Chapter 146 Goes to the Grand Duke palace 9th level Expert is not that good please, that feared that is Clan 9th level Expert, not make a move easily, but this must look that the benefit is big enough, if the benefit is big enough, 9th level Expert can also make a move. Continent previous besides life Magic of Elf clan, had not heard now has any means to stimulate to movement the plants growth, if had this Secret Technique, these Great Clan will certainly rob. This Secret Technique although looks like probably is common, however true doing with is not small, like Zhao Hai is only agricultural product of some low-end, naturally is incorrect, if these Great Clan had this Secret Technique, will be used for some massive planter Advanced level Magic plants, then refines massive Potion, these Potion are very expensive, moreover can promote level of person, if that Great Clan grasped this Secret Technique, can in a short time, obtain massive Expert, the Clan strength rises sharply, this attraction was really too big. Kun with according to many years of experience, listened to different thing from the Green words, therefore he inferred boldly, Zhao Hai possibly grasped, can accelerate ripening plants Potion, will therefore say. Kills Kun he also to think that will have Space this thing to exist, was adding on Green also saying that these Undead Creature were Zhao Hai refines with Secret Technique, this made Kun have the one type of misconception, therefore he thinks that Zhao Hai in hand was possibly grasping this Potion, moreover was very likely Zhao Hai to refine. The Potion study and Alchemy Technique, in the eyes of average person, are very mysterious, even if Expert like Kun, will think very mysterious, in the Kun eye, Potion Grandmaster and Alchemy Technique gentleman, is one crowd of Lunatic, one crowd of anything can think, Lunatic that anything dares to do. But has studied the Black Magic Alchemy Technique gentleman or Potion master, is Lunatic in Lunatic, these people can make any thing to come, no one said certainly. thing that the Alchemy Technique gentleman and Potion master makes is all sorts of strange and unusual, on many present Continent very famous Potion, is the Potion master presently, or stems from an experiment of failure, therefore possibly has accelerate ripening plants Potion regarding Zhao Hai, he has not felt strange. Kun has not thought Zhao Hai possibly is Elf, must know that Elf is the natural pet, their life Magic, will cherish the life inborn , because of this, their repugnant Dark Magician, although attack Dark Magician, will not have anything to associate with Dark Magician, will not have Elf to study Black Magic. Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, this itself has decided that he with Elf is the insulation.

Laura also knows the importance of this matter, therefore she nodded said : feel relieved Grandfather Kun, I will not say, but Mr. Zhao Hai is different from general Dark Magician, if he does not have that many Undead Creature, I have not believed that really he can be Dark Magician, did not say Dark Magician very not regards the life? Why Mr. Zhao Hai with these people complete is different?” Kun smiles „the person who said : Dark Magician all not does not regard the life, Light Magician not necessarily is also bright to that goes, misdemeanor that if, Light Magician does, are not less than Dark Magician, but they are having the one layer bright coat.” Laura nodded, he to the former garden without considering the rights and wrongs begins to Zhao Hai, dislike, now has listened to Kun saying that naturally had not felt any is not right. In Ark Continent here Faith is very free, some people believe Radiant God, some people believe in the life goddess, but Magician of various departments the Faith god is different, many person Faith Darkness Demon God, but what Laura Faith is the god of Knight, naturally cannot think that Light Magician certainly is a good person. Kun turns the head to Laura said : Laura, your present immediately/on horseback goes to Purcell Family, told them this matter that this matter just by we are incorrect, one information that but some people of release Llica plain there grain produce certainly, will cause the enormous panic, all people will buy the grain to save at home, demand big increase of such grain, even if there is support of Mr. Zhao Hai, is a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, when the time comes can only ask Purcell Family to act, in the name of Noble, stabilizes the everyone/Great Clan mood, only then this can the stabilization of market.” Laura nodded, turns the head to Ni'er said : Ni'er, making them prepare the car(riage), our immediately goes to Purcell Family, if this matter has completed, that Purcell Family can reduce many losses, but we can certainly become Purcell Duchy biggest Trading Company.” Ni'er complied with one, turn around ran, Kun actually showed a faint smile, his very clear, Laura has wanted to let Bana Trading Company, became Purcell Duchy biggest Trading Company, only then she had the person of qualifications in Markey Family to discuss the condition like this, the present is one, making them entire Purcell Duchy biggest Trading Company opportunity. Kun also knows that their this time is very dangerous, these big Trading Company have prepared, invested so much funds, the preparation began, if at this time Laura can get so far as the fair price grain, was too big to their threats, perhaps to guarantee this motion success, these big Trading Company with will probably not exposed to the light the method. This is also Kun makes Laura immediately/on horseback go with the reason that Purcell Family contacts, this time matter in the final analysis, aims at the motion of Purcell Family, Purcell Family now has been at leeward, if Laura provided one to move draw game of opportunity to them at this time, they will certainly attach great importance, will ask when the time comes certainly the person in Clan to protect Laura, will not let Laura by a point injury. These big Trading Company strength although are formidable, however in Purcell Duchy here, takes by Purcell Family protection Laura does not have the means that after all Purcell Family is Great Clan, the inside story is also deep, has 9th level Expert to sit, these big Trading Company are discontented, does not dare to be what kind.

