Chapter 151 Invited god worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move Lani to stares, she is the Great Elder assistant, naturally the clear Chu Clan clan matter in , also the understand Buda Family situation, has not thought that ran to break off an engagement in this time Buda Family suddenly. Lani also knows that this matter relationship is significant, therefore did not have to say anything to Stern, but nodded said : well, my immediately/on horseback notified Great Elder.” Said that turn around shoved open sand opposite that Dao Sect to walk. Before long Lani on walked out, smiles said : to Stern „the Stern elder, Great Elder asks you to go.” Stern has stood, reorganized own clothes, expressed gratitude to Lani, this pushed the door to enter inside room. This room very magnificent, in the house is putting two made of copper incense burners, inside ignites the static incense sticks, underground is spreading thick carpet, on a wall is hanging a giant map, in the below of map, suspends a red congealing fragrant wooden table, on the table is putting thick one pack of documents. Behind the table sits old person, this old person looks like over 70 years old, combed entire simultaneously, complexion is ruddy, presently in hand is taking a writing brush, in sits in the document to write anything. This old person Purcell Family Great Elder, Caesar Purcell . Stern does not dare to disturb, arrived in front of the table the left place to halt softly, standing that in there. Some little time Caesar has put down the in hand writing brush, looked up Stern said : Stern that sat, heard that the Buda Family person did break an engagement?” Stern bows said : Stern to see Great Elder, yes, just Green had come, said that must break an engagement.” Caesar nodded, said : how do you see this matter?” Stern said : we send Black Wasteland there Dead-soldier, had been killed by Green, by Green and Merine skill, can definitely , when beast tide approaches, in bringing Adam to hide to walk into the mountain, this could be avoided that tribulation, but I think these slaves and commodities that he buys, feared that does not have remaining many, Green comes time, is walking, has not ridden a horse or gone by car, moreover he lives is also the ordinary hotel, how many looks like in hand not money, this time appears , I want possible keep Black Soil uncultivated land there, protects Zhao Hai, Green this. Time, certainly also present, if they in do not break off an engagement, we will be impolite, therefore they can break off an engagement, looked according to the subordinate that we should call this opportunity, drew back.” Caesar by the place chair on, closes one's eyes, static is listening to the Stern words, after Stern said that somewhat restless look at Caesar, don’t know he is what kind.

Stern very clear this Great Elder temperament, greedy, lascivious, is concerned about face-saving, sinister, callous, this all words, almost can use on him, obviously he is any goods. However a such person, has actually ruled the Purcell Family more than 50 years, his partisan has been found in Purcell Family each corner, because of him, originally does not have Elder Assembly of big authority, now has been built on stilts Patriarch. Before a such person, Stern does not dare overstepping a little. Caesar calm said : „is the Green manner some little time what kind of?” Stern said : truthfully manner is very bad, the taunt again and again, is not breaks off an engagement likely, to is demonstrates likely.” Caesar nodded said : to kiss can draw back, but to him a lesson, making him know that my Purcell Family person, who is not wants to kill can kill, kills my Purcell Family person, must pay the price.” Stern is listening to Caesar's words, deep voice said : is, but Great Elder, I presently Green cultivation level probably have promoted, now probably arrived at the 8th level Peak level, feared that not so is good to cope.” As soon as Caesar listened to Stern saying that said : that two eyes fierce opening, cold light sparkled really? Green really to the 8th level Peak level?” Stern had a scare by Caesar's look, but he is respectful said : is, the subordinate had not felt that wrong words, he was the 8th level Peak level.” Caesar two eyes cold light was grander, deep voice said : looks like this time does not cope with them not to be good, Stern, your immediately/on horseback went to invite in the returned to Grand Duke palace Green, first stood firm him, I went to the Clan worshipped/Foreign Elder hall, invited god worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move.” Stern has held breath a cold air, he is very clear, worshipped/Foreign Elder in Clan is also divided into many types, but god worshipped/Foreign Elder was usually called Divine Protector, but in these person level of , also truly has a god character, they are 9th level Expert of Purcell clan, existence of Asian god. Stern has not thought that Caesar these time must ask Expert of Asian god to exist unexpectedly, said : that he stutters Great Elder, this, doesn't this, use? Copes with small Buda Family, has no need to ask Sir Divine Protector to act?” Caesar stared Stern said : fool, Green now is 8th level Peak Expert, may be promoted into existence of Asian god very much, we have had no consideration for face with Buda Family now, if Green has become existence of Asian god, you said that he will let off our Clan? Is copes with 8th level Peak Expert to be easy, copes with existence of Asian god to be easy? This time we must invite Sir Divine Protector make a move, strikes to kill Green at the scene, is sending for Black Wasteland there chasing down Merine and Adam, thorough annihilates this threat.”

