Chapter 150 Is married? This is also the Stern very puzzled place, his very clear, they are impossible to marry with Buda Family, especially after now Buda Family but actually, is impossible. In this case, he does not want to Buda Family person good complexion, but Green is 8th level Expert, offended such Expert, really does not have what advantage. Reason that is Stern very clear of Purcell Family elder, Clan has not renounced the engagement to the present with Buda Family \; first, the point of honor, two are because Buda Family has two 8th level Expert. 8th level Expert, protect small Clan on Continent does not have the issue, but the matter of Buda Family initially participation was too big, therefore is 8th level Expert cannot preserve them. Stern intertwined some little time, certainly to decide finally, put on Elder Assembly to discuss that this matter was deciding certainly, he turned the head to come, to remember Green mister please come in to that gatekeeper said :, polite.” That gatekeeper complied with one, turn around ran. Before long Green entered courtyard along with that gatekeeper, Stern has not dared to pull rank, walked said : hastily Green Butler, for a long time did not see, can always be good?” Stern is the Purcell Family foreign affairs elder, deals with the person specially, naturally knows Green, they also had dealings before. Green nodded said : originally is the Stern elder, this Green takes the liberty visit, was really offensive.” Stern quickly said: Green Manager was too polite, is quick requests personally.” Said that let in Green the room, after they sat down, naturally had the servant to send to sub. Green look at Stern said : does not know that what matter Green Manager this time does have?” Green look at Stern, shows a faint smile said : also nothing, but before , several days has several small insect, has not flown Black Wasteland carefully, I have not borne for a while, the insect patting, has patted the insect then to think that originally our Young Master has also subscribed a wedding, look I came, the meaning of our Young Master is, now our Buda Family meets misfortune, he is not really cruel enough to make Miss your house/family also suffer hardships with us, therefore made me come this wedding drawing back, didn't know Purcell Family what do you think?”

Stern is listening to the Green words, his naturally understand Green said that this saying is any meaning, any small insect, any suddenly thinks that is Green is satirizing them obviously, completely understand that also but Green said that his these time is breaks an engagement. Break an engagement! This is the matter that Purcell Family wishes for earnestly, but now a Green lane, the probably initiative was so different in Purcell Family in hand, this makes Stern feel very uncomfortable. What Stern complexion cannot help but sank said : Green mister to say was real? Can Buda Family break an engagement really?” look at Stern of Green satire, cold sound said : does not draw back good, the words that does not draw back, always have the insect to run toward our family, I feared that I cannot hit.” Stern angry look at Green, coldly snorted said : this matter is important, I have no right to take responsibility, asking Green Manager to rest first, I go to to report Patriarch, comes the person, bringing Green Manager to get down the rest.” Green has not been angry, but showed a faint smile said : „the work Stern elder not to take the trouble to Stern, the money of staying at an inn also had below, says goodbye.” Said that turn around walks outward, the Stern look at Green back, is mad pounds on the table. Green naturally heard the following sound, but he has sneered, leave of half step the Grand Duke palace, to outside looked for a hotel to live. Looked for the hotel is hits to shake the child, Green enters the room in hotel, immediately entered Space, Zhao Hai and Merine they are waiting in Space, look at him to come, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : Grandpa Green, just may really vent spleen, HaHaHa, I think that the complexion air/Qi of that fellow was green.” Green coldly snorted said : they dare to do, do not fear others saying that snort|hum, has anything to be great, now their Purcell Family does not depend on our grain rescue.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Green should not be angry, so long as we drew back this marriage were good, does not need to offend them was too dead, no matter what, Purcell Family to Black Wasteland nearest/recent, if compelled them anxiously, daily sent for harassing us, sufficed us to be tired.” Green nodded said : feel relieved Young Master, I know in heart, the powerful that if we cannot display, these fellows think that we have quite bullied, they cannot send 9th level Expert to cope with us, so long as is 8th level we did not fear that coming several to extinguish several.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns the head said : I just to make Shadowless Night they monitor the Grand Duke palace, there had any sound, they can report that believes that will not have any matter.”

