Chapter 143 Late Does business this opportunity is very important, grasps the opportunity to make money, but similarly, how this grasps the opportunity is also very important, grasps the meaning of opportunity is, you must take the action at proper time, otherwise cannot achieve the expectation the effect. To the opportunity, grasps the opportunity importantly, money that big Merchant of these successes make? They are take advantage of opportunity, but is, is in itself the people needs this thing, they are adding on a method, can the maximum benefit. Now these Merchant and other opportunity, so long as the opportunity arrived, their release information, then may make the grain price rise sharply rises especially, they can gain greatly gain especially. Those who let Kun and Laura is puzzled, why has not reacted Purcell Family to the present, do they have enough grain to resolve this time crisis? Said them extinguishing the insect plague? Cannot, this several days Laura not break with Ben Niubao the there letter, Ben Niubao the there insect plague not only has not changed for the better, counter- has gotten stronger and stronger, in the short several days time, heard that has destroyed tens of thousands mu wheat field, what most important is, until now, had not heard that Purcell Family has any effective method, suppresses insect plague. In Kun and Laura before study room discussed how to deal with the current bureau , a suddenly servant walked from outside, bows to Laura said : young lady, the Purcell Family foreign affairs elder seeks an interview.” Laura and Kun look one, saw from the opposite party eye not bears, they have not thought really that the response of Purcell Family so is unexpectedly slow, thinks that to the present looks for them, but already late. Their there knows that the Purcell Family book thinks can quick give to suppress this time insect plague, therefore not extremely in worry, but they presently have made a mistake quickly, this time insect plague, they had met in the past any time is more fearful, they set out all strengths that in the hand has been able to set out, cannot suppress the insect plague, now was in the beyond redemption situation. At this time Purcell Family thinks that must store up some grain, to deal the following grain big under-production, Purcell Family has also encountered several times such situation, therefore their immediately thinks that first looked for these Merchant Union to discuss, had a look whether to make them prepare some grain, to deal the following food crisis. However what Purcell Family has not thought that this these big Merchant Union have not actually given an explicit answer, conversely, each and every one is about he, this made Purcell Family have not a wonderful feeling.

Purcell Family does not have the means that their former although have come across the several times food crisis, but does not have this time serious, their very clear, these time did not do well Llica plain there certainly to produce, before this was them, has not encountered situation. Because of so, therefore their responses compared with these big Trading Company slow a racket, these big Trading Company have prepared to gain one in Purcell Duchy here greatly, how possibly to let off this time opportunity. Purcell Family falls behind one step, everywhere was restrained, this Purcell Family sends to contact with Laura, is their Clan foreign affairs elder, the foreign affairs elder specifically is responsible for processing an elder of external affair, the status is very high, named Stern Purcell . Laura has naturally thought why the opposite party comes, now also has no alternative but to receive, because the Stern status is very high, therefore welcome to the living room. Laura and Kun they arrive at the living room time, Stern is drinking sub in the living room, although was saying that Purcell Family has now come across a crisis, but is a Great Clan elder, the Stern strength in meditation is good. Before he had contacted with several other big Trading Company people, finally is not very ideal, these person about he, by the Stern vicious experience, nature saw that the opposite party is delaying, obviously opposite party time, wants to fish one from Purcell Family here greatly. although said that the procedures of Stern to these big Trading Company is angry very much, because of these big Trading Company is powerful, he actually cannot say anything, but Stern believes that Purcell Family can certainly pass through this time crisis, probably know the Purcell Family millenniums accumulations, were not saying plays. This these big Merchant can gain one greatly, can make Purcell Family lose is not small, but wants to shake the Purcell Family basis, that is impossible, so long as does not shake the Purcell Family basis, they have opportunity to make these money. Do not forget, the Purcell Family territory, the present is a duchy, wants to do business in here, must look like Purcell Family to pay taxes, this these big business can gain one greatly, but, they also want to do business in Purcell Duchy, Purcell Family will make them pay the high quota the tax, sooner or later will make up today's loss. Stern understand, why these big Merchant these time will not cope with Purcell Family, is only for money? He does not believe. These big Trading Company exist these many years on Continent, has the reason, they should not make such mistake is right? Do they want to destroy Purcell Family really?

