Chapter 153 Drinks a pot to be possible sub to want how long? Zhao Hai shook the head said : present Shadowless Night they in look at Purcell Family, but I thought that their these time feared will not let off us easily, Grandpa Green, you must be careful that or I thought you in Purcell Family, perhaps we and other time, know that they wanted to do.” Green shook the head said : not to be good, this marriage we must draw back, if I do not see them, perhaps they will get suspicious, I to know that really they must do.” Zhao Hai looks to bump into Green said : well that but Ghost Staff you must momentarily bring on the body, I momentarily they will relate with Shadowless Night , only then Purcell Family there has any new sound, my immediately informs you.” Green nodded, in this time, Zhao Hai in one time is receiving the information that Shadowless Night they have transmitted, the Purcell Family foreign affairs elder, Stern toward the Green dwelling. Zhao Hai this situation with a Green saying, Green showed a faint smile said : to come to come, Young Master, my immediately/on horseback exited, having a look at Purcell Family to do.” At this time Merine and Meg they also entered the villa, Blockhead and Stone came, this is also Zhao Hai lets, he also very much wants to know how Purcell Family will deal with them. Zhao Hai looked that Green must exit, immediately/on horseback said : good, Grandpa Green, ghost Staff you must take well, facilitates us to relate.” Green nodded, is taking ghost Staff, appears in in the room of hotel. ghost Staff has an ability, if not Zhao Hai is taking Magic Staff, but is the person who he gave himself to trust, he can talk with that person in Space freely, will not be heard by the third party, this was Zhao Hai after several times experimented, conclusion that reaches. Merine they in screen look at Green through living room, Green a person sit in the room now, closes one's eyes, is maintaining mental tranquility in closed eyes. Green knows that his these time to the Grand Duke palace, feared was the matter will be unfriendly, therefore he needs to maintain by himself the optimum condition. Stern has not made him and others too long, before long, outside has heard the knock, then does the Stern sound convey said : Green Manager in? I am Stern, Purcell Grand Duke have the matter to ask you to go to residence to discuss.”

Green has stood, arrives at in front of the door to open the door, look at stands in Stern, puts out a hand to direct said : toward the room in „the Stern elder, comes to speak.” Stern shook the head said : Green mister, Grand Duke has the urgent matter in wait for you, please as soon as possible go to the Grand Duke palace.” Green narrowed under the eye, Stern more worried, represented him at heart is being fishy, Green although wants to know that Purcell Family these time wanted to do, but he was not a fool, therefore he loosened the gate, turn around entered the room, walked while said : to come to sit a while, I have marched on that far road, felt very tired, wants to drink a pot sub.” The tooth that the Stern look at Green back, hates is itchy, but he is also worldly person that group, therefore he has not been urging Green, he knows, if he urges is too anxious, only meets the matter it to return, therefore he also entered the room. The room in this hotel is not big, the living room adds the bedroom to place together, Green has not greeted Stern, oneself sat on the sand, has taken up on tea table may the Asian pot, to oneself but actually one cup of sub, to Stern one cup, then has carried but actually itself in front of that cup, flavorful has drunk. Stern also sat, has drunk a sub, cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, like the pub, is certainly impossible to provide good sub, sub of this poor system, Stern has not drunk. Green has not worried, he one after another is still drinking sub, just Stern entered the room with him, his affirmation Purcell Family certainly in arranging anything, otherwise Stern such will not be coordinating him, if is really Evan in he, Stern is impossible to sit with him in here drinks to be possible sub, Stern comes , can only explain that in their family the person of that head, does not hope him presently not, but leave. If were not Shadowless Night they reports him saying that Purcell Family sounded the emergency call bell, Green will not have begun to have suspicions, because knows that Purcell Family has sounded the emergency call bell, Green the affirmation own idea. A pot sub, do two people drink to drink how long? If the beforehand some people asked that Stern this issue, Stern thinks certainly that the opposite party is Lunatic, who has the leisurely mood to think this issue. However now Stern unexpectedly in unconscious thought this issue, moreover he several, has been hoping this pot may sub be able the quick point to be drunk up. In fact Green, he is rubbing the time, he wants to have a look at Shadowless Night also to obtain any useful information. Shadowless Night has not disappointed him, when he may Yadu drink the light a pot, Zhao Hai told him, Purcell Family horse carriage rushed to their worshipped/Foreign Elder institutes. The Purcell Family worshipped/Foreign Elder institute, in their courtyard west, there has big piece of region, gives these worshipped/Foreign Elder to remain specially.

