Chapter 154 Wind Saint Buffy Green goes along the prestige, is Purcell Family Great Elder Caesar! Caesar Green knew that has some contacts, contact are not many, is only restricted in the understanding, but Caesar is not good to the impression of Green, Green felt that this Caesar is a very false old fogy. However now this false fellow, is standing in another arrogant fellow behind, this arrogant fellow, the age looked like very big, the head, the beard entire was white, a wrinkle of face can clamp the dead mosquito, the body put on very ordinary Magic Robe, in hand is taking very ordinary Magic Staff, however his facial expression was actually not ordinary. In his facial expression is having one is impatient, his look simply does not have what focus, but this did not explain that he is a blind person, conversely, that is only the performance of uninhabited, he resembles simply on the scene not to pay attention to these people, not here all people, when the adult, probably regarding him, these person on the scene, is the air. He also really has this qualifications, because he is Purcell Family two in one of the Divine Protector, Wind Saint Buffy Purcell ! Wind Saint Buffy this person very interesting, he is a Purcell Family Magic talent, moreover he also likes Magic, he lifelong has not found a wife, has placed in all energy research and practice of fine law, he on interpersonal relationship, in a complete mess, his doing to Purcell Family sole uses, kills people, can say that starts to study Magic to start from him, he is a sharp sword in Purcell Family, whose the person in Clan by the homicide he on killing whom, other's matter, no matter he totally, except for the murder on is the practice. Some people said that he is Lunatic, some people said that he is a practice madman, but no matter what, he now is 9th level Expert, is existence of Asian god, is Purcell Family Divine Protector. Because perhaps his frantic and rigid, therefore he can have today's achievement. Buffy the has plenty year has not gotten rid, he became 9th level Expert also already had ten years, but when eight achieved 8th level , his not make a move, that is the 30 years ago matters. This time Caesar can welcome to his make a move, very much have the face matter, must know that the Buffy strange temperament, is the same in the talent that on Magic displays with him. Green sees Buffy, the look cannot help but shrinks, he is very clear, general 9th level Expert, being self-possessed status, not easily begins to Inferior level Warrior, even if must begin, meets open and aboveboard comes, but Buffy is different, Buffy does not pass the thing, regarding him, the murder kills people, does not have division of no open and aboveboard and sneak attack.

Therefore saw Buffy appears , Green immediately has raised the heart, look at Buffy that the entire gods alerted, but Buffy, actually such, in item standing of uninhabited in there. But has been paying attention to here situation Merine in Space, sees Buffy appears , stares, then complexion changes, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, prepares to haul in Space Green at any time, this old fogy does not want to live, dares to go facing 9th level Expert unexpectedly.” Saw here, Merine on all understand, she thought that before Green did not suit, but there did not suit, she also somewhat cannot say, now knew, Green simply already knows that he must face 9th level Expert, therefore he looks like somewhat strange. Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes said : Merine Grandma, you were said outside was standing that old man was 9th level Expert?” A Zhao Hai finger of old man, naturally is Buffy, those present, not compared with him older. Merine nodded said : „, that old man called Wind Saint Buffy, was becomes famous nearly 50 years of character, he was a practice madman, was cold blood Assassin, he from becoming 5th level Magician on that day starting from, what kept was the Purcell Family murder, can say that his entire development process, was a process of murder, very fearful character.” Zhao Hai complexion changes, his although has not seen 9th level Expert make a move, but the 9th level Expert prestige he has heard, but Green is the person who he most cares about, now Green facing 9th level Expert, Zhao Hai almost immediately is actually drawing in Green returned to Space. although Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback such to do, his attention, actually complete centralized to outside, so long as the opposite party has the change, he can immediately/on horseback haul in Space Green. Green look at Buffy, deep voice said : Caesar elder, what do you mean?” The looks like only old fox that Caesar look at Green, smiles, then deep voice said : Green, you today are not break an engagement? I told you, this marriage we have drawn back, gave you, this was the marriage certificate.” The hand raises, a paper is similar to sharp knife blade same looks like Green flies. Has a custom in Aksu Empire here, if both sides have become engaged, but side suddenly thinks to break an engagement, must raise on own initiative, moreover must obtain the breaking an engagement copy clerk of opposite party to be good. Green look at that paper, hand lifts, that paper fell in his hand, Green carefully looked at content on a paper, the content is very ordinary, in other words Purcell Family agreed breaking an engagement request that Buda Family puts forward, is only so simple.

