Chapter 131 Commitment What Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does mister want these Magic plants to make? The quantity that if mister needs are few, did not use any duty, I will be mister will look.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to need, the quantity that Miss Laura, I needed was very big, the more better, naturally, this many were to refer to the stock of goods are many, but the referring to quantity was not big, the quantity was greatly useless, what I wanted was the stock of goods are many, not only Magic plants seed, if some Magic plants can be able or the root comes plants, can with or plants to take carry back, I want to construct a Magic plants garden to myself.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiles said : well, I will go back to give mister cloth duty, the price I will go back to find the understand person to discuss that is subscribing, invites mister feel relieved, will not make you suffer a loss.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to believe Miss Laura, this matter is very for me important, asked Miss Laura.” Laura showed a faint smile said : mister to be too polite, this minor matter was not anything, asking mister do not look on as an outsider.” After Zhao Hai smiles said : „, opportunity that we cooperate meets has plenty, my Ranch just set up, now has Blue Eye Rabbit, later I also think Scaled Wildebeest, perhaps some are more special, or Advanced level Magic Beast, I to hope Miss Laura, can set up meat produce Processing Factory, he he.” Laura smiles said : I to have such plan, but meat produce Processing Factory is not so is good, we do not have the experience, therefore had not meddled the business in this aspect.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Miss Laura, do you have to think, business that now you do, entity most is also a hotel industry, other is some stores, such business was extremely unitary, you should unfold toward the entity industry aspect, for example can the produce commodity, not be I boasted, Miss Laura, if you must set up meat produce Processing Factory, has Magic Beast that my Ranch provides, certainly is quality uppermost layer, you also eat Blue Eye Rabbit that I have raised, is very good? If wants you to do the meat produce business, my Blue Eye Rabbit can sell to you completely, I believe that depending on the Magic Beast quality in sale network and my Ranch, will certainly get the positive result.” Laura moves at heart, that Zhao Hai said to has the possibility very much, Blue Eye Rabbit that his here produces she has eaten, is very good, not only the flavor is very good, but also inside Magic element also be more than general Blue Eye Rabbit, if can mass produce, to get the positive result really.

Zhao Hai look at Laura was somewhat excited, cannot help but smiles said : this time I to make the ringer ride Scaled Wildebeest to go to Casa City, not only to handle matters, same wants to let Scaled Wildebeest that Miss Laura had a look at me to raise, this undergoes my careful raising, compared with general Scaled Wildebeest much better, Miss Laura has been able to go back to have a look at that Scaled Wildebeest, was deciding.” Laura shows a faint smile said : I to believe Mr. Zhao Hai, invited Mr. Zhao Hai feel relieved, after going back, I will discuss with the family member.” Zhao Hai nodded, then look at Laura said : previous time Miss Laura surprise attack, was feared isn't that simple matter? Invited Miss Laura feel relieved, we now were the allies, if there is any need, can look for me, can help, I will help.” Laura has gawked, then move, she so helps Zhao Hai \; first, because Zhao Hai has saved him \; second , because she wants to reply on the Zhao Hai strength, now Zhao Hai perfectly clear told her, if there is anything to trouble, can look for him, this regarding Laura, was really too important. Laura knows, Expert attach great importance to own promise on Continent, so long as they said that generally will accomplish. Moreover the several times that contacts with Zhao Hai, made Laura present, Zhao Hai was a smart person, moreover he was also a good person, although he was Dark Magician, but he was really a good person, like the person, the words that they said that generally will cash. Laura has stood seriously, thanks mister to Zhao Hai ritual said :, had mister these words, Laura on feel relieved, later asked mister with me should not be polite, this was the request of Laura.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, empty will hold Laura said : I not to be certainly impolite with Miss Laura, must otherwise not ask Miss Laura to handle that many matters for me, Miss Laura invited feel relieved, later you met generally troubled me for you to solve, really could not solve, will help fully, even if were you are chased down by 9th level Expert, so long as you ran away to Stony Mountain come, I can guarantee you to be complete.” Laura stares, she has not thought that Zhao Hai actually will say the boastful talk, must know that 9th level Expert, is how formidable existence? Then only has Expert in legend on Continent, the people custom on Continent is called the Asian god them, meaning in other words, they are only poorer than the god, facing such Expert, Zhao Hai also dares saying that unexpectedly he can guarantee itself completely? The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, knows that she in thinking anything, he dares to say can guarantee Laura to be complete , because has existence of Space, even if were 9th level Expert came, so long as he hid toward Space, 9th level Expert did not have idea. