Chapter 137 Insects crisis ( 1 ) Actually this situation, after a little looks like in the Zhao Hai imagination, Black Wasteland in situation, but Zhao Hai will not send for managing them, if he makes these slaves go to Jiancun, first will give these slaves to restore the commoner status. It seems like Purcell Family also understand, to make the horse run, must let the truth that the horse grazes, they give these slaves compared with other slave good life, makes them get married in here, actually in the final analysis for them from already, even if Purcell Family such Great Clan, impossible every year to buy several hundred thousand slaves to supplement that newly own Clan, such words have owed, therefore they reared in a pen these slaves in here, like this these slave on will get married, on will have a child, but these child lived on is a slave, slave like this was often newer than them the slave who bought. Is easy-to-use. Zhao Hai and Green looked at several small villages, does not have to look, do these small villages are almost a type, look in any case are that a matter, they handle the proper matter to be important. Zhao Hai elected to leave the place very far place of person to stop in one, he has not used the attacking energy of discharge harmful insect now, wants to have a look at this time him to execute the harmful insect that release came to have the big ability. Green stands in Zhao Hai side, moves also motionless look at Zhao Hai, he wants to have a look, harmful insect that Zhao Hai said fierce, they are holding the similar thoughts unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has held up ghost Staff gently, whispered: Discharge harmful insect!” On Staff immediately/on horseback projects together projection, stopped in Zhao Hai at present, then the prompt sound transmits said : to ask Host to choose to discharge area. One mu, ten mu, 100 mu.” Three option appears on that projection. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback understand any meaning, has then chosen 100 mu, but projection has not vanished, but has traded a picture, the prompt sound in one time transmits said : „to choose to discharge the density,( each), two( each sign), three( each), four( each), five( each).” Altogether five options. Zhao Hai thinks, looked at these crops like wheat, one cruel-hearted, has chosen highest five each, is many that choices. The Zhao Hai book thinks that this had finished up, has not actually thought that the scenery on projection is changing, the prompt sound in time transmits said : „to choose the harmful insect survival time, a day, seven days, ten days, one month.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has elected for one month, choosing this option, the Space prompt sound not to transmit, that said that projection also vanished, but projects together pale yellow from Staff light comes, this light flashes vanished, then Zhao Hai and Green hear, in their front wheat fields has broadcast a xi xi su su sound, they lower the head looked that cannot help but feels at heart the wool.

Originally in their front wheat fields, on each wheat is crawling five large meat insects, in gnawing food that on the wheat goes all out, a leaf of small meeting wheat was gnawed large hole. Zhao Hai and some Green look at this scene scalp hemp, they have not thought that can be this, looks at this scene, this wheat feared that will be one must make these five fat insects eating to eat all one's food. Zhao Hai stood the body, let out a long breath, Green has also stood, face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, was this Pest Releasing Tool function that you said?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, this is Pest Releasing Tool attacks the energy, in front of us 100 mu wheat, in each have five such insects.” Green looked at their front wheat, at heart shock, but yellow light dodged, in this stretch of good wheat field, on suddenly appears this pork insect, moreover in each five, this is really was too scary, this simple is makes the life, the god same ability. Zhao Hai has not told Green, these insects have one month of life, the key is his not understand, the time of this insect survival is one month, was any concept, on Purcell Family these person of present wheat steadily the insect, certainly will kill, by that time this insect feared was must kill off, was naturally impossible to survive for one month, therefore he had not said to Green. However Green has also seen the person of magnificent scene, knows that Space magical thing, quick calm, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, did we on put an insect to other place?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to put, must put, I must let these insects, on all wheat the Llica plain eats to eat all one's food.” Green he he smiles, pulling Zhao Hai several jumped, crosses that hundred mu to let off the wheat field of insect, to another stretch of wheat field, Zhao Hai has then put the insect, was continue the next place. Altogether spoiled many wheat fields to Zhao Hai don’t know finally, but he puts the insect toward the wheat field , is also orderly, first starts from forest, this can the misconception that Purcell Family one type of these insects naturally live. This evening's Zhao Hai and Green are very tired, being upon the jump that they keep, Zhao Hai Alien release has not come, to mention also strangely, when he causes Zombie, Undead Creature in Space turned into the Zombie appearance, only then Alien has not changed, is the original appearance, this to Zhao Hai to is the good deed, if Alien also turned into that appearance, his simply did not have the means in arriving at Space of Alien within the body, because outside had flesh and blood to be away from, outside his simply was impossible to see the scene directly. This Zhao Hai has not come Alien release , because the Alien build was too big, was easy to expose did not say, but also was easy to leave the trace, if made the Purcell Family person see these traces, presently this time insect plague is perhaps artificial, that may not be unamusing.

