Chapter 152 Puzzled Looked that all people were in attendance, Caesar then stands up, slowly has arrived in word stage there locations, stood on the word stage, the look at people, deep voice said : Patriarch, all Elders, nearest/recent our Purcell Family lived many matters, these shameless Merchant, were actually calling our Clan Llica plain there lived opportunity of insect plague, wants taking the opportunity to raise the grain price, luckily, in our everyone/Great Clan same altogether diligently, has not made our Clan be lost significantly, but unexpectedly some people dare to challenge my Purcell Family dignity now, this was does not permit absolutely.” Speaking of here he, looked at the people in some rooms, some one type of grasped the feeling of world, this feeling made him be enchanted by, some people said that the authority was the best Immortal not old medicine, this saying was very right, Caesar felt one first time stood , on this station, probably in the body has been full of the energy, felt one can live on for several hundred years, felt were young, can do was better. The person in room in a low voice was also discussing, their don’t know was any matter, is been so serious, Caesar who Caesar said looked at people one eyes, then said : just Buda Family Manager Green to the Grand Duke palace, his these time came to break an engagement, in the past, Black Wasteland there lived the beast disaster, my Purcell Family feared Buda Family to have an accident, the faction became monk Dead-soldier to go to search to observe, actually does not want to be killed by Green, this time broke off an engagement, this regards my Purcell Family simply, if did not have the thing, this and other fanatic, kept him not to.” In the conference room all people stare, pleasant to hear that puzzled look at Caesar, Caesar this saying although said that but these elder all understand what's the matter, what was actually worried that Buda Family has the matter, is sends for searching the bottom obviously, prepares to begin to Buda Family, Buda Family has killed the person , did no big deal, how pull with the dignity of Grand Duke palace to a piece? Had Second Elder , Third Elder such old fox understand, Caesar this is must begin to Buda Family, but their understand, why Caesar to the Buda Family match, therefore they have not said anything, was only puzzled look at Caesar. Caesar also knows that this turns the excuse not to be impossible to touch these people, he although potential in Purcell Family is big, is impossible to hoodwink the public, the side also has Second Elder and Third Elder is diverting. Caesar then said : present Green is 8th level Peak Expert, everybody also knows that our Purcell Family although decides one to kiss with Buda Family, but by the present Buda Family status, simply cannot be joined to our Purcell Family, although this time breaking an engagement that is they raises on own initiative, but with our also relationship, but has everybody thought? If one, but Green therefore bears a grudge us, but he one day promote promoted into was 9th level Expert, how can that consequence?” Said half-day idle talk, this talent selected on the drop, person understand Caesar in this room was any meaning, simultaneously they also had with the Caesar same thoughts. They know, Buda Family suffers distress, they have also hit a person when he is down, has had the big enmity with Buda Family, if day of Green really has become 9th level Expert, then regarding Purcell Family, absolutely is not the good deed. No wonder Great Elder must cope with Buda Family.” After Caesar said that he must cope with the reason of Buda Family, all people instantaneously had such idea, only then Evan sat on the Patriarch stage, a word, he does not know that now he says anything useless.

At this time Second Elder open the mouth and said: Rational that Great Elder said that but now Buda is 8th level Peak Expert, we think that is coping with him not to be easy, even if can kill him, our losses are not small, don’t know has Great Elder thought this point?” Caesar knows that Second Elder so will not be easy to do according to his words, but he early is prepared, nod said : naturally has thought that therefore the old man has made the person prepare the old car(riage), the preparation asked god worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move to assist personally \; first, to kill Green by never recurring trouble, two were to deter these profiteers, making them know that our Purcell Family was capable of extinguishing them.” In conference room one static, then violent a huge bravo, just like Laura they had said such, Great Noble has the pride of Great Noble, their dignity do not allow anybody to encroach. Caesar's words, very natural has caused in the room the resonance of people, has not made noise has several, Second Elder , Third Elder , Evan. Second Elder and Third Elder have been striving for the power with Great Elder, now looked that Great Elder is so popular, they naturally cannot have the good mood, but Evan present at heart complex. He is Purcell Family nominal Patriarch, is Purcell Duchy Grand Duke, but he on Elder Assembly, does not have what right to speak, in fact he sits in there, is ornaments, the elders who this point almost all meets knows completely, but in these elder surfaces, is respectful to him, this lets the place that Evan most is angry. However he does not have any means that this matter to put it bluntly is the Purcell Family skeleton in closet, is Purcell Family own matter, he did not have the means to tell others that but before the outside person, these elders was also very respectful, this made the bystander think that he was that looks like scenery infinite Purcell Grand Duke. Before reason that Purcell Family did not have to cope with Buda Family, with his also reason, he with the Adam father was the good friend, naturally does not hope that Buda Family such vanished. However before him , helping Buda Family time, was shrunk by own authority greatly, now did not have the ability in helping Buda Family, but wants to let him in this situation, supports the Great Elder words, that is impossible. Evan is Warrior, can say that he is not one plays the political the material, because of this, therefore he can become Purcell Family Patriarch, because he does not know the politics, therefore better control. although they have not taken a stand, but this was immaterial, other elders by the Great Elder words instigating burning with passion.

