Chapter 141 Opportunity Zhao Hai their here was busy at overturning the heavens, Llica plain there was also similar, Purcell Family first time sent the deinsectization the squad, has not obtained the victory in imagination, conversely, they arrived at there, looked like Clan to rescue on immediately/on horseback, moreover these time previous time was more serious. This Purcell Family person knows finally matter lived seriously, they looks like Casa City to request reinforcements, organized Ben Niubao here all strengths, is old in family Patriarch that here assumed, Hill Purcell was leading, directly soared the Llica plain east side. This Zhao Hai and Green although has put the insects of more than 10,000 mu places, but always, these insects also all in Llica plain east side here, therefore this Purcell Family complete strength, sent here, wants to eliminate these insects within the shortest time. When these people arrived at the insect plague fresh local time, the present matter left their imagination, when they catch up, in several thousand mu wheat fields lived the insect plague, this has not calculated, that isolation strip that before they constructed cannot block these insects unexpectedly. The quantities of these insects were too many . Moreover the ability that reproduces was too strong, their military strength are also insufficient, isolation strip there only played a point to do to use, but quick by these insects breaking through. Five Magician want to defend more than 10,000 mu place, radically is impossible, even if in adding on the armies and these slaves is not good, when Purcell Family reinforcement arrives at time, they have been preparing the third isolation strip, this isolation strip is wider, is longer, but now looks like, probably is the function is not big. Actually their don’t know, these insect simply are not reproductive ability is strong, but is they have not arrived Space regulation must die, therefore they have not died. Space is existence of variation, they are one are the Zhao Hai independent world, there world Law, the difference from Ark Continent here, in Space regulation thing, Ark Continent here does not have the means to change, therefore these insects were killed probably, actually in the blink of an eye appears on another young wheat, but the insect are too many, therefore the people will think their reproductive ability special. But these insect another comparisons have the deceptive characteristics are, they after being killed one time, in appears , on another young wheat, will turn is very small, probably was just fresh small insect is the same, then after eating young wheat increasing slowly, this makes the Purcell Family person believe that this is the insect plague that naturally grows, but reproductive ability of this insect, was really too strong. don’t know of Purcell Family person, if they do not kill these insects, makes them gnaw, they establish the isolation strip, possibly can also many some time, after all crawling of these insects not be very quick, ten meters isolation strip suffices them to crawl in the morning.

However they such killed were serious, them one killed, that side insect on rebirth, moreover in these complete wheat fields the rebirth behind the isolation strip, they to has helped being busy of these insects. reinforcement that this Purcell Family organizes, not only that 5000 Ben Niuwei, in Ben Niubao there life the people of all Purcell Family, was organized, supports here. In near fifty thousand person of Ben Niubao there altogether life, most people are the Purcell Family people, including some are the family live the servant, they are responsible for Ben Niubao the maintenance, cleaning up wait / etc. these work, some are Ben Niuwei the family members, these people also live in here, can say that they are the same with these slaves, is the Purcell Family private property, now the situation is critical, therefore they were also organized. As the matter stands the entire Ben Niubao there fifty thousand person, only the remaining other Merchant Union people, fell from the fifty thousand person less than 5000 people, Ben Niubao only stayed behind guards the door, beside person who the old and weak was unable to move, sent out collectively. The Purcell Family such big sound, is certainly impossible to hide the truth from these big Merchant Union people, these people set up the Trading Company point in here, monitors Purcell Family every action and every movement, pries the compactness of Purcell Family. Because of this, therefore these people with Purcell Family some internal members, have established certain relation. In the first time delivers a letter especially, these Trading Company people felt that the uncommonness of matter, after their inquired in every way, finally knows the Llica plain east side lived the insect plague. These Trading Company people did not have to care, Llica plain here also has to live the insect plague, Purcell Family has dealt with the insect plague, has had confidence very much, will not leave any important matter. However afterward the matter worsened, Purcell Family actually causes such big weaponry, almost Ben Niubao the here person reassigning, these Trading Company people only knows that the matter not like simplicity that they imagine. However at this time they want in inquiring information are impossible, because has relation the people of these Purcell Family with them, on Llica Pyongwon-ri went to the deinsectization, they want to inquire that could not find the person. However these Trading Company people, Merchant, their immediately smelled the opportunity from this matter in the final analysis! Insect plague, moreover watches this large-scale insect plague, such insect plague lives in this grain production, what means? Means the food shortage, the grain price must rise! Opportunity, big opportunity!

