Chapter 149 Buda Family came the person Wind-Spirit War General this nickname and because, not only Green is Wind element Warrior, in reason that in addition uses the spirit wind sword, but before because him, in the army, does to fight bravely, was called Wind-Spirit War General, from this name, can hear the thick army taste. Let alone, Green changed this clothes, the whole person felt differently, one turned into serious mechanical old Butler, was adding on his physique to be straight, sat lies to stand good, well-mannered, was makes his body have the thick soldier color. The Zhao Hai look at Green appearance, cannot help but smiles said : Grandpa Green, this likely original looks like, he he.” Green looked at this appearance, smiles said : very long time not to wear this clothes, but also some are not familiar with, he he.” Because of the Space reason, making Green they see the hope, when Green just did not wake like Zhao Hai now saw was so serious, was also happier. Zhao Hai smiles said : I to think that you put on warrior cloth to be good, Grandpa Green, or a while you buy a horse to ride instead of walking.” Green shook the head said : not to use, this, Young Master, Off I go. Zhao Hai nodded said : Grandpa Green, all things are careful.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai has sent out Space him, the Green Body-maneuvering Technique gearing, vertical goes toward Casa City. Zhao Hai comes out from Space, to Iron Mountain Fort here, Iron Mountain Fort here does not have to be so busy now in the past few days, the corn has processed has completed, but Bamboo rice does not need them to process, therefore Zhao Hai the main energy, put has extracted oil on. Now castle here repair Jobs is done has basically completed, these slaves now also relaxed many, but castle here to pushes obviously very much, not because of other, but is in the castle currently has many edge runners and grinding pans, is initially to process corn lane. However currently these slaves have the matter to do, canyon there land complete transform ended, the Zhao Hai minute passed by 20 slaves to manage the there land to there, but Zhao Hai has not restored commoner these slaves, but in them, selected two people to manage these slaves, these two people were initially stand sentry on Iron Mountain, that two that earliest presently Magic Beast attacks, called the forest, called to decide. These 20 slaves are the male slaves, not female slave, because of mountain valley there on the other hand seal, therefore the Zhao Hai plan makes these people take turns going, there lives not seriously, so long as looked in mountain valley a corn on the line.

Remaining slaves, mostly in looking after these Blue Eye Rabbit, to let Blue Eye Rabbit live is healthier, Zhao Hai to the water that these Blue Eye Rabbit drink, is the water in Space, what eats is in Space produces the radish leaf that with the feed that the deisel oil and rice bran mix. Now Zhao Hai has raised near fifty thousand only Blue Eye Rabbit in the mine tunnel, moreover in his Space has also saved 6000 mature Blue Eye Rabbit, Blue Eye Rabbit in Space does not need these slaves to look, however in Blue Eye Rabbit that in the mine tunnel raises, actually must these slaves look. The place that fifty thousand only Blue Eye Rabbit, occupies is not small, is adding on Blue Eye Rabbit is also one type of quite clean Magic Beast, passes through their nests frequent cleaning, in this case, therefore the remaining these 80 slaves, are very busy. Zhao Hai in hand Blue Eye Rabbit could trade, but nearest/recent Laura is busy the grain the matter, therefore had not helped them relate meat Processing Factory, therefore the rabbit has not sold, Zhao Hai to does not worry, these Blue Eye Rabbit do not trade in any case, can make these slaves improve the cooked food. In fact these slave present living standards, on many commoner compared with Continent have also been better, Zhao Hai to the cooked food standard that they set is, every week minimum has meat, this is rarely seen in Continent commoner, moreover this meat guarantees all one wants to eat, no matter you eat many to be good. Now the living standards of these slaves improved, Zhao Hai has given these slaves in hand many commodities, therefore these slaves had their room, had own clothes, had own quilt, had own tableware, these common thing, in the hearts of these slaves, are holding very important component, because this is their first property. Yes, these common thing, in the eyes of these slaves, are the properties, their first time has, is their individual properties, obviously these thing regarding their importances. The flower opens two, various Table! Said Green only, Green whirls, this time he may not need to be careful that he must on a grand scale, he in any case now what uses is his real status, does not need to conceal the truth. This Green 8th level top the step Warrior strength, has shown completely, the pedestrian on road saw that the green smoke has fluttered from own side together, what simply has not actually seen person long, can look from this point, Green Body-maneuvering Technique quick. Ark Continent here everybody esteems martial arts, even if an ordinary farmer, at the meeting two hands, cannot fearing of Martial Arts be only then these slaves, therefore the here person experienced also very high, although saw that the green smoke has fluttered from own side together, nobody was scared, they know that was Expert is hurrying along, they will only feel to envy. Green is quick, that night time, Green arrived at outside Casa City, but Casa City has closed now, Green has not entered a city, but was outside the city found a place, entered in Space, rested after Space one was late, next morning will enter Casa City.

