Chapter 133 Purcell Family Green had not asked that Zhao Hai Iron Mountain Fort there lived any matter, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Iron Mountain Fort there has had an accident, his immediately ran, is tidying up in the kitchen calls the living room Merine and Meg that. Merine they, as soon as arrives at the living room, Zhao Hai immediately led them to enter Space, then has flown to Iron Mountain Fort there, waited for four people of appears in the Iron Mountain Fort living room, Green immediately to run up to courtyard. However to courtyard in he stares, because of Iron Mountain Fort here probably peace, lives without any matter, these slaves still work in courtyard, do not have a point unusuality. At this time Zhao Hai they also walked out from room, Green puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai calm face said : blames me not to talk clearly, was not castle here by person attack, but was these undead life form existing people dives Black Wasteland here, moreover target pointed to Iron Mountain Fort.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Green their complexion change, Zhao Hai said that is representing any their very clear, this on behalf, some people was starting to pay attention to them, but this person was very likely these Great Noble to send. Green does complexion sink said : in there? Cannot ask him to leave absolutely, otherwise we greatly troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : altogether to come five people, four by Undead Creature killing, only then last, was surrounded, Grandpa Green goes to raise him.” Green complied with one, turn around vertical went toward outside the city, turn around saw the disappearing form. The Merine look at Green back, eye was said : that cold light sparkled arrives at us to give to compel here to come, has not let off us unexpectedly, were they what kind of?” Zhao Hai cold sound said : thinks us dead, only then we died, they true feel relieved.”

In this time, Green was coming back, in his hand is also raising a person, this person of strength is not very high, only then about 6th level, but is actually 6th level Dead-soldier, if such person does not meet Undead Creature, but also really not easily presently. Green lost the ground that person of complexion was black, died, the poison died. Green turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this person sees me, bit poison of his mouth to commit suicide.” Zhao Hai complexion ugly nod, coldly snorted said : has thought that died has been all right, snort|hum.” Said that in hand Ghost Staff moves, one group of black gas that corpse covering, Advanced level Black Magic, Spirit-Trapping Technique. So-called Spirit-Trapping Technique is actually the Advanced level Undead Creature manufacture technique, reason that this Spell called Spirit-Trapping Technique, was because Advanced level Undead Creature can maintain before death memory, therefore the people have thought that this was because this Spell was stranded the soul of person in the skeleton, therefore the skeleton will remember before death matter. But the ordinary Undead Creature manufacture technique, called Bone-Forging Technique, this name listened to arrive is very Righteous Qi, probably was the Battle Qi name, however the true meaning was actually, personnel Bone of flesh and blood forging person, made Undead Creature, Undead Creature that like this made, was that ordinary Inferior level Undead Creature. After Spirit-Trapping Technique that Dead-soldier turns into Undead Creature, that Dead-soldier immediately has stood, bows to Zhao Hai said : Master.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : What is your name? Whose under the hand/subordinate originally is?” That immediately/on horseback said : Master, the name of villain was called the bad conduct, belongs to Purcell Family Dead-soldier of Dead-soldier team, the villain was Junior Captain of fifth squad.” How many squads did Zhao Hai nod said : your altogether? How many people does each squad have?” Bad conduct immediately/on horseback said : our altogether ten squads, each squad has 50 people, but the previous time attacks Stony Mountain there, lost two squads, now be only eight squads, these time altogether came five people, is led by me, other four died.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : what your point is?”