These worshipped/Foreign Elder have their independent courtyard in there, they do not like being hit to gather together by others, the place that therefore there lives to Purcell Family clansman is a little far, Caesar must go by car there. Shadowless Night naturally knew Caesar this Purcell Family Great Elder, in fact him, that organization that is , the Purcell Family situation very much found that knows that Evan now simply is a puppet. Zhao Hai told Green this matter, Green almost in has thought instantaneously 9th level Expert this word, his complexion cannot help but changed. Person who Green has the experience, his very clear, can dispatch the person who Clan Great Elder invited, certainly will not be an average person, that feared that was 8th level Expert, was impossible to make Great Elder of Purcell Family such Great Noble family personally act to invite, can make he personally act to invite, certainly was 9th level Expert. At this time, Purcell Family did suddenly ask 9th level Expert to do? The answer only then, copes with him! Green Ke the sub Cup has put on the table in hand emptied slowly, turns the head two eyes cold light to sparkle look at Stern that the Stern look at at heart straight wool, some of his unexpectedly one type of by the feeling that Green sees through, he unconscious moving body, to Green said : Green Manager? What matter has?” Green suddenly has smiled, said : is all right, thanks the Stern elder to accompany me to drink sub, let's go.” Said that has stood up the body, walks outward. Stern being busy has also stood, but his don’t know are the misconception, he felt that the Green smiling face, has the profound meaning. Green restrained by force the anger to go out of hotel, on horse carriage that on Purcell Family has sent, he has not really thought that Purcell Family to cope with him, must ask 9th level Expert to act unexpectedly, this time may be plays really in a big way. Green has not thought that Purcell Family so will be ruthless, he has thought that if Purcell asked 9th level Expert to act to cope with him, that will certainly not let off Zhao Hai and Merine they, in other words, Purcell Family, when set must cope with this plan, has thought well to entire Buda Family extinguishing! This is also the place that Green most is angry, if changes into its this Noble, Green such will not be angry, because he was completely disappointed to these Noble, these Noble also had the reason to extinguish them, but he has not really thought that the person who finally must begin unexpectedly was Purcell Family, they before Purcell Family was the comparison is better, has not thought finally started ruthlessly was actually they. Green in knowing the opposite party must ask 9th level Expert to cope in his situation, but also dares to sit horse carriage , because he is confident, has Zhao Hai Space, even if facing 9th level Expert, he will not have the matter.

Green has not told Zhao Hai own suspicion, he feared that Zhao Hai will be worried, his these time goes to the Purcell Family Grand Duke palace, must make Purcell Family complete exposes the natural disposition, he wants look at they, when inviting 9th level Expert could not kill him, that shocking expression. The vehicle entered the Grand Duke palace quickly, they from the vehicle, to two courtyard living rooms, entered the Grand Duke palace, Stern is hanging a heart, finally has put, look at Green that then cannot help but a face strangely smiles. He hates Green, when Green just drank to be possible sub, he started to hate Green, he thought that Green invited absolutely is not sub that he drank, but was pot poison, he has drunk, most poisonous poison. Enters the living room, Green intentionally said : „the Stern elder, you did not say that Grand Duke does look for me? Other people?” Stern coldly said : don’t know, perhaps Grand Duke, because and other time is too long, went back.” Said that he sat on sand, a word not, but also has closed the eye, was the successive may Yadu not prepare to Green. The smiling face that the Green look at Stern appearance, on face cannot help but appears has played the taste, why his understand Stern will have such performance, Stern has such performance , because he thinks that has not needed to install, oneself arrived at the Grand Duke palace, could not be inescapable, therefore Stern has torn down own camouflage. However he is this, Green more is excited, Green now too wants to see, when he disappears in the front of these people, what expression these people can be. Green does not have to speak, is only static sitting in there, he also, he wants to coordinate Stern their acrobatics to develop, making Stern they think that all in their control, in the final time, he were telling these people with the motion, I was teasing you to play before! Before long, Green heard the distant place to hear a sound of footsteps, he then opened the eye, look at Stern said : Stee transferred the elder, do you want such to accompany me to sit in here?” His voice just fell, outside transmitted one old to bring proud sound speaking sounds: Naturally is not, my this gives you explain/transfer!”