can die is very ugly. But he this Dark Magician status, although can make him save lots of troubles now, but similarly, will make the people not dare to approach him, that Merchant has not liked, called the Dark Magician cooperation that with the according to strange chopsticks. For this reason, now therefore Zhao Hai can depend upon has Laura, he must make Laura see his commodity is best, that feared that is most common Scaled Wildebeest, compared with others'. Takes about two days from Stony Mountain here to Casa City, this is quite normal, Green is riding Scaled Wildebeest advancing now, even if normal, in other words his minimum takes about two days to arrive at Casa City. But Laura sends to draw Magic Radish caravan, is earlier than Green for day, will be earlier than for day to arrive at Casa City Green, this also will be Zhao Hai they calculates, when Green to Casa City, could happen to have a look at what kind of that these radishes will sell. This arrives all the way has not lived any matter, safe Green arrived at Casa City, in the past they have tidied up the garden, is effective very much, now nobody has dared actively annoyed Zhao Hai, was very obvious, fighting strength that Zhao Hai they displayed, making these want to hit the person in Zhao Sea Lord intent, has to estimate his strength again. Green just arrived at Casa City in front of the door, suddenly has actually anchored, because the Laura horse carriage front surface walks, this arrives is makes Green stare, but he moved forward to meet somebody, saw car(riage) nearby Sergio, sits bows in immediately/on horseback slightly said : hello, I am the Mr. Zhao Hai follower, gives Miss Laura to give regards.” Sergio also saw Green, but Green full body armor really wraps him was too strict, moreover his these time is also riding Scaled Wildebeest, seems like Noble Warrior that falls compels, therefore he does not dare to recognize, now one hear of Green said that Sergio immediately to Green ritual said : hello, please allow me to report to the young lady.” Said turn around has knocked glass said : young lady, Mr. Zhao Hai follows Warrior to give regards to you in front.” Laura one hear of Sergio said that also stares, she opened the glass to look is Green, immediately/on horseback opened vehicle door walked out, mister arrived at Casa City to come to Green ritual said :? What matter has?” Green returned to ritual then said : mister to prepare to set up the oil pressing plant, but did not have the wooden barrel to be able filling, moreover lacked in some refineries the need tool, therefore made me buy specially, while convenient how came to see the Magic Radish sales volume.” Laura shows a faint smile said : originally is this minor matter, that mister did not need to waste the time, I will arrange the person to manage, now I am just about Cyan Stone Villa to see Mr. Zhao Hai, mister might as well go back with me together.”

Green gawked, why don’t know Laura suddenly must see Zhao Hai, but he had not asked that his present status is only a pursue of Zhao Hai along with, if asked were too many, lost own duty. However these time comes Casa City, Green is also these matters, now one hear of Laura said that he had not opposed, but nodded said : well, but Miss Laura, my horse feared that cannot follow your horses.” Laura looks at Scaled Wildebeest that Green has ridden, in the eye twinkling brightly, then smiles said : this is not the issue, Sergio, immediately/on horseback delivers in the returned to shop the mister horse, is giving mister to prepare Wind-Chasing Horse.” Green to is not polite, expressed gratitude to Laura, jumped down from own Scaled Wildebeest, Sergio pulling this Scaled Wildebeest ran, before long pulling Wind-Chasing Horse ran, has given Green horse. Green has not said anything, jumped immediately/on horseback directly, Laura turned the head to Sergio said : „.” Said that and got in the car(riage), caravan hurries to toward Stony Mountain. Yes, what these time comes with Laura is caravan, not only this car(riage), because Laura wants to increase the cooperation with Zhao Hai, and these time goes, immediately wants then the radish to come back, therefore Laura is bringing caravan. In order to as soon as possible radish Bula returned to Casa City, this Laura is used for is not Scaled Wildebeest that pulls a cart, but is the 2nd level Magic Beast full insect, this multi- full insect, is Magic Beast of one type of like enlarging version centipede, this Magic Beast is Earth element, the strength is very big, defense strength is very strong, is also quick, but this Magic Beast is different from common horse class Magic Beast, this Magic Beast eats Blockhead. This Magic Beast although long ten points fierce, but does not have no aggressiveness, moreover very docile, on some big Trading Company by Continent was regarded is commonly used pulling a cart Magic Beast. However also only then some big Trading Company can use, this Magic Beast appetite is very big, is only prepares Blockhead to want a lot of money, is good does not select food because of this Magic Beast, so long as is Blockhead on the line, naturally, fresher Blockhead was better. In this Magic Beast general time Trading Company will not use, the cargo that only then there needs to ship urgently will be moving these full insect, this Laura used. Laura does not use good, yesterday does not arrive at one day, has sold short from the Zhao Hai there pull back radish, today also some often people ask that radish, even if will be some small Noble will send for inquiring that the matter about that mysterious Magic Radish, in this case, Laura naturally hopes as soon as possible will transport the top carriage the radish. But general Scaled Wildebeest is too slow, comes one to take about four days, Laura may unable to wait for that long time, therefore one car(riage) that prepares more than ten full insects to draw, directly soars Stony Mountain.

Snowflake marvelous horse and Herd car(riage) is quick, general Magic Beast cannot follow, but the full insect exactly is Magic Beast that one type of can follow, therefore Laura will use the full insect to draw the goods. However the full insect problem, is his carrying a heavy load ability is not very strong, these ten car(riage)s are also most also can only draw 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) radish, impossible like Scaled Wildebeest, car(riage) minimum can draw about 2000 jin (0.5 kg). Therefore Laura behind their caravan, but also has arranged another even bigger caravan, caravan comprised of 20 Scaled Wildebeest car(riage)s. 20 Scaled Wildebeest car(riage)s, can draw a forty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish, it seems like that this Laura prepared to go all out one, Laura believed Zhao Hai certainly with obtaining these many radishes, because Zhao Hai has told her, Magic Radish she along with arriving along with having. Green to is very happy, he also saw behind Laura horse carriage full insect caravan, saw why these caravan his understand Laura must see Zhao Hai, this will be having many gold coins to record on behalf of them. Moreover the Green also happy matter, is he cross below Wind-Chasing Horse, but this Wind-Chasing Horse 2nd level Magic Beast, each price is not low, but Laura gives him this, obviously is impossible to take back, so long as she does not take back, that Zhao Hai Space Ranch, can reproduce more horses with this horse, this is Green happiest. Green also present, Zhao Hai animal in Space Ranch, according to the male and female does not calculate that what no matter male is female, gets so far as in his Space Ranch, will reproduce, this sounds to be very laughable, however Zhao Hai Ranch can achieve this point, therefore Green believes that has this Wind-Chasing Horse, they can reproduce massive Wind-Chasing Horse quickly.