Laura sits horse carriage to directly soar the Purcell Family Grand Duke palace, this Grand Duke palace is Casa City north, occupies a land area of area to be extremely broad, is the Purcell Family core is. Naturally, Laura also he looked at has taken to the corn stubble and corn flour that Green, after all took some samples more convincing. The Purcell Family Grand Duke palace is very grand, is only the outer wall has about ten meters high, the giant gate tower is more similar to the city gate, the gate two sides stand two rows to wear full body armor Warrior, these Warrior minimum have the 6th level strength, the each and every one height body is strong, body killing aura is steaming. full body armor that they put on is similar to the Green full body armor style, is whole body armor, including that one type of that the face blocks, the head brings the ox horn hard helmet, on the hard helmet two curving ox horn to point to sky, appears imposing manner is full. Their in hand is taking the long handle double knife-edge big axe, the component of each big axe seems like no less than 100 jin (0.5 kg), absolute heavy Wu Pin, these soldiers toward that war, look like the each and every one activity steel and iron fortresses. Great in rushes to the good badge, hangs on the gate tower, this badge is the silver, the color of badge on Continent has exquisite , the golden badge has Imperial Family to use, the silver badge is general Great Noble can use, the cyan badge is the general Noble use, the black badge is some accurate Noble uses. Laura horse carriage stopped Grand Duke palace in front of the door, the person who was the servant to dress up, immediately ran from the Grand Duke palace gate, these Warrior is responsible for the security guard, coming the person to receive anything, did not turn over to them to manage. Before that servant runs up to Laura horse carriage, immediately/on horseback bows said : to welcome Miss Laura to come the Grand Duke palace to horse carriage, does not know that what the young lady does have?” Has followed to work Sergio, jumped down from immediately/on horseback, my family young lady has the matter to seek an interview the Stern elder to that servant said :, doesn't know the elder to be possible in residence?” No matter Laura or Purcell Family, in every match duchy here was considered as on is the big influence, both sides very familiar, among some servants already knew, therefore Sergio has not spoken too many modesties. That servant immediately/on horseback nodded said : elder just to come back, in Miss Laura requests personally.” Said that directs Laura horse carriage to walk toward the Grand Duke palace. Enters the Grand Duke palace, too piece of martial arts training ground, this is almost the ordinary cases of Ark Continent here all Great Noble mansions, can look from this point, the Ark Continent here person is esteeming martial arts how.

However Laura they have not stopped in this piece of martial arts training ground, but then walks toward, place like Grand Duke palace, this martial arts training ground, not only practices martial arts to use, there is a strategic use, if lived the war, martial arts training ground here can become the concentration area of soldier, among in the blink of an eye can turn into the battlefield. Entered the Second Layer palace gate, was the parking place, Sergio they stopped horse carriage, Laura and Ni'er from the vehicle, that servant made them walk toward the living room, Sergio followed in their. The two layers gate receives the place of guest, only then the genuine intimate person, can go through the two layers gate, after entering to three layers, there was the Purcell Family inner apartments, the ordinary person did not have the qualifications to go. Laura just arrived in the living room to sit down, servant immediately/on horseback main has sent to sub to Laura, at this time Stern walked from outside, Laura stands to salute to Stern hastily, Stern also returning a courtesy hastily. Laura Laura takes the liberty visit to Stern said :, really has disturbed, is important, asking the elder to forgive.” Stern showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be too polite, you can come are our being honored, does not know that Miss Laura these time did come for what? Did the matter of grain have the progress?” Laura shows a faint smile said : elder is really fierce, has guessed correctly including this, good, was the matter of grain has the progress.” Stern one hear of Laura that just sat down said that has actually gawked, the day before yesterday he looked for Laura time, Laura added does not have the means that this just two days passed, Laura actually said that the matter had to progress, this really stems from his unexpected.