Chapter 138 Urgent report! In especially is a stationmaster in Purcell Family relay station, this regarding the Purcell Family person, this absolutely is a lucrative position, when here puts the commodity to these slaves, can deduct, harvests the grain time, but can also in deducting, normally here also will raise 1 or 2 looks like Wind-Chasing Horse or the flame colt and so on, runs the quite quick horse, is used to transmit information, but thing that these horses feeds cannot certainly with ordinary Scaled Wildebeest compared with, them probably eat some comparison fine feeds, but these feed is also in Clan matches, in they can also embezzle from these feed especially. Gets down part. Such matter in the relay station of Llica plain, is the universal matter, is almost public secret, in Clan also turns a blind eye to this matter, looks like in Clan these people, year to year is defending in relay station there, is painstakingly assignment. However Purcell Family also has the bottom line to these relay stations, normally lets their corrupt point, but must guarantee the normal work of relay station, every year after the slave of their hand commodity, cannot die too, otherwise Clan meets the heavy fine they. Because of this, therefore serves as a petty government official in relay station, is painstakingly assignment, but also is a lucrative position, does for several years in the relay station, can returned to Casa City raise old. In especially also retirement time, he is in Purcell Family a foreign affairs Butler nephew, practice innate skill is not good, his uncle arranged in him the relay station, enabling him to gain some gold coins, to the future good can comfortable return home and live in retirement. although said that cannot returned to Casa City go frequently, everyday can only defend in this relay station, however his small the days passes by is the very relax clothing/taking, he is one the person who is easy to be content, he knows that he does not practice good, did not have the thoughts of practice, is only thinking does in relay station here for several years, later can comfortable in domestic old. Remembers own family, on the special face has cannot help but shown the smiling face, his family in Casa City, six years ago he lives with the wife in this relay station, but afterward had the child, for child's education, he has delivered to Casa City the child and wife, now his child went to school in the Casa City demon Martial arts institute . Moreover the result is wrong, although innate skill cannot become Magician, but is very healthy, is a good Warrior material. Thinks own that mischievous son, in especially happy, snort|hum the song from in the room walked out, was going into the kitchen to put out pot small liquor, has put out two small side dish, then said loudly: Gasson, Carlos, come, accompanies Elder Brother I to drink two cups.” The gasson and Carlos are in the special assistant, they also with Purcell Family, some upper layer character a little relationship, therefore was arranged here, three people of relationship are good. In this time, a suddenly horse's hoof sound is transmitting, in cannot help but gawked especially, stopped, careful listening, presently this horse's hoof sound, from the Purcell Family old castle, Ben Niubao the direction does not transmit, but transmitted from the inside of Llica plain.

In especially complexion changes, he did not fear that hears the horse's hoof sound that from Ben Niubao there, that is not Clan comes to order to them, gives them the commodity, he most fears the hoofbeat that hears from the Llica plain, that represented in the Llica plain to have an accident. Llica plain here very attached great importance to by Clan, no matter here lived any matter, wants first to make Clan know that this is the Purcell Family family rule. In the in hand wine pot throws especially, to two just under the hand/subordinate from room shouted that said : quick, prepares the flame horse, in the Llica plain possibly had an accident.” The gasson and Carlos in one hear said especially that has gawked, then immediately/on horseback has prepared, they may also know, in soon eight years in Llica plain here Jobs is done, these eight years time, in although especially did not have get promoted especially, but he was too familiar with Llica plain here all, listens his not to have the mistake. When they give the flame horse installs the saddle, in especially ran up to out of the door, look at distant place unceasingly close Scaled Wildebeest, can look, the person on horseback also in going all out is brushing the horse, this Jeannette cannot help but sinks at heart, he knows that is this, is representing the matter on exceed thornily. The quick horse ran up to in front of the door of relay station, the immediately/on horseback person had jumped down from immediately/on horseback, in immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody especially said : Taine, had an accident?” Taine complexion pale said : in the especially big person, is not good, my district endogenous insect plague, the big piece, a face does not look to the end, snap shot Clan reported that otherwise this year's grain ended.” In the special head buzz, has some little time recovered, he deeply has attracted two tones, then said : „the detailed point said how can suddenly live the insect plague?” Taine complexion pale said : don’t know, yesterday is fortunately good, this morning gets up, presently the one type of white big insect, has eaten many wheat, the quantities of these insects are many, if cannot eliminate as soon as possible, the consequence is dreadful, if there are if possible, hoping Clan can send Magician to come.” One hear of Taine said that was startled especially, his very clear, Clan also divides several types regarding the warning, most Inferior level will only send several Warrior to come to handle, level generally will send some armies to come, population not 1000 people, high level must invite Magician make a move, meanwhile will have sent out 1000 people of armies. Now Taine said that is makes Clan send out 1000 people of armies to bring Magician to solve the trouble of here, in especially look at Taine said : Taine, you may probably know what you said is what? Really as serious as that degree?”

