Chapter 136 Family property Zhao Hai makes Zombie, for wants to have a look at Zombie to have any different places with the skeleton, what makes him not think, after he has made Zombie, Space unexpectedly all Undead Creature that exits from Space, turned into Zombie, unified Zombie and Zombie of Advanced level skeleton merit. The body surface skin and flesh and blood of these Zombie protection capability very strong, compares favorably with general leather armor, inside Bone hard, comparing favorably with steel and iron, moreover they are pale except for complexion, cannot breathe beside, seems like also different from the normal person, just their eyeballs will not rotate. What most important is, toxin of these people increased, besides original these toxin, increased Corpse Toxin, this Corpse Toxin must 4th level poisonous stiff level, but this equal to 2nd level Zombie does not have, but 2nd level Zombie, Corpse Toxin hides in within the body, but Space just raises toxin, strengthened. Simultaneously these Undead Creature, some Zombie attack methods, for example the fingernail can lengthen, super strong, Zhao Ga their several are so, it can be imagined, one, but Zhao Ga their these undead Magician, appears on Continent, Magic Robe, in hand release each and every one Magic, person who when these soldiers near their, their actually fist person hitting half dead, what scene that can be. On Continent few people meet Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, to did not say that Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation is not good, conversely, Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation is very big in Might of initial period, below 5th level, with the level person , the Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation person can win the match steadily. However crossed 5th level is another appearance, crossed 5th level to want to attack a higher level, not only need depend on ascetic, after crossing 5th level, no matter Magic or Battle Qi, each time Level Up was very difficult. Regarding the Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation person, crossed 5th level, their each liter 1st level, that difficulty not only added First Grade in two to be so simple, if gave up Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation at this time, only cultivated to be the same, was not good, Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, complemented one another, one, but started Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, must make the demon military level maintain consistent, otherwise very easy possessed by the Devil, the Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation person, to finally was very therefore difficult the great achievement, generally to 6th level or 7th level in difficult little advance. although said that 7th level demon Warrior was also very fierce, but can rush to 7th level demon Warrior to be very few, the talent that on has plenty Continent became famous, thinks one can Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, but actually cherished hatred finally in 5th level, rose 6th level without the means that only then minority rose 6th level, even if were these liters 6th level, possibly for a lifetime also on card in that only then less part of liters 7th level. Now on Continent few people Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, must know the beforehand these Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation talents, if only cultivates one type of, finally may become 9th level Expert, because of Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, they actually can only become 7th level finally, or 6th level general Expert. But after Space these Undead Creature have carried on several times Level Up, now looks like Zhao Ga they, had the 7th level Expert strength, but Zhao Ga they by Magic attack give priority to, the ability of near body war are not very strong, they have not studied Battle Qi, has not studied Martial Skill, can only carry on to make the war with the instinct.

But these Warrior family backgrounds Undead Creature, they mainly by Martial Skill attack give priority to, their not Magic, their attack, compared with Zhao Ga their these Magician family backgrounds, cannot miss that to go. These Magic Beast that comes out from Carrion Swamp, now has also put on flesh and blood, other people's present fighting strength does not want compared with these Warrior difference, the time that these Magic Beast itself have must be longer than these Warrior time, but Carrion Swamp there is not the peaceful place, except for beast tide time, other times, no matter Undead Creature or Magic Beast, battle is almost living frequently, no matter these Undead Creature these Magic Beast, have rich battle experience, the strength is not weak. Zhao Hai has not thought that really can be such result, but this result he to lets his very happy, now his in the hand had more than 1000 7th level Expert, more than 1000 7th level Expert? What concept is that? Fears with the Purcell Family positive proceed boldly words, if Purcell Family does not set out 9th level Expert, does not have the means to level them. cultivation level to 9th level, already not with the quantity can win, that is two different levels, but the big aristocratic family on Continent, has almost 9th level Expert to assume personal command, what unfortunately is, Zhao Hai enemy these big aristocratic families, therefore he also can only clamp tail to cultivate the behavior now. Rested for day in Space, Zhao Hai and Green condition finally restored the best, daytime time, Merine arrived in Space, prepared food to Zhao Hai, Merine feel relieved under Zhao Hai, attendance very touched of Zhao Hai to Merine, on him first had not enjoyed the maternal love, however on the body of Merine, he enjoyed. Respects regarding Merine and Green Zhao Hai, regards them is own one's own grandfather Grandma regards, these two respectable old person, have offered the life for Buda Family, offered including own children to Buda Family, regarding such person, Zhao Hai did not have the means not to respect. Came out already for five days from Casa City there, in Zhao Hai Farm a radish and Oil Fruit this difference, presently in his hand has the output of radish near Sanbaimu, the output of Oil Fruit 22 seasons, such quantity was very astonishing, but after Zhao Hai also prepared the radish of this season received, is not planting the radish, the radish of near Sanbaimu, each mu 8000 jin (0.5 kg), such output was really too astonishing, was also enough he with the Laura transaction a while. But Ranch there, he also received 2000 growing up big rabbits, moreover immediately/on horseback can receive a time big rabbit, in other words he presently in hand, had 2000 big rabbits, 1000 immediately/on horseback are mature, but the small rabbit were more, presently the in his hand small rabbit quantity, 100,000, Zhao Hai too underestimates in Space reproductive ability of rabbit. Zhao Hai does not think that is planting the radish also to have the reason, this time he runs up to Llica plain here to put the insect, Purcell Duchy meets the appears food shortage the phenomenon, perhaps when the time comes meets the appears famine, Zhao Hai prepares the later many point corn, perhaps this can sell some money.