In the Stern head keeps is thinking these matters, on the face calm is usual, he specifically is responsible for the Purcell Family external affair, had already exercised peaceful landslide Yu Qian, but strength in meditation that complexion does not change. In this time, a sound of footsteps is transmitting, Stern looks up, is Laura and Kun, Bana Trading Company, in Purcell Duchy, can be considered as on is big Trading Company, regarding Laura and Kun, Stern naturally also knows. Regarding Laura their situations, Stern also understand, she also knows that Laura they in the business circle of Purcell Duchy here, the status are not very high, these big Trading Company have not paid attention to them, but regarding Purcell Duchy, Bana Trading Company is not small to their influences. Laura passing through the gate salutes said : Laura to see the Stern elder to the present good graciousness, making the elder wait for a long time, asking the elder to make reparations.” Stern does not dare to pull rank, has stood hastily, Miss Laura was too polite to Laura ritual said :, visit that today takes the liberty, but also asked the young lady to excuse me.” Kun and Stern also mutually salute upon meeting, in Purcell Duchy here, almost all people knows that the Kun status, Stern naturally does not dare to neglect Kun. After several people sit down, Laura look at Stern said : „the Stern elder, Laura knows why you come, however speaks the truth, this matter Laura cannot help.” Stern has not thought that Laura is so direct, he first time encounters this situation, these Steward having to do of other Trading Company, that is not old fox, must first say that in the morning some do not have, then the discussion subject, has not thought that Laura opened the mouth to directly soar the subject. Stern puzzled look at Laura said : does not know that what meaning Miss Laura this saying is?” Laura look at Stern forced smile said : speaks the truth the Stern elder, when receiving Llica plain there information, I prepare to collect some grains to come good, to help the future stabilize the Purcell Duchy here grain price, but has not thought that these people began, I want to collect the grain time, all around grain price started to rise, I think that the fair price will collect the grain, could not receive, the truth you told that now the stock of our Bana Trading Company, can only sell for seven days, in seven days, our Magic Lily Store will not have the grain to sell.” Stern look at Laura, wants to know what she said is really fake, Stern has actually believed the Laura words, not for other, because Laura directly soars the subject like this, has not spoken these topic over-formal languages. Stern look at Laura said : „does Miss Laura this words take seriously?”

Laura forced smile said : takes seriously, cannot really in real, the Stern elder possibly also knows that what person my father is, this time is my father wants to let my stable grain price, what a pity, my in hand the fund, simply does not have the means to spell with these people hardly, in the past I prepared to ask them to discuss, everyone/Great Clan together begin, stabilizes the Purcell male here grain price, but had actually been rejected by them, I really did not have the means.” Stern gloomy face, coldly snorted said : wants to take our Purcell Family advantage, is not that simple, so long as this time Miss Laura does not participate to drive up the grain price in the event, later Purcell Family will not treat unjustly Miss Laura.” Laura forced smile said : Laura first apologized Stern long old, to be honest, this time matter, Laura could not help, but Laura as far as possible was seeking for the grain source, if the matter had the progress, Laura greeted certainly with Purcell Family, invites Stern elder feel relieved.” Stern look at Laura said : Stern apologized Miss Laura on behalf of Purcell Family in here, if Miss Laura can find the grain source, Purcell Family is willing to support Miss Laura in the fund.” Laura sternly say: Invited Stern elder feel relieved, if had the grain source, Laura fully stabilized certainly the grain price, not only this was Purcell Family, for therefore Purcell Duchy commoner.” Stern has stood, so said goodbye below to Laura and Kun said :, hopes that Miss Laura lives up to one's words.” Said that to their ritual, turn around walks outward. Laura and Kun have not kept him, now they were also worrying that they worry is also the grain question, just like Laura said that now Magic Lily Store only remaining seven days of grains, if seven days later, they could not be finding the fair price grain, can only enter some high price grains, as the matter stands the grain price has to grow. However they do not have the means that the grain price of nearby grain-producing region, by these big Trading Company lifting, wants to collect the grain in the fair price is impossible, if buys the grain to the far place, is adding on the expense that loses, follows to buy the high price grain in the nearby to be also similar. Also in two days, Laura they cannot find the grain source, Laura takes the letter that under the hand/subordinate writes, turns the head look at Kun forced smile said : Grandfather Kun, it seems like that this grain price must rise.”