Chapter 140 Most important When Zhao Hai and Green put the insect toward underground, Magician and soldier who Purcell Family sends , to special jurisdiction region. Jurisdiction staff of Purcell Family to each relay station, has the record, therefore in one reported especially that the Purcell Family person, immediately knows is that piece of region had an accident. This that five Magician and that hundred Cavalry, have not brought in together to come especially, in special cultivation level is not good, leading him only to reduce is retarded, therefore was kept Ben Niubao there especially. Purcell Family regarding matter attach great importance to of this insect plague, otherwise impossible one time to send out five Magician to examine the situation, the Magician single body makes ability although that fights not to be weak, however their crowd-attack abilities are stronger, if lived the ordinary insect plague, Magician can use several Magic, instantaneously insect plague suppressing. However when these people arrived in special jurisdiction region, has been shocked, this there or the wheat field, these turned into a battlefield probably, the war of a person and insect is launching, the although combatants are some slaves, but the frigidity of tactical situation, actually leaves their imagination. In a stretch of wheat field, can see everywhere is gnawing the food young wheat the insect, but these slave each and every one went all out projects on the ground the insect, then stamps, in not far away, but also is lying down many slaves, these slave each and every one straight lying down in there, the chest and belly fluctuate slightly, but complexion is pale, both eyes shut tightly, obviously was tired deadly faints passes. But the scene in distant place, is lets that several Magician and that 100 soldiers, has held breath a cold air, except for in special jurisdiction region, other places also received the insect plague, disaster big of area, left the imagination of these Magician. Fire element Magician that and leads sees this situation, immediately/on horseback turns the head immediately/on horseback to soldier said : to return to Ben Niubao, reports like the elder, the here situation leaves the imagination, asking Clan to rise this time crisis to degree of 1st level strategy crisis, best immediately/on horseback to ask Clan to send reinforcement, otherwise the Llica plain will have the crisis that produced certainly today.” Captain of that soldier this squad, is in itself 6th level Warrior, one hear of Magician said that does not dare to neglect, turned the horse around, hurries to toward Ben Niubao.

Magician of that lead, does not have immediately/on horseback to begin the deinsectization, but turns the head to these soldier said : all people, withdraws 50 meters, the young wheat elimination of there, establishes a length and breadth ten meters separation insect belt, draws these slaves, Winger, treats and cures these slaves, making their immediately/on horseback help to establish to separate the insect belt, sends for other places informing, region of all fresh insect plagues must handle according to this.” immediately/on horseback had several soldiers to comply with one, rides a horse informs information in all directions, other these soldier immediately went to the field, these was tired to faint the past slave to hug, was treated and cured by Winger this Water element Magician, but that Fire element Magician that led, was taking own Magic Staff, read several Incantation in a low voice, fire snake appears in his front, he used hand one finger, this fire snake immediately/on horseback flew toward the wheat field , not far place before him, crosswise ran out of an isolation strip, this isolation strip foot had about hundred meters. Is long, obviously his this move Might. Other Magician also respectively execute Divine Ability, in these had been eaten by the insect wheat field with not by the wheat fields of insect plague, has established an isolation strip. This Magician obviously to handling insect plague is also very experienced, now at this time, coped with the meat insect that this type can only crawl, established the isolation strip is the best method. These soldiers, has put out own weapon, according to the request of that Magician, starts to establish the isolation strip, this isolation strip has a about ten meters width fully, can say that light establishes this isolation strip, must waste many wheat fields. These Magician have not thought that this time insect plague is artificial, therefore they work as this time insect plague, regarded the ordinary insect plague to process, the method that now they use, coped with the ordinary insect plague truly is ten is in charge to use, but coped with these artificial insect plagues, their such procedures were no matter used. Zhao Hai and Green today to is not tired, after Space, but also continuously attention outside situation, to fear by the opposite party presently they, after they arrived in the windbreak zone, enters Space, now they also can only see thing within their original 500 meters. Now they to cannot see anything , can only see that these big insects in a short time gnawed the polished rod the young wheat, such was really their imagination. They saw after these insects gnawed the young wheat, entered in the wheat field to move, this let out a long breath, Green smiles said : now I am knows that Purcell Family there so was why lively, on yesterday and today, these insects that our release goes, enough they drank a pot.” Zhao Hai nodded, by the sand, let out a long breath said : we rests first for two days, what had a look at over the two days Llica plain here is, if these fellows really these insects extinguishing, us were exiting to put the insect, if they lost are very big, we did not need to put the insect, after a period of time, Grandpa Green went to Purcell Family to break an engagement.”

