Chapter 139 Insects crisis ( 2 ) In especially tired spoke has used energy, Warrior of that guarding a gate gives him to carry the bowl water to another said : hastily quickly.” Another person immediately/on horseback has complied with one, ran up to the gatekeeper to carry one bowl of water, has filled to especially. Throat that in belches smoke especially then quite a little, his immediately/on horseback struggled is standing got up said : quickly, the urgent report, east the Llica plain lived the large-scale insect plague, invited Magician make a move.” Guards a gate Warrior in one hear the special words to stare, then in the complexion big change, lets loose to run especially toward in fort, another holds is walking toward inside especially. Like in person, does not have the qualifications especially, in does not pass through the circular situation next to enter to fort, in he delivers a letter many can only deliver to in front of the door of fort, is delivered by guarding a gate Warrior information, then in the person in fort with according to information important or not, decided that must see him. Guarding a gate Warrior held in the gatekeeper especially, after letting he sat down, closely examines said : what's the matter? Why did suddenly live the insect plague?” In although is especially tired, but also knows, Warrior that can the fort guard a gate, is not that simple, some are the Purcell Family collateral branch juniors, he does not dare not to answer, immediately/on horseback said : my also don’t know, this morning, a supervisor in my jurisdictional boundary told me, he said that their there lived the large-scale insect plague, now the wheat had been eaten one big piece, my immediately ran back to notify.” Warrior of this guarding a gate, named top Purcell , is Purcell Family juniors of collateral branch, reason that his grandfather or an elder, he will guard a gate in here, because of his age to to gain experience time, but duty of this guarding a gate is also the Purcell Family juniors to gain experience one type of method, therefore he will be sent here to guard a gate. In one hear said especially that does go against immediately/on horseback said : when the present insect plague?” Is the Purcell Family person, his naturally clear Llica plain here importance, therefore then can repetitive questioning. In has not been concealing the truth especially, quickly said: This morning present, yesterday also all normal, don’t know what's the matter, suddenly on appears the massive that insects, my immediately notified this morning.” The Tat top frowns to sit in there, he also feels very strange to this matter, is the Purcell Family juniors, he has seen the world wants Binette to be much many, his although thought that this matter is unusual, has not actually thought meets is artificial, on Continent had not heard has that Magic to be able the command(er) insect, an insect thing simply point intelligence, completely with the instinct in handling affairs, nature nobody can command(er).

Moreover these looks like insects, simply any fighting strength, naturally cannot some people think goes to command(er) they, takes the strength as Venerable in Ark Continent here all, does not have thing of strength, will not look at one. Because of this, therefore top although to feel that this matter is very thorny, has not actually thought this is artificial, he thinks that this is the disaster. On Continent also has to live insect plague, conversely, Ark Continent here was too big, every year lived the place of disaster to be many went, the insect plague, the drought, the floods, will live several times every year. In this time, was just running that Warrior that notified to run, internally especially said : quick, followed me, the elder must see you.” In especially one startled, has stood hastily, although his practice strength is not good, but now was also 4th level Warrior . Moreover the Ark Continent here person, the physical quality ordinary on the person on compared with Earth many, therefore in has rested especially this while, has recovered consciousness much, one hear of elders must see him, his immediately has stood. Tat top before that Warrior that notified, in entered in the fort especially, in fort here was similar to Iron Mountain Fort there, just in entered the fort is not small martial arts training ground, now has many Warrior to train in there, in walked toward is a hall, here was some Steward the places of processing matter, around the fence of fort, was building many houses, place that Warrior that these house nature on was these trained lived. Tat top with that guarding a gate other Warrior, brought that hall in front of the door in especially, hall in front of the door here had Steward in waiting in special, looked that in came especially, immediately/on horseback said : walked quickly, the elder was waiting in inside.” Said that led to enter in the fort especially, but went against with another Warrior actually not with, Purcell Family family rule regulation, their such guarding a gate Warrior, did not have the qualifications to walk toward inside. Tat went against in look at to enter in the fort especially, immediately/on horseback turn around returned to own dwelling , he because was the Purcell Family person, therefore the status in these Warrior was not low, oneself had a room alone. A returned to his room, top immediately to write to his grandfather, his grandfather although is an elder, but now actually not in Ben Niubao here, but in Casa City there, he thinks that the quick point lives the matter of insect plague to tell his grandfather here. After writing lived, he letter coils a small volume, lived with wax seal, took out his father to his Wind Falcon, sealing the good letter has forced in the small iron pipe on Wind Falcon claw, this released for flight Wind Falcon. The response of Purcell Family is also a First Grade rapidness, after obtaining information, that night had organized five Wind element Magician, is bringing hundred Cavalry, expunges toward in special district.

