Chapter 142 Long-term perspective The Laura three people go along the prestige, see a middle-aged man to stand in out of the door, this person of Magic Robe, complexion is somewhat pale, a [gold/metal], the appearance is refined, is the Laura father, Karen. Karen normally not Steward, wholeheartedly does some Magic research, today just had also completed an experiment, comes out to ventilate, happen to heard Laura their words, this makes noise to prevent Laura. Laura they look at Karen to come out, knows that the matter has been hopeless, Karen normally not Steward, but his characteristics, are feelings fantastic, softy, if because of such disposition, he impossible not to be pushed aside Aksu Empire this place. Because of his disposition, therefore he will not make Laura do business like this, because does business equal to like this is the national disaster wealth, equal to drinks the blood of these commoner. Karen although does not like doing business since childhood, but under being influenced by what one sees and hears, some understand simple commercial truth, what nature understand Laura said is any meaning, this makes noise to prevent. Laura looked at Karen to come out, immediately/on horseback ran said : father, did you complete to experiment? Is this experiment what kind of?” Karen face regrettable shaking the head said : of has almost succeeded, possibly is two Magic Formation some are not right, next time I will want to make an adjustment, is not right, I said is not this matter, what said just you said the matter of storing grains, that matter was absolutely undoable, even if is making money to be also undoable.” Laura looked not to have the energy balance in the past, must smile bitterly said : well, did not do, then your feel relieved, but we did not do, others will also do, when the time comes entire Purcell Duchy feared that did not have our foothold.” Karen face board said : „, no matter others do do, we undoable.”

Laura honk the mouth is not making noise, obviously wants to do this time business. At this time the Kun sound conveyed said : Laura, what your father said was right, this time business was undoable.” Laura stares, she has not thought that Kun will also oppose, Kun has educated her, can Merchant the maximum benefit, these time maximum benefit opportunity, how he oppose obviously? Kun looks at the Laura puzzled appearance, smiles said : Karen, Laura, you sit.” They sit according to the word in the Kun opposite, look at Kun like elementary student. Kun look at they, before showing a faint smile said : me, has said to Laura that Merchant must the maximum benefit, just Laura think of this point, will therefore want to do this time business?” Laura nodded, Kun then said : Laura, you must remember, Merchant not only need the maximum benefit, but must have the long-term vision, should not be hoodwinked by the present benefit, this Llica plain there lives the insect plague, the grain massively will possibly reduce production, that Purcell Duchy will probably come across the food crisis, so long as our massive storing grains, the sell of high price, truly can gain one greatly, this maximum benefit, but this is actually one type of lacks the long-term perspective the procedure.” Karen is not interested in this matter, sits in there, started to be distracted, instead to is Laura, hears full of enthusiasm, but also appears to understand but not really understand. Kun already gave up to Karen, is only to Laura said : Laura, you must know that Purcell Family is also Great Clan that Aksu Empire knows how things stand, such Clan, impossible to be struck down by a time food crisis, if we hoarded at this time, is hitting a person when he is down on equal to, Purcell Family offending, as the matter stands is we made money, missed with Purcell Family relationship, in wants to cooperate like before with them, was almost impossible.” Laura nodded, her originally is intelligent, moreover not greed like general Merchant, therefore was said by Kun this point, her immediately understand formidable relationship. Merchant Clan is very formidable, what in this world true is formidable is these established Great Noble, but one of the Purcell Family established Great Noble, if offended them, later in wants to do business in Purcell Duchy here, feared that will be will not be relaxed, even if will be Purcell Family, because of Markey Family relationship, will not expel Purcell Duchy them, but will also suppress them, their business were by that time difficult to do, no matter what, Purcell Duchy was Purcell Family fief, was their domains. Kun looks at Laura to nod, his then said : „, moreover you think not to have, these years our Magic Lily Store, does business in Purcell Duchy here, one like treats both the young and old honestly, in these ordinary commoner at heart, our Magic Lily Store is a piece makes a sound dāng dāng token, does business, establishes a piece token not to be easy, if our these time stores grains really in the high price sells, token that our these year of take great pains set the record, even if were removed the bottom has ruined, this to our losses, compared with making that several money mostly.”

