Chapter 130 duty This to is good information, especially regarding Zhao Hai, he has that big a piece territory to unfold, money Zaiduo for him will appear insufficient, now some people come to waste money to him specially, his naturally happy. However Zhao Hai has also calculated, own Space Ranch a time can raise 1000 Blue Eye Rabbit now, but from starting to raise, to these rabbit official maturity, can gather, on the need about three days, one month can also gather about ten times, in other words one month can probably produce more than 10,000 Blue Eye Rabbit. One month 10,000, are not many, such as must also raise Blue Eye Rabbit mine tunnel there, when these Blue Eye Rabbit were mature, he will have many Blue Eye Rabbit to sell, Zhao Hai has thought that Blue Eye Rabbit that if only depends on Space Ranch there produces, that is insufficient, Space Ranch there is best to work as a reproduction base, outside true Ranch must put is good. However now in Space Ranch these mature Blue Eye Rabbit, to can also buy, he turned the head now my Farm to Laura said : only to start, one month most also can only produce about 8000 Blue Eye Rabbit.” Zhao Hai has not said 10,000, his very clear, if manages Ranch, most time from the beginning, best is puts some mature Blue Eye Rabbit to go, is taking some small rabbit sons, the survival rate of such small rabbit son will be higher. Laura has gawked, one month produces 8000 Blue Eye Rabbit, quantity that this wants really not very high, regarding Ranch is so, compared with these big Ranch, Zhao Hai here one month of yield, can only be an odd change. However must know that Zhao Hai the Ranch just set up, moreover his here Blue Eye Rabbit, the quality is really fantastic, ordinary Blue Eye Rabbit, has the 3rd level above Magic Beast meat to have the Magic element quantity that this is really very astonishing. Laura nodded said : mister to invite feel relieved, I ensure gives you to contact with the good buyer, what special request don’t know mister to have?” Zhao Hai thinks said : „, let alone, but also the request, Blue Eye Rabbit I can buy, but this these rabbit skins I must take back, minimum must take back for two months, 16,000 rabbit skins, moreover these rabbit skins also need to process, momentarily can make of leather clothing, don’t know Miss Laura can help?”

Laura wrinkled under the brow, Ark Continent here meat produce Processing Factory, generally receives live Magic Beast, then kills Magic Beast, after the skin digs up, is buying beast skin for leather Processing Factory, naturally, has looked like the Blue Eye Rabbit skin generally, is very cheap. If Zhao Hai must take back the rabbit skin, meat produce Processing Factory will lose part of income, as the matter stands little has meat Processing Factory, will purchase Zhao Hai Blue Eye Rabbit. Zhao Hai also saw the Laura expression, his quickly said: Naturally, I do not make them do in vain, I can provide 8000 Blue Eye Rabbit every month, you can the person with meat factory say that these 8000 Blue Eye Rabbit, I only collect 5000 money, remaining 3000 are I buys the money of rabbit skin, then you are delivering to leather Processing Factory the rabbit skin, 8000 rabbit skins, I can only take back 5000, remaining that 3000 can regard is their processing charges, how do you look?” Laura wrinkled under brow said : mister, if so, naturally does not have what issue, but you suffered a loss as the matter stands.” Zhao Hai smiles said : it doesn't matter, I only need three months of 15,000 Blue Eye Rabbit skins, three months later, the transaction presses the normal standard, these 15,000 rabbit skins I really useful.” Laura nodded said : that well, such settled, I will discuss with these people well that is mister strives for some rabbit skins as far as possible, when mister here can produce Blue Eye Rabbit?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the present, but this must look how meat Processing Factory there must receive Blue Eye Rabbit, if one time gathers 8000, that must wait for one month later, to gather in turn, that about ten days can take about 3000 Blue Eye Rabbit, one month of guarantee can supply 8000.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion does change said : looks like the mister Ranch scale is expanding? Good, I go back to discuss with them, so long as has information, immediately can tell mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be laborious the Laura not young lady, right Miss Laura, these time goes back to bring several Fire Fish, although my here cannot massive producing Fire Fish, however few delivers some not to have the issue.” Laura smiles said : that to thank mister, my impolite.” These Fire Fish that previous time she brings, have not bought, but all brought to see somebody off, must say Fire Fish this thing, on Continent also not specially expensive, because of output few reasons, therefore many people richly could not buy, therefore Laura delivered Fire Fish to the person, the although money were not many, matter that also very much had the face.