To dawn also about three hours times, Zhao Hai and Green in Space have rested on returned to, Green knows, these slaves not after when the sky has shone completely, meets to work, these supervisors will not let slave rest that long time, if they must wait till dawn in the rest, may be able very much by the person present trail. Their this evening also is really much more tired, immediately has rested to Space, but Space outside situation, actually imagines them is more awful. Zhao Hai had underestimated these insects regarding the destructive power of crops, five pork insects, not to stop is gnawing these young wheat, the destruction to the wheat is the difficult imagination, this evening's time, the has plenty wheat were gnawed the polished rod. But more fearful lies, these have eaten to eat all one's food a pork insect of wheat, has not vanished, but crawled from that wheat there, crawls toward another wheat on. Zhao Hai has not calculated, actually they this in the evening, has changed more than 100 places, was Green now arrived at the standard of 8th level Peak, otherwise was impossible to achieve this degree. Also in other words Zhao Hai they this in the evening, enough put the insect to more than 10,000 mu wheat fields, on each wheat five, when they when the last place put the insect, put that 100 mu place of insect most from the beginning, had been eaten to eat all one's food by these insects, enormous and powerful insect army, started to unfold to the depth. Zhao Hai and Green entered Space to rest, nature don’t know outside situation, when day quick bright time, these slaves also got up, now their prime task removes weeds to the wheat field, if existing insect, wanted the insect disinfestation. Now is not the busy farming season season, therefore these slaves cross also locates on the other hand is relaxed, after they get up, arrived in the field to inspect. But by slave who Zhao Hai they let off insect that lands, arrives in the field time, actually one silly in there, look at present all of scalp hemp. Large insects, are lying on the young wheat, gnawing of frantic is eating the young wheat, toward was looking that there basically could not see the complete young wheat, only the remaining green culms stand in there. Do not say these slaves, even if were these supervisors also silly in there, look at present all that does not dare to believe that this was too scary. A suddenly slave responded, shouts wildly is flushing away toward the wheat male, projects on the ground with on the insect of hand wheat, is stamping.

This slave's response, one made other people respond, their immediately threw, has projected on the ground the insect, stamped with the foot. That supervisor also one sobered, his complexion white looked in situation one, looked at one to all around, then he has not gone to the deinsectization with these slave together, but is turn around, runs toward small village that they live. In their small village, will raise some Scaled Wildebeest, these Scaled Wildebeest normally can be used to plant crops, if lives any matter time, can ride is notifying, this Steward is to ride Scaled Wildebeest to give in Clan to deliver a letter. Just that supervisor saw, these insects, not only a flake, he took a broad view to look, the big stretch of wheat fields had been gnawed up, now also area of don’t know insect plague big, but what we definitely know is that if cannot as soon as possible suppressed the insect plague, Llica plain here grain yield big reduction. What this supervisor don’t know is, currently also has much to do the same matter with his same status person, each and every one is riding Scaled Wildebeest to run toward the Purcell Family relay station. But insect disinfestation that reason that these slaves such buy strength, is if in their places cannot harvest the grain, food that they obtain will also reduce, their days did not feel better, if food is reducing, that was sadder. Purcell Family in the management of Llica plain here is very good, after these live in the small village of slave, they separate not the far place, small the place like relay station, there normally specifically is used to transmit information and put the commodity to these slaves, to fall harvest time, there turned into the grain distribution station, special being responsible for harvests the grain. Purcell Family with this relay station, entire Llica plain control, no matter there, has any slightest sign of trouble, they can obtain information in the shortest time.