Green nodded said : Young Master, we might as well first return to Stony Mountain village there, waits for two days we to come to see the result, over the two days will not have any matter.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : first do not return to Stony Mountain there, we go to Iron Mountain Fort first, takes these fruit oil, then delivers to Casa City to go, making Laura try to buy, buys some to be used while convenient to install the grain the cloth sack to come back, now the corn hits, needs the thing attire, is adjusting several people from Stony Mountain there, making them go then to extract oil, this time we do not count on that the corn has made money, even if we apologizes to the Purcell Duchy average person with the corn.” Green also nodded, although his feelings be harder than Zhao Hai, but he does not hope that because of their this motions, but dies too many innocent civilians. The Ark Continent here person is the letter god, they believe that has existence of numerous Gods, besides person who these believe in the Darkness god, the ordinary person has the restraint to own motion, feared misdemeanor that one do were many, the deity will punish him. After reaching an agreement, their returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, now Iron Mountain Fort there turned into huge Processing Factory, processed is the corn. The corn also two generation styles, one type is skins, goes to the navel, processes the touchable corn, the northerner calls the corn the corn. Another one type of procedure is to process the corn flour, the processing of corn flour be more troublesome than the corn corn, but there is a grinding, to is not considered as that very troublesome. In order to process these corn, Zhao Hai has to from Stony Mountain there, recall massive Undead Creature, making them help the processing corn, after all their present corn are many, must all process, doing not to stop, otherwise does not have the means in the plague , helping in an emergency with the corn. But the energy of person is limited, although these slaves can also push the edge runner, but the physical strength is limited, like processing thing this type living that does not have what technique content, made these Undead Creature do on the line. Therefore Zhao Hai has to raise 100 Scaled Wildebeest in Space, leaves behind ten to pull a cart, other turned into Zombie, making them grind with a grindstone, as the matter stands processes quick. Now Zhao Hai in hand has grinding pan ten of completion, edge runner 20, these thing quantities are not many, the working capacity is also limited, Zhao Hai can only make all male slaves help secure finally make the edge runner and stone mill, remaining processing this living, all give these Undead Creature to complete.

Because must handle these matters, Zhao Hai simply did not have the time to go to Llica plain there to look at the result over the two days, the in his hand person are really not presently many, Iron Mountain Fort here must protect, Stony Mountain there must protect, finally cannot, Zhao Hai probably adjust half that 100 Dead-soldier, is adding on Zhao Ga their several to defend in Stony Mountain there, Undead Creature that these ordinary mercenary turn into, adjusted returned to Iron Mountain Fort here to work. Therefore Zhao Hai relation specially, Drunk in Carrion Swamp they, is also wanting to have a look at Drunk their there situation to be what kind. Drunk report back information to is very good, originally in Carrion Swamp also is not Swamp, in some place existence of like small island, the there place is growing the tree, but also is living some Magic Beast, looks like looks like marine small island is the same. Drunk they have seized small island, takes the base there, is catching some Inferior level Magic Beast in all directions, seeks for some plants seed. However present person Drunk they penetrated, in Swamp several hundred li (0.5km), have been adding on the path difficult line, therefore they prepare to accumulate some thing, is delivering. Zhao Hai to has not urged Drunk they, compares Purcell Family to come, Carrion Swamp there to their threat even bigger, the Purcell Family person is impossible, in Black Wasteland here long-term being stationed, even if they kills Zhao Hai really they, Zhao Hai they, so long as hides some time toward Space, they will evacuate, but Carrion Swamp there is different. Carrion Swamp there was too near to Black Wasteland, if they want to regard the base Black Wasteland, the Carrion Swamp there issue must be solved. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai now so is every anxious, has not made Drunk they come back, no matter what, Carrion Swamp there is most important.