Zhao Hai smiles said : Miss Laura to be too polite, from family property thing, is unworthy any money, compared with Miss Laura to our help, this thing really with not make a move, but my in hand now also only then this thing, can only be the outstanding regard.” Laura showed a faint smile had not been saying that this issue, was only to Zhao Hai said : mister, heard that your oil pressing plant can begin?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, but beforehand inconsiderate, has not prepared some filling wooden barrels and tools unexpectedly, he he, to was makes Miss Laura be laughed.” Laura shows a faint smile said : this not to have anything, mister does not use too politely, two days later, my under the hand/subordinate caravan will also come mister here to draw the radish, when the time comes to mister will send thing that mister will need.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to wait till my oil pressing plant operation, oil that presses out, but must ask Miss Laura to help, I look to be inferior to this, after Miss Laura, did not need to send caravan to come my here to draw thing, my here also several Scaled Wildebeest, when the time comes I sent for giving Miss Laura to send.” Laura smiles said : well, that trouble mister, was right, does not know that mister there also does produce other Magic vegetables? If also produces, I am willing to be the mister sale very much.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „It is not I am not willing to plant other Magic vegetables, Miss Laura you should also know, on Continent seed of bulk vegetables is easy to buy very much, but seed control of Magic vegetables, these Great Clan in hand, I truly does not have these Magic vegetables seed generally, even to plant unable to plant.” Zhao Hai also afterward knows that originally Green these vegetables seed that buys from Casa City there, be only few part is the Magic vegetables, is not the pure Magic vegetables, must lower the 1st level Asian Magic vegetables compared with Magic Radish, this type of Asian Magic vegetables are between in the Magic one type of crops between vegetables and bulk vegetables, this crops has to include the Magic element, but this type of Magic element very few, only then on Continent ordinary Magic Radish about 1/10 standards, therefore cannot be evaluated for the Magic vegetables, but they strive to excel compared with the ordinary vegetables on some, therefore on was called Asian Magic vegetables.. Previous Green in vegetables seed that Casa City there buys, the majority is some ordinary vegetables, the remaining these are called the Magic vegetables, many are this type of Asian Magic vegetables, but before Green, has not farmed, by that person deceiving, has regarded true Magic vegetables seed to buy. Original Zhao Hai is also don’t know these matters, on that Continent that but previous Laura sends to him moves the plants comprehensive work, made Zhao Hai more understand the Magic vegetables on Continent, with some level quite high Magic plants.

Because has understood these Magic vegetables, therefore Zhao Hai will feel not bears, on this Continent the majority of lands and not suitable plant the Magic vegetables, only then some specially good land, but these lands without any exception by these Noble control, ordinary commoner simply was been impossible to have such land, but the planter of Magic vegetables also very has exquisite, the common land has planted Magic vegetables seed, the impossible bud, ordinary commoner did not get so far as the Magic vegetables seed. These Great Noble gathered together the planter of Magic vegetables, vegetables seed, was the non- to divulge to an outsider, whom if had to resell the Magic vegetables seed, these Great Noble will govern his crime. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, is locally born in Ark Continent here, moreover is Clan handles the business since childhood Laura, was compared with Zhao Hai this beginning a new career late in life much better, her naturally very clear these Great Noble sitting factions, therefore she has not been surprised, but smiles said : mister early saying that this had any difficulty, so long as mister there can plant the Magic vegetables, the seed matter wrapped in my body.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then immediately has thought the Laura status, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well, that troubled Miss Laura, was right, after these time invited Miss Laura went back, must help my cloth mercenary duty, this duty very simple, I must purchase some Magic plants seed, no matter any Magic plants, so long as were Magic plants, naturally, the stock of goods could not the identical style, level higher Magic plants seed, be valuable, this price Miss Laura can help me decide under one, then purchased, you can deduct from the payment for goods, don’t know Miss Laura what do you think?” Laura has gawked, to did not say that Zhao Hai such duty she has not heard, conversely, on Continent has plenty person Bu Guo such duty, but these people are not Dark Magician, many are some Alchemist or Alchemy Master, no matter Alchemist or Alchemy Master, they have their plants garden generally, inside is planting some comparison scarce Magic plants, these thing they can be used for alchemy or Alchemy, but regarding general Magician, these thing use is not big. Laura does not think understand, Zhao Hai obviously is Dark Magician, why can look for these thing? Does he also meet Alchemy Technique or the Alchemy technique is inadequate?