Regarding Merchant, the opportunity is most important, disaster situation not in their consideration scopes, therefore these outside Ben Niubao the store, immediately have transmitted in this information major Merchant Clan, these have Markey Delphi Trading Company person, but this person Laura under the hand/subordinate. Markey Delphi Trading Company originally teaches Wind Falcon, but in Casa City here, almost all Wind Falcon is Ni'er feeds, don’t know why, Ni'er likes raising Wind Falcon inborn, but Wind Falcon also liking Ni'er, finally Laura simply raising the Wind Falcon work, has given Ni'er. nearest/recent Ni'er to is very happy, because nearest/recent Laura is very happy, Laura is happy, she is happy, her life such pure. Ni'er to Wind Falcon feeding, Wind Falcon eats the meat now, although is not selecting food, but they must eat the fresh meat to be good, but Wind Falcon that in hand altogether more than 200 growing up of Laura every day, more than 100 Breeze falcon, are only to eat must many thing. If the common families so many Wind Falcon, that minimum also dozens people look, Wind Falcon may be the one type of bird of prey, even if were taught to take, must be careful in feeding, otherwise is very easy injured. But Ni'er actually does not use, so long as she delivered to raise in the Wind Falcon room the beef to be good, these Wind Falcon will eat, simply did not need her to begin, sometimes she will also bring some live food to Wind Falcon, making Wind Falcon prey on, therefore Laura in hand Wind Falcon, was more handsome than the Wind Falcon gods of common families, wild nature was full. Ni'er just gave Wind Falcon to feed, snort|hum the song, suddenly Space Hawk Cry, a shadow perpendicular incidence was then getting down, falls on the shoulder of Ni'er, Ni'er has gawked, looked at this only Wind Falcon, recognized, this was raises, in looked toward the leg of Wind Falcon on that suddenly had a letter. Ni'er immediately/on horseback has taken down the letter, traces Wind Falcon back said : slightly 13, you were laborious, in goes to eat thing quickly, otherwise a while made your brothers eating to eat all one's food.” Ni'er numbered to each Wind Falcon, but has not made any mark, only then she can recognize that is only many numbers, this is also her one type of special capability. That Wind Falcon has only rubbed on the face of Ni'er with the mouth several, this has flown into the room, has eaten, Ni'er takes that letter to walk toward study room. look at account book of Laura in study room, these days she is selling from the Zhao Hai there pull back radish greatly, now the people know that Magic Lily Store sells one type of to call Magic Radish of radish, Magic element that inside contains very sufficient, some have the child to buy in going to school commoner, even if some mercenary can also buy. Because has lead of radish, turnover large scale rise of entire Magic Lily Store, Laura happy unbearably.

Was walking in this time Ni'er, to Laura said : young lady, just No. 13 brought a letter, possibly is Ben Niubao there has any matter.” Said that has put the Laura front the letter. Laura stares, takes letter to look that is really Ben Niubao the there secret agent comes back, her immediately opened the letter, carefully looked. Just looked at several, Laura changed on complexion, to Ni'er said : Ni'er, went to call quickly Grandfather Kun, quick.” Ni'er although don’t know Laura so is why excited, but immediately/on horseback has complied with one, runs outward, before long Kun came, looked that Laura is turning circle in the study room room, Kun stares, he Laura is growing up from underestimated, Laura such performance, has certainly the important matter to live, his immediately/on horseback said : Laura, what matter did What happened? live?” Laura looked at Kun to come, immediately/on horseback said : Grandfather Kun, Llica plain there lived the large-scale insect plague, possibly today's grain can reduce production.” Was saying while has given Kun the in hand letter. Kun one hear of Laura said that complexion changes, immediately/on horseback received the letter, looked earnestly, in letter, not only said Llica plain there lives the matter of insect plague, wrote including the response of Purcell Family above, looked at these, Kun immediately understand, this Llica plain there had feared that has encountered the big problem. Carefully read the twice letter, Kun has then put down the letter, gains ground look at Laura said : Laura, how did you think?” Laura complexion Righteous Path: This is opportunity, Llica plain there is the Purcell Duchy granary, if there had problems, that Purcell Duchy grain price rises surely, if we can the seize the opportunity massive storing up grain, certainly be able to gain one greatly, I thought that we should better start storing grain quietly now.” Kun nodded, has not spoken, a suddenly clear and bright sound conveys said : not to be good, Laura, how can you such do?”