Green nodded, at this time Merine open the mouth and said: Young Master, has drawn back the Purcell Family marriage, should as soon as possible is subscribing a marriage to be good, after all the inheritance of Buda Family, depended entirely on you.” Zhao Hai has not thought that Merine will say this matter, his flexure has scratched the head said : this not to need to worry first, now our Buda Family just a little improvement, moreover Space secret was unable to know, at this time was not the engagement to marry time.” Merine must say anything, Green actually breaks right that her said : Young Master said that now our Buda Family only started, has not discussed this matter time, after , was saying that I looked that best was other on Young Master horse the toxins of water of nihility solves, then at the matter of discussion marriage, in that case, waited for Young Master to have the child, did not use in Detoxification.” Merine one hear of Merine said that cannot help but stared his said : I also not to say makes Young Master marry now, but said that made Young Master kissing to subscribe beforehand, avoid the later good girls not to have, was right, you said that Miss Laura was what kind of? The people are attractive and competent . Moreover the mind is good.” Zhao Hai has not thought that Merine had found including target, cannot help but smiles was more bitter, he knows that at this time he cannot interrupt, he could not interrupt, can only helpless sighing said : Merine Grandma, I come up to rest first, waited to eat meal called me.” Said that turn around ran away to go upstairs, does not have presently, in Meg look at his look that also resembled, was bringing a love and crisis. Meg likes, but she does not dare to have the too excessive performance, now one hear of Merine said that must be betrothed to Zhao Hai, Meg somewhat has cannot help but flustered, she feared that Zhao Hai was betrothed does not want her. Laura she has seen several times, to be honest, in the Laura front, Meg somewhat feels inferior, Laura no matter the appearance, the stature, the life experience, is better than him, can say that Laura looks like moon of space, but she is only moon nearby most common small star, does not have any superiority with Laura compared with her, she feared really Zhao Hai met immediately/on horseback to marry Laura, in did not want her. Zhao Hai has not actually thought these many, Laura looked like Taylor, therefore in the Laura front, Zhao Hai also very much had the pressure, he has not thought that may live some day anything with Laura. Merine looked at Zhao Hai to run, did not have saying that this matter, looked at the time, ran to give Zhao Hai them to prepare the lunch. Stern look at Green leave, immediately changed to Grand Duke palace behind, there is the Purcell Family core is, in third Dao Sect, the tall building, building high five layers, is built all over the body by white Stone, in the building big gate place above, is hanging the a piece plaque, above writes three large characters elder institute. Right, here is the Purcell Family true core elder institute, the Purcell Family majority of elders in the here work, only then minority in other place work. The building advance party in elder institute two Warrior, these two Warrior ages are not small, looks like about 50 years old, defending one on the left and other on the right in front of the building in elder institute, if outside sees these two people, certainly will be surprised, these two people unexpectedly are 7th level Expert.

Before Stern arrives at the building, nodded to them, this walks toward the building, regarding such Expert, Stern will not neglect, many years with the experience that the person has to do, let his very clear, that feared that is a common unimportant person, easily offends. Entered large building of elder institute, Stern directly in five layers, has three rooms in Fifth Layer, these three in the room people, are Purcell Family actual control, Elder Assembly Great Elder, Second Elder and Third Elder room. Stern put lightly the footsteps, has arrived at out the Great Elder room, has knocked two doors gently, in the gate a sound of footsteps, then the gate opened, a young girl was standing in the gate. This girl seems like about 20 years old, long very attractive, puts on Magic Robe, what guards the door outside is standing is Stern, cannot help but smiles said : originally is the Stern elder, please come in sits.” Stern thanks Lani to that girl gave a salute said :.” Said that entered in room softly. In this room in gate opposite suspends a desk, table behind is placing a chair, in left hand is suspending one group of sand and small tea table, right hand is the door that a leaf double opens, in the gate is carving the pattern, very magnificent. Stern does not dare to sit down, but invited Lani circular Great Elder one to Lani said :, Stern had the urgent matter interview.” Stern does not dare to Lani neglecting a little, this Lani itself to be 5th level Water element Magician did not say that he is the Great Elder assistant and favors Ji, the status in Clan does not miss compared with some young ladies. The Lani look at Stern cautious appearance, chuckle said : „the Stern elder please sit down, don’t know has any urgent matter to look for Great Elder, Great Elder is reviewing the document, just told me, does not have the important matter, do not disturb him.” After Stern apologized Lani, arrived at sand there to sit, just Buda Family Manager Green to Lani said : came, our previous time sent Black Wasteland there to inquire the information person, feared that was did not come back, this time, said that was breaks off an engagement, this matter I do not dare to take responsibility, but also asked Great Elder to decide.”