Chapter 135 Evan In outside of entire Llica plain, is planting the windbreak zone, this against wind zone can also play doing of guard rail to use, this windproof in many are some tree seed like birch tree, big straight, got up by the race in the big trees punctured the cane and thorn grass. Punctures the cane and thorn grass these two thing on Continent is very common, the has plenty village, feared that by Magic Beast attack, will be planted some thorn canes and thorn grass outside of village, the Magic Beast although not too big use of this thing to Advanced level, but has very good protection to do to use regarding some Inferior level Magic Beast. But entire Llica plain here, it is said over a million mu lands, such big lands, to encircle him, that must need many trees, obviously Purcell Family great writer. The Llica plain here characteristics, this characteristics almost did not have in other place, only then Llica plain here has, is here not commoner, does not have small Noble, in the person of Llica plain here life, besides the Purcell Family army, has the one type of person, the slave. Good, does not have commoner in Llica plain here, all people all are the slaves, is the Purcell Family slave, the Llica plain is so big, minimum must need several hundred thousand talented people able here all lands to cultivate on, but these hundred thousand slaves, some had settled down in here, now entire Llica plain here had over a million people to live, over a million slaves! What concept is that? In Ark Continent here, a medium city, resident population also several million, slightly small point is also about 1 million people, small urban constant moral behavior several hundred thousand people, in other words Purcell Family equal to had a slave in medium city. The great writers, the absolute great writer, depends on this writing skill, Purcell Family, on being considered as was Great Clan that in Acklau Empire knew how things stand, no wonder they will hit a person when he is down. Aksu Empire old King, wants to cope with these Great Clan, Purcell Family is one of them, but Buda Family is a Aksu Empire old King in hand blade, can say that Buda Family becomes engaged with Purcell Family, if no Aksu Empire old King high pressure, is impossible becomes. Evan Purcell , although said that with Asian light father a little friendship, is the good friend, but is Great Clan Patriarch, he cannot take responsibility too many matters, even if Patriarch , the has plenty matter is the body already. Must say really that Evan this person is good, he is young time, goes out to gain experience, happen to have run into the Adam father, they discussed really happy, finally became the good friend.

Afterward Evan had worked as Purcell Duchy Grand Duke, wants helping Buda Family well, when he sat the big minute of position of , present, the has plenty matter was not he can be done main. Sat in that position, he must shoulder the entire Purcell Duchy responsibility, must defend the old Noble benefit, therefore he became Purcell Duchy Grand Duke time, already with Buda Family at opposite. Moreover Purcell Family, besides Patriarch, Elder Assembly, this Elder Assembly is some Purcell Family direct personnel or the collateral branch people of the older generation composes, these elders wove large net with all sorts of benefits, Evan this Patriarch net firmly in middle, having made him unable to move. Passed away to afterward old King suddenly, the new King bloody superior, the Buda Family disaster, Evan wants to help, but does not have the means that finally he can only with his strength, protect a Adam life, be able saying that if no Evan to strive in secret, Green and Merine feared that cannot preserve Adam. However he helps the Buda Family matter in secret, was known by the Elder Assembly person, these elder alliance get up to exert pressure to him, his Patriarch authority in one time by big weakening. Evan also felt that own present looks like a puppet, but he can have any means that in the final analysis he is the Purcell Family person, his body upper reaches the blood of Purcell Family, on his Bone is ironing the Purcell Family seal, he is impossible to be separated from Purcell Family. Therefore in bystander opinion, he is scenery infinite Purcell Grand Duke, but Evan actually understand, he is ornaments, is placed is attractive in there, top the ornaments of thunder to these elders. But Ryan Purcell , although is the Evan daughter, actually with Evan very does not cope, because of the Ryan mother, is the daughter who family Patriarch always meets inside elder not of the same surname, marries Evan also for better control Evan. For this reason, therefore Ryan does not kiss with Evan this father, counter- somewhat looks down upon the meaning of Evan, conversely, to his grandfather actually own serious. Purcell Family because of the old King pressure, makes Ryan become engaged with Adam, now Buda Family, Purcell Family naturally wanted to break an engagement but actually, but cannot put aside the face, this matter such is dragging. However now Ryan pursues is too tight, is adding on her grandfather is very really sore she, therefore sent for Black Wasteland there examining that having a look at the Buda Family person dead, if has not died, they were good to make up a blade, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai annoying the wool, has actually thought of put insect this move.