„The order that we receive takes a look at the Black Wasteland here situation, if Master you have not died, our immediately must go back to repay.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved, took in bad conduct Space, turns the head to walk toward the living room in castle, at this time Blockhead and Stone also came back from outside, looks at Green a heaviness of their face, does not dare to act unreasonably, cautiously entered the living room with Green. After the living room has sat down, Green gloomy face said : has not thought that the Purcell Family strength so is unexpectedly strong, is only Dead-soldier has these many, moreover this definitely is not the Purcell Family card in a hand, they have certainly other influence.” What Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good because of these time comes is only Purcell Family, is not other who, Purcell Family rules the northern here these many years, is ingrained, has such strength not to be strange, but they start to pay attention to us now, was is not meddlesome.” Merine calm face said : Purcell Family heard that has two 9th level Expert to assume personal command, moreover these many years, they entire Purcell Duchy here constructing such as the iron bucket is common, old King wants to meddle here not to be impossible, reason that our family with Purcell Family has the engagement, most important the meaning of old King, he wants to make our family help him project on the Purcell Family interior, then disintegration Purcell Family bit by bit.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he real don’t know this matter, has not thought that is hiding unexpectedly also these many thing behind his engagement, but this also makes him feel puzzled. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Merine and Green said : Merine Grandma, Grandpa Green, said according to you that our family with old King relationship should be very intimate, moreover Imperial Family copes with these established Noble important chess piece, why that also meets the appears standing wrong team, finally was matched here this matter?” Green and Merine complexion was uglier, Green deep voice said : „, if standing wrong team matter, naturally impossible to match here to come us, but the back of this matter, but also has plenty secret, can say that present King can step on on the throne, has separation relationship with these Great Noble, has the possibility old King death very much, has separation relationship with these Great Noble, old King wants to tidy up these Great Noble wholeheartedly, these Great Noble also know this point, therefore they first have killed old King, our Clan is old King has been used, copes with these Great Noble one blade, these Great Noble Naturally will not let off us, will therefore be matched here finally.” Zhao Hai frowns, he has not thought that matter unexpectedly is this, such looked like these Great Noble strengths really left his imagination, they can a protect life really be very good. Merine then said : this Purcell Family sends, actually all died in here, I think that they will also send, always makes them such pay attention to us, was really not the good deed.” Zhao Hai nodded said : present Purcell Family such to pay attention to us, possibly because of that engagement, simultaneously they also wants to know that we lived in previous time beast tide, if we have renounced the engagement with their family, I think that Purcell Family not attention like the present we, is best we also to them to look for a matter to do, making them not have the time to manage us.”

Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that also nodded said : to draw back also well this marriage, this Purcell Family is not good thing, Evan that old bastard, but also with Old Master is the good friend, finally our family has an accident, their immediately/on horseback hits a person when he is down, heard that Ryan is not good thing, may be not much in the Purcell Duchy there reputation.” What matter does Zhao Hai pat own head said : „to look to do to Purcell Family? This troublesome cannot certainly be small, moreover seems cannot certainly be artificial, otherwise they will possibly suspect us, what method?” in the room other people are also thinking, must know that to the Purcell Family start trouble is not that easy, but must make them unable to look that is artificial, that was more difficult. Blockhead turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we can let these Undead Creature, goes to Purcell Duchy to do the destruction? Undead Creature in the Black Wasteland here activity, the Purcell Family person is also knows in any case.” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Green first shook the head said : not to be good, we break off an engagement, represented us to live from previous time beast tide, this itself very much annoyed the attention of Purcell Family, if were making these Undead Creature go to Purcell Duchy to be noisy, their suspicion we, will not do well will expose the Young Master status, cannot do absolutely.” Blockhead does not make noise, Green all people frown to think, Meg has thought some little time cannot try to find any good solution, cannot help but some impatient said : „, to look for the trouble of Purcell Family, presently is not been artificial by them, that can only be the disaster, can the Purcell Duchy there such year good crop weather, does not have what plague to live, the small disaster is few, we do not have the means to make the disaster to come.” One hear of Meg said that Zhao Hai actually cannot help but two eyes one bright, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you said that if the present lived an insect plague, in the grain of grain main production area Purcell Duchy gave to eat, didn't they have the mood to manage us?” Green gawked, has selected to said : „, the Purcell Duchy here grain main production area was the Llica plain, there land fertilizer very lives, was called the Purcell Duchy granary, there one annual production grain, enough Purcell Duchy all people ate for one year also to have the extra, is well, Purcell Family that a piece everybody envied to there attach great importance to, was impossible to live the insect plague.” Zhao Hai actually laughs said : not to be impossible to live the natural insect plague, we make an insect plague, did not have the grain, I thought that they also do have the mood to manage us.”