Chapter 147 First leaves the move Stern stern look at Laura said : „won't Miss Laura be cracking a joke?” Laura shows a faint smile said : how this matters I to be able with the elder you to joke, I had truly found the grain source, but these grain before us has eaten somewhat different.” Said that patted clapping, Sergio immediately took two bags, Laura turned on the bag, to Stern said : this was the grain that I found, this was the recipe of grain, was very simple.” Was saying the procedure of while Zhao Hai writing down has given Stern. Stern received the Laura in hand paper, two eyes did not have leave to think of the bag of corn stubble and corn flour, experienced Stern, first time sees such grain. Some little time Stern recovers, looked at a in hand paper carefully, the character on paper are not many, moreover procedure very simple, Stern looked before long. After looks, Stern puts down the paper, look at Laura said : Miss Laura, how many does this type of grain have? Price how?” Laura shows a faint smile said : this type of grain is my friend, he said that but does not think that look at Purcell Duchy commoner suffers hardships, therefore takes, altogether has 2 million jin (0.5 kg), the price is the same with ordinary Bamboo rice.” The breath of Stern has some rapid, the key was too excited, his immediately/on horseback said : Miss Laura the friend, whether to let see below?” Laura look at Stern, knows his idea, but she actually shook the head said : to be unfair to the elder, my friend does not like contacting with the person, but asked the elder not to need to be worried that I can guarantee, his in hand really had the grain.” Stern also knows one were somewhat offensive, immediately/on horseback said : good, did that this matter on laborious Miss Laura, what don’t know Miss Laura need to help?” Laura nodded said : Stern elder also understand, one, but the Llica plain there situation was publicized, during that entire Purcell Duchy will certainly fall into to one piece is scared, in this case, our these Merchant can do is really limited, therefore can only ask Purcell Family to act.”

Stern nodded said : this not to have issue, invited Miss Laura feel relieved, spoke the truth, Miss Laura, this more than 2 millions jin (0.5 kg) grain, did not suffice.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved elder, my friend said that after these 2 million jin (0.5 kg) grain sell out, he can everyday provide three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain of like us, doesn't know enough?” Stern laughs said : to suffice, has sufficed, Miss Laura must for my friend thank you well.” Laura shows a faint smile said : elder feel relieved, how Laura knows does, that matter such has decided that three days later I take the grain, but this guard works, asked the elder to help.” Stern also understand Laura is any meaning, his two eyes cold light dodges said : this to invite Miss Laura feel relieved, in Purcell Duchy, but also nobody can Purcell Family be what kind.” Laura nod of stood got up said : that Laura to say goodbye, invited elder feel relieved, my friend although a little slightly rubbed with Purcell Family, but at this matter he will not crack a joke, I can use my life guarantee.” Said that to a Stern ritual, turn around walked. Stern is gawked, his do not understand Laura this saying that Laura said was any meaning, listened to the meaning in Laura words, his friend, should be has a grudge with Purcell Family, was with her relationship probably very good. Thinks of here, Stern complexion cannot help but changes, he has thought a person, let the person who Purcell Family suffered a loss in the past, but this person also lives outside Casa City now. More wants more to think right, only then that person has a grudge with Purcell Family, similarly, only then that person is very good with Laura relationship, in the past Laura had the contact with that person, but also made that quality specially good Magic Radish from that person of there, these he was knows that but that person has rescued the Laura life, they had some contacts are also normal, therefore he has not cared. Now looks like, the Laura grain is very likely that person to her. Thinks that here Stern could not sit still, immediately/on horseback stands said loudly: Quick, sends, nearest/recent Laura has contacted with who.” Before long has to look like Stern to report on the person that nearest/recent with Laura has contacted the person, noteworthy, only then Zhao Hai following Warrior, hears here, Stern on understand, the Laura grain takes certainly from Zhao Hai in hand. Had determined after this, Stern complexion cannot help but uglier, what meaning his understand Laura beforehand words were, Laura knew him certainly to find out her grain to come from there, will therefore speak these words with him, but did this saying let Stern feel relieved really?

