Chapter 148 Under lively Stony Mountain These big Trading Company don’t know why Purcell Family must such do, did this too has take risked, their originally was calculates that Purcell Family has not dared to take such danger, will therefore raise the grain price, now Purcell Family actually stems from them to anticipate such did. However two days later, these big Trading Company people know why Purcell Family dares such to take risk, they really had the grain, moreover one came in several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grains, these grains to entire Purcell Duchy were not many, but actually very good played stabilizes doing of commoner mood to use. Grain that this Purcell Family ships in naturally is the corn that Zhao Hai there produces, the corn that if original Zhao Hai does not process to Laura they, the grain that Laura they will transport will be more, but Zhao Hai will not have, he will give Laura their corn to process. This is also the Zhao Hai selfishness, the corn is on this Continent no crops, if Zhao Hai has not processed to Laura their corn, Laura they will be trying the planter, by that time the corn is not he is in sole possession, is not valuable. However Zhao Hai now not in processing corn flour, but skinned the corn, went to the navel, processed the package of jade stubbles to let Laura their pull back, Laura they , to buy the corn flour, Ok, oneself rubbed. Has new grain join, entire Purcell Duchy grain price has stabilized, but these big Merchant such will not be waiting, can say that these new grains join, what is official is the Purcell Duchy here grain war, has begun. The situation in Zhao Hai these days attention Casa City, Llica plain there he had also looked, there made the insect that his release went to making to produce really certainly, the entire Llica plain, a about 1 million mu wheat field was no exception. Zhao Hai has not thought really that small insect such big destructive power, this destructive power too will be unexpectedly astonishing, for half a month about, the entire Llica plain there young wheat eating a none remaining, but these insects have not been the death time of Space setting, therefore starts then to destroy, this time target, is the windbreak zone that Purcell Family untold hardships establish. These insects can also eat tree unexpectedly, but eats the tree, can't compare with eats the young wheat to be so quick, but is not small regarding the destruction of trees. Zhao Hai in tube these insects, he presently now is not he wants to incur to come back these insects not to be impossible, can only kill with the pesticide, the pesticide to these insects was very useful, not like the game , the insect that oneself put, oneself killed undead, but Zhao Hai may not have the mood to help every match happy Clan insect disinfestation, the young wheat have eaten in any case to eat all one's food, kills was the same.

The Llica plain there matter has been solved, Zhao Hai has put Casa City here all attention, now he has to everyday look at Bamboo rice, these Bamboo rice he to not prepare itself to process, but after was prepares made Laura they transport, oneself process, Bamboo rice this thing, had on Continent in any case is, Zhao Hai did not need to be worried about the issue of seed leak. Calculates the time, puts the insect from him to Llica plain there, to the present soon half a month time, this several days also almost should make Green go to Purcell Family in the past to break an engagement. Is thinking these times, Green walked from outside, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, the army walked, today's Bamboo rice moved away.” Zhao Hai nodded, before several days, Laura they have sold-out his here corn, now Laura their caravan everyday will come this to draw Bamboo rice. However Zhao Hai has not let on them Stony Mountain, everyday he in Dark mist technique surrounding at the foot of the hill, puts down the grain, then shrinks toward the mountain on the range of Dark mist technique, then lets these people who draws the grain, oneself install the car(riage) to carry off the grain, the pockets of all attire grains, are Laura they provide. Currently almost everyday has the car(riage) of grain to come from Casa City there, everyday has the massive grain, from Stony Mountain here, draws to entire Purcell Duchy each every cities. Now under Stony Mountain, has almost become a small town, there has the temporary housing that Purcell Family constructs, making these slaves eat in there, lives in there, the work of these slaves are install the grain, everyday several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain of must install, the person was short was not good. These slaves are Purcell Family move from Llica plain there, now Llica plain there all young wheat have made the insect eating to eat all one's food . Moreover the insect must eat forest, even if they want to replant thing not to dare now, therefore Purcell Family, simply adjusts Stony Mountain here to come these slaves, making them install the grain in here. Zhao Hai to has not managed them, but he has strict regulation, in the Stony Mountain west, there does not think of the person, Purcell Family is having a need for Zhao Hai now, therefore does not have counter-. Zhao Hai such does to the Purcell Family person one type of misconception, making them think that Zhao Hai through that passage, adjusts the grain toward Stony Mountain here, if not keep that passage, Zhao Hai really does not have the means to explain, why such big point Stony Mountain, can actually continuous provides the grain to them. Leaves behind passage, the although Purcell Family person could not see how these grain import Stony Mountain , some one type of explanation, must actually know that on Continent had a Space thing saying.

Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, now the Casa City there grain price is basically stable, but these big Trading Company do not have to be honest, probably is still trying to find the solution, heard that nearest/recent must begin to us probably.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have relationship, now Purcell Family, is more anxious than us, believes that these people to our here, by the Purcell Family person tidying up, was right, Grandpa Green, tomorrow you goes to Casa City, drew back the marriage.” Green nodded said : well, Young Master feel relieved, tomorrow I go, Young Master, you said that we should in Casa City there, is establishing Transmission Point?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to arrive is means that but I do not want to construct Transmission Point in Casa City there now, I looked that over the two days we went to Casa City, such there can turn into Transmission Point.” Green nodded said : this to be also good, so long as makes Transmission Point in Casa City there, we can get so far as there to go the grain directly, the here person can withdraw, now the Stony Mountain here person were too many, I fear them to be able presently anything.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, such manages, tomorrow you break off an engagement, then we are going to Casa City there, can don’t know this marriage be so good to draw back.” Green shows a faint smile said : „to be good to draw back is right, now although has us to provide the grain, however the Purcell Family issue now are many, moreover this breaks an engagement is in itself they want, they should not create side issues are right.” Zhao Hai sighed said : to hope that all smooth, I feared that the Purcell Family person felt embarrassed you, or made Merine Grandma also go with your together, now I do not facilitate to act, if there is any matter, was good to take care.” Green shook the head said : not to use, if Merine also went, the Purcell Family person, instead to will get suspicious, leaves behind Merine, they think that Merine is protecting your security, moreover Merine does not act, they will have scruples, does not dare to move me.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that this, tomorrow you go to time, I let Shadowless Night their several with you, believes in the situation of by their present strengths, wanting in not known, sneaks to Casa City is very easy, if the Purcell Family person wants to cope with you, they can help handle.” This Green to has not rejected, Green also knows that Purcell Family is not the good bird, he breaks off an engagement, perhaps Purcell Family meets seize the opportunity to feel embarrassed him, even if because dreaded that Merine does not dare to kill him, injures him not to have the issue.

Regarding Purcell Family, this is good opportunity, Green to break off an engagement, they happen to can with this come, when gave a pretext awkward Buda Family, in any case also nobody for Buda Family over, moreover Buda Family now also only then 8th level Expert, not having 9th level Expert to assume personal command, even if annoyed the wool they not to fear Buda Family. Can say now Buda Family, in the Purcell Family eye, is also similar to these commoner, they can bully at will, will not have over artificial Buda Family, but this commoner strength is a little strong, wants to bully him, you must the strength be a little good. Next morning, Green dived Stony Mountain, outside Stony Mountain although was still lively, but Green actually did not fear, but he now 8th level Peak Expert, has been able saying that person who so long as 9th level Expert make a move, on Continent cannot be his match, are not many. In order to fear Green has an accident, Zhao Hai these time has given Green ghost Staff specially, making Green take away, no matter like this Green had an accident, Zhao Hai can the earliest possible time know, moreover can first receive in returned to Space Green. Moreover has given Green ghost Staff, was Space also went to Casa City on equal to with Green, so long as Green has drawn back the marriage, then in fluctuating the status, can in Casa City there made Warehouse and so on place, later they can direct delivered to Casa City to go the grain, avoid made that under Stony Mountain resembled the grocer same liveliness. Left Stony Mountain here, Green has filled Casa City official road on from Black Mountain, in returned to Space, fast has changed then the clothes, has taken off full body armor and warrior cloth, has changed a Butler clothing/taking, was to comb meticulously, on the waist left is looking like very magnificent thin sword. This looks like thin sword although probably is, Noble specifically is used for that etiquette of window dressing to use the sword, is not useful, but knows the people who Green details are clear, this sword is not that simple, in Buda Family is also rare good weapon. This sword all over the body is by one type of very special made of metal, moreover passed through Magic blessing/additional support, regarding using the Wind element Battle Qi person, has strong blessing/additional support to do to use, if there is Magic Crystal, installs Magic Crystal to the sword hilt, but can also use the Wind Blade technique in Wind element Magic, is Magic weapon, is Green becoming famous weapon, named spirit wind sword, but the Green nickname called Wind-Spirit War General.