Chapter 129 Radish Green has not contacted the computer game, don’t know digitization this word, Zhao Hai Space to put it bluntly leaves the womb from the game, a variation freak, he beyond strengthening function of game, similarly also preserved some characteristics of game, thing that for example Zhao Hai thing and raises can digitization, is Space characteristics. digitization thing, has is some inflexible thing . Moreover the simple game like the Farm game, its design is also not very strict sincerely, in Farm plays, animal almost does not have the division of denominator, even if has, is some special animal, moreover these animal, no matter male is mother, can some produce thing, is some quite strange thing. But Space also this ability retaining, so long as animal in Space Ranch, does not have the division of male and female, so long as outside Zhao Hai these animal release Space, that immediately had the division of male and female, moreover Zhao Hai also present Space characteristics, for example animal outside male, has also been able to produce the son to Space , the son but who produces him attains outside Space, these son is also male, absolutely impossible appears in female. It can be said that Space Ranch makes animal reproduce, not like outside animal through copulation reproduction, but like clone makes animal reproduce through way of one type of, naturally, Space simplified the process of clone completely, so long as rushes to animal that circle that is used to reproduce, young son who immediately can clone the solid fate/fixed number quantity. Naturally, these matters are only the guess of Zhao Hai, Green they are more impossible to know that their clone is anything has not heard, was more impossible to understand. Goes to Casa City time, Green has used two days, however comes back, he only has actually used the half-day time, making Green has to sigh that this is the disparity, Scaled Wildebeest was improved, can't compare with pursues and snowflake marvelous horse Advanced level Magic Beast inborn superiority. Green they just arrived at the foot of the hill, Dark mist on mountain resigned passage, Undead Creature gesticulated to Green in passage there, Green nodded, leading Laura they to climb mountains directly, with caravan that Laura came, climbed mountains. This Laura although is bringing caravan, but this caravan population are not many, except for driving a cart, did not have others, Laura knows that to Zhao Hai here, leading that many people not to be useful, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate other did not have, a Undead Creature big pile, can definitely help their loading. Laura their horse carriage entered courtyard to stop, Zhao Hai was bringing Merine, Meg to greet Laura in courtyard, Laura looked that Zhao Hai came out to greet him, immediately/on horseback from the vehicle, bowed said : Laura not to dare the work mister undercarriage to Zhao Hai, mister was too polite.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Miss Laura now is my [gold/metal] lord, my dares to neglect, in he he, is quick requests personally.” Said that directed Laura to sit to the backyard living room. Today Kun has not come with Laura, Laura is only bringing Ni'er, Ni'er as usual, is similar to shadow same standing of Laura in Laura. After waiting for Meg to be possible sub to, Zhao Hai then to Laura said : Miss Laura today for the Magic Radish matter?” Laura shows a faint smile good that said : mister guesses, Laura is the Magic Radish matter comes today, it seems like mister already guessed correctly that I will come?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to guess correctly that I am very confident to my Magic Radish, but has not thought such quickly, it seems like my Magic Radish is very popular.” Laura has not concealed, said to Zhao Hai the situation in Casa City, after Zhao Hai has listened, to feels very surprised, turns the head Magic Radish also to have this use to Laura said :? This I to have not thought, is not Miss Laura specially the arrangement?” Ancestors by all kinds of advertisements, bombing recklessly Zhao Hai, really very much suspected the authenticity of the matter Laura said. Laura to was made to stare by Zhao Hai, although said that the Ark Continent here trade reaches very much, but the looks like arranges the person to help the matter of cheating advertisement, but also has not lived, Laura they even want not to think, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura shakes the head hastily, sternly say: „Will mister think? If our Markey Delphi Trading Company such does, that isn't is ruining own advertisement?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Miss Laura should not be angry, I felt that this matter was too inconceivable, why can appears this situation? My recognize my Magic Radish quality is very high, but isn't odd? This quickly regarded Divine Medicine my Magic Radish, this to you were not the good deed.” Laura nodded, said to Zhao Hai the guess of Kun, said that she calm said : I also knows this not necessarily is a good deed, was the Magic Radish quality that your here produced truly does not have the words saying that moreover I ordered Magic Radish that your here produced, separated to sell with ordinary Magic Radish, believes that will not have the too major problem.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that to is two eyes one bright, his immediately has thought same thing, is the trademark, the brand awareness, Laura such does, in mean sets up a brand his radish, this for him absolutely is the good deed.