Taine forced smile said : in does especially big person, my Taine handle matters you to return don’t know? Is more serious, I who you imagine looked that best is makes Clan process according to the strategic crisis.” In does not speak especially, Taine before was the Clan soldier, because afterward was injured, cannot in fighting, therefore was sent here to work as a supervisor, but also because he has become a soldier, therefore handled matters very sturdily, moreover after the war, regarding the strategic crisis was any meaning, he was Binette is clear, therefore one hear of he said that in knows especially, matter really to very serious situation. In turns the head especially to Taine said : that well, my immediately/on horseback goes to Ben Niubao to deliver a letter, your immediately/on horseback goes back to organize the person deinsectization.” Taine complied with one, turn around jumped up Scaled Wildebeest, returned according to the old route. At this time the gasson and Carlos also Zhunbei flame horse, they altogether have prepared three, in turned the head immediately/on horseback to deliver a letter to all around all relay stations to their said : especially, making them inform the following village, must pay attention to the matter of insect plague, the attention deinsectization, I went to Ben Niubao to deliver a letter.” They have complied with one, starts in together turning over especially, ran separately. From their here to Ben Niubao, the fast horse also requires two days of especially, but if has met the urgent matter, can change horses not change players, urgent toward seizing Ox Bao, so long as this one day were enough. Now in especially is urgent, therefore his change horses, toward Ben Niubao. Ben Niubao is the Purcell Family Laobao, in here all the year round has the Clan three elder seats, simultaneously 5000 Ben Niuwei, minimum 100 Dead-soldier, 50 Magician in here all the year round guarding, the massive Clan members and families live the servant, is the Purcell Family foundation is. Entire Ben Niubao outer wall, fully two kilometers, five meters thick, 15 meters high, all over the body becomes by the earth rammer, in the Riga grass, tampers one layer, drenches the one layer rice milk, ten points strong/sturdy. Ben Niubao here is very lively, but here is not the key communication line, only then some Purcell Duchy Merchant will set up the shop in here, moreover Purcell Family to the here tube is also very strict, generally does not know that foundation Merchant, they will not prepare them to open a shop in here. Presently person entire Ben Niubao here is living about the fifty thousand person, there are few people to live in the castle, such people are some with some Purcell Family relationship people, the remaining most people are outside the life castles. 5000 Ben Niuwei, 2000 is stationed in the castle, remaining 3000 are stationed in the military compound outside castle, the castle and military compound become the potentials of corner, coordinates with each other across a great distance.

On this day original castle here was the same with the past, in the morning opened big gate of castle, doing business that everyone/Great Clan did business, was busy other was busy at other, to was lively, on this day all appeared that ordinary, to the weather was slowly dark time, in the castle has resounded a melodious ding, knows in the people of here life that represented the castle to close. In this time, a rapid horse's hoof sound is transmitting from the deep place of Llica plain, this horse's hoof sound very anxious, such as the raindrop is common, the people cannot help but turn the head to look. Before long sees a flame horse to run from the distant place, runs while said loudly: Urgent report! Urgent report! Do not close!” In the person of castle here life, except for some Merchant, generally is staff member in castle, or Ben Niuwei a family member, many are the Purcell Family collateral branch, the nature very clear urgent report is any meaning, the city gate that is closing slowly, immediately stopped, not only does not close, instead to slowly opened. Before long that horse ran up to in front of the door of castle, immediately had two head harness ox horn helmets, Ben Niuwei who wore the iron armor welcomed, that person has not actually stayed, was only said loudly: Urgent report, the urgent report, the dodge opens.” Will stop the common urgent report to castle in front of the door, only then anxious in the specially matter direct dropping, will have directly soared the fort, in front of the door Ben Niuwei listens such to shout, does not dare to block, toward side one let, dodge. Comes the person in especially, he knows the insect plague, but most urgent matter, therefore has not managed that many, drops in directly, in directly soars the fort. The pedestrian on street looked that this posture also nobody dares to block, being in chaotic situation, in especially already to fort in front of the door. Has ridden a day of horse, was already utterly exhausted, the both feet early to pass out in especially, rolled from immediately/on horseback, Inner City in front of the door guarding a gate Warrior, immediately ran, has helped up in especially.