Chapter 134 Goes to Llica Green they puzzled look at face excited Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, they only know that Space some normal abilities, several in don’t know Space big damage to incur, puts the insect, puts the weed, puts the mosquito. Zhao Hai also soon these abilities forgetting, because his simply has not thought must use these abilities, in the initially game designs these functions the time, Zhao Hai little uses, but treats as amusingly. Since Ark Continent here, Zhao Hai wholeheartedly is thinking unfolds own territory, that has the mood to put the insect, therefore had not paid attention to these functions. Just Meg said that wanted to give the Purcell Family start trouble, only if were the disaster, this made Zhao Hai one think in Space to put insect function. Insect plague regarding agricultural produce of country, is the one type of disaster, is the one type of very fierce disaster, most famous is the locust, the people are locust transit described generally, a place destroyed clean scene, obviously the fierce place of this insect plague. Insect that Zhao Hai release comes, naturally is not the locust, but is in the game that pork insect, this insect to the crops destruction that these have not grown into is also very critical. Zhao Hai wants release this insect, making these insects destroy the Llica plain there crops, so long as destroyed the there crops, did not fear that Purcell Family was all right to do. Moreover they use puts insect method, looks like looks like has the insect plague to be the same, some simply people do not think that this creates unexpectedly artificially. Zhao Hai looks at Green their appearance, knows that what their understand did not say is any meaning, shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, your Space also had has certainly understood, actually also the don’t know Space also several functions, these functions I thought am not useful, therefore has not told you, he he, now looks like, these functions also were really very useful.” Green puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what function? Young Master, has relationship to the manufacture insect plague that you did say?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have relationship, has big relationship, altogether three functions now we are useful, the one type is Pest Releasing Tool function, the one type is Weed Releasing Tool function, the one type is mosquito discharge function, this Pest Releasing Tool function very simple, discharges the harmful insect toward the cropland, this harmful insect is very big regarding the destructiveness of crops, the Weed Releasing Tool function is also similar, discharges some weeds toward the place, these weeds will compete for the land with the crops the nutrition, making the crops reduce production, the mosquito discharge function now could not have used, this function is the massive release mosquito.” Ark Continent here also has the mosquito, said that this thing also is really very annoying, where has . Moreover the name is also same as Earth on, therefore Zhao Hai said the mosquito directly, Green their also understand that is any thing. Green they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also the meaning of understand Zhao Hai, how many people are at present one bright, Green was said : Young Master, what you said was real? Your meaning is, can Space the release insect, eat to eat all one's food these crops?” Zhao Hai nodded to smile said : „, Ok, moreover like the improvement land, some everyday limits, does not put the insect not to limit.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy stood got up said : well, fantastic, so long as there is this to attack the energy, our immediately can begin, was right, Young Master, we returns to Stony Mountain there to go now, then left to go to the Llica plain, when we put the insect, we went to Purcell Family to break off an engagement.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this matter not to worry, fills there not to be near to Black Mountain from Black Wasteland here, these people just entered to Black Wasteland here, even if they inquired that information, must go back also some time, our time suffice.” Green at this time also calm, nodded said : right, our time are sufficient, then fill to Black Mountain from Black Wasteland this on some time, we go to Llica plain there actually to have more than enough from Casa City that long time, but after our returned to Stony Mountain, but must arrange the there matter, I thought that these time too many people do not go, goes to too many people counter- to be very troublesome, Young Master do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : these time unable to go to too many people, I looked that we went to be good, making Zhao Ga their several stand by in Space, this had any matter, we can also deal with.” Green nodded, now their majority of strengths they have to go to Carrion Swamp by Drunk, the remaining some must keep Black Wasteland and Stony Mountain there are defending, cannot moving heedlessly easily, good only be able to make Zhao Ga their several take orders. Merine they had not opposed that Zhao Hai has Space in any case, also does not fear to have an accident, if there is any matter, so long as he hid toward Space in has been OK, moreover can along with time returned to Stony Mountain or Iron Mountain Fort here. although said that Space here had three fixed Transmission Point, Zhao Hai only has used two now, but, he also had three Transmission Point, two were fixed, one was not fixed, Zhao Hai arrived at there, there was Transmission Point.