Zhao Hai although wants to cope with Purcell Family with insect plague this move, but he does not want to create the thousand li(500 km) bodies of those who starved to death chart same miserable scene, Purcell Duchy here the grain of majority is Llica plain here delivers, if Llica plain here produces certainly, that Purcell Duchy grain pressure was big. Plague year, what is most bitter is who? It is not these Noble, is not these wealthy men, but is these ordinary common people, if the Purcell Duchy non- grain, these ordinary common people foodgrain will be a problem finally, perhaps by that time really meets the miserable scene that appears eats each other's children. Zhao Hai is hates Purcell Family always to look for his trouble, but he does not think that these ordinary common people suffer hardships, if he does , is meets the conscience to be restless with the fear, an evening cannot have a good sleep to think. Moreover Zhao Hai has also thought that if he has solved Purcell Family this time food crisis with the corn, he also has to gain to a lot of money, what most important is, but can also promote status of Laura in Purcell Family heart. If Zhao Hai wants to break through with the corn, that must sell the corn, he naturally impossible to have acted, can only sell through Laura, Laura breaks through with the grain, that was needless saying that certainly was the Purcell Family great kindness person, the status of nature in their hearts enhances. However now these are only the expectations of Zhao Hai, can such smoothly not say, do not forget Purcell male here to be possible also to have many other big Trading Company, these big Trading Company are capable of the time in short adjusting large quantities of grain to come Purcell Duchy here, the Purcell Duchy grain question, these big Trading Company have the ability solution. Next evening, walked out of Zhao Hai and Green from Space, Green brought Zhao Hai to pass through the windbreak zone, entered the Llica plain. Entered to the Llica plain, Zhao Hai was shocked, he was born in the north of China, there was also the plain, but the population of China were too many at that time, your eyes looked at the past, places looked to the end, was the house, has not looked in Llica plain here shocks. Has shocked, looked at the past, the billowing green wheat blowing in breeze, was ocean is probably same, does not have the boundary, your simply could not see the person, could not see the house, could not see the tree, except for the wheat field or the wheat field, that scene, can only with shocking to describe.

Green is also first time sees this scene, some little time has gasped for breath, sighs said : to be too beautiful, was too magnificent, has not thought really that farming can also plant such magnificent scenery to come.” Zhao Hai also recovers, said : that two eyes shines this is anything, later we also turn into this Black Wasteland there, believes that is more magnificent than here.” Green nodded, he is very clear, the Black Wasteland there land comes compared with here, greatly is not only small, if improves really the there land, they possibly noticed that is more magnificent than this, scenery that but must shock. Now the weather was just dark, but can also see thing, Zhao Hai and Green have not begun, but is careful looked at a situation in this field. Llica plain here and has the place of person, conversely, here has plenty lives in the village of person, in these villages mostly is some thatched roofed huts, the person who inside is occupied by is some slaves, only then the house between 1 or 2 looks like good, probably is the Steward person, look at these slaves. Like this small village in Llica plain here has plenty, in each small village has the 1 or 2 Steward person, is managing dozens to over a hundred slaves, they distribute on the entire Llica plain, in the here generation after generations serves for Purcell Family. However Zhao Hai and Green also noted, the life of these slaves the slaves on compared with other places good many, what they ate was the wheat flour, clothes to were also complete . Moreover the slaves like other places, was not divided into the team, but has formed the each and every one family, if did not have slave branding, they looked like are more like some poverty-stricken commoner.