Caesar's satisfied look at this result, then said : please agree the person who my opinion does raise hand?” In the conference room 50% people have raised the hand, this result has decided that these that has not raised hand, is Second Elder , the Third Elder death is loyal. Caesar nodded said : approval number of votes over 50%, passes.” Then turns the head to bow to Evan said : Sir Patriarch, can I invite god worshipped/Foreign Elder now?” Evan look at Caesar, nod of facial features calm, anything had not said. Caesar looks at Evan to nod, did not have to say anything, bowed to Evan, turns the head said : to break up.” Said that walks toward the conference room outside. The elder in conference room, leave one after another, Second Elder and Third Elder looked at one mutually, sighing that not bears, went out of the conference room afterward. Their these days although from Caesar's in hand, snatched many elder seats, obtained many rights to speak, but compared with Caesar in hand strength, they almost, but this time matter, if Caesar does attractive, his prestige will reach a new altitude, when the time comes they did not have the means to fight with Caesar. To be honest, their present very have mixed feelings, they hope that Caesar can win, such has defended the Purcell Family dignity, frightened the generations of these evildoer. However in their bottom of the heart, hopes that Caesar can have the mistake, Buda Family can rebel, making Caesar's motion go bankrupt, such Caesar's prestige unprecedentedly will be attacked, they can seize the opportunity cope with Caesar. However they also know that this is impossible, this time Caesar to succeed, but must invite Divine Protector make a move, Divine Protector that is 9th level Expert, the invincible synonym, Asian god Expert make a move, possibly is how defeated. But what their don’t know is, when Purcell Family sounds convenes the bell, Zhao Hai received information, Zhao Hai has made Shadowless Night they pay attention to the situation in Purcell Family, Shadowless Night their originally is Advanced level Dead-soldier, in adding on now them is Undead Creature, restrained the aura the ability to win the past, but in Purcell Family worshipped/Foreign Elder, did not have Advanced level Light Element Magician, wants presently Shadowless Night they are very difficult. Perhaps average person don’t know Purcell Family that ting is representing anything, but Shadowless Night actually knows that do not forget, his initially was turned into Advanced level Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, but also is preserving before death memory. But that organization that he is, on all Great Clan regarding Continent, some certain understanding, Purcell Family had own duchy, naturally also in investigated ranks, therefore they also know that Purcell Family this convenes the bell to represent anything.

In that moment that the Purcell Family convening bell resounds, Shadowless Night immediately this situation told Zhao Hai, moreover explained this situation is representing anything. Zhao Huo was lying down in own bedroom at this time, after he also really fears, Merine with him will also say that lets matter that he is betrothed. Received this information, Zhao Hai immediately has stood, walked. Green is sitting in the living room, the look at screen, he must frequently pays attention to oneself in the room situation, if made others presently he enter the room, actually vanished, that was also terrible business. Zhao Hai looks at Green also in living room, immediately/on horseback said : Grandpa Green, Purcell Family there will possibly have the change, they had just sounded the emergency call bell.” Matter Green of emergency call bell also knows, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his cannot help but complexion does change said : really? Is information that Shadowless Night they pass on?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, is information that Shadowless Night they pass on, the matter of Shadowless Night to Purcell Family also knows, therefore a Purcell Family emergency call bell sound, his immediately looked like me to report.” Green has stood, why said : of brow deep lock „can they draw the emergency call bell? We break an engagement, center their below cherishes, they should not cope with us is right?”