Laura is terrified and startled, she has not thought this one layer, if this time they such have done, really like Kun, Bana this advertisement pounding, then to their losses is immeasurable, what most important is, in that case, their equal to gave to lose the Purcell Duchy here market, the person in Clan will be will not let off their, Zhao Hai will not cooperate with them, they almost on instantaneous will lose all. Laura thinks of here, complexion cannot help but pale, has gotten down including the cold sweat, this consequence was too scary, she can imagine, if lost Purcell Duchy here all, can be any appearance, feared that will be Clan immediately will send to marry her, this will be the matter that she will most fear. Kun look at Laura appearance, was not frightening her, was only said : Laura, you must remember, Merchant although pursue benefit, but must have one, some business can do, some were undoable, this time we not only cannot store grains, but must enter the grain to come the stable grain price massively.” Laura now has also thought through, nodded said : well, our immediately manages, but I think we make at the same time, other Trading Company have also been doing, is don’t know they are what kind, if they want to store grains, certainly in all around massive purchase grains, when the time comes we will be will want to cut the grain price unable to reduce.” All around Kun nodded said : present immediately to go to relate, has a look whether to harvest the grain, if possible, entering quantity receives, but do not raise the price.” Laura nodded, immediately has written a letter, after having written the letter, immediately let Ni'er. Karen although somewhat is distracted, but in room lived anything, he is clear, he before to few that commercial contacted, this one hear of Kun said that this felt trade importance, was not unexpectedly worse than the battlefield, can say that Laura their decision, can affect Purcell Duchy here many people absolutely. After Laura the letter delivers, this turns the head to arrive around Kun said : Grandfather Kun, it seems like we must want to select the means that if the surrounding person proposes really the grain price, we have troubled, do not say that stable grain price, feared that is the ordinary orderly marketing is a problem continually.” Kun nodded said : this Llica plain there to have an accident, Purcell Family will certainly react, but wants to solve the grain question in a short time, feared that is is also very difficult, now I most fear is, some people with high aspirations, meet seize the opportunity to spread some remote words, ordinary commoner will start at the appointed time to snatch the grain, creates the grain shortage, that is most fearful.” Laura also frowned, what to do solid don’t know this matter should, they also only be able to store some grain now first, if when the Purcell Duchy here grain price grew, also some good release fair price grains, enabling ordinary commoner to have the food. Following two days, actually stems from the Laura accident, these big Trading Company have not spread Llica plain there to have information of insect plague, probably a simply don’t know matter is so same.

The letter that however Laura actually receives him to have sent to receive the person who grain comes, now the Purcell Duchy peripheral grain-producing region, started some people of high prices to collect the grain, they are thinking that the fair price collects the grain, could not receive, Laura knows that other these big Trading Company must begin. Laura does not have the means that although she to think the high price the receiving grain, but her in hand fund was too limited, does not have the means to spell with these big Trading Company, these big Trading Company can have the support of their behind Great Clan, but she is not good, Markey Family to her any support, depending on her strength, simply will unable to fight these big Trading Company. Original Laura thinks that cannot buy the surface, buys some Bamboo rice to be also good, however was a pity, ten points that these big Trading Company make thorough, added the price including Bamboo rice together, she buys the grain according to the fair price, simply cannot buy grain of grain. Laura also wants to look for these big Trading Company to discuss, everyone/Great Clan together disburses money to stabilize the grain price, but she, as soon as proposes this, these big Trading Company immediately turned hostile, about he, will not let off this opportunity obviously, to finally, her wants to seek an interview others, others simply stayed away. Sees this situation, Laura knows that making them still the grain price is hopeless, the head that now she worries quick was white, she to did not mean that was worried these commoner could not eat meal, she was worried one in harvesting the grain, that Magic Lily Store feared that did not have the grain to sell, this to Trading Company, the attack was very big. Kun does not have the means now, he has not thought that these big Trading Company work unexpectedly such ruthlessly, no matter completely the Purcell Duchy here ordinary commoner life, started to store grains unexpectedly. Kun understand why these big Trading Company, did not have release Llica plain there to live information of insect plague now, because they have not prepared, they must lift the surrounding grain price, oneself stored to suffice the grain, was going to this information release, at the appointed time Purcell Family wants to buy the grain to still the grain price, is impossible, they can seize the opportunity gain one greatly.