Zhao Hai has patted own forehead gently, turns the head to thank Miss Laura to Laura said :, this, later my Magic Radish enters the named radish, Miss Laura when Magic Radish that buying my here produces, said that this is the radish, do you look what kind of?” Laura stares, but her immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, cannot help but to the Zhao Hai secret commendation, she has not thought at heart Zhao Hai such quickly has thought of this point, he changed name to Magic Radish, let Magic Radish that his here produced with the Magic Radish complete discrimination that other places produced, although he has not made any resounding point trademark to his Magic Radish, but this changed name actually has become another one type of trademark form, will make all people one on remembering. Laura cannot help but smiling mister to Zhao Hai said : is really fierce, if mister does business, feared that was I do not have the food to eat.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be too polite, I may not have that a few tricks, said proper business, Miss Laura this time, was thinks that some Dora radishes did go back? How many does don’t know Miss Laura want?” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai manage Magic Radish to call the radish directly, feels a little irritable, but she was immediately/on horseback said : that I was impolite with mister, was this, I prepared to want a two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish of mister here every month, whether the don’t know mister here goods were sufficient?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Miss Laura to invite feel relieved, the goods are absolutely sufficient, even if Miss Laura one month took four hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) also sufficiently, I am those words, along with arriving along with having, moreover I can the ensure quality, all radishes be fresh.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but relaxed at heart, cannot help but started to evaluate the Zhao Hai strength, must know that vegetables thing had the seasonal characteristics, especially looked like the demon vegetables low level Magic vegetables, generally the main habitats of these Magic vegetables, will come type of this type of vegetables with the worst land, therefore Magic Radish seasonal characteristics serious, to summer time, the people little can see the Magic Radish shadow in the food shop. Because of very clear this point, therefore Laura will carry on appraisal again to the Zhao Hai strength, his really understand, how does not plant these radishes, but she is somewhat was worried that Zhao Hai does not have the means supply radish in the summer, how many months therefore her immediately/on horseback said : don’t know mister radish one year can supply? Summer time whether can supply normally?” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Laura, his former although was nerd, but regarding radish type of season vegetables was very clear, but Space did not have the season problem, one hear of Laura such asked that Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : Miss Laura feel relieved, guaranteed the annual supply, even if were also same in the summer, moreover can the ensure quality, unable absolutely the phenomenon of appears rice polishings heart.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that this feel relieved, she runs the food shop, very clear, radish vegetables being advantageous preserve, if you do good, the radish even can preserve for several months, on Continent will have many business the radish to preserve in the busy season that the radish will produce, when summer time was bringing to buy . Moreover the price must be more expensive, but these radish although not rotten, will actually meet the phenomenon of appears rice polishings heart, the radish cover is all right, the heart actually lost the moisture, will become is similar to wadding flower same being unpalatable.

Because of this reason, therefore Laura has not preserved the radish, has not sold the radish in the summer, is feared that has ruined own advertisement, she also feared that Zhao Hai will cope with her with the radish of this preserve, her loss was big. However looks at the Zhao Hai confident appearance, probably does not want to cope with her with the radish of storage, is Zhao Hai has the environment of suitable planter radish? The although radish is the one type of low level Magic vegetables, but also has the request to the habitat, reason that on Continent does not produce the radish in the summer, besides the price of radish, a reason is the summer environment and not suitable planter radish, was too hot, the rain water was also too industrious. If Zhao Hai has in the summer also suits the place of planter radish, perhaps that can also speculate the Zhao Hai territory in there.” Laura cannot help but secretly wants to say. Zhao Hai does not certainly know that Laura is thinking anything, he now happy, one month of two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish, even if one jin (0.5 kg) calculates according to 50 copper cities, one month of also almost 10,000 gold coins, this may absolutely not be a small number, enough he has used, if adding on the output of Oil Fruit tree, his one month of minimum can attain more than 10,000 gold coins, this are more than general small duchy one month of tax revenue. Laura to is believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive her, therefore does not have to ask the matter about radish, rumor make a detour: That does not know how many mister one month can provide only Blue Eye Rabbit? Goes back me quite to help mister contact with the buyer?”