Chapter 132 Accident Laura just put the mouth the fish, felt a very special fragrance, before this flavor her, has not eaten, she felt that her entire oral cavity, has all been full of this fragrance, moreover this fragrance also has rapidly is extending. The delicacy, the delicacy of unprecedented, Laura is also the person who a love eats, she likes the good food, can say that on Continent well-known good food, she has eaten. However looks like good food that Zhao Hai here makes, she is the same has not eaten, Laura felt that every time to Zhao Hai here, will have some pleasant surprises. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, the good food of China, is not the ordinary person can resist, although said that the Ark Continent here seasoning, is inferior to many of Earth there, red-roast fish that but actually also some substitute commodities, make, the flavor is very good. Some little time Laura has put the fork, turns the head to ask mister to Zhao Hai said : to pass to me the recipe of this dish, this was the dish of most delicacy I ate to have been.” Zhao Hai smiles said : small matter, a while you walks I will prepare to you, will also take away some of our here unique vegetables, making you go back tasting well.” Laura smiles said : that I not to be impolite with mister, but mister here dish although is good, does not have what nice wine, next time I will come time, will bring some nice wines to mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, but I hope that Miss Laura can get so far as some methods of wine-making to me, best is the secret recipe, the stock of goods the more better.” Does Laura stare, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister also to manage the brewery? This is not probably easier.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, only then this idea, in my territory has the mountain, on the mountain can only plant some Oil Fruit trees now, has been a pity, I want to take a look whether to plant Fruit tree that some can brew alcohol, such income compared with planting the Oil Fruit tree.” Laura wrinkled under brow said : mister, this feared that is unlikely, must know that suits plants the land of Oil Fruit tree, generally is not very good, such land is the type good Fruit tree.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to try, in any case is the type thing, my major industry is not pointing at these Fruit tree, became has been worth happy, the inadequate loss was not big.”

Laura nodded said : well, this is not a problem, I can also get some wine-makings to mister the tools, so long as mister wants, momentarily can brew alcohol.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that fantastic, later Miss Laura came, can perhaps drink the liquor that we make, come, Miss Laura should not be polite.” This meal Laura eats is very happy, because not only obtained the good food, because also deepened with the cooperation of Zhao Hai, similarly, she with Zhao Hai relationship also intimate. After having had the lunch, Laura walked, naturally, Zhao Hai has made people install the radish to her in eating meal, these gifts also prepared, after having eaten meal, sent off Laura. Has packed off Laura, Zhao Hai their returned to in the living room, Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, should we start to raise Blue Eye Rabbit in mine tunnel there? In any case over the two days Miss Laura extracted oil these with the wooden barrel had the tool to send, we can start formally has extracted oil, when the time comes the deisel oil had, over the two days first fed the radish leaf not to have any issue.” Zhao Hai selected has selected said : „, now our in hand small rabbit has many, fed some radish leaves should their release to be OK, tomorrow started to make secure they use to rub with the edge runner starts to process the corn, the rice bran can also become the good feed.” Green nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you told the work young lady, if has 9th level Expert to cope with her, makes him come Stony Mountain here, wants to make her enter Space? Do you think her really?” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Green, Space is they most important secret, is they biggest dependence, if made the bystander know Space, that troubled. Zhao Hai to Green said : you thinks with a smile Laura will meet 9th level Expert? These 9th level Expert in idle, will not cope with Laura, Laura not that big value.” Green to agrees with the view of Zhao Hai, but he knit the brows said : „the present not to have, had with the fear, Laura cooperates with Young Master, later greatly will certainly gain gains especially, perhaps when the time comes really will have 9th level Expert to cope with her.” Zhao Hai smiles said : really to that time, feared that was Laura can also trust, feel relieved Grandpa Green, will not have the matter.” Green nodded, then puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, why you wants that many rabbit skins? Is useful?