Green careful received own bosom this paper, gained ground Green thanks Great Elder to Caesar said : in here.” Caesar look at Green appearance, is actually strangely smiles next step: Do not thank me, Green Manager, I give your explain/transfer, ended, are you should also one should treat to me?” The Green look at Caesar's appearance, knows that what he must say, said : that but he asked something already known what explain/transfer don’t know did Great Elder want me to give you?” Does Caesar sneer said : what? Green Manager gradually to forget very much? In the past, Black Wasteland there appears the Magic Beast rebellion, our Purcell Family knows that you lived in Black Wasteland there, therefore sent for having a look at your situations specially, has not actually thought that you unexpectedly the person who we sent killing! Green, you may probably know what you kill is who? That was our Purcell Family person, who the Purcell Family person is said that killed can kill? You must give me explain/transfer to be good.” In the Green eye flash of cold light, look at Caesar, coldly snorted said : Caesar, have not put on an act in there, why you send for Black Wasteland there, Heaven know Earth know you know me to know, now do you make me give you explain/transfer? Good, I pass through your explain/transfer, they bring weapon to intrude my Buda Family territory for no reason, conspires, such did explain/transfer suffice?” You!” Caesar's angry look at Green, he has not thought that however won't budge Green to the present, he believes that Green has recognized Buffy, in this case, he won't budge, is really makes people feel puzzled. However he does not have that many time to think these, he must make Green die today, what reason no matter Green said that was impossible to live, therefore his deep voice said : Green, this was your Buda Family compels my, do not blame my impolite.” Green sneered said : not to be hypocritical in there, who compelled whose you know that what? please leave Wind Saint to come, have you paid many prices? I am polite with you, will you let off me? Do not have a dream, Caesar, you ended, your dominant finished! to Purcell Family Green was then speaking of Caesar's sore spot, although he is still ruling Purcell Family now, Evan, Second Elder , Third Elder , actually in unceasing strives for the power with him, this makes him also feel to be tired out by dealing with, the feeling of this lacking the ability to do what one would like, he has never had , because of this, therefore he hopes that with a brilliant successful battle, enabling oneself to be able steady sitting in the Great Elder position. Caesar look at Green appearance, said : maliciously good, Green, you unexpectedly such being unappreciative, then on do not blame me, Sir Wind Saint, please begin.” He just said that the body of Buffy on appears cyan light, this cyan light was difficult to strike to Green that observes by the one type of naked eye, the rapidness, left the imagination of people.

Outside body of Green actually already appears one layer cyan protective shield, simultaneously one group of white smog appears in Green, Green saw this white fog the smog, complexion cannot help but relaxed, he laughed said : Caesar, do you want to keep here me? It is not easy, even if 9th level Expert, cannot keep here me, Purcell Family is waiting for my aspiration!” Green when that white fog appears , the entire personal appearance turned into the Mongolian dense cage, spoke to him, his giving people a hard time personal appearance completely vanished. To Green complete disappearance, Caesar has not responded, how regardless of he has not thought that meets appears this situation, In this time, his Buffy calm said : Transmission scroll, is not having a point Magic fluctuation, it seems like it was an antiquity Magic thing, um, this arrived is good thing.” The Buffy words, one makes Caesar recover, said : of his complexion big change god worshipped/Foreign Elder your excellency, did he run?” Buffy coldly snorted said : nobody can draw back in the under the hand/subordinate whole body of my Buffy, Magic Item that although he uses very mysterious, however my Wind Blade also has actually hit him, he was seriously injured, after today, could not be reaching the 8th level level, was he there person?” Very obviously, Buffy just had not perceived the words that they spoke, he has regarded existence of a piece Blockhead Green. This no wonder, the strength to 9th level, with 8th level boundary completely in a level, had not arrived at the 9th level person, simply not in his line of sight, even if saw, he will also neglect. As soon as Caesar listened to Buffy saying that was actually the great happiness, his very clear, Buffy, if felt excited to Green, two make a move, that entire Buda Family will not run, his quickly said: God worshipped/Foreign Elder your excellency, they are the Buda Family people, because made mistakes, now was matched Black Wasteland Iron Mountain Fort to go, believes that there, will have found their.” Buffy nodded said : I just to go to the Carrion Swamp there exploration.” Personal appearance flashes, vanished in the area.