Zhao Hai and Green and don’t know these, they before entering Space, entered in the windbreak zone specially, Space that then enters, is feared one exits from Space can by the person present. They have rested to wake in Space in the afternoon, after eating Merine to the lunch that they prepare, they arrived in the living room, Meg to sub that they sent, Zhao Hai turned on the screen, wants to have a look outside situation. Merine and Meg little to outside, in Space, had feared over the two days Zhao Hai their there had any matter, they can the immediately/on horseback support. Their here is not near to the wheat field, the screen can see original 500 meters thing, naturally can also see now the situation in wheat field. However turned on the screen they to be shocked, the wheat field that they saw, with already complete is different, wheat field that yesterday that yesterday saw in the evening they saw in the evening, was one piece green and glossy, life force was vigorous, however the present wheat field actually completely was another appearance. In the wheat field could not be seeing good young wheat, all young wheat only remaining a culm, moreover underwent a day of sunlight insolation, Dean also all fell down, looked that has lost plant, there can also see the yesterday wheat field appearance. They see this situation, cannot help but has held breath a cold air, their yesterday although has thought the destructive power of these insects are very big, but has not actually thought so will be big, unexpectedly only one day night of time, a stretch of wheat field well eating a none remaining, all young wheat has lost unexpectedly plant. Some little time two talented people recover, the Green look at screen muttered said : was too scary, has not thought that this small insect so was unexpectedly fierce, this chapter of Purcell Family had difficultly.” Zhao Hai also nodded, complexion ugly said : I have not thought that these insects so are unexpectedly fierce, it seems like that this Llica plain here, feared that must produce really certainly.” Then turns the head to standing in his behind Meg said : Meg, your tomorrow they said one to secure, now first do not extract oil, full processes these corn, this although we must cope with Purcell Family, but I do not hope that the Purcell Duchy common people, starve to death because of us.” Meg has complied with one, this several days Iron Mountain Fort there fruit oil has extracted many oil, had the twenty thousand many jin (0.5 kg) fully, but the corn processed was not many, now looks like, process some corn to well. Green nodded said : to process some grain to be also good, the province has been used does not have, if this Llica plain here grain has produced really certainly, even if Purcell Family can endure, feared that will be the entire Purcell Duchy grain price will also rise, cannot eat the person many matters of grain, if we can promote the corn, has stabilized under the grain price, has done a good deed.” Zhao Hai sighed said : this time, if for did not make Purcell Family stare at us, I will not do, we made the Llica plain here grain produce certainly, other first did not say that was these slaves of Llica plain here life must suffer hardships.”

Green cold sound said : this does not have the matter of means that such does not do, we were dangerous, Purcell Family will certainly send for coping with us.” Zhao Hai sighed, the look at screen was not speaking, Green also knows that Zhao Hai was not cruel enough, he did not have to urge Zhao Hai, in his opinion Zhao Hai was young, can achieve this degree to be very good. Weather slowly dark, but Zhao Hai they have not worried, they know that makes such big move, Purcell Family there, certainly will receive information, if too early exits, possibly by person present, they multi- wait / etc. were exiting. Has waited till around 9 : 00, outside weather was completely black, Zhao Hai and Green come out from Space, as soon as they come out on present distant place flame, it seems like that the Purcell Family person, is organizing these slave deinsectizations, evening that also they come out luckily, is in forest in addition, therefore not by these person of present. They carefully looked at these flames of distant place, presently under that flame, the person's shadow rocks, obviously is these slaves is being busy, they had not looked that Green brings Zhao Hai to walk toward side from forest, has arrived unable to see the flame the place, this walked out from forest. Zhao Hai looked at one toward the distant place, sighed at heart darkly, was then cruel-hearted, started in front of the piece of wheat field discharge harmful insect to him, this time he like yesterday, put 100 mu, on each seedling five insects, the survival time of insect were one month. This evening's Zhao Hai and Green, altogether have put the harmful insect toward more than 7000 mu wheat fields, on returned to in Space, to is not they do not want to put, but is present Llica plain here many places, has the slave to go on patrol, discharged the harmful insect to increase not the small difficulty for them.