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : I only to guarantee you to be complete, cannot help you too big busy, 9th level Expert I unable to cope, speaks the truth with you, in my hand had antiquity pass down undefined term of Transmission scroll, you came, I can move scroll to get you to travel, but went to my don’t know Transmission to that.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura then feels relaxed, Ark Continent here was spreading the legend about antiquity time Magician, legend that time Magician each and every one extremely powerful, 9th level Expert at that time everywhere was, at that time true Expert each and every one can move mountains, formidable incomparable, at that time was also called the numerous Gods time. Currently also has much the legend about ancient times, in some Great Clan is also retaining the ancient times pass down Magic thing, these Magic things are bad, be much more formidable than the general Magic thing, but Transmission scroll is one of these fables Item. Transmission scroll this thing truly is exists on Continent, more than hundred years ago has bandits and thieves, in an antiquity Magician grave, had found Transmission scroll, that he attains is also undefined term of Transmission scroll. Most from the beginning nobody knows that scroll is any thing, afterward some this bandits and thieves chased down really has not located to run, has ripped open that scroll, has not thought that he one vanished in same place, then appears in forest a thousand kilometers away, this has let his escaped with life, the people also knew this thing use. Afterward some people spread information, said person who chased down that bandits and thieves, was actually on Continent a Great Noble person, that Great Noble in hand had Transmission scroll, therefore he recognized, wants to snatch this scroll, has not thought that finally actually compelled that bandits and thieves to give this scroll with. Also because of this matter, therefore the people on Continent know that originally Great Clan on Continent, really also has the Magic thing that this ancient times has, from then on many mercenary and adventurers, to will have the place of antiquity legend to take risk, thinks that was finding an antiquity Magic thing. Now Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that his in hand had Transmission scroll of antiquity, was not feeling curiously, but she was more curious to the Zhao Hai status, must know that antiquity pass down Magic scroll, or the Magic thing was not many, even if were some Great Noble, will regard the family heirloom with these thing, Zhao Hai did in hand have one? What status is he? Zhao Hai also sees Transmission scroll this thing from a miscellany, today brings with, has not thought that Laura immediately has felt relaxed unexpectedly, this arrives makes Zhao Hai feel funny, no matter it seems like where, the hearsay of antiquity were very effective probably. Laura relaxed said : well, if I have encountered such problem, certainly looks for mister, hopes that mister does not want grieved own scroll to be good at the appointed time.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughed said : I not saying that my scroll was free, if compelled me to use the scroll situation, Miss Laura may probably pay the huge price.”

Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has cannot help but smiled, like antiquity Magic scroll this thing, simply was the priceless treasure, Zhao Hai said that obviously was joking with him. Zhao Hai watched the weather, turned the head to Laura said : Miss Laura, the lunch to prepare, after having dined, you went back, was not I do not want to keep you, was my here secret are too really many, some you were good of don’t know, sorry.” Laura has not cared, but shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, everyone has his secret, was right, in today's lunch has Fire Fish? That is I a dish that likes eating.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, today with Fire Fish of special method system, I ensure Miss Laura has not eaten, please.” Laura not polite, stands to walk with the Zhao Hai micro dining room. They arrived at the dining room to sit down, Merine immediately carried the meal, the food was very simple, the just right bread that baked, places in small basket that a wooden staff formed, was placed in the middle of table, everyone front dinner place, inside with roasting the rabbit meat, some green vegetables, but the middle of table, but also was suspending Fire Fish. Procedure of this Fire Fish on fish with Continent is different, previous Zhao Hai is Fire Fish that steams green, today actually red-roast, on the main road never has the person to eat the fish like this. Merine they sat, Zhao Hai turns the head to smile said : to Laura this is the Fire Fish one type of special method of manufacturing, except for in my here, other place cannot eat, Miss Laura tastes.” Laura looked at that Fire Fish one curiously, finally has taken up the fork, forked the a piece fish to put the mouth. Fire Fish has characteristics, besides the main thorn, in not having other Little Wool punctured, pulp also very delicate tasty, therefore eats with the fork like Laura, did not fear that was gripped by the fishbone.