The answer cannot! This time, how Stern can entirely believe that a personal enemy, his immediately told Purcell Family Elder Assembly this matter, this matter left his management scale. Laura has already thought Purcell Family will send for looking up the grain the source, but she was not worried, Purcell Family now only then this means that if not work with her, can only look at these Merchant helplessly shear the meat on their bodies, this is Purcell Family is unsupportable. Great Noble has the pride of Great Noble, this these big Trading Company alliance move, although said that Purcell Family cannot cope with them with the military force, but they will not eat this owing helplessly, now opportunity of counter-attack, how they possibly miss. The decision of Purcell Family, does not have the expectation of Laura, relative they with the hatred of Zhao Hai, excess that this these big Trading Company make, therefore Purcell Family decided that first will solve these big Trading Company matters, the Zhao Hai matter can put in the future. Great Noble like Purcell Family, in their eyes, does not have forever enemy, only then the benefit, for the Clan benefit, they can sacrifice all, let alone was extinguished more than 100 people by Zhao Hai, even if one were extinguished 1000 people by Zhao Hai, so long as can bring the huge benefit to them, they also meet immediately/on horseback become the friends with Zhao Hai, this is Great Clan survival Law. Therefore goes to the Purcell Family second day in Laura, Stern in time visit, this Stern discussed that with matter that Laura cooperates. Looked at the Stern present performance, Laura on understand the decision of Purcell Family, she has not said anything, but discussed with Purcell Family, some details that they cooperated. After Laura they reach an agreement, Laura immediately sent for Stony Mountain there drawing the grain, in team that naturally, this time they have drawn the grain, there are Expert that Purcell Family sent to assume personal command to protect. When Laura caravan leaves, Purcell Family announced to the outside that today Llica plain there received the insect plague that does not encounter, the entire Llica plain has produced certainly. This information, world vibrates, not only Purcell Duchy here was affected, their peripheral areas were affected, person who these talented person understand of their surrounding areas, why the receiving grains of some people of high prices, in hand had the grain in the past at once, was not selling the grain. However then Purcell Family also announced that the although Llica plain there grain has produced certainly, however the food supply of Purcell Duchy does not have any issue, guarantees the normal supply.

although said that but the Purcell Duchy here grain disappearing quantity increases suddenly . Moreover the grain price also starts to rise slowly, but has not actually risen too, because Magic Lily Store and Purcell Family simultaneously start the fair price to sell the grain, but Purcell Family has actually made certain limit, all in the person who Magic Lily Store and in the Purcell Family shop buys the grain, must have the Purcell Duchy household register to show, moreover everyone the quantity of buying grain was also limited. This is the way that Purcell Family and Laura find to come out, their initiative said the Llica plain there situation, then started the fair price to put the grain, to fear these big Merchant said that bought at a venture the fair price grain, was reselling, they have thought with household register certificate this move, simultaneously limited everyone to buy the quantity of grain. This move, to makes these big Trading Company somewhat be caught off guard, they have not thought that Purcell Family unexpectedly will take the initiative said their grain to produce certainly, this type did not press the procedure that the repertoire played a card, let their corner/horn chaos. Those who make them unable to think, this Purcell Family used the war-reserve grain to come unexpectedly emergency, when they want to rise the grain price, the grain price was stilled quickly. The war-reserve grain is each country has, no matter the great nation or the small country, do not arrive at absolutely can not, will not use the war-reserve grain, because the war-reserve grain is supposes for the war specially, if moved the war-reserve grain easily, ten thousand life wars, the soldiers do not have the grain to eat, that is naturally impossible to have any fighting strength, that wants the perishing country's. although said that now world is peaceful, but Purcell Duchy here should not use the war-reserve grain to be right, Purcell Duchy in the Aksu Empire north, east side relying on Black Wasteland, there is impossible to have any war, the west and south is another two Great Noble, Ikisa Family and Langton Clan fief, but their north Beastman Prairie, there is not that peaceful. Beastman is militant, although now they with are good, but the Beastman Prairie there environment that Human Race is together is not quite good, Beastman mainly by herding give priority to, therefore one, but comes across the disaster, their life will be very difficult, at this time Beastman will go south to plunder. Purcell Family these years, like other Great Clan on Continent, the quick show, with have not had big relationship with Beastman neighboringly, they must raise the massive armies, at times against attack of Beastman. However presently some years, the Beastman Prairie there situation to is very good, meaning that has not gone south to plunder, conversely, will also do business with Purcell Family, to was makes Purcell Family make a lot of money. But is this, Purcell Family should not use the war-reserve grain, that is take risking with oneself Clan safety, for some province gold coins, is too not only worth.