However now Stony Mountain there cannot leave the person, they not only need cooperate with Laura, but may also have other trouble, there must some people defend is being good. Has decided the detail of motion, Zhao Hai they returned to Stony Mountain there, they have prepared after second caravan that when Laura sends, in Llica plain there, their time is also in any case sufficient. Two days later, second caravan of Laura arrangement arrived, on their vehicles the belt thinks of many wooden barrels and extract oil with the tool, preparation completeness of. However was the wooden barrel has been short of a point, each wooden barrel only then installed 200 jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil, this Laura one has sent 200 wooden barrels to them, in other words can install a twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg) oil, but these oil Zhao Hai their five days can press out. Zhao Hai also made his caravan person have the words to Laura \; first, to let Laura was helping to receive some wooden barrels, second was he must go out, possibly some time can come back, but there is words of any matter to Stony Mountain here to look for him. caravan Captain or Sean, now the Sean authority was very big, but he arrived at Zhao Hai here or very polite, very careful, does not dare neglecting a little. Status of Sean very clear Zhao Hai in Laura heart, he is Laura trusted aide, what nature understand Laura thinks is anything, Zhao Hai can be said as a Laura powerful backer, how Sean dares disrespecting now a little. After Sean they send off, Zhao Hai and Green left, is as before, Green brought ghost Staff to dive Stony Mountain, then they seized the Llica plain, but this time they were evening's advancing, rested the daytime to Space. Ark Continent here area was too big, the although person are many, but is few regarding the natural destruction, is adding on here does not have Earth there reaches, to evening, the people have rested, simply presently, will not have People in the evening still moves outside, therefore Zhao Hai they hurry along in the evening, cannot by the person present. From Casa City here to Llica plain it will not take long, after all there is the Purcell Family grain main habitat, Purcell Family attach great importance to, impossible to be far from there too, but leaves is too far, the Llica plain there accident sentiment, they do not have the time to rescue. Purcell Duchy here, is some Purcell Family first, then has Casa City that Casa City is Purcell Family constructs, they construct Casa City because of the Casa City here good communications, not only the path extends in all directions, what most important is, this city leaves north Aksu Empire first river Jade Belt River not to be far, water transportation also very convenient.

Casa City here initially selected location time, is not far from Llica plain there, the Llica plain is the place that Purcell Family builds up, has the Purcell Family old castle to exist in there. Reason that Purcell Family gives up Llica plain here, must construct the city in the present Casa City position \; first, because of Casa City here very convenient \; second, because Llica plain there does not have the danger to defend, the Llica plain looks like his name is the same, is a stretch of down country, may see thing dozens li (0.5km) away, the topography has not fluctuated completely, such place has constructed the city, the defense capability also very limitedly. although the Purcell Family core, has put Casa City there now, the grain that but regarding Llica plain here also attach great importance to, Purcell Family very clear Llica plain here regarding their Clan importance, here produces is their basis is. Clan one, but has established a duchy truly, immediately understand grain regarding Clan, an importance of country, your economical show, does not have enough grain, you forever supine other people's breath. The food is what matters to the people, although does not have these words in Ark Continent here, but these superior are clear, the grain is basic, one, but lost this basis, that country must meet the chaos. For this reason, therefore Purcell Family these years, have used the innumerable methods, from these small Noble, commoner in hand, were not the land of their family to get so far as in hand the entire Llica plain, finally the entire Llica plain was surnamed Purcell . Had Llica this grain production place, Purcell Family energy also fully, now Purcell Family in these established Clan, was competent, they had the grain, can raise some soldiers, had the soldier you to speak is unyielding. Because knows that here is very important to Purcell Family, therefore Purcell Family in Llica plain here, all the year round five thousand Elite soldiers is guarding, these five thousand Elite soldiers, are in Purcell Family most Elite Ben Niuwei, even if puts entire Acklau Empire, was the Elite soldier, light raises these soldiers, money that everyday needed was astronomical figures.