Chapter 144 Green enters a city Kun also not bears, the solution that this several days time, they can try to find has thought that but did not have the means to find the fair price the grain, now looks like, this grain price did not rise must rise. Laura has put down the in hand letter, forced smile said : this grain price rises, if we do not rise, can only lose money, these days our although has gotten so far as some fair price grains, but were too few, can only in supporting about ten days, was a grain of rice has not gotten so far as with the fear, by that time, Llica plain there information feared that was also this release came, these fellows should also begin.” Kun forced smile said : this is also not most fearful, if Llica plain there produces certainly, can the grain that entire Purcell Duchy needs be a big digit? Moreover their minimum must support next year grain production time, the grain price will fall, these months does the grain that entire Purcell Duchy needs how many have? Such big grain shortfall, can make Purcell Duchy strength/Origin Qi damage severely fully, by that time, how many not being able to eat meal will commoner have?” Laura has also smiled bitterly, this aspect they were means did not have now, only hoped Purcell Family to be able pass through this pass/test. In this time, a servant was walking, to Laura said : young lady, Mr. Zhao Hai follows the Warrior ringer interview.” Laura and Kun stare, but Laura immediately/on horseback said : invited quickly.” Laura more and more attached great importance to Zhao Hai now, before Laura came back from Stony Mountain there, immediately looked at Green to keep here Scaled Wildebeest. Has looked at later Laura understand, Zhao Hai said that his Scaled Wildebeest is best, these words are any meaning, Zhao Hai Scaled Wildebeest are very good, although appearance is still the Scaled Wildebeest appearance, their endurance, had the distinct enhancement, the defense capability enhanced much, even if general 2nd level Magic Beast, not necessarily compares this Scaled Wildebeest much better to be few. Because of this, therefore Laura attaching great importance to Zhao Hai, she really does not think understand, how Zhao Hai achieves, why all ordinary thing, to in his hand, became compares was better before. Before long Green walked, this time \; first, to give Laura their oil transfer, two to buy some bags go back to install the corn, third said the issue of grain to Laura. Before coming, Green went to Llica plain there to look with Zhao Hai, they presently this Llica plain there feared that must produce really certainly, this somewhat stems from their anticipation.

Zhao Hai has put the insects of more than 10,000 mu places, this thinks that can eat about the opposite party hundred thousand mu young wheat to be good, after all the Purcell Family person meets the insect disinfestation. However Zhao Hai they arrived at Llica plain there present, now the there insect plague has not been possible control, because does not dare to depend is too near, why their don’t know these insects had not been thrown the disaster, but what we definitely know is that Purcell Family to these insects, probably does not have what good means. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai does not dare negligently, after his returned to Space, did not have to plant the corn, but started to plant Bamboo rice. The Bamboo rice output is absolutely higher than the corn, but a little, Bamboo rice this thing, cannot make the rice bran, can only deliver Bamboo rice and some rice shell, but rice shell that thing, but also is not really useful, therefore Zhao Hai had not planted Bamboo rice, now looks at the Llica plain there situation, Zhao Hai has to Bamboo rice in own Space, and has planted Bamboo rice all lands, the Oil Fruit tree does not plant. Bamboo rice this thing is the high production, one mu place may produce over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), moreover this thing was evaluated 5th level crops by Space unexpectedly, so long as ten hours can be mature, but are only crops of season, mature one time from newly is planting, is about one day can actually produce two seasons, in other words, Zhao Hai day of minimum can obtain several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain. Several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain of were many, but Zhao Hai had not planned that comes the wealth with Bamboo rice, this Llica plain there matter, is his one makes, if at this time, in this wealth, Zhao Hai will feel that the conscience is restless. Now Zhao Hai in hand, has saved a near 1 million jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice about 2 million jin (0.5 kg) corn, this time he makes Green arrive at Casa City, after handling that three matters, but how also wants to have a look at the Casa City here situation. Green these time is rushing for five Scaled Wildebeest car(riage)s, driving a cart besides him, several Zombie, these Zombie now looks like with the ordinary person is similar, if not Advanced level Warrior or Magician, does not have the means presently their unusuality, therefore Green dares to lead them to come out. horse carriage upper garment is fruit oil, these fruit oil they try to sell to Laura, the fruit oil that they produce, compared with outside fruit oil much better, but Zhao Hai has not thought must rise in prices, now is not the time. Green to Casa City here, to is somewhat accidental, he also thinks that Casa City here some people were snatching the grain now, now looks like actually simply not that matter, everyone/Great Clan is passing the normal day, does not have appearance in disorder. To Magic Lily Store here, Green also looked in a shop the grain price, has not risen in prices, is the normal price, this arrived is makes Green somewhat puzzled, dark said : „did Purcell Family have enough grain in storage at heart? Strange.”

Later Green had indicated own status, said that must look for Laura to have the matter, the servant does not dare to neglect, immediately looked like Laura to notify, Laura also immediately invited Green welcome to the backyard living room. Green arrived at in front of the door of living room along with the servant, presently Laura, Kun and Ni'er have stood in in front of the door of living room greet him, Green has not taken in a big way, goes forward to see Miss Laura to Laura ritual said :.” Laura smiles said : mister to be too polite hastily, mister can come, Laura feels ten thousand being honored, mister quick please come in.” Said that directed Green to enter the living room. After the living room has sat down, Laura not polite, to Green said : does not know directly mister these time comes Casa City, what matter has? Whether Laura can help?” Green smiles said : Miss Laura to be too polite, these time comes to trouble Miss Laura, the oil press that we bought in the past, started formally has extracted oil, these time is to bring the twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil, wants to ask Miss Laura to help the generation to sell, doesn't know Miss Laura what do you think?” Laura stares, curious said : has produced, he he, the mister movement also is really quick, but asked mister to forgive Laura to be impolite, Laura must have a look at the quality of fruit oil to decide.” Green smiles said : this is normal, we are very confident to Oil Fruit that oneself produce, now the oil outside, asking Miss Laura to inspect goods.” Said that has stood, empty directs outward. Laura and Kun have also stood, walks toward out of the door with Green, at this time Green has let these Undead Creature, rushed to the backyard horse carriage, is stopping in courtyard. Laura looks at Zombie one that these have driven a cart, but felt that these person of spiritless, have not felt exceptionally, but Kun actually looked, these drove a cart made the Warrior appearance person, was Undead Creature, moreover evidently Zombie. Laura just about to goes forward, Kun has cannot help but drawn her, Laura puzzled look at Kun, Kun actually face vigilant look at these Zombie. Before Kun, has seen Zombie, he knows that ordinary Zombie, may not like Zombie that these drive a cart, ordinary Zombie, the body full is the rotten meat, can look, but these Zombie people like the average person, that represent these Zombie are being Advanced level Zombie, on Advanced level Zombie may has Corpse Toxin, so long as the person will stain a point on to be poisoned, very fierce.

Kun to did not fear that Green harms them, but he feared that Laura bumps into these Zombie, Corpse Toxin, that is very troublesome. Green also saw two movements, shows a faint smile said : Kun mister not to need to be worried that these are the mister servants, they undergo the mister special refinement, toxin release will not come at will, only then fights time meets release to come, don't worry.” Kun then relaxed, loosened Laura, Laura looks at person one eyes that these have driven a cart puzzled, turns the head to Green said : mister, you were said that these people were the Mr. Zhao Hai servants? Are they Undead Creature?” Green nodded said : „, this is mister subdues newly, Zombie that also refines with Secret Technique, although looks like with the normal person is similar, is actually Undead Creature.” Green said that Laura they had not suspected, has plenty Dark Magician, they can some mysterious Black Magic, these Black Magic be able through the one type of Magic method, to refine their in hand Undead Creature, although said that cannot enhance Undead Creature level, but can actually make Undead Creature easy-to-use. Actually Dark Magician on Continent, has been finding the way to promote oneself Undead Creature level, for this reason has plenty Dark Magician has studied the Potion study and Alchemy Technique, but has not succeeded, but the method that this type refines Undead Creature , to promote Undead Creature level Alchemy Technique, the product after failure, on Continent many Dark Magician metropolises. These Zombie may not have the skeleton to look like that fearful, Laura cannot help but curious looked at several, presently these people are only stand in there dull, this senseless has arrived by horse carriage. Green immediately moved a big wooden barrel to put the ground, then opened the bung. Laura and Kun look toward the barrel in that this looked they cannot help but nodded. They are this expert in aspect, how can look at the quality of fruit oil, Zhao Hai these fruit oil, quality that is great, obviously is the oil, is clear enough to see bottom, without point impurity, does not have a point unusual smell, looks is the quality upper layer good oil. Laura nodded, to Green said : mister can the bung on, these oil give us, a while I will give mister the charge for oil, in the mister room invited.” Green nodded, covers the bung, they entered the room with Laura.