Green entered Casa City not to walk around, to go to the Grand Duke palace directly, Grand Duke palace here came there to be the same with Laura, does not have what change. However Green this appearance actually very appealing, the people on Continent have seen Noble, naturally also knows that Green this appearance, is the legitimate Noble Butler appearance, all people feel curious, don’t know Green is that a family/clan Butler. Must know Noble Butler goes out management time, generally will take the Clan badge, moreover does not ride a horse goes by car, uses like Green, is really rare. To Purcell Family in front of the door, Green has put out a badge to bring the body from own pocket, this badge is not big, moreover is cyan, above is an angry dragon of Zhang Yawu tooth. The in front of the door guard noticed that Green badge has gawked, then person facial expression strange look at Green, they on Noble the badge regarding Continent know, especially Buda Family badge, before Buda Family, has been engaged with Purcell Family, two clans also has some dealings, these guards have also seen the Buda Family Wild Dragon badge. But afterward Buda Family had incurred difficultly, was matched Black Wasteland that place, therefore did not have the relation. Purcell Family is Great Clan that Aksu Empire knows how things stand, Patriarch is the hereditary Grand Duke title, the badge that therefore hangs is the silver. But before Buda Family, is Marquis, therefore can also use the silver badge, but now they actually only then the title of baron, therefore the badge of use can only be cyan. Warrior that these guard a gate reason that complexion is strange , because they knew the Green status, they know now, Purcell Family already prepared to break an engagement with Buda Family, but at this time, the Buda Family person actually visited, they really could not think, Buda Family person why. At this time the gatekeeper also saw Green, immediately in two gatekeeper welcomed, another fast ran toward inside. Nearby arriving Green of that gatekeeper half step, bows said : not to know that to Green mister is Buda Family who? What matter comes Purcell Family to have?” Green looked at that person of said : „below Buda Family Manager, Green Buda, these time has presented the life of Patriarch, looks Purcell Grand Duke to have the important matter to consult.” That gatekeeper does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback said : mister please first in sit, some people have informed long old.” Green nodded, entered the gatekeeper restroom in palace along with the gatekeeper.

Like the Grand Duke palace here place, is not who has the qualifications to enter second Dao Sect directly, some status insufficient people, will come first to rest in the gatekeeper restroom, was waiting for summon of Purcell Family. Reason that gatekeeper so will be polite to Green, because of the one type of custom, Great Clan is also attaches importance to face, they do not want to be seen, they by the appearance that the potential oppresses others, therefore regarding person of visit, in the gatekeeper here polite reception. To the gatekeeper restroom, that gatekeeper to Green but actually one bowl of water, this bowl is only the gatekeeper drinks water with the ordinary crude pottery large bowl, the water is also only the ordinary plain boiled water, is not sub, can look from this point, Purcell Family to Green is how does not attach great importance, such allowance is similar to general commoner, even if these has the Lord who accurate Noble called, cannot be allowance like this. Green has not said anything, but sits toward there, has closed the eye, that gatekeeper looks at the Green appearance, cannot help but curled the lip, disdaining of ten points. But at this time, another gatekeeper also ran up to two courtyard, has located in front of the door to the foreign affairs elder work foreign affairs, with hand knocking on a door said : of gently elder, Buda Family came the person.” His voice just came, the gate of foreign affairs place opened, Stern look at that gatekeeper said : you said that who came?” That gatekeeper said : elder, the Buda Family person came, probably is Buda Family Manager, now should rest in the gatekeeper.” Did the Stern knitting the brows head, mutter said : they to come? At this time?” These days Stern is very busy, he is collaborating with Laura with these big Trading Company person Fighting Technique, but at this time the Buda Family person came, really stems from his anticipation. Stern be familiar a lot compared with that gatekeeper to Buda Family, therefore he, as soon as listens to that gatekeeper to mention is Buda Family Manager, knows the person who certainly is Green. If were others came, he can not pay attention, but Green he actually has no alternative but to manage, abandoned the Green Buda Family person status not saying that he was 8th level Expert, regarding 8th level Expert, must have the proper respect, this also made Stern very awkward.