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this rabbit skin to prepare for later actually, the wilderness there winter, the temperature feared that will not go to that high, what to do did these slaves arrive at the winter? Even if were the doorkeeper window seals, they also do have no alternative but to go out? Went out will not ruin by freezing? I want that many rabbit skins, prepares to winter to them uses.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but made own head said : I also really forgetting this matter, right, should prepare, avoid such thing some people froze.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, in this time, his suddenly complexion changed, turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, immediately/on horseback calls Merine Grandma and Meg, Iron Mountain Fort there had an accident.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion changes, immediately/on horseback exits to shout the person. But at this time, Laura is actually thinking Zhao Hai matter, she now was more curious to Zhao Hai, she really cannot think, Zhao Hai is any status. Said that Zhao Hai is Great Noble, a little like, him does not have Great Noble that many customs, does not have the means to get so far as some Great Noble Magic vegetables seed, said that he is not Great Noble, in his hand had last ancient times Transmission scroll, this was really makes the person not think understand. What most important is, Zhao Hai is short of money probably very much, although Zhao Hai said that makes Green ride Scaled Wildebeest to go to Casa City, to let her has a look at the Scaled Wildebeest quality that he raises, what however is undeniable, Zhao Hai besides some Scaled Wildebeest and Undead Creature, was not having Magic Beast that other anything can ride. Moreover thing that Zhao Hai produces, is low-end product on some Continent, the life of normally also very simple, so far, altogether has several servants, all these demonstrate that the Zhao Hai economic strength is not good. However in some aspects, he very big side, other did not say that the light is Zhao Hai gives her these Magic vegetables, from all sides adds, value a lot of money, although these money in the Laura eye, simply was the change, but Laura also knows that in the eyes of average person, these money were many. It can be said that in the Laura eye, Zhao Hai is a contradictory marriage, no matter the status, is the style of conduct, appears somewhat contradictory, lets Laura is getting better and better is wonderful to Zhao Hai. However Laura actually decided that must with Zhao Hai cooperation well, not for the benefit, not for the Zhao Hai strength, but for the Zhao Hai benevolence. Laura can look, Zhao Xuyao money, but Zhao Hai actually rather making money bit by bit, is not willing to occupy her to be advantageous suitably, such person Laura respects very much, is adding on Zhao Hai to have the graciousness to her, therefore she is willing to cooperate with Zhao Hai. Ni'er sits in the Laura side, the look at Laura appearance, cannot help but titter said : young lady, is thinking Mr. Zhao Hai? You really by Grandfather Kun in saying? Liked Mr. Zhao Hai really?”

Laura stares, then stared Ni'er said : dead girl, few talk nonsense, I have not seen including mister long what to the present, I admire mister, looked that the mister appearance knows, he has the territory that a piece only started, moreover really needs money, if the ordinary person, in this case, only will not choose with us cooperates, he has to save a life after all great kindness to us, he can definitely obtain from our here, but mister he does not have, what he not only does not take our advantage, moreover all with our cooperation, is win-win, I really am. Admires mister this point very much.” Why Ni'er puzzled look at Laura said : „did young lady say? Doesn't mister accept Magic Robe and Magic Staff that you have delivered?” What Laura stared Ni'er said : small girl to know, reason that mister accepted these thing, to let us felt that was not owing him the benevolence, like this he can work with us, otherwise you think that mister will accept that different thing really? Other did not say that is only that to seal|confer Motie who mister obtains curls, does not compare that two thing to be cheap.” Ni'er one hear of Laura said that puzzled said : originally is such a matter, I said why mister passes quickly accepted Magic Robe and Magic Staff.” The Laura look at Ni'er appearance, shows a faint smile said : silly thing, now knew, mister absolutely was a gentleman, although on him does not have on these Great Clan juniors, that arrogant arrogance, but actually a lofty character, great.” In the Ni'er eye appears the small star, muttered said : really greatly, I actually do not have presently mister unexpectedly am such person, mister is really great.” Reason that the Laura look at Ni'er appearance, on face has cannot help but shown the smiling face, Laura likes Ni'er so much, because of the purity of Ni'er, without distracting thoughts, probably thing of this world any contamination, kept off by Ni'er outside the body, her you are the limpid lake water, enabling your one eyes to look. Laura gently feels the Ni'er head, the look actually look at Stony Mountain direction, when does not know, that by black Magic Robe is covering the form, actually kept in her heart.