Zhao Hai and Green arrived at Llica square meter surrounding, these arrive are has plenty small villages, the person in village is also some commoner, their has plenty originally lives on the Llica plain, finally was actually found the way catching up by Purcell Family, the big piece fertile land has turned over to Purcell Family, now they can only on Llica plain the barren lands of surrounding these rough terrain earn a living difficultly. These people cannot go in the Llica plain \; first, because there is Purcell Family army look at, two are because these windbreak zones of Llica plain surrounding. Zhao Hai and Green stand outside of windbreak zone now, look at that piece of minimum have 100 meters width, how long windbreak zone don’t know, Zhao Hai cannot help but sigh said : big writing skill, this Purcell Family also really fierce, is only these trees on many manpower.” Green nodded said : this is the strength of millennium aristocratic family, heard Purcell Family initially has spent for 50 years, takes to construct this piece of against Wind tree, the manpower and resources of use are less innumerable, light to construct this piece of forest, the slave who dies of exhaustion has many on don’t know, some people said that this piece of forest has many trees, died many slaves.” Zhao Hai sighed a cold air but actually, look at that dense and numerous forest, the heart straight hemp, although said that he also knew some words exaggeration of Green, but what we definitely know is that to construct this forest belt, died certainly many people. In the dark night, in forest the slightest sign of trouble, has the innumerable shadows to move in the forest probably, the look at Zhao Hai straight wool, some little time he sighed at heart said : why bother, if we had that many people, I made them restore the commoner status, the slavery, was impossible to be too long-time.” Green has not said anything, he thought that the Zhao Hai words are not right, on Continent the slavery tens of thousands years, now is not good, his really understand why Zhao Hai did not say that the slavery cannot be long-time. Zhao Hai has not said anything, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, today the weather early, we first do not rest in here, tomorrow in the evening we in going to the plain.” Green to had not opposed that has shone about three hours sky, these three hours could not do anything, might as well in here rest well. They Stony Mountain looked from Space there returned to, Stony Mountain there to is all normal, nobody disturbs, but before , several days Laura sent for sending the a batch wooden barrel, this a batch wooden barrel can install under a two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) oil fully, was suffices Zhao Hai they to use a while. Wants about five days from Casa City there to Llica plain here, the workers who these five days of Iron Mountain Fort there oil pressing plants official start, has used are Undead Creature, draws the draught animal power of oil press, Undead Creature that used Scaled Wildebeest to turn into.

Undead Creature that however Scaled Wildebeest turns into is not a skeleton, but another one type of Undead Creature, Zombie. Zombie is one type of also wants high level Undead Creature compared with the skeleton, 1st level skeleton fighting strength is very weak, however 1st level Zombie minimum has the 2nd level Warrior strength, but wants to turn into Zombie the corpse, Magic that needs actually turns into about ten times of skeleton the corpse, therefore the ordinary people will not turn into Zombie the corpse. Zombie fighting strength although is very strong, however motion is not quick, Zombie cannot win ten skeletons, moreover Zombie wants Level Up, compared with skeleton difficulty, general Dark Magician generally will therefore not turn into Zombie the corpse. However Zombie fighting strength is not truly weak, takes most Inferior level 1st level green iron Zombie, this Zombie strength is very big, moreover defense capability very strong, of skin does not compare the general leather armor difference, if is not too slow, can cope with general 3rd level Warrior fully, because is too slow, even if meets a level Warrior, cannot how others. However 1st level Warrior , should not be hit by Zombie, so long as were hit heavily by Zombie, undead also severe wound. 2nd level black iron Zombie, was similar to the common skeleton, compared with the 3rd level Warrior difference, was not quite one type of Undead Creature that was difficult to deal with. 3rd level Zombie was called bronze Zombie, this Zombie has the strength of 4th level soldier, 4th level Zombie is called Poison Corpse, to this level Zombie, has been able to use oneself Corpse Toxin to carry on attack to the person, 5th level Zombie was called Tsian deDelopment Bank Zombie, the defense is stronger, strength even bigger, is quicker, Corpse Toxin attack. 6th level was official silver Zombie, 7th level is Yakkin Zombie, 8th level is golden Zombie, 9th level is the Zombie emperor in real space. However on Continent did not have that Magician to manufacture 4th level above Zombie, makes 4th level above Zombie, making the Advanced level skeleton is more difficult, even if 3rd level Zombie, general Magician cannot manufacture.