Stern one cold, his immediately understand Caesar's meaning, cannot help but ashamed bowing said : Great Elder has taken a long-range approach, the subordinate is well below, subordinate immediately goes to look for Green.” The bow the body was withdrawing from the Great Elder room. Great Elder has stood, reorganized own clothes, muttered said : also is really an eventful time, these many matters, rushed to together unexpectedly.” Said that walks outward. Lani stands outside, looked that Stern just walked, Great Elder came out unexpectedly, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, bows said : Great Elder, has any instructions? Great Elder looked at Lani said : immediately/on horseback to call all elders to meet, making the person arrange horse carriage, a while I must go to a worshipped/Foreign Elder institute.” Lani stares, but did not examine has complied with one respectfully, before having arrived at her desk, has drawn by table rope. This rope pull, outside immediately/on horseback has broadcast a Little Bell sound, before long in the entire building heard the intermittent Little Bell sound, Lani has then directed Great Elder to walk outward. That that just Lani drew is Purcell Family urgently convened the bell, heard this ting, Patriarch must rush to the conference room in elder institute in 100 numbers, this was also the Purcell Family elder institute since old times a pass down custom, but did not arrive at the critical moment, cannot use this to convene the bell. Lani dares to use this bell, before because, Great Elder a few words, he makes Lani prepare the car(riage), he must go to the worshipped/Foreign Elder institute. These words although is simple, but has followed to work as Lani of assistant side Great Elder, actually meaning of understand Great Elder. Purcell Family has plenty worshipped/Foreign Elder, these worshipped/Foreign Elder are without any exception, minimum is 8th level Expert, but these worshipped/Foreign Elder status although are not low, but actually high Great Elder, Great Elder, if has any matter to make them manage, the next order was good, simply does not go to worshipped/Foreign Elder institute there to invite the person with oneself. Can make Great Elder set out, worshipped/Foreign Elder that goes to worshipped/Foreign Elder institute there to invite to have one type of personally, god worshipped/Foreign Elder, Purcell Family Divine Protector, 9th level sub god Expert. Can make Great Elder invite the matter that 9th level Expert acts to solve personally, can be the small matter? At this time used to convene the bell, not wrong. They arrived in a fourth floor conference room, this conference room is in Purcell Family a biggest conference room, the conference room minute has several steps, inside, is a highest seat, is Patriarch, in front of the Clan seat, the low point place, is the seats of three elders, the seats of other elders in all around of conference room, entire conference room besides passage of turnover, only then among has the open area of a piece five meters square, there is setting out a table, is some elders these word, or place that manages the person of conference to stand. Great Elder arrives at the conference room time, other elders have not arrived, he arrives on his seat to sit silently, has closed the eye. Before long a sound of footsteps transmits, Purcell Family other elders arrived, these elders looked that Great Elder sat in there , etc. they, does not dare to make noise, the immediately/on horseback looking place silently sits.

Caesar has not heard these sounds probably, still closes one's eyes to sit in there, in this time, a serious sound of footsteps is transmitting, then all Elders in conference room stands to salute said : to that person of passing through the gate Patriarch completely secure.” Caesar has then opened the eye, looks toward passage there of conference room, is walking a person from passage there, this person of stature very tall and big, has about two meters fully, body strong like mountain, a full beard of face, facial expression such as lion general overwhelming power. On him wears a storehouse cyan Noble clothing/taking, in hand is taking one about one meter long scepter, is walking gradually, this person of Purcell Family Grand Duke, Evan Purcell . In the Great Elder eye flashed with brilliant rays, stands up, is bowing to Evan slightly said : Patriarch completely secure.” Evan returned a courtesy said : Great Elder to be too polite, don’t know Great Elder moved convened the bell, what matter convened to have everyone/Great Clan?” Great Elder deep voice said : asked Patriarch to take a seat.” Evan nodded, arrives on own seat to sit, other elders then also sat. Great Elder about both sides sits an elder respectively, these two are Purcell Family Second Elder and Third Elder , they look like the 60-year-old appearances, fat, thin, white, a black, the body puts on the synthesis the elder clothing/taking, is sitting in there look at Great Elder. Great Elder looked at their one eyes, sneering, he knows at heart these two are looking for their trouble, if make a mistake, certainly by their capture handle, but Great Elder was not worried that he believes the decision that one make is correct, cannot by the person capture handle.