Chapter 145 Has the grain After several people enters the room to sit down, Laura turns the head to Green said : mister this oil the quality really stems from my anticipation, later Laura hopes, the fruit oil that mister there produces can give Laura, doesn't know to be able?” Green smiles said : naturally, this originally reaches an agreement beforehand, Miss Laura does not need to be worried, the fruit oil that later our there produces, gives Miss Laura.” Laura nodded said : that to be good, after inviting mister goes back, for me thanks Mr. Zhao Hai.” Green showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura is really too polite, today also the matters want to tell Miss Laura that this was a business.” Laura stares, look at Green said : mister please say.” Green shows a faint smile said : my family mister to receive sound of the wind/rumor, said that nearest/recent Llica plain there lived the insect plague, this year all wheat of Llica plain certainly will possibly produce, doesn't know is true or false?” Said vision twinkle is staring at Laura. Laura stares, she has not thought that Zhao Hai actually also knows this information, but nodded said : real, we also received information, this Llica plain there fresh insect plague very fierce, that is one type of has not seen, the reproductive ability very strong insect, Llica plain there really certainly will possibly produce this year.” Green one hear of Laura said that instead arrives to relax, just he asked Laura, how wants to have a look at Laura to reply that looked Laura is outspoken told him the matter, his then feel relieved, then said : said that the Casa City here grain price can rise?” Laura forced smile said : „, is open about the facts mister, I when receive this information, wants to store up some grain, is used to stabilize the Casa City here grain price, other Trading Company, are quicker than our motions, was starting the high price to collect the grain unexpectedly ahead of time, the Casa City here grain price feared that was immediately must rise, I was also worrying for this matter, if we also rose in prices, truly can make the money, but such one, Casa City here could not eat meal on the has plenty person, if we did not rise in prices, we on not having the grain may sell.” Why then her curious look at Green said : „can mister ask this?......” Thought of here, Laura cannot help but excitedly, one has stood, look at Green were said : that two eyes shone difficult Mr. Zhao Hai in hand to have the grain?” look at Green that Kun also decides.

Green shows a faint smile said : „, mister in hand has the grain.” Said that patted two to start, Undead Creature in hand carried two bags to walk. Green takes up two bags, turned on the bag mouth, has revealed inside corn stubble and corn surface, then to Laura said : Miss Laura, this is our in hand grain, on Continent has not seen the grain, this is the corn, this is the corn flour, the corn can add water, cooks the food directly, but the corn flour can make the cake, here is the procedure that mister writes down.” Said that takes a paper, has given Laura. Laura and corn stubble and corn flour in Kun look at bag, they felt strange why Zhao Hai can always put out, they have not seen thing. However Laura or immediately/on horseback recovered, received Green to give her paper, carefully looked, the procedure of corn stubble was very simple, but on the other hand, be more difficult than to do Bamboo rice, but the recipe of corn flour was simpler, Laura one on understand this different thing way of eating. Laura puts down the in hand paper, turns the head „to ask that to Green said : how much this type of grain mister in hand does have?” Green stretches out two finger said : about 2 million jin (0.5 kg), but has not processed now, processes well has several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg).” Laura transferred several on the ground, walks while mutters said : day to help me , the day helps me.” Kun at this time actually also want to be calmer than Laura, turns the head how not to know this type of grain to Green said : the price?” Laura one hear of Kun such asked that also stopped, turns the head look at Green, she also feared that this type of grain the price is too high, if the price is high, that simply cannot have doing of alleviation food crisis to use. Green showed a faint smile said : mister saying that he does not want to notice that the Casa City person suffered hardships, does not want to see that some people starved to death, the flavor of this type of grain was not very good, therefore the mister plan according to the general Bamboo rice price sell, the price of this sell is said certainly the price that you sold, we bought for you, will also be cheaper.” Laura hear of Green said that actually bows to Green, is then straight the body, sternly say: Laura for entire city thanks Mr. Zhao Hai in common people of here, asking mister to transfer by Mr. Zhao Hai, this time our Magic Lily Store wanted not to make any money, but generation mister sold, only to thank the mister principle of righteousness.” Green at heart is actually a forced smile, if makes Laura know that this insect plague originally is they make, don’t know Laura can take up Knight Spear to come, a spear|gun has selected him.

Green beckoned with the hand said : Miss Laura to be too polite, this more than 2 millions jin (0.5 kg) corn approves the grain, when buys after the corn, we can everyday provide three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice to the young lady, relieves till to the food crisis.” Laura and Kun have tarried, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will really have such big writing skill, one day three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), that is not 35 jin (0.5 kg), said that with took, but was three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), a day three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), can let Purcell Duchy fully the food crisis. Laura dull look at Green said : mister is not cracks a joke? Were you say for one day three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg)?” Green nodded said : well, is one day three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), relieves to the food crisis.” Laura transferred several said : this matter to be important on the ground, before I had the agreement with the Purcell Family person, if I can find the grain source, that certainly will tell them, and helped them go through this time difficulty, now has mister to assist, I believed this time difficulty certainly to be able pass through, but I cannot covet the mister merit, therefore this matter should better say understand to Purcell Family.” Green shook the head said : this matter to ask Miss Laura not say to well to Purcell Family, if absolutely has saying that also do not lead to go to Stony Mountain the Purcell Family person, mister does not like contacting the bystander, special Purcell Family person.” Laura to has not thought that before Purcell Family and person alliance, wanted to cope with the Zhao Hai matter she is knows, to be honest, this Zhao Hai can make a move help Purcell Family, she felt that was very accidental, Zhao Hai did not like contacting with the Purcell Family person, was understandable. Laura nodded said : well, invited mister feel relieved, I will not make the Purcell Family person disturb mister, but this matter I will tell Purcell Family, avoid after Purcell Family, in looked for the trouble of mister, although mister does not fear them, but is always disturbed is very bothersome.” Green nodded said : that to be good, but also asked Miss Laura to help, gave us to prepare some attire grain the bag, you also know that our there anything does not have now, this aspect also asked Miss Laura to help much.” Laura nod said : this had not said that in my Warehouse has plenty such bag, my immediately/on horseback makes the person load a car.” Green stood got up said : so not to disturb Miss Laura, invited Miss Laura feel relieved, three days later the young lady can go to our there to take the grain.”

Laura nodded, stands got up said : that I not to keep mister, now Casa City here storm clouds approach, I am too busy to leave, when the matter has subsided, I go certainly to mister there, thanked mister face to face.” Green shows a faint smile said : mister although is Dark Magician, actually does not want to see the average person to suffer hardships, to be honest, this time food crisis, regarding these influence of Noble and rich person is not big, we also know that Purcell Duchy such country, has the grain reserves, under promotions of these big business, the grain price rise is inevitable, such these originally life difficult commoner, had feared that was more difficult, some don’t know many people will degenerate into the slave, this time mister almost in hand all lands, was used for Bamboo rice, on was wants by these commoner to be able pass through this. Difficulty.” Laura sighed said : „, now these commoner life originally are difficult, was coming across such matter, was more difficult, other Trading Company are only thinking seize the opportunity made money, simply will not manage these commoner lives.” Green look at Laura said : Miss Laura, if Casa City here has commoner, is willing to sell into servitude for the slave, asking Miss Laura to pay attention, presently these have the craftsmanship, no matter what crafstman, so long as they wanted to sell into servitude for the slave, you must leave behind them, now mister in hand being short of manpower, urgently needed such crafstman.” Laura has not thought that Green also has such request, nodded hastily said : well, this is not a problem, I will help mister pay attention.” During the speeches several people walked out from room, outside were having the Magic Lily Store staff toward the Green car(riage) upper garment bag. Before long the bag installed, Green turned the head to Laura said : Miss Laura, that Green said goodbye, three days later the young lady may send for taking the grain.” Said that to Kun and a Laura ritual, leading caravan to walk. The look at Green back, Laura cannot help but long vented anger, turns the head not to think to Kun said : really that Mr. Zhao Hai really has such big ability, can one put out these many grain, this has solved our urgent matter.” Kun nodded said : „the present looks like, Mr. Zhao Hai in hand possibly has any Secret Technique, can like Elven Race, accelerate ripening plants, otherwise, mister impossible with obtaining these many grain, Laura, remember, this matter cannot make others know, if makes others know that mister in hand, possibly has Secret Technique such, that mister was dangerous, the although mister followers were 8th level Expert, but 8th level Expert was not invincible, in this world also had existence of 9th level Expert, but this accelerate ripening plants method, the foot can by these Great